Royal Grenada Police Band Plays Taiwan’s National Anthem For Communist China Stadium Dedication!

Proof That God Has A Sense Of Humour – Even If The Commies Don’t!

Our thanks to reader “J” who sent this in from the BBC…

Grenada investigates anthem gaffe

Grenada has promised an inquiry after Taiwan’s national anthem was played instead of China’s at a ceremony in the Grenadian capital, St George’s.

The diplomatic gaffe happened during the inauguration of a sports stadium that was paid for by China.

Correspondents say the Chinese envoy to the Caribbean nation was visibly uncomfortable as the Royal Grenada Police Band performed Taiwan’s anthem.

“The unfortunate error breaks my heart,” Grenada’s prime minister said…

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17 responses to “Royal Grenada Police Band Plays Taiwan’s National Anthem For Communist China Stadium Dedication!

  1. West Side Davie

    Was it an accident or stupidity?

    Either way I like it!

  2. Bajanboy

    It was the funniest thing I read all year!! The Taiwan government must be laughing their heads off.

  3. God Bless David

    Clearly someone in Grenada is pursuing a “One China” policy in reverse…truth is often stranger than fiction.

    Surprisingly, this type of screw-up seems to be pretty common around the world. Do a Google search for “anthem” and “gaffe” and see how many hits there are!

  4. Jerome Hinds

    Just hope the same does not occur during CWC 2007 in the case of Pakistan and India !!!

    RBPF band get on cue…..start the drum now…..and get it RIGHT !!!

  5. Casual Observer

    Log this with “Pakistanis to send their passports to India for Caricom visas”. Any outsider would think that the Caribbean is oblivious to international politics.

  6. Carl Moore

    Storm in a wok

    Laocoon’s warning: “Timeo Danaos et donna ferentes — Beware of Greeks bearing gifts …” continues to hold true today. Naïve little island nations like Grenada (and Barbados) must constantly be on guard when accepting gifts from these powers jostling for world hegemony.

    Poor Grenada Police Band; they made a careless mistake and played the wrong anthem at the opening of the new cricket stadium. Instead of a sincere, heartfelt apology, tendered and graciously accepted by Grenada and China, respectively, the whole brouhaha has turned into a diplomatic incident.

    Tiny Taiwan since 1949 has been a thorn in the side of China, a country with a land mass twenty-six thousand times larger. Shows that size need not be the determining factor in world geo-politics.

    The whole thing brings into sharp focus that these so-called gifts always come with long political strings—nay, tentacles, attached.

    The Chinese are behaving like spoilt brats. Now, the poor Director of Music has been suspended “pending an investigation”.

    Let’s hope they don’t kick off World War Three a few miles off Kick-em Jenny!

    Carl Moore

  7. Rumplestilskin

    Ha, ha. WW 3 caused by error in national anthem choice. That’s funny.

    Worthy of ‘Allo ‘Allo.

    Absolutely wonderful!

  8. Rumplestilskin

    Why do people take these things so seriously?

  9. BFP Cliverton Not Signed In

    Why do people take these things so seriously?

    Because the Commies are incapable of taking a joke. They kill people for what they think – never mind what they say.

    Consider that. They kill people for their thoughts – even if private, even if not vocalized. A diary will do. Not so long ago – during the “cultural revolution”, a classical music LP was good enough reason for the ChiComs to kill.

    In T-Square, a paper-mache statue of “liberty” was enough to kill.

    ChiComs have no sense of humour.

  10. Kathy

    I gather that Communist China has a strong foothold in Barbados too …

  11. Bajanboy

    Yes, BFP needs to do an exposé on that.

  12. Rumplestilskin

    What’s wrong with China, one of North America’s main trading partners, after all? 😉

  13. John

    Thought this article about Taiwan and Dominica was a worthwhile read.

    Maybe Grenada has debt owing to Taiwan too.

    One thing is sure, no Caribbean Nation is going to refuse a loan from two countries with apparently mutually exclusive positions. Money is money.

    In a way it is a perversion of the old saying …. “friends of all, satellites of none.”

  14. John

    If it is the Grenada Police Band and not a recording it means the Police were practising it for days before playing it, and were given the music. It wasn’t a spur of the moment thing.

    They were probably quite proud of themselves that they had mastered the particular piece of music.

    I suspect there are very few people who know the difference beween the national anthems of China and Taiwan. I should rephrase that because a huge amount of Chinese exist in this world, alot more than in Barbados.

    I could not tell if the Jamaican national anthem started to play, and if it did, and I was specifically told, depending on who told me I would be skeptical about whether it might not be the Trinidad national anthem, or Grenadian, or Vincentian … or …..

    Besides the Barbadian national anthem, I could only claim to be sure about the national anthems of Britain, USA, Germany, Canada and Poland. I am pretty ignorant.

    I think the national anthem of Australia is Waltzing Matilda but could not swear it was. I would have to make doubly sure before the World Cup if I were a music director.

    We may chuckle at what happened in Grenada but our guys better have their heads on straight before they let loose our Police Band to play ppl’s national anthems come World Cup.

    At least China and Taiwan won’t be there, ….. but India and Pakistan will be!!

  15. John

    Decided I would check on Australia’s national anthem.

    Did I get a surprise!!

    Anyway, I was pretty close!!

    … but a miss is as good as a mile.

  16. Jerome Hinds

    John, says,

    ” I could not tell if the Jamaican national anthem started to play, and if it did, and I was specifically told, depending on who told me I would be skeptical about whether it might not be the Trinidad national anthem, or Grenadian, or Vincentian … or …..”

    That is a very valid point you made John…..and within the context of CSM and PM Arthur responsibility as ” point man ” for the implementation of CSM…… why can’t CBC have a dedicated programme for the educating of Barbadians to such important regional issues…!!!

    But the again….Does such foresight GET votes….???

    What is more……VOTE…catching and cost-effective playing of regional Anthems or giving BOSTIC a pick….???? !!!!

    Are those in the BLP really….SERIOUS…about their CSM….Swan Song….!!!

    As an INTERGRATIONIST….Errol Walton Barrow must be wondering…..HOW…this Barbadian leader (Arthur)….could claim…..HE carrying on my LEGACY……???? Even ” claiming” to EMBRACE…Guyanese also….!!!

  17. John


    I really am not interested in being educated in which anthem belongs to which country!!

    Life is too short for these details. When somebody whose job it is gets up and announces the anthem for the country, that’s good enough for me.

    I suspect that is why the Grnada Police Band got it wrong. The difference between them and me is that it is their job to get it right.

    Guess what I am saying is that this is not an important regional issue.

    I also suspect neither is CSM.