Choosing Between A Non-Existent Concorde Museum and Non-Existent Medical Services At Barbados Airport

Which Non-Existent Promise Do We Miss The Most At Grantley Adams Airport?

Under a banner headline Concorde Tours By Year End in the Daily Nation dated 17th September 2005, chief executive officer of the Barbados Tourism Investment Inc (BTII), Darcy Boyce told a Press conference at the Parliamentary buildings ‘Barbadians will get a chance to tour the sleek supersonic Concorde aircraft from December’.

December 2005 that is.

Already costing over $3 million for ‘temporary’ storage plus any maintenance, cleaning, security costs and interest on capital, it is now almost 3 years and 3 months since G – BOAE made its final flight to Barbados.

Even at just six per cent interest that’s $180,000 a year adding to the capital debt.

Yet provision was not made for a medical facility to service an airport with a capacity of 2 million passengers per year?

Why is the Minister of Tourism so silent on these matters?

Adrian Loveridge

4 February 2007


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16 responses to “Choosing Between A Non-Existent Concorde Museum and Non-Existent Medical Services At Barbados Airport

  1. van halen

    so put concorde museum $3 million with millions @ greenland..gems..udc…silver sands toilet…cbc….warrens and barrack…24% ministers salary increase…whats yuh total? a billion yet?
    Thats muti millions collected from citizens flushed down you know where and I seeing hell to repay my $3,000 home improvement. Life isnt fair ahtall ahtall.

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  3. Hants

    The Airport will get Medical services and an Ambulance when the Prime Minister steps in and deals with it.
    The PM will move heaven and earth to get this done before April 2007.
    Believe that.

  4. Mauby$$

    Barbados’ biggest problem (other than chronic human overpopulation) is that big eye choke dog!
    i.e. Champagne Taste, but only Mauby Money!

    Barbados fancies itself as another Trinidad,
    with megabux available to handle any and every fanciful wish…everything we see others have,
    and we must therefore have too.
    “Keeping up with the Joneses”

    Barbados likes to think it can offord both the health bit AND the Concorde Museum bit – but it can barely afford either,
    especially in this time with a croaking QEHospital,
    and an economy crippled and drained by a single stadium that will look good on the cover of the new Manifesto (soon out!) – but which will haunt every man,woman and child(even the unborn) for decades to come.
    We are in deep deep ca-ca.

  5. Mauby$$

    I suspect Hants is right.
    The PM will step in and get us the necessary in the nick of time.

    Such facilities will be ‘kinda-ready’ the very week before It happens, as will be the roads
    (Will Dayrells Rd. EVER be finished??)

    We shall scrape thru in the nick of time.

    God help us if anything..ANYthing goes awry,
    for. as long as things go the way they’re supposed to, the yet-to-be-sorted systems will work…kinda.

    But if something happens, and eleven ambulances are needed right this very minute, the world will see an embarrassed Barbados who thought it was 2,100 miles long and 1,400 miles wide,
    reduced to a small (but bigheaded) Rock in the Atlantic.

    We are SO living beyond our means and abilities.
    Our severely over-inflated National Ego(bigger than the island itself) will yet be our downfall, if it hasn’t been already!

  6. Jerome Hinds

    Well if Owen is to be taken seriously about

    getting money to pay off the national debt he and

    his BLP group have skyrocketed……..then after a

    familiar ‘ conversation ‘ with himself he would opt

    for SLOT MACHINES to raise money…..rather

    than SPEND money on protecting the Concorde or

    getting much needed medical facilities at


    But wait…..he ain’t talking about

    Morality ????……He mussee ain’t


    That is Brain and Leadership…..fuh yuh….can

    David Thompson match that, you asked…..????

    The electorate have the ANSWER……!!!!

  7. Justasking

    Maybe the Chinese can help us build the Concorde museum and medical facility at GAIA (and staff it too). They seem to be able to come in and save the day (Independence Square) at the last moment.

    Back Page story in Sunday Nation by Karin Dear says Chinese are working on at least 7 projects. she says that with respect to Independence Square they worked from 6 am and ended at midnight.


    They are living in a hollowed-out belly of a deserted building on Lower Bay Street. Sleping on crude bunks. With this revelation of inhman working condtions will the BWU and government be stepping in to save them just like they did with the Indians from the sub-continent? Is the Ministry of Health looking into their living conditions?

    How much are these Chinese workers being paid? The translator is quoted in the article as saying that they get some money monthly and the rest when they finish the job and return to China. If I remember correctly it seems sto be the same as the arrangements for the Indians.

    You can be sure they are working for a pittance. But we will never know. Seems like a double standard to me. Maybe BFP could do a story on these Chinese construction companies.

    However be careful as the Chinese government employs over 30,000 to censor the internet so they may turn their resources towards assisting those who want to track down who is behind the BFP.

  8. Bajanboy

    There seem to be many questions about the two chinese construction companies and their operations here in Barbados. I am sure BFP will post about this shortly. I wonder how much the workers get paid? Are they all living in less than suitable accommodation? Do workers pay all their taxes and contributions? Does China State Corporation tender competitively for the jobs they award? Do they employ Barbadian workers or Caricom workers?

  9. I do not understand what it is that the GoB is attempting to do with this Concorde. Is this the only concorde on display? Why are they not looking at what is in place with other Concordes that are on display? why the red tape, cost and delay? I visited the one on display in NewYork and have seen pics of the others, is this difficult? I doubt very much.

  10. liz

    Ref China State Corp :
    It has been suggested that it is very difficult for any local contractor to tender for jobs against them because they do not have to pay taxes or NIS.
    Is this really the case?

  11. Jerome Hinds

    Heard so too , Liz, if it is true, then Owen is a boss….!!!! The foreigners LIVING of the backs of Bajans….!!!

    Good Gosh…..time for CHANGE…..!!!!

  12. God Bless David

    Pretty hard to beat China State Corp for pricing on jobs…sometimes they don’t even bother to rent cement mixers for meduim-sized jobs…just have their indentured-servant workforce (‘cuz that’s what they are) mix the cement with their feet (seen it happen myself).

  13. John

    … correct me if I am wrong but I think Lammie outbid the Chinese at St. Leonards School.

    It can be done if there is a mind to do it.

  14. Anancy

    Yuh funny John hahahahahawaaaaaaaaaah

  15. Maybe we should take a moment from cricket and look at the top management at GAIA Inc. can’t drive.

  16. Maybe we should take a moment from cricket and look at the top management at GAIA Inc.and see that those big-ups can’t drive.