More CARICOM Concerns: Guyana Hires Crooked New York Cop As Security Czar


Having Been Convicted Of Taking Bribes Before, Bernard Kerik Is Well Suited For New Position As Guyana’s Top Cop

Guyana’s new Security Chief will fit right in with perceptions about policing in that country and in the Caribbean. A shame that our Royal Barbados Police Force will have to work with this disgraced scoundrel. That’s Mr. Kerik’s mug shot above – taken after his arrest in 2006.

Our advice for Barbados Police Commissioner Dottin… if you have to shake hands with Mr. Kerik, don’t forget to check for your wallet, rings and watch afterwards.

CARICOM Means That Guyana’s Choice Is Our Problem Too

Remember folks – we’re all one big happy family now with no borders. CARICOM police agencies pass information freely between them, and there are no laws to regulate or prevent the transfer of your personal information being transferred to the Guyanese Police.

The moment that Mr. Kerik sits down at his new desk, he will be able to call up personal information on all Barbados citizens.

And that is why CARICOM means that Guyana’s poor choice for a security chief is our problem too.

From Stabroek News

Some NY Guyanese Against Kerik Hiring

A “disgrace” said one; “unsuitable,” asserted another, and “questionable,” insisted a third.

Those were some of the words used by Guyanese of different ethnic backgrounds in New York City to describe the decision by their country’s leader, President Bharrat Jagdeo, to make the former New York City Police Commissioner, Bernard Kerik his country’s new security czar.

The Guyanese rejected the appointment because of Kerik’s troubles with the law and questions about his standards of behaviour. Interestingly, they didn’t object on grounds of colour or nationality…

… continue reading this article at Stabroek News (link here)

Wikipedia entry for Bernard Kerik link here


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3 responses to “More CARICOM Concerns: Guyana Hires Crooked New York Cop As Security Czar

  1. Well, I learn in school “Set a t’ief to catch a t’ief” so it looks like Guyana tek it seriously. I imagine he will be watched extra carefully.

  2. Bajanboy

    Security in Guyana is so messed up that even if he has a questionable background, things will surely improve.

  3. Jerry

    Police in Guyana…. he is an angel.