Greenland Dump Project Doubles In Cost Overnight – And That Figure Is Still A Lie!


Nation Government News Says Dump Will Be “Cleaner, Safer, Bigger… Than Originally Designed”

It looks as if the construction is going full bore at the Greenland Dump in what was to be Scotland National Park. The Nation News is quoting some government hack “who spoke under the condition of strict anonymity” – but doesn’t interview anyone opposed to the dump. This extra $20 million doesn’t include costs for a number of things necessary but yet to come – so like we always say: You ain’t seen nothin yet, folks!

Not a word about landslips or soil shifting in the Nation News article: only positive spin from the government.

Thanks, again Nation News!

Another $20m on Greenland


A WHOPPING $20 million – that’s how much Government is payingto retrofit thecontroversial Greenland,St Andrew, landfill.

Highly placed sources in the Ministry of Health yesterday confirmed the price tag on the contract, which is being executed jointly by Barbados’ largest construction firm, C.O. Williams Construction, and British builders McArdle.

The latest sum, when added to the approximate $20 million spent on the site before engineers deemed it unfit to receive garbage, means that Barbadian taxpayers will end up paying more than $40 million for the state-of-the-art garbage disposal site.

However, the official noted, by the time the project is completed it will be considerably larger and better prepared to ensure there is no negative environmental fallout as opponents of the project have been warning against.

According to the official, who spoke under the condition of strict anonymity, the new Greenland landfill will be about 33 per cent bigger than the original design and equipped with a modern system for channelling and collecting leachate, utilising many tonnes of stone imported from Canada last year.

It would not be an exaggeration to say the landfill will feature an improved design, with all the necessary infrastructure to ensure it is safe and efficient,” the official said…

… read the entire story at The Nation News (link here)


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16 responses to “Greenland Dump Project Doubles In Cost Overnight – And That Figure Is Still A Lie!

  1. Tampa

    This is absolute madness. $20million already wasted now another twenty million down in Maxwell Pond. What is BLP doing? I dont blame COW and his dozens of companies either. If the Barbados government is stupid enough to waste taxpayers money like this hey grab it.. Its like taking candy from a baby. Meantime plenty Bajans getting rip up with the supermarket prices.

    I remember Billie Miller calling Sherbourne center Sandiford’s Museum of Madness. Guess what…her office was the first in the museum when her party came to power. Sherbourne has gone on to one of the best investments ever by any government. Who knows maybe Owens Greenland Museum of Madness may turn out that way . I doubt it but I’m ony a hungry poor boy.

    Greenland $40 million, GEMS millions, Warrens and Barrack millions, UDC millions, Silver Sands Beach toilet half million surely coud have been put to better use. Heres two subsidise food prices and help with out of control land prices. BLP wunna good oui!

  2. Jupiter

    We going nowhere real fast.

    I will not say we going to hell in a handbasket because I mekking sure I ain’t going to hell – I just want to send these tievin,immoral BLP politicians.

  3. reality check


    Can anyone confirm if the IADB is funding this ecological disaster?

    Is COW directly or indirectly paying any consulting fees?

    While you can’t blame COW for taking candy from a baby, if you help manufacture a bomb are you not as responsible as the person who pays for and sets it off?

  4. Jerome Hinds

    Royalrumble, says, on January 29th, 2007 at 8:24 pm

    ” I will publish all the facts on that bank robery later this week stay tune ”

    Hello Royalrumble,

    It is Friday 2nd February, 2007, if you are to be believed and taken seriouly for the words you wrote above, then I take pleasure in reminding you to fulfil your promise.

    But on reflection, after reading the Weekend Nation story about the 20 million dollars DUMPED into GREENLAND on top the other millions spent there before……..!!!

    Then I take the UTMOST pleasure in congratulating you on EXPOSING this bank robbery COMMITTED by this TIEFFING Owen Arthur Administration….!!!

    Royalrumble, you are a man to YUH word, THANKS…..!!!!!!

  5. “Utilising many tonnes of stone imported from Canada last year.”

    Hey, just a moment! What sort of special stone is it that has to be imported from Canada? Our own stone is not right? There is none available closer from say Venezuela where the transport cost would be a fraction?

    Maybe there’s a simple explanation, but if not, this smells like the kind of transaction where payoffs are all too possible. Let’s hear more about this magic stone?

  6. De Orginal

    Jerome I just love how u play wid words…..haaaaaaaaaaaaa

  7. De Orginal

    On a serious note why are we throwing more money into this project when the alternatives are clear. I wonder if it got anything to do with the proposed tourism development in St Lucy. It would be interesting to know who the principles are. BFP research and let us know. Even better yet Royal Rumble some how got access to Cabinet letters and papers and this is current issue should be easy for you to find Rumble.

  8. Justasking

    Tampa, you say “Sherbourne has gone on to one of the best investments ever by any government. ” Really? God help us all if that was an investment. Do we know the final cost and what has been the return? Do they publish financials? Sherbourne was a waste of tax payers money just like Greenland.

  9. Jerome Hinds

    Justasking on February 2nd, 2007 at 7:56 pm, says,

    ” Tampa, you say “Sherbourne has gone on to one of the best investments ever by any government. ” Really? God help us all if that was an investment. Do we know the final cost and what has been the return? Do they publish financials? Sherbourne was a waste of tax payers money just like Greenland ”

    Justasking, after doing a review of your statements above, ask yourself these questions,

    After the all the millions spent on Greenland up to the completion date in 1997 and 10 years AFTER 2007 not even a bag of gabbage is able to be placed there!!!

    Do you think the BLP government has any right to put millions more down there, despite the proven unsuitability of the area for a dump ???

    Now Sherbourne Conference Centre, partially completed during a period of global financial austerity, was by 1992 able to SUCCESSFULLY host the Global Conference on Sustainable Development. Since that event Sherbourne Conference Centre continues to be the host to some of the most prestigious events in Barbados.


    Which is better??? Spending millions and millions on a project ( Greenland ) that CANNOT even receive a plastic bag of gabbage after 12 years……or spend some of those same millions AND FINISH another (Sherbourne Conference Centre ) that IN ITS UNCOMPELTED state continues to be the BREAD BASKET of the Barbados TREASURY!!!!!

    I am, Justasking, ( No Pun intended ) which one of those projects you would CHAMPION as being PROFITABLE ???

  10. Justasking

    Jerome, let me be clear. Greenland is a waste of taxpayers money not to mention environmental madness. On the scale of stupidity Greenland wins hands down.

    You ask which project (Greenland/Sherbourne) “you would CHAMPION as being PROFITABLE ??? Why would anyone champion these 2 white elephants? Both cases of governments (DLP/BLP) gone mad! Wasting taxpayers money and no accountability or transparency.

    How much did Sherbourne cost? Do they publish their financial statements?

    Yes it has served some purpose but what has been the return on the money expended. Was it not originally supposed to have been an examination centre? Poorly conceived and poorly executed.

  11. Jerome Hinds

    Justasking , says ,

    ” How much did Sherbourne cost? Do they publish their financial statements ? ”

    Justasking, I FULLY support your call for financial probity.

    Like Bob Marley, sang ,

    ” The stone that the builders refuse is now the head corner stone…..”

    Given all the BLP had to say about Sherbourne, they now regard it as their ” head corner stone “, they have access to the figures spent on it !!!

    But to publish those figures on a project that repeatedly brings in money…..!!!!,

    Would mean that the BLP government WOULD also have to publish figures on the TRUE costs of,

    1. The St. Joseph Hospital Inquiry ???

    2. The Warrens Buildings ???

    3. Greenland dump ???

    4. GEMS ???

    5. CBC ???

    These are All projects that taxpayers funds have been SPENT on….and…WHAT are the RETURNS…continued LOSSES….and CANNOT…. be used……!!!

    Therefore , it MUST be CRYSTAL clear…even to the BLIND….by NOW that this BLP government NEVER believed in…Transparency and Accountabilty…..!!!

    Why do you THINK Clyde Mascoll


    He realised that the DEMS really WANT to save BARBADOS…..!!!!

  12. bp

    The big-ups at Sandy Lane won’t be building anything on the Green Monkey until Owen (Owing) moves the dump.

  13. John


    …. and that’s 3 billion reasons why the dump must be moved!!

  14. Rumplestilskin

    I see the PM recently referred to opening up St.Lucy to increase the land space for house building?

    Will this opening up involve house spots for locals?

    Or will it involve house spots for ‘luxury’ developments?

    Or a token number of spots for locals, to allow and give credence for the major infrastructural expenditures in roads etc, which are necessary for the ‘luxury’ developments?

    Does this have anything to do with why Greenland (MUST) happen, not St.Lucy?

    Ho, ho. Do things start to come together?

  15. Rumplestilskin

    PS: Even if for some reason one accepted that St.Lucy is to be allocated for increased housing at the expense of a new incincerator (can’t it be both?) and if luxury developments are involved, the developers funds should be used to improve much of the infrastructure accessing and supporting their properties, NOT taxpayers funds!

  16. John

    I came across this issue of Land Today which looked at Landslides.

    Page 13(!!) provides an interesting account of what happened to a developer in the USA when he ignored the obvious.

    Slip sliding away.

    Happens in the US too!!