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Greenland Dump Project Doubles In Cost Overnight – And That Figure Is Still A Lie!


Nation Government News Says Dump Will Be “Cleaner, Safer, Bigger… Than Originally Designed”

It looks as if the construction is going full bore at the Greenland Dump in what was to be Scotland National Park. The Nation News is quoting some government hack “who spoke under the condition of strict anonymity” – but doesn’t interview anyone opposed to the dump. This extra $20 million doesn’t include costs for a number of things necessary but yet to come – so like we always say: You ain’t seen nothin yet, folks!

Not a word about landslips or soil shifting in the Nation News article: only positive spin from the government.

Thanks, again Nation News!

Another $20m on Greenland


A WHOPPING $20 million – that’s how much Government is payingto retrofit thecontroversial Greenland,St Andrew, landfill.

Highly placed sources in the Ministry of Health yesterday confirmed the price tag on the contract, which is being executed jointly by Barbados’ largest construction firm, C.O. Williams Construction, and British builders McArdle.

The latest sum, when added to the approximate $20 million spent on the site before engineers deemed it unfit to receive garbage, means that Barbadian taxpayers will end up paying more than $40 million for the state-of-the-art garbage disposal site.

However, the official noted, by the time the project is completed it will be considerably larger and better prepared to ensure there is no negative environmental fallout as opponents of the project have been warning against.

According to the official, who spoke under the condition of strict anonymity, the new Greenland landfill will be about 33 per cent bigger than the original design and equipped with a modern system for channelling and collecting leachate, utilising many tonnes of stone imported from Canada last year.

It would not be an exaggeration to say the landfill will feature an improved design, with all the necessary infrastructure to ensure it is safe and efficient,” the official said…

… read the entire story at The Nation News (link here)


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Invest In Frankenstein Cove Bay, Barbados – A Beautiful Place To Inject Old Ladies With Cells Taken From Dead Babies – Private Beach Too!


Plans Show Private Beach – No Need For Retired Folks To Mix With Those Bajan Darkies!

Step right up folks – for the offshore investment opportunity of the century!

Imagine this, if you will… a private retirement community in Barbados with a beautiful beach that no one can really access except by trespassing on private lands! It’s ideal, because while those poor dumb Bajan folks could theoretically climb down some rock faces to access their “public” beach, they never will! So, there you go… a private beach that remains “public” in law only!

But Wait… There’s More!

The Government of Barbados knows how to do two things really well: 1/ Sell off choice public lands, and 2/ Allow the establishment of unsupervised medical clinics that other countries wouldn’t dream of licensing. This project has both features!

As the Barbados Tourism Investment website says…

Cove Bay is a delightful address overlooking the Atlantic ocean to the north of the island. It will provide the investor with one of few remaining opportunities for ocean front residential development, which in itself creates a unique selling point for the project. The site offers several options for other well chosen complementary uses which will enhance the residences by providing services and amenities and possible income opportunities for purchasers.

The concept calls for the creation of luxury residences for persons seeking second and third homes for vacation, retirement or simply as investments. The opportunity to add a wellness or anti-aging facility could help to brand the development, particularly if it is managed by internationally acclaimed operators. This approach could have the effect of diversifying and enriching the overall accommodations and tourism product of Barbados…

If You Invest Here, Barbados Will Approve Your Stem Cell Clinic!

Yes, prospective investors, you can be assured that if you partner with the Government of Barbados in this Joint Venture, your application to operate a stem cell clinic will be approved overnight as the government has already identified this type of facility as a part of this project. Now, to protect against certain sensitivities and a few unreasonable people who don’t know the value of rich foreign international investors, we have to use the words “anti-aging facility” when talking about this in public – but don’t you worry: the government has your approval already waiting!

Two Private Beaches For The Price Of One!

Here is another plan showing not only the private beach at the south, but also a private park and inlet to the north. Have a look… do you see any public access on the plans? No way those dirty locals will ever be able to foul your private beach and inlet!

Don’t forget… this investment opportunity is golden, because as the government website says, this is “… one of few remaining opportunities for ocean front residential development”

Visit the Barbados Tourism Investment website and learn more about this exciting opportunity! (BTI website link here)



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Derelict Homes Hold So Much Barbados History

Titilayo of Gallimaufry Blog talks about the restoration of the childhood home of cricketing legend Sir Frank Worrell – and the deterioration of some other homes of note. She also documents the sad state of the family home of renowned writer and poet Kamau Brathwaite.

Read Treasures Of Our Heritage at Gallimaufry blog.


(Copy and paste the above link as I can’t set the link right now due to a programme problem with WordPress)


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Barbados Death Boat – Mass Burial Brings Us Together


Ten unnamed travellers from Senegal who set out to make new lives and help their families back home ended their sad journey on Wednesday when they were buried in a joint Muslim – Christian ceremony. Some 40 others who perished on the same journey were taken by the sea.

Everytime I think of these poor folks, I thank God that I was born in Barbados. When my time comes, there are a few questions I’d like to ask God, and one of them will be about this.

Story Links

(I can’t get the links to work tonight, so you will have to copy and paste into your browser)

The Nation News: 10 Finally Laid To Rest


Barbados Free Press: Previous Stories On The Death Boat (link here)



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Howard Dean’s DC-9 Became A Drug-Hauling Mule For Venezuela


Is Venezuela Becoming Columbia’s New Cocaine Trans-Shipment Centre?

With Cliverton posting his article on the gentle gardening culture of Venezuela, I thought I would post a little something on Venezuela too. Here is a post on what is becoming a major topic of conversation whenever Caribbean pilots get together: the massive increase in the last few years of the number of drug runs going through or originating from Venezuela.

Everybody has a few stories to tell about unidentified aircraft in the night, airports in the middle of nowhere and of a dozen aircraft at a time “rushing” the border to overwhelm the watchers and responders. I met one cargo pilot last year who said that he saw two bizjets silhouetted against the Venezuela moon – flying formation so tightly that it was obvious what they were up to. According to this pilot, the trailing jet was tucked in so close to the underside of the leader that the Blue Angels would have admired the skill.

I don’t know that I could squeeze in tight enough to show one radar signature and maintain that position for two hours at night. Sure, the lead aircraft’s transponder would help to cover any sins, but Jesus! Its not worth it – especially when wallowing around in thin air.

Indications That The Chavez Government Is Complicit In Cocaine Smuggling

With so much oil revenue, why would Chavez bother with cocaine smuggling? Good question, except I don’t really know how much money oil really makes for Venezuela and I don’t know how much Chavez spends on making his new vision of paradise. Whatever the real story, the mule-planes keep on coming and everybody is noticing.

The V-Crisis website represents part of what little public voice that the opposition has left in Venezuela. The website refers to the country’s “sad evolution into a narco-state…” and documents the seizure of Howard Dean’s old DC-9 in Mexico while loaded with 5.5 Tons of apparent flapjack mix packed in 128 identical black briefcases. (Just joking! It really wasn’t flapjack mix.)

Here is what Vcrisis says about itself…

About Vcrisis And Its Editor

Vcrisis is, in short, the personal endeavour of someone whose discontentment towards the politicians of his country (Venezuela) reached such unbearable levels, that he decided to take action and provide a counterbalance to the official multimillion dollar propagandistic effort rolled out by the current administration.

Another story about the same DC-9 seizure refers to a U.S. State Department report…

U.S. and Mexican officials say that cocaine and heroin is increasingly passing from Colombia through Venezuela to Mexico where it is smuggled into the United States. While drug traffickers used planes to smuggle large quantities of drugs in the 1990s, most Mexican traffickers now use land and sea routes.

A U.S. State Department report released in March said that Venezuela has become a key transit point for drugs because of “rampant corruption at the highest levels of law enforcement and a weak judicial system.”

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez suspended cooperation with the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration in August, accusing its agents of spying….

… read the entire Associated Press story (link here)

A Few Weeks Ago Chavez Demanded An Apology From USA For Drug Stories

From BBC News…

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez has called on the US ambassador in Caracas to retract his assertion that drug trafficking in the country is rising.

Mr Chavez said the comments were absolutely false and that a retraction would demonstrate that Washington is serious about wanting good relations.

William Brownfield said poor police collaboration was making Venezuela a preferred drug route to the Caribbean.

The comments follow recent improvements in relations between the two countries.

Mr Chavez said the US ambassador’s claims were “a lack of respect for the truth” and said they were “absolutely false”.

The president blamed US drug consumption for the problem and accused the US of turning from communism to the drug war to justify its military presence in the region… (Story continues link here)

What Is The Truth About Venezuela Being Complicit In The Cocaine Trade?

That’s beyond my simple analysis for tonight. What I do know is that if you are flying anywhere near Venezuela, you’d better have your navigation lights turned up all the way to bright so the pilots of the dark shapes whizzing by can at least avoid your aircraft – even if you can’t see them.


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UPDATED: Leonard Fields Now Being Quoted & Debated Worldwide – Global Warming According To Leonard Fields, Barbados Meteorological Services

UPDATED:  Barbados Leonard Fields Quoted Worldwide On Global Warming

Do a Google search and a Google Blog search for “Leonard Fields” and “Barbados” or “Global Warming” and you will see hundreds of returns. Debating the veracity of what Mr. Fields said is very popular with bloggers and the media right now.

Time for your 15 minutes, Mr Fields!

Original BFP Article… 

Albany Media Bias blog has some questions for our senior meteorologist, Leonard Fields.

According to Robert, Mr. Fields is a man who should be believed when it comes to weather, but some folks in New York State take issue with some of Mr. Fields’ assessments.

OK, we’ll bite…

From the Albany Media Bias Blog…

During marathon meetings in Paris, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change approved language that said an increase in hurricane and tropical cyclone strength since 1970 “more likely than not” can be attributed to man-made global warming, according to Leonard Fields of Barbados and Cedric Nelom of Surinam.

In its last report in 2001, the same panel had said there was not enough evidence to make such a conclusion.

Did anyone on this panel happen to not the utter dearth of Atlantic hurricanes last year (including the failure of all storms to make US landfall)? Wasn’t last year one of the hottest ever ever every in a million billion years? But no hurricanes? What’s up with that?

The panel did note that the increase in stronger storms differs in various parts of the globe, but that the storms that strike the Americas are global warming-influenced, according to another participant.

I see. It’s only around the United States where man-made global warming is causing stronger hurricanes…yeah, that’s the ticket…

… read the entire post at the Albany Media Bias Blog (link here)

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