About That Child Pornography Being Made In Barbados…

As anyone who has not been sleeping for the past few weeks knows, the media and the internet have been talking of Bajan students who made cellphone photos and movies of sex acts sometimes in public and sometimes involving groups of students and non-students. Then they circulated them on the internet.

Some of these videos have the names of the students or schools as the title of the file. Many of the participants are identifiable.

The principal of Garrison Secondary School and other community leaders have called for a ban on cellphones in school. While I can see everyone desperately grasping for some quick “solution”, it took us years to get to this place. In my opinion, neither a technical solution nor a rule change will “solve” the extensive societal changes that are at the root of this behaviour.

There have always been girls who are easy sluts in secondary school, and there have always been unethical young men willing to take advantage of younger girls, but never have we had such a large number of young people whose moral compass is so damaged that they are willing to be photographed in such activities.

This is a far deeper problem than the availability of cellphones.

What is the solution then?

I don’t know any more than anyone else, and you folks shouldn’t expect a comprehensive plan to save society from itself – from an old guy with a beer in one hand and a keyboard in the other. I will speak about a few things though…

1/ Many of the videos “star” underage girls having sex with much older males.

2/ The creation of such movies is “making child pornography” and is against the law just about everywhere. Here in Barbados? I don’t know if it is or not.

Our leaders don’t like to have too many laws because they don’t want to be held accountable for their actions. I’m not saying that they are involved in child porn. I’m just speaking the truth that our leaders have so far refused to implement all sorts of laws that other societies think are pretty basic: drinking and driving laws, privacy laws, laws about transparency of public tenders, conflict of interest standards and the like.

I don’t know if we have laws against making or distributing child pornography or not, but we should have.

Leadership By Parents & Public Figures

Some say that there is little anyone can do to counter the assault upon the values and standards of behaviour that once formed the foundation of Bajan society. With upwards of two thirds or more of Bajan children now being born bastards, it is obvious that the societal stigma against unwed motherhood has been long removed.

(Don’t like that ‘bastard’ word? It is a perfectly good word in context and is brought to you by a bastard himself. Look it up here)

Where are the fathers?

We have generations of children being raised exclusively by women in the home, and taught almost exclusively by women in schools. Men and fathers have been pretty well relegated to society’s “optional equipment” list.

This is unnatural, and practically it has proven to be destructive to our society. Any thinking person knows the truth of this.

Young men need strong fathers to guide them and to teach them right from wrong. Women cannot effectively do this alone. Any thinking person knows the truth of this.

If you want proof then look around at the results of boys being raised without fathers.

Young women need strong fathers to protect them: fathers who remember that a hormone-driven 16-year-old young man has no conscience in certain matters. Most women do not understand this. Most mothers do not understand this.

Men understand this.

Never mind the cellphones. It’s way too late to be concerned about the cellphones. Taking the cellphones is shuffling the deck chairs on the Titanic.

Public Leadership

A better man than I am asked “Who will cast the first stone?”, but he also told us to speak the truth.

Our public leadership must be good examples because they ARE examples. This nonsense about separating one’s personal and private lives is crap. Pure crap.

Look at our leadership. Are they faithful to their spouses? Do they have children dropped here and there with different women or by different men? Are they honest? Do they have manners and respect for differences, or do they get drunk and phone up people in the middle of the night to curse and bully?

Most people will follow the example of their leaders, because most people are followers, not leaders.

As a society and as individuals we need to start judging people more, and to turn our backs on those who choose the wrong path. We need to disassociate ourselves from political parties and other organizations that stand only for the obtaining or retention of power.

We need some good, decent people to stand as independent candidates in the next election… to send a message about leadership, and duty and honesty.

They might not win, but it would be a start.

posted by George.

Nation News: Ban Cellphones



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44 responses to “About That Child Pornography Being Made In Barbados…

  1. missing home

    Bravo George. Much truth in wat you say

  2. Rumplestilskin

    Valid points George.

    Leadership can be inspirational, convincing, bullying, persuasive and motivational or demotivational.

    The intent of leadership can also sway weak souls.

    Allegedly, though I take this with a cake of salt, Hitler ‘led’ people to the atrocities of the 1940’s.

    Whether people are led depends on whether they want to be, have enough knowledge to understand the implications of their actions and have a conscience and the moral fibre to resist incorrect paths.

    Unfortunately, youngsters respond all too easily to their environment, which is itself quite unacceptable in today’s world.

    I follow the school of thought that believes a breakdown in family structure, community interlinkages and good role models have led to the current state of the social environment.

    In the old days there was always a family member around, a grandmother, an aunt, a cousin.

    In the old days the family and close relations lived in resonably close proximity (down the road).

    In todays world, as soon as a young’un gets a job and enough for rent or a loan, especially if they get married, they get a house or apartment far away, in a new development.

    This contributes to breakdowns in both the family structure and in the community from which such youngsters have grown. They are no longer there to continue the chain of learning, to contribute to the growth of the ‘new’ youngsters, no longer there to support the community.

    There is no sustainable strength in a dollar, no sustainable strength in a fancy car, no sustainable strength in a foreign soap opera.

    Moral fibre comes from a rooted childhood, grown from the learnings of a fun filled time, memories worth remembering, people worth remembering, hopes borne from a loving childhood, dreams borne from seeing the scope created by an honest and caring attitude.

    A golf course, a car, night at a Jam, will not bring success to an individual and a community.

    Honesty, moral fibre and intellectual learning will.

  3. John

    Would Digicel and C&W be accountable in the dissemination of child pornography just as they might be in the aiding and abetting of copyright infringement as suggested in the recent article and comments about the internet outage?

    How is a problem like this dealt with elsewhere? Or are young people elsewhere completely different from our young people?

  4. As sad as this situation is there is no easy solution for solving it if there is a solution at all.

    I personally feel contrary to others that the child born a “bastard” is little if any more vulnerable to the ravishes of pornography or most of todays evils than a child born to well adjusted and financially self sufficient parents.

    Let me say that at the age of 72 I have seen and lived the life in Barbados for the first 22 of those years, while seeing and living the life in Canada for 50 and I think that gives me a bit of an advantage when expressing this opinion.

    As a young man growing up in Barbados I am quite sure that we had as many “bastards” in our population then as we have now in todays population but yet poverty was the main challenge in those days. And in spite of that none of what we are seeing now or very little of it was ever evident. And I am talking about the serious deterioration in morals, principles, decency, honesty, integrity etc.

    I suspect thev same was true but to a lesser degree because of georaphic, progessive, financial wealth and other such considerations in Canada. However, in that country at that time and because of the cultural mosaic and prosperity few bastards existed.

    However, our world began to change so fast in the past 30 years or so because of electronic technology, drugs, absentee parenting, the out of control promiscuous society, the departure from religious conviction, the rock, rap and other such music and videos along with a host of other things that have caused us to spin out of control to where we and our children are now two different cultures existing with little in common.

    We have our children living in our houses and we must knock and ask permission to enter their rooms. We are told that we should not be prying into their activities and personal lives. Half of the time we do not know their friends and on and on it goes. We have had situations in the USA that because of this disconnection between child and parent the child unknowing to the parents plotted in their rooms to blow away other children at school.

    Adults too have deteriorated as much as many of the young people, white collar crime is rampant among the executive culture fuelled solely by greed not need. Prominent wealthy people steal and beat the system and basically the young people have become even more detached from the adult culture because they do not see them as role models. Compounding this deterioration of every facet and level of the social structure 43 % if not more of Canadian marriages end in divorce and broken homes. Many are bitter separations/divorces and the environments the children are exposed to become so unbearable they run away from home and become prostitutes sooner than later and hooked on drugs!

    Politicians and leaders are no better they are as dishonest, devious, lying and without integrity as anyone else so the entire system is self destructing in spite of the huge technological and other changes we are experiencing including wealth. And children quite correctly say what right do these hypocrites have to sit in judgement on me? and they are right unfortunately!

    We cannot discipline children as we could 60 -70 years ago, the family unit is no longer and everyone is doing their “own thing”. You cannot control the garbage, sex and violence seen on TV, Theatres, videos etc. Everybody has rights! And drugs are as readily available to kids today as lollipops were to my generation 60 years ago!

    But here is the bummer the world including Bim loves to emulate the lifestyle of North America which is natural and not only are we seeing our youth from all walks of life ruined because of drugs, poronography. vulgarity, sexual diseases etc while losing their own cultural identities but their health is also going through the eddoes because they are eating like pigs are fat, grossly unhealthy and many are paying the ultimate price for it. As ours do up here! But that is Coooooool to them!

    I have only scratched the surface because I am ready for bed so you ask how can we fix it. I say I doubt that there is a fix for it because it is too far out of control. And even God would have a serious problem knowing where to start far less us humans!

    We are seeing the odd change in lifestyle in trying to combat things like heart, stroke, diabetes, cancer etc. But that is but the only area some seem to want to try and make changes and the numbers doing it are not impressive and most fail because that too involves discipline and commitment which are just not qualities this generation has much of. Those genes are dying off!

  5. There is little that needs to be added to the thought-provoking comments of George and subsequent commenters. I think all mature people regret the decline in family values that has taken place, but many women will defend the right to have children without a (possibly abusive) husband, thereby depriving her children of the father figure needed by her children, her sons especially. The children of single-parent families usually go through childhood at a disadvantage economically and socially.

    The stigma of having a “bastard” in the past prevented many of the casual pregnancies common today. The word “bastard” is scarcely used because unmarried motherhood is often a personal choice rather than a social disaster, and her children do not bear the cross of illegitemacy of old.

    Most unwed mothers know who the father is, and he will acknowledge the paternity. Mothers who don’t, now have DNA tests to help them out (if the contenders cooperate). The only real bastard these days is the child whose mother is so promiscuous she neither knows nor cares.

    With so little stigma to illegitemacy is it any wonder that such children lack family values themselves when they become sexually active? Sadly we live in a world of unrestrained vulgarity, and pornography is its byproduct.

  6. Jerome Hinds

    Like Bystander, I agree with some of the other comments on this issue. It is interesting that Minister Eastmond, has a TASK ….from mainly the WOMEN…..in St. Philip West….. to carry out that can put SUCH issues into THEIR true PERSPECTIVE.

    Lynette, have some questions from the WOMEN in St. Philip West FUH….Owen…!!!

    To fully follow Lynette’s PLIGHT…..go to the BFP article on Harold Hoyte Retirement dated Wednesday 20 December, 2006.

    Dear Minister Eastmond,

    Since your last POST to me on this section of the BFP site…..muh phone can’t stop ringing and customers in and out muh shop here in St. Philip WEST …..!!!

    As Minister of Commerce yuh BOOST muh SALES…!!!! Thank you !!!

    Ah know yuh like yuh music…..Bob Marley sang a song, part of which went like this…’ In Every Man Chest…There Beats A heart…’

    From your last post I could not help BUT NOTICING along with some of my customers and friends who read what you wrote, …. that you have a very SOFT spot in yuh HEART for WOMEN……WE APPLAUD, you , Ms. Minister, 100 %…..BECAUSE WE HAVE THE SAME IN OUR HEARTS TOO.

    We also notice that over the years the Prime Minister often speak GLOWINGLY of you and you of him in the public domain.

    In your last post in this section of BFP the same observation can be made.

    That brings me to the next point, given all that the Prime Minister is preaching ( at least it sounds so……To Bajans ) recently about BASHMENT and MORALITY, some FIRST TIME VOTERS…..MAINLY…….YOUNG…… WOMEN…..OUT HERE..in…St. Philip WEST …..ASK me to ask you….

    What DO you think about the Prime Minister being MARRIED…to Mrs. Beverley Arthur……YET Samantha, Leah ( his daughters ) and GOD knows WHO else…POPPING out of OTHER….WOMEN….while he still was MARRIED to BEVERLEY ???

    Obviously, they TELL me they WANT to HEAR your VIEWS on this quick…..given all the TALK ..in….BUHBADOS……..bout YOUNG PEOPLE ain’t got NO MORALS, Cellphone Sex and the LIKE…..!!

    Well yuh know I GOTTA canvas FUH you, But I AM NOT CLOSE TO THE PRIME MINISTER…..!!!

    And these WOMEN leh me know EARLY…..dat

    since Arthur WOULD be OUT with you

    CANVASSING in St. Philip West…..dey DOAN

    WANT to FALL…VICTIM to his *********……POLICY….!!!



    Fuh my business THINGS will be alright because they PROMISE to come back in de MORNING to SEE if I hear….from you…BUT….If….YOU ain’t gimme NOTHING to REPORT…..THEN…I DO NOT KNOW HOW…..THE VOTES ….WILL GO FOR YOU.

    On a lighter note, de Pudding & Souse gine be ready at NOON Saturday….Ah washing de knife & Fork now……!!!!

    Hear yuh Later…..!!!

  7. Anonymous

    Do not be quick to brand all of these young girls as ‘sluts’ like a chauvinistic idiot, George. Have you seen any of these videos yourself? I know of one incident which is now before the law court as rape, where one girl was blackmailed and threatened to do ‘an act’ on cellphone. There is also another one where the girl was obviously drugged out of her mind and was essentially being gang raped. Come off of your biased pedestal and try to understand the nuances of each situation before you go on another self righteous diatribe.

  8. Lady Anon

    I agree with most of your comments. As a female, I strongly believe that a woman cannot raise a male child to be a man. She can raise him to be an adult, but not a man.

    “Young women need strong fathers to protect them: fathers who remember that a hormone-driven 16-year-old young man has no conscience in certain matters. Most women do not understand this. Most mothers do not understand this.

    Men understand this.”

    While I agree with most of this comment, I am not sure that men understand the role that they must play in ensuring that their children grow into the best adult possible.

    Most men believe that their responsibility ends with the impregnation of the woman. Some times, throughout the pregnancy the man totally denies that the child is his and have nothing to do with it after it is born.

    Single mothers who have no responsible male figures in their lives (fathers, uncles, grandfathers) have a real difficulty in juggling the role of mother and breadwinner and provider. Whether they want to admit it or not.

    We are the way we are; society is the way it is because we all have dropped the ball. Men need to step up and take responsibility for their children. Women need to admit that they cannot do it all alone and as much as the father of the child is a “worthless, no good dog” in her opinion, he is still the father of the child and has a role to play.

  9. BFP

    Anonymous said “Do not be quick to brand all of these young girls as ’sluts’ like a chauvinistic idiot, George…”

    Anonymous – rape is rape, extortion is extortion and drugging or drunking a girl to make her perform are all horrible and as I said, there have always been men who do this.

    As I said, there have always been easy girls in secondary school – always have been and always will be in the future.

    What I said about people willing to make such movies and photos still holds. Obviously I would not mean someone who was forced into it… Stupes.

    I don’t think that the principal of the school is trying to prevent rape through the banning of cell phones though… do you?

    My comments still hold. Your deliberate extrapolation of them to ridiculousness is your problem only – and is done to suit your agenda… cause we see who you are.


  10. missing home

    Lady Anon said

    “Most men believe that their responsibility ends with the impregnation of the woman.”

    Stupid untrue statement “most men”


    Maybe you talk about your man, but the men I know and work with are nothing like that.

  11. John

    …. it comes down to bought upsy although there are always exceptions to the rule.

    It is difficult to expect a male or a female to behave a certain way if they are not in the habit of seeing it practised.

  12. John

    Everything has descended to money and the problems it creates.

    A friend pointed out that a young male courting a young female can fall into two categories.

    One has incesseant demands made on him for money, the other has no demand made on him for money. One has no expectation to live up to, the other does.

    The parents of the female would not countenance their daughter being dependent on the young male. They are watching the young male like hawks to ensure their daughter makes the right choices … in their eyes and her own.

    This has repurcussions for later progress in life. The young male with no such demands or expectations placed upon him has the physical and emotional resources to start a business or get a job, build a life and become a lifelong partner to the female he is courting.

    He or she may be no saints, but both understand the need for sacrifice and chances are will get through life well together. It is ingrained.

    A strong family background places any young male or female at an advantage in life, and the family does not have to be wealthy, and it can have a single parent, it just has to be a family.

    The family can also serve as a bank to back the young male and female as it is likely to be part of an extended family. This sort of bank will back the couple in tough times if needed, will back them in a venture no normal Bank in its right mind would, and will provide the advice and experience freely which no normal bank could ever provide. The family is also likely to have connections.

    But that is not to say the male and female disadvantaged by a lack of family will not make it through life with as much or more success.

    It is just so much harder.

  13. John

    …. isn’t the mafia a family based organisation too? The “cosa nostra”, our thing.

    So family can be bad too, like everything in life!!

  14. Victor

    Thank you Anonymous, for pointing out George’s chauvinistic attitude. The girls are called “sluts” yet even though it is acknowledged earlier that older men were in the videos, THEY don’t get called names. It’s nearly as bad as Pakistan where women go to jail for being raped.

    Also, Nobody has addressed the horrible and widespread issue of incest and child AIDS in Barbados. How does a child end up with AIDS if it was not born with AIDS? It’s not all about “Young People” this time. It’s about uncles, older brothers, grandfathers and fathers. These abused children are sexualised at such an early age they probably think nothing of performing on a video by the time they reach school. I challenge any Bajan to deny he knows someone who has experienced incest.

    As for the lack of proper fathers, there are a lot more females than males in Barbados. And boy, do those males know they are in a minority! There is no way there is “someone for everyone”. If a woman want a child and cannot find a husband, the thinking goes, she help herself to someone else’s husband or any single man she fancies. There is little chance they will say no. The alternative is to remain childless.

  15. Lady Anon

    “Maybe you talk about your man, but the men I know and work with are nothing like that.” …Missing home, I will not try to attack you personally, but maybe I should have quantified my statement by saying “Most men that I have spoken with”.

    I speak with lots of young men and boys as it relates to self-respect, responsibility etc…and it is amazing how many of them believe that impregnating a woman is a sign to manhood. When spoken to about their responsibility after the impregnation, many comments include “Wuh she mudda dey for?” and “Fuh wuh?”

    I applaud that the men you work with are responsible men…but I also extend that perhaps it is time for these responsible men to become mentors in their community if they have not done so already.

  16. John

    I am not sure if mentoring will help.

    Humans learn well by watching other humans. Example is probably more important.

    It can’t help having a PM who has children from different women. He doesn’t have to be a saint but cuh dear.

    When any of our previous PM’s are looked to for examples they all fall short, including The right excellent Erroll Walton Barrow.

    About the most believable example is Sir Lloyd Erskine Sandiford but he has been made out to be nothing more than a mopstick.

    So we are stuck with what we accept, mediocrity.

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  18. Anonymous

    “My comments still hold. Your deliberate extrapolation of them to ridiculousness is your problem only – and is done to suit your agenda… cause we see who you are.” – BFP

    I mentioned two factual cases and you called them ‘extrapolation to ridiculousness’?

    What IS my agenda, really? To, perhaps, express a view that is contrary to yours? Excuse me but I thought this was known in democratic circles as ‘dialogue’. What vested interest do I have in cellphone sex, pray tell?

    You have NO clue who I am, and you see very little. You’re not deceiving me, but try to stop deceiving your readers. Regardless of who I am, my point remains, and it remains quite valid. Idiot.

    You’re probably the worst person they brought onto this blog so far.

  19. Victoria.

    I always hated sex and anything to do with it.
    All that sinful beastly stuff
    like the exchange of bodily fluids.
    And now mere children using modern technology to …
    Oh! I can hardly bear the thought!

    Your Queen.

  20. Red Lake Lassie

    George may have used a blunt instrument to effect his purpose, but I understand him and his message. George is not as good a writer and expressing his ideas as Marcus, Clive or Robert. I don’t think he writes often. ?

    He calls the girls “sluts” and the young men “unethical”, but I am sure he would not call girls who are being raped or extorted “sluts”. I don’t get that message from George. Perhaps he should change the article to “willing participants” to make his message clear, but no one who reads it even as it is could possibly believe that George was calling a victim a “slut”.

    That is “stupes” as George did say.

    His message that the “sluts” and unethical males have always been there is true, as is his message that this willingness to be filmed in these kinds of activities is new and a new low in morality. He is correct that never before have so many people been willing to be filmed while having sex.

    I do agree with him that society and women have made fathers nothing, an “option” as he says.

    It is difficult for me as a woman and as a divorced mother to admit that George is correct about boys needing a good father to become a good man, but he is telling the truth.

    I believe that the tone of George’s message turns off women who should really pay attention to what he is saying. I think George is an older man but there is wisdom in what he is saying.

  21. Anonymous

    George is a dimwitted, inarticulate, offensive idiot who is best suited to monitoring spam behind the scenes and little else.

  22. Red Lake Lassie

    Anonymous said “George is a dimwitted, inarticulate, offensive idiot who is best suited to monitoring spam behind the scenes and little else.”


    He may or may not be anything you say, but he can delete your comment any time he pleases!

    How many readers a day you have now BFP?

  23. Anonymous

    Just some weeks ago I remember seeing in the paper that the PM was applauding Barbados/Barbadians for being such a Christian society. Stupse.
    I did not know about his “outside” children until I read someone else’s post. (Not to say the PM is the only one saying one thing and carrying on in annother manner)

    The best leadership is really by example.

    Is respecting the institution of marriage too much for us?

  24. John Smith

    Great site. This is what Barbados needs.

  25. Golden Claw

    John said
    “About the most believable example is Sir Lloyd Erskine Sandiford but he has been made out to be nothing more than a mopstick.”

    I recently heard an opinion from an old timer, a DLP man who knew the Dipper well, that that ‘mopstick’ Erskine was probably the best Prime Minister we have had to date.. this comment reminds me to call him and ask why exactly.

  26. Pat

    Very interesting discussion. As one ‘bastard’ who has mothered another ‘bastard’, I will make one comment here. I will only say, if there were more bastards like my son and I, Barbados would be a better place to live and grow. By the way, my son is a man. 100%!

  27. Jerome Hinds

    If politicians like Lynette Eastmond DEMONSTRATE to BARBADIANS that they have a conscience, then a lot of issues like those in the article above would be tackled properly.

    See BFP article of 20 December 2006, on Harold Hoyte Retirement.

    Lynette ‘ OECD ‘ Eastmond,

    Try as hard as you might, no amount of deflection and NEFARIOUS tactics is going to save you and the BLP from the scrutiny of Barbadians.

    Barbadians on this BFP site and elsewhere have RIGHTLY sought to engage you and your BLP colleagues on critical development strategy paths you and your party are pursuing…but your only response on this page and elsewhere is to call them a NASTY……
    ( SET OF PEOPLE)….!!!!

    Yet, you find it ALL good and well to support Prime Minister’s Arthur call for MORALITY and WHOLESOME behaviour TOWARDS and BY Barbadians.

    And as CITIZENS of this fair LAND WE EMBRACE THAT….ETHOS..!!!

    BUT, Barbadian Citizens…..WOMEN..
    ( in PARTICULAR )….. in and out of St. Philip West…WANT to hear your VIEWS….

    On Owen Arthur’s…*** BAD WORD REMOVED BY AUNTIE MOSES ***…Policy!!!

    After All…Samantha and Leah
    ( Arthur’s Daughters ) were given BIRTH… by OTHER…WOMEN…while he was STILL married to Beverley Arthur….!!!

    Remember too….LEAH was born…WHILE he was PRIME MINISTER and STILL…MARRIED….!!!!

    Is this the type MORAL responsibility you MEANT politicians should HAVE when you posted your comments on 31 Jan, 2007 above ????

    Is this the TYPE of NASTINESS being DIRECTED towards WOMEN..that you REFER to in your comments above ????

    Is THIS why a COMMON word like
    ” UNDER ” RATTLES YOU ?????

    I REPEAT, you and your BLP colleagues believe BARBADOS is you FIEFDOM…and you ALL can DO, SAY, BEHAVE as you LIKE and NOBODY is to ASK you all a THING….!!!!

    Barbadians…including the same WOMEN you now SEEK to PANDER to in your comments on this page above are AWAITING your views on this MORAL issue….!!!!

  28. Lady Anon

    Jerome…please don’t take this the wrong way, but your capitalizations for emphasis make your comments somewhat difficult to read.

  29. John

    Those trying desperately to fight the spread of AIDS speak always of the need to avoid unprotected sex with multiple partners.

    At one time when a whole set of money was donated from a foreign agency, the PM became the champion of the AIDS fight.

    How does the message of avoidance of unprotected sex with multiple partners get grasped by the rank and file when the champion and leader does not seem to get it?

    Anyway, we should be thankful for small mercies as we could very well have “Tom” as PM and example setter at this stage of our life as a Nation fighting AIDS.

    Maybe it is time to bring back Sandi, sorry, Sir Lloyd…!

  30. Anonymous

    Jerome is a simple minded twit. Clearly he has never *** BAD WORD REMOVED BY AUNTIE MOSES ***

  31. Golden Claw

    Well said John, I second that motion… Bring back ESAF… Erskine Sandiford and Friends!

  32. Jupiter

    Point John.Point boy.

    Here in Barbados you have the Prime Minister as John say ‘championing the fight against Aids’, while at the same time we have the spectacle of this same prime minister every couple of months bringing out a different child which from simple calculations was conceived while he was still married and in the case of the 7 year old was conceived while he was married and the Prime Minister of this country.

    We are told there are at least 2 others to come out the woodwork.

    Now for a child to be conceived you couldnot be wearing a condom (except if the condom is defective and lightning doesnot strike in the same place twice).

    So he is pontificating about unsafe,unprotected sex,yet he is all over the island wearing his high office as a badge to get young women(who like to know they getting a child from a man in high position) to have unprotected sex.

    No wonder as Minister of culture he had nothing to say about the vulgar sexual behaviour of people at the various crop over events e.g Foreday morning,East coast party monarchs,Kadooment day etc.

    However as soon as the dust died down and he felt that the citizens had forgotten – he launched a conference to discuss morality etc with church people.

    Now tell me,who mekking sport at who?

    And these are the kinda people that claw and greegage believe should run this country because”they have charisma and they have the ability to speak?”

    No wonder we’re in the mess that we’re in.

    Why are we now surprised when they young people behaving the way they do?It’s some of these very politicians who stealing away with young impressionable women at night,who then put on jacket and tie by day and go in the house of parliament and pompaset.

    Bunch a windbags.

    That’s why lynette eastmond mia mottley ,billie miller liz thompson and the likes can’t tell the women of barbaduss – cum back.

  33. Jerome Hinds

    Anonymous on February 2nd, 2007 at 12:52 pm, says,
    ” Jerome is a simple minded twit. Clearly he has never *** BAD WORD REMOVED BY AUNTIE MOSES *** “.

    Clearly, visitors to this site reading this post, recognise these are the WORDS of Owen Seymour Arthur NOT being courageous enough to sign his name to them !!!!!



    JEROME… those words were actually posted by Mr. “Anonymous” – the Barbados Government agent in Europe

  34. Jerome Hinds

    Lady Anon on February 2nd, 2007 at 12:49 pm, says,

    ” Jerome…please don’t take this the wrong way, but your capitalizations for emphasis make your comments somewhat difficult to read ”

    No ill – feelings intended, Lady Anon, but I am sure you have noticed that this corrupt BLP government members/ supporters nit- pic about the small issues….CAPITALIZATIONS are used to FORCE them to look and respond to the BIGGER ISSUES….!!!

    Let us just take our time and read all the contributions on this BFP site slowly and carefully….CAPITALIZATIONS…included…!!!

  35. This is to the Hierarchy at BFP and ALL computer Geeks.

    Since yesterday at 6AM Pacific Time I could not get this website. Only twice it came up but each time I tried to retrieve an article it would not come up and the computer timed out.

    When you exited “Fire Fox” and tried to get the website again it was not there. And the computer timed out. This continued until 5 minutes ago when mysteriously in California it is working fine again but for how long I don’t know. While all of this was going in California friends in Calgary Alberta was receiving the website and in my case I had no problem bringing up the Nation News and Advocate or any other function of my copmputer.

    Maybe we have been blaming C&W wrongly

  36. Jupiter

    Is it true that the first twenty something year old child is from his personal secretary then at the time who lived somewhere near Sturges.

    Now this 7 year old Leah is from another personal secretary – Julie Price.

    We say we want to have ‘developed nation status’ – well then we must act as ‘developed nations do’.

    That is,In England,Sweden,Japan,Korea America – if this happens – then at the first misdeameanour your are out through the door if you’re the holder of high office.

    Why can’t we start acting like first world countries – Father of First World Barbados – Owen $ Arthur.

  37. I have read all of the opinions on this Pornography issue and I have seen some excellent comments but some have gone overboard involving politics, women etc.

    My diatribe neant to suggest the problem with what is happening in the world today with the declining values etc of children and adults have no simple solution. Because they are being fuelled by myriad and diverse and multi faceted causes.

    It is like crime, has jailing, hanging etc done very much to reduce it. As a matter of fact in North America 60% or more of criminals including violent criminals are repeat offenders. Why? because like our declining societies there are several and diverse factors responsible for crime some are in my opinion untreatable. Some might even argue that drugs is the worse of them all and for 30 years we have been hearing about all of the big guns being brought to bear on this problem to eradicate it. Where is the improvement? I see none especially in North America. As a matter of fact even the upper crust social elites are now into it and think it is cool.

    We can talk about these things until the cows come home but I am a realist none of us in our lifetime will see any change. Past cultures and civilizations centuries ago self destructed because of the problems they faced and could not solve and this is the direction this civilization is headed and will accomplish. trust me!

  38. She fuh Real ?


    Cud Dear, for the sake of DECENCY towards the women like me in Barbados, the Caribbean and beyond!

    Tell us what are your VIEWS about your BLP colleague, Owen Arthur’s, substantiated evidence

    of ” ****…Policy “!!!


    Do you think it is RIGHT seeing that he is the

    Champion of our fight against HIV/AIDS in

    BARBADOS ????

    Is there a correlation between his BEHAVIOUR

    and what we witness in our schools daily with

    UNPROTECTED sex being recorded on

    cellphones ???

    TALK up Lynette……..!!!!

    For years we listened to you BLP Ministers and supporters BRAG about……. ” Goin wid Owen ”

    Wunnah….including you, Lynette, STILL going with him on this…ISSUE !!!

    Tell we Lynette, PLEASE………!!!!

  39. Mrs. Confused

    I have just posted these very same comments on the Harold Hoyte story of 20 Dec, 2006.

    In a state of confusion and shame about declining morality in our country Barbados, and some of our politicians treatment of such issues, I am compelled to share my views on this current topic as well.

    Lynette Eastmond on February 2nd, 2007 at 4:57 pm , says,

    ” What percentage of men in Barbados fathered all their children from one woman that they were married to all their lives – get real!! ”

    Minister Eastmond, as a politician in Barbados whose responsibility it is to encourage MORALITY in our society, that NASTY comment you made above brought TEARS to my eyes…

    I could not believe what I was reading from you, a woman as well, I as a woman, a mother, a wife and daughter, held my head and BAWL…….

    A day of SHAME in Barbados !!

    If you want to support Prime Minister Arthur and his PHILANDERING ways, what???…why???…who???, GAVE you the right to throw such SMUT on Barbadians, particularly….our women folk.

    Since following this debate over the past few days, I realised you CANNOT be TRUSTED….

    Like someone stated on this page today,

    ” You have JUST sealed your political FATE ! ”

    When I posted my first comments on this BFP site today, I noticed some bloggers were posting the DATE and TIME you made your comments.

    I wondered why ?, but with an Election coming up, your attitude and COMMENTS to Barbadians on this and other ISSUES will look good on some FLYERS in St. Philip West….!!!

    Reading back your responses over the last 3 days I realise you like Calypsoes.

    Calypsonian Beckett once sang a song which says,

    ” You bring living waters to muh eyes…TEARS “

  40. Anonymous

    It is a real shame that you can’t search comments on this site. However it is also a shame that you cannot verify that it was the good Senator who wrote that comment. Until Barbados Free Press makes commentators register unique accounts, anybody claiming to be someone can post comments and tarnish images.

  41. Jerome Hinds



    It is a real shame that you can’t search comments on this site. However it is also a shame that you cannot verify that it was the good Senator who wrote that comment. Until Barbados Free Press makes commentators register unique accounts, anybody claiming to be someone can post comments and tarnish images.


    Jerome Hinds, says,

    Like you I was concerned but I am now satisfied it is indeed the good Senator.

    Notice that everytime she writes at the end of her contribution her web site address is posted at the bottom.

    Try for yourself and see everytime you click on her web site address at the bottom of her postings her web information appears.

    That must be controlled by Senator Eastmond or her staff.

  42. Jupiter

    Hope every one had a good night to reflect on what was said on this blog over the past 2 days.

  43. Hawk Eyes



    To The Friends of Barbados Free Press

    A new attack has started by the same “anonymous” commenter who we at BFP and many of our readers earlier identified as a member of the foreign service of the current Barbados Government.

    In an attempt to drive away our readership, this operative has been posting vulgarities and other unfit comments on our blog under many different names – sometimes using the names of known regular BFP commenters.

    Read more at…


  44. lisa

    well i’am young, i’am 16 and whatever you do, you still cant stop teenagers from taking part in sexual activity. I think they should be educated more in this area to abstain. Although i dont think it would help much, they should be at hand to contreceptives to slow down the spread of sexually transmited diseases. I mean that is all i can say.


    Comment by Cliverton

    Hello Lisa

    Nice to see you here and contributing to BFP. Of course young people have been having sex for a while. (Each new generation somehow ends up thinking that they are ones that invented sex)

    For me, the issue is how anyone could let themselves by photographed having sex. I’m not talking about anyone under duress or rape – I’m talking about teenagers who knowingly have sex in public, in front of all sorts of people, and allow themselves to be photographed. Pretty warped if you ask me.