Island Vulnerability.Org Website – Fabulous Resource For Barbados Greenland Dump Research


“Like all who live on small islands,
I must always be remembering the sea.”

From “Hymn to the sea” by Frank Collymore

Island Vulnerability Website Has Many Barbados Landslip Reports

Shona stumbled onto Ilan Kelman’s Island Vulnerability.Org website when we were researching the great Boscobel Landslip of 1901. (see BFP’s The Great Barbados Landslip Of 1901 – Will It Be Repeated At Greenland Dump?)

Dr. Kelman is the Deputy Director of the Cambridge University Centre For Risk In The Built Environment (link here), and by the looks of what we see on the net has published dozens and dozens of studies and articles in his field. (Dr. Kelman’s personal website is here: Ilan Kelman.Org)

The Island Vulnerability.Org website looks at small islands around the world in terms of natural and man-made vulnerabilities – including Barbados. Two online reports are of great interest…

1/ Hazard & Vulnerability Data For Barbados, and

2/ Historic Hazard Events For Barbados

Eight Major Barbados Landslip Incidents Recorded – Most Recently 1994

The Historic Hazard Events For Barbados report can be downloaded in Word format and lists some 19 pages of natural and man-made disasters that have befallen Barbados. For a list of “things you never knew” have a look at the list!

From this report, the journey became more interesting…

The “Hazard and Vulnerability Data For Barbados – 2006” report makes reference to a 1998 “EMLUP Project” report listing “Scotland District Landslip Zones” and “Scotland District Landslip Rate”.

What is EMLUP? (That’s what I said!) EMLUP is the “Environmental Management and Land Use Planning for Sustainable Development Project of 1997 – 1998.”

So I typed that into Google and discovered the “BARBADOS NATIONAL ASSESSMENT REPORT ON THE IMPLEMENTATION OF THE BARBADOS PROGRAMME OF ACTION (BPOA)” prepared by the Barbados Ministry of Housing Lands and the Environment in September 2003. (download the report here)

Hmmm…. the authors include one “Ricardo Marshall, Waste Management Coordinator, Sewerage and Solid Waste Project Unit”.

Ricardo Marshall is a BIG PUSHER for putting a dump at Greenland – In The Unstable Landslide District.

Let’s see what Ricardo Marshall’s report says…

“There is little surface water on the island, with small surface streams found primarily in the Scotland District region of the island. The island is therefore almost completely dependent on groundwater abstracted from the aquifer underlying the island.

The island is divided into two distinct geologic regions. Eighty-six percent of the island is made up of a karst landscape of deeply fractured and gullied limestone laid down in a series of limestone terraces, deeply incised by numerous gullies and underlain by a complex underground cave system. The remaining land area is comprised of the sedimentary deposits of the Scotland Series. These layers are highly folded and faulted and are very susceptible to erosion. Large scale land slippage is common in the Scotland District…” (download the PDF Barbados Government Report link here)

Scotland National Park Mentioned In Government Report

Then I came across another report – by Glenn Marshall of the Soil Conservation Unit, Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, Barbados…

Under the section “Hot Spots”, Mr. Marshall states…

“Other issues include a municipal landfill to be operated in the proposed Scotland District National Park and inadequate training in GIS modeling and analysis tools…” (Report in PDF Online link here)

List Of All Barbados Free Press Greenland ArticlesLink Here


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7 responses to “Island Vulnerability.Org Website – Fabulous Resource For Barbados Greenland Dump Research

  1. liz

    Is it totally impossible to find an interested reporter from one of the daily newspapers to do an article on this?
    Are reporters paid to keep quiet about serious issues?

  2. liz

    Fabulous photo!

  3. ManJesKool

    Barbados is an (overcrowded!) eco-catastrophe waiting to happen!

  4. John

    Here is a reference to Barbados in the CIA World Fact Book.

    It lists under natural hazards infrequent hurricanes and periodic landslides!!

    Even the CIA appears to know more about Barbados than do the Government!!

  5. John

    … the CIA even knows about the PEP!!!

    They haven’t as yet fallen to the existence of the MLP!! This appears to be the only flaw in their data.

  6. reporter

    liz you ask///””” Are reporters paid to keep quiet about serious issues?///”””

    short answer..YES!

  7. Andrea

    Dr. Kelman is a colleague of mine. I mentioned to him that there are some potential case studies based on the historic hazards data that have been compiled. The Government should be making use of the wealth of information and data on his website.