Unanswered Questions In Barbados: How Were Sophia’s Dead Babies “Disposed Of” By Queen Elizabeth Hospital? Were They Sold For Revenue?

QEH Spokesperson Says “Everything Is OK – Go Away. Nothing To See Here”

Barbados Government Says “We’re Going To Be The Stem-Cell Capital Of The World”

In a story carried by The Nation News on January 15, 2006, Sophia Kinch related how she had given birth to twin daughters at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital, and how the dead or dying babies were taken from her without any explanation and “disposed of” (the term used by the hospital spokesman).

Sophia Kinch has been trying unsuccessfully for a six weeks now to get some answers as to when the children died, what caused their deaths and what happened to their bodies.

After carrying the initial story, The Nation News hasn’t followed up – which is the usual method of operation for media in this town, especially considering that The Nation News has obviously been recruited as part of a massive good-publicity campaign currently being mounted by the Queen Elizabeth Hospital and the Government.

Unanswered Questions In A Country That Has Embraced The Body Parts Trade

In a quest for cash, the Government of Barbados has welcomed the stem-cell cosmetic procedures industry without first establishing the necessary regulations and accountability procedures that more civilized countries insist upon. Of course, that is why organizations like the Institute For Regenerative Medicine have to look to countries like Barbados in the first place – because they are unable to establish such clinics in Britain or the USA. In Barbados, cash is king and the clinics can pretty much do as they please.

Fetal Tissue & Dead Newborns Now A Valuable Commodity

As revealed in many news articles worldwide, fetal tissue and body parts are now a valuable commodity with a highly developed global infrastructure in place to collect, buy, sell and distribute the human tissues. There have been serious allegations by Swiss Members of the European Parliament that organized crime interests in Eastern Europe are paying women to become pregnant for the purpose of aborting their babies to feed this body parts and stem cell trade. There have also been serious allegations that in some cases, live newborns have been stolen from their mothers to feed this gruesome worldwide network.

All this is because fetuses and recently dead newborns are now valuable. What used to be something to be “disposed of” is now in many cases providing significant revenue flows to hospitals and other medical facilities.

Barbados has no laws in place to regulate this practice, and no civilian oversight or public accountability structures in place to monitor just how far the Barbados Government and the medical industry take our country down this road.


Are Bajan Aborted Fetuses & Dead Newborns Sold To Provide Cash – Or Is This Revenue Steam Being Ignored?

Barbados Labour Party Candidate George Griffith (photo above) is the director of Barbados’ largest abortion provider – the Barbados Family Planning Association. Mr. Griffith is also on the Board of Directors for the Queen Elizabeth Hospital (An unethical conflict of interest if there ever was one.)

Because of his twin positions in the abortion industry and with the Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Mr. Griffiths probably has more knowledge than any other person as to the fate of Sophia’s babies and the sale of aborted fetuses and newborn body parts in Barbados.

In point form…

1/ The abortion industry worldwide is gearing up to turn a disposal problem (aborted fetuses) into cashflow. This is happening all over, and still there is such a shortage of fetuses for stem cell uses that women are being paid to become pregnant and abort in Eastern Europe.

2/ Barbados is fully committed to its leading position in the stem cell industry – which uses aborted fetuses and newborns’ cells.

3/ The sale of aborted fetuses would provide a significant source of revenue to the Barbados Family Planning Association and/or the Queen Elizabeth Hospital – so much so that it would be difficult for Executive Director and BLP Candidate George Griffith to ignore such a potential revenue stream.

4/ Barbados has no laws in place against the sale of aborted fetuses or dead newborns. To the contrary, Barbados encourages stem cell use and experimentation.

5/ There would seem to be no moral reservations for the sale of aborted Bajan fetuses by the organization that produced them in the first place. Indeed, Mr. Griffiths could probably justify his position that it would be more “moral” to make use of the aborted fetuses than to burn or bury them.

6/ If it is the position of the BFPA or of the Government that aborted Bajan fetuses are not to be supplied for use in cosmetic stem cell clinics, this would seem to be more of a political position than a moral one.

7/ So once again… we want to know, Mr. Griffith… Are we? For how much? To whom?


Twins Query

(From The Nation News January 15, 2007 link here)

JUST OVER A MONTH after giving birth to twin daughters at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital (QEH), Sophia Kinch (photo above) says she does not know what has become of them.

The St Christopher, Christ Church woman told the DAILY NATION yesterday she went into labour at the QEH sometime after 10 p.m. on December 2 and gave birth to the girls that same night. “They cleaned them up, put clips on their navels and placed them on my stomach. I actually felt them move. In fact they kind of tickled my stomach,” she said.

Kinch, 33, said she was later escorted to a bathroom by a nurse for additional cleaning. On returning to the bed, she added, the babies were not there. “I asked for them and the nurse said they were gone,” she recalled.

Queried as to whether the nurse had said they had “died” or were “dead”, Kinch responded that the nurse merely said “gone”. She was later admitted to Ward B4 before eventually being discharged on December 4.

Kinch said she was seven months pregnant at the time of the deliveries, pointing out that she first attended a private doctor in early July 2006, when she was six-weeks into her pregnancy.

“No one at the hospital ever explained to me what happened to my babies. I never saw them after being taken into the bathroom. I have been through pregnancies before and knew what was going on around me. When I gave birth. I was fully conscious,” she said.

The self-employed mother of three added: “If they died I have a right as their mother to see them. I have the right to bury them. I have a right to at least be told something about what will happen to their bodies. The hospital cannot just get rid of them without telling me something. At this stage I honestly do not know if they are alive or dead.”

She explained that her mother, Gloria Kinch, and sister, Sharon Kinch, were at the QEH on the date of her deliveries and neither was shown the bodies of any babies.

The distraught woman said she and the babies’ father, Victor Adams, subsequently sought legal advice.

Yesterday, public relations consultant for the hospital, Ricardo Blackman, gave a totally different version.

While Kinch said she was more than seven months pregnant, Blackman said she was examined by a hospital consultant who told her she was 23 weeks pregnant and would lose the babies.

“This she clearly understood. Both babies died at birth. The patient was shown the babies, and, in keeping with normal procedure effecting premature delivery, both babies were disposed of,” he said.

Asked if the mother was given the option of disposing of the babies herself, Blackman said: “That does not come into play.”

Blackman confirmed the QEH had received correspondence from an attorney-at-law representing Kinch, and had responded to the lawyer indicating the matter was being investigated.

Attorney-at-law Desmond Sands told the DAILY NATION that having been retained by Kinch he wrote the QEH in early December on the matter, but had yet to receive a response.


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25 responses to “Unanswered Questions In Barbados: How Were Sophia’s Dead Babies “Disposed Of” By Queen Elizabeth Hospital? Were They Sold For Revenue?

  1. reality check

    A Mother and family have the right to see and dispose of their dead children as they see fit—not a hopspital.

    If these premature babies were in fact alive for a short time at birth, this makes the situation even more egregious and heartless.

    there is no need for an investigation and wasted money.

    QEH needs to answer what happened to the dead infants, what was the cause of death, why wasn’t the Mother allowed to see her dead children and why was she treated so unbelievably bad?

    Why should a citizen of Barbados under such circumstances have to pay for a lawyer
    who will be given the runaround and never have a chance of getting an immediate answer with such a rigged legal system?

  2. akabozik

    There are no answers in a closed society that has deliberately omitted to pass freedom of information laws.

    “Nothing to see here. Move on. Move on!”

  3. Red Lake Lassie

    I don’t want to read about this. I don’t want to hear about this. Just leave it alone!

  4. Red Lake Lassie

    Both bfp and The nation leave it alone!

  5. passin thru

    The mother has a right to know what happened to her babies. This is cruel of the hospital to leave her like this.

    Why can’t we just get some straight answers from anybody in the government? Why does it always come to this?

    Reality Check said it well:

    “Why should a citizen of Barbados under such circumstances have to pay for a lawyer who will be given the runaround and never have a chance of getting an immediate answer with such a rigged legal system?”

  6. passin thru

    Red Lake Lassie we should not “leave it alone”. God only knows what is going on in our country and in that god-forsaken stem cell place. If we don’t ask these questions these people will always have the upper hand in Barbados. There must be big big money involved for our elected representatives to participate or agree to look the other way. I want it stopped.

    This woman deserves an answer, but more than that she deserves to know the truth about what happen to her babies.

  7. Jerome Hinds

    A very sad story everytime I reflect on it.

    But since Owen declared yesterday that ‘ No Stone Would Be Left UNTURNED For The Upcoming General Election ‘ And if he is to be believed then he can tell us what happened at the QEH with this case……….!!!!

    Since from all accounts he can have children suddenly ‘ APPEAR’ out the BLUE he maybe can tell us how these babies VANISHED into THIN AIR….!!!

  8. I no sooner try talking some sense into the head of one popett that writes for the Nation News Tony Best but today another obvious BLP popett tries to defend him. And I am talking about Jeannette Layne-Clark column “To err is Human”.

    Here is but another outrage at the hospital Layne-Clark is defending but she talks more nonsense than Tony Best did.

    The QEH is in the news daily about third world treatment, deaths, equipment not working and no parts for them, nurse shortges. gunmen shooting each other in the facility, unsantiary conditions and a few years ago doctors like Hassel and other heavy hitters crying out about the sad conditions they were working under.

    But here is Layne-Clark and mainly black people talking rubbish about how bad white people treat black people but here are two reporters defendeing the totally incompetent QEH that mainly black poor and white people use to mek the BLP look good. I don’t think decent white peop0le would do that!

    But here is another thing that Layne-Clark does not tell the people that comparing health care mistakes or anything to do with healthcare in North America to those in Barbados shows how ignorant she really is.

    Barbados has ONE major General Hospital which is a mess that serves 78,000 people the USA and Canada has thousands of Hospitals and millions of peoples to treat so even the ignorant should realize that this is like comparing oranges to apples. When it comes to mistakes or anything else! But here is another thing.

    In the US of A and Canada unlike Barbados mistakes at our hospitals are transparent, investigated, blame put where it should be and steps taken to try and prevent reoccurrences.

    Please tell me where in Barbados I can go to find similar documentation about mistakes occurring at the QEH?

    Jeannette you should also carry around a roll of toilet paper to wipe your mouth after speaking

  9. I fully agree with BFP on this issue (for once- Smiley- if I knew where to find one).

    With the heightened awareness of the use and value of stem cells, QEH (and all clinics)has a new responsibility for sensitivity on the disposal of aborted fetuses or stillborn infants.

    In the past I think hospitals have done this quickly (through incineration) to minimise the trauma. Now it appears they should obtain a consent form from the mother in case of death. Should she insist on a funeral, that should be her right. Should she be prepared to donate the fruit of her body for stem cell research, that should probably also be her right. Should she accept speedy disposal, she should indicate this.

    It is highly unlikely QEH is presently geared to use infant stem cells or other parts for commercial purposes, but one day they might be. Now is the time to consider the ethical issues entailed so that the rights of the mother are not abused. Just don’t assume QEH is deliberately abusing those rights at present, if this is only conjecture. We must help their efforts to improve.

  10. passin thru

    I don’t read the BFP article that the QEH deliberately abused the mother’s rights at the time. Who knows what happened in the room at the time.

    Six weeks later though?

    They darned well have abused the rights of this woman and this has gone on so long that she hired a lawyer.

    Like BFP says all the time: there are no rules in this country about this issue.

    An Pandora? I wouldn’t be so all-fired sure that QEH is not selling aborted fetuses. There is no law against it and they are like gold on the market if the stories in the international press are one tenth truth.

    There is no law against it in Barbados and we have a thriving stem cell industry.

    This needs answers and soon. Where is the government taking our country? There should be an open debate when changes this big are forced upon society.

    As bad as it is to mention it, if the aborted fetuses or dead newborn babies have a big value, who owns them? Who should profit from their sale?

    The Prime Minister and his pals have plunged Barbados into the middle of new and uncharted territory.

    There should be a societal debate before any small group can impose this kind of change upon Barbados.

  11. sage

    passin thru
    Change isn’t a problem if you don’t know or if you are denied the right to know. Right?

  12. This is a very sad commentary of “she says he says”, which is handled in civilized Democracies with open and transparent investigations especially when it involves a patient using the ONLY General Hospital in the Nation that is constantly in the press for incompetency, violence, unsanitary conditions etc and who should and would want to clear an already tarnished reputation. But that ain’t going to happen in Bim under the ruling BLP facing an election!

    Maybe Ms. Jeanette Layne-Clark of the Nation News who is an expert on “Human Error” BLP style should be assigned to do a complete investigative report on this mystery at a facility she defends. On second thoughts spare us the embarassment!

    Let me suggest that Ms. Gittens the new CEO of the Nation News send Maria Bradshaw to do it!

  13. passin thru

    The problem arises when a small group institutes change that is radical, controversial or has very important societal implications without consultation.

    There was zero debate on the ethics or societal impact of the BLP inviting stem cell clinics to open in Barbados, and letting the clinics operate without rules or supervision.

    The BLP just did this. Now that they have been caught with their pants down (a frequent happening for the Prime Minister so it seems) we wake up to find that we are the “stem cell capital of the world”.

    I’m not sure that my friends and I want our country to be “the stem cell capital of the world” where old women come to have dead babies injected into them.

    This was not my decision and I sure as hell never voted for the BLP to allow this last time I voted!

  14. This is a very complex problem (stem cell research) and you are correct I have mixed emotions about it but try to keep an open mind on any experimentation that might be useful in treating spinal chord injuries and other debillitating diseases.

    However you have made an excellent point a Government and I mean ANY Government wanting to embrace this type of experimentation needs to do so by way of serious consultation with it’s citizens because many feel very strongly about it because of religious, moral and other considerations.

    Regretaably Barbados seems to have gone nuts wanting only to claim notoriety for things like World Cup Golf (a joke) how many world renowned golfers participated? Do we rememember that Tiger was going to be there etc. World Cup Cricket (A nightmare looking to happen) Stem Cell research suggesting they will be the World leader etc in it and all of it is unadulterated pie in the sky BS.

    But what are you going to do when 90 % of the Barbados population too busy mekkin money and sayin none a dat is of any concern to me!

  15. Passin Thru-

    Let me clarify what I meant by QEH “not deliberately abusing”.

    I am convinced QEH is doing what they have done for fifty years or more, dispose of all human waste by incineration as promptly as possible. If this is an abuse of the mother’s right to a funeral for her dead fetus, it has been the case for a long time. Nothing new except the aspect of stem cells.

    From what I have seen on Discovery Channel etc. it is a highly complex process to conserve human cells of any kind for reuse involving deepfreezing or other involved techniques. A separate wing would be needed. If that were happening at QEH we would surely know about it from the nurses, I think.

  16. Jerome Hinds

    George Griffith and his nannies are doing such a fine job at the QEH that patients are being forced to become imposters. Take a read……
    Subject: Life At The QEH

    A woman, calling the QEH, said, “Hello, I’d like
    to talk with the person who gives the information regarding your patients.

    I’d like to find out if the patient is ” getting better,

    doing as expected, or is getting worse”.

    The voice on the other end of the line said, “What is the patient’s name and room number?”

    She said, “Isylma Wharton, in ward A 6.”

    “I will connect you with the nursing station.” “A 6

    Nursing Station.

    How can I help You?”

    “I would like to know the condition of Mrs. Isylma Wharton in Ward A 6″

    “Just a moment. Let me look at her records. Oh, yes..
    Mrs. Wharton is doing very well. In fact, she’s had
    two full meals, her blood pressure is fine, her
    blood work just came back as normal, she’s going
    to be taken off the heart monitor in a couple of
    hours and if she continues this improvement, Dr.
    Cohen is going to send her home Tuesday at
    twelve o’ clock.”

    The woman said, “Thank God! That’s wonderful! Oh!
    that’s fantastic…that’s wonderful news!”

    The nurse said, “From your enthusiasm, I take it you
    must be a close family member or a very close friend!”

    “No, I’m Isylma Wharton in Ward A 6!

    Nuhbody here don’t tell me one rassoul since they bring in these PHILLIPINOS NURSES …!!.

  17. De Orginal

    haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Jerome yah too bad

  18. I laughed so hard at this I peed my pants literally and it felt good

  19. Kathy

    Has anybody heard of any studies about passing HIV infection through stem cells? It would be ironic if those old women cannibalizing foetuses and newborns to cure their wrinkles were to catch AIDS. I would be afraid of using stem cells from multiple, anonymous sources.

  20. Pat

    LOL! Kathy, you can be hilarious after all. However, I think some studies show that the virus is blocked from passing through the umbilical cord. I gather babies who contract it get it while passing through the birth canal. I dont know the mechanics, but I do know that babies ARE born drug addicted.

  21. Label this “Thought for the day”

    I just read the Nation and here is what I am asking ALL Barbadians to think about.

    The Hon. Minister of Health Jerome Walcott has gone on a commendable offensive defending his performance since taking over this portfolio.

    As usual the rhetoric is enshrined in statistical crappola that proves nothing nor does it discredit with conviction any of the “horror” stories, local and overseas Bajans have been reading with great regularity in the Press year in and year out about the sad state affairs at the QEH. Search the archives of both of the major Barbados press and you will see that I speak the Gods truth as far as what they the media has printed about the grossly poor service levels at the QEH.

    There is no sense spending millions of taxpayers money as the Minister of Health claims he is doing in his todays tirade to open state of the art facilities like Oby/Gyn and birthing units, Cardiovascular treatment and operating theatres unless you have equally competent Specialists to man them.

    But not only that and here is what the BLP does not seem to grasp, understand or come to grips with. They seem especially at election time to have tax dollars to burn so they spend them like drunken sailors “reacting” to crisis after crisis when having been in power for a decade and promising to fix these things which still are not fixed.

    Do you recall not long ago when they boasted about the new and up to date dyalisis machines (I think it was) they had installed at the QEH and then all of a sudden these machines one by one were breaking down and there were no parts for them. Doctors were crying out about the sad state of conditions they were working under. Is this not true?

    This Government does not seem to grasp that by saying they have installed state of the art this and that means nothing unless you have the professional and expert doctors and others to man them which maximises the investment. Another thing they do not grasp is this. The facilities and equipment must be properly maintained and kept up to be useful.

    A year ago the press brought to the attention of the public that most Ambulances in Barbados were incapable of doing what they were bought to do because of mechanical deterioration. If this was correct how were patients in dire need of Emergency treatment to get to the sate of the art facilities at the QEH. It is all smoke and mirrors. Or as some say in North America BS!

    But what is even more disgusting and an insult to the intelligence of Bajans is that people who call themselves “Patriotic” Barbadians like Tony Best followed by Jeannette Layne-Clark of the Nation News would defend and actually fabricate crap to support that the poor and middleclass residents of Barbados is getting better or as good care at the QEH as they would get in the USA, Canada, the UK or other such destinations where the creme de la creme of the medical specialities, research cventers, treatment and pharmaceutical sciences are stationed.

    How many Barbadians who elect to seek the BEST medical attention with all of its faults that is available in the world ever lost their lives to mistakes getting it in the USA, Canada and the UK.. Compared to those losing their lives at the QEH and where mistakes are buried with the patient?

    Now having said this the same Nation News on the weekend just passed and by way of letters to the editor appearing today is carrying like a “broken” record that “we” beaches is another example that mimics the state of affairs at the QEH that the BLP Government is solely responsible for.

    How many times has the great King Arthur told his loyal subjects that under no circumstances will there be “Private” beaches in Barbados? How many times? And don’t forget if as an overseas Bajan who none of these things effect is so informed about what I write why are Bajans that live in Paradise and who claim God is a Bajan cant see whast I see?

    Why if the BLP is committed that there will be no “Private” beaches do we see the Press, Bajans and others saying that resorts are advertising their beaches as “Private”. And beach access is being denied and that this and that foreigner is putting up gates and other obstacles to block acces to Public roads etc.

    I just don’t get it, do ALL of the people not want what is best for Barbados. But then like Canada, the USA and the UK there is no gurantee that any other Political party put in power is any more honest, decent, less corrupt etc and will do the right thing and herein lies the problem. Maybe we have to seek other solutions that I have no answers to!

    And I must be careful how I say these things because let me end this diatribe with the lighter side of life. AND THIS IS TRUE AS IT APPEARED IN SECTIONS OF THE USA PRESS A WEEK AGO.

    An 81 year old American wrote a letter to the editor of his US paper expressing an opinion about Saddam Hussein’s hanging in which he said ” I still think they hung the wrong man”. Well he was visited by three secret service agents and questioned because they considered it a veiled threat against the Presidents life. The story had a happy ending.

  22. K23B7

    Pass thru: I too wish last time I did my vote I knew it was voting for this!

  23. Warrior

    I WANT TO KNOW WHAT IS THE MORTALITY RATE FOR NEW BORN BABIES AT THE QEH. We have boasted in the past about our low mortality rate, but it seems that a lot of babies are dying at the QEH.

    Someone(s) must be held accountable for these awful crimes against humanity. WHAT IS GOING ON IN THIS COUNTRY. Is it that I as an ordainary citizen because I am not white or have a certain social bracket I must resign myself to suffer and die at the hands of these murderers.

    Do they have contracts out for the elderly too?
    Do they prefer to have male or female corpse?
    How much does a body part go for these days?
    Are these sales to assist in paying for the newly constructed Kensington and the airport and the extension of the highways?
    who is the head of this ring? who else involved in the racket is it Griffith, Walcott, city girl Billie
    The staff teifing the body parts too?


    It is during the years that Billie was Minister of Health that the lower birth rates for black women were introduced and encouraged in this country. It is during her reign that Indians flourish and breed and expand. Now we are being over run by an indian population.

    I think this thing is called genocide.

  24. J

    Dear Warrior:

    The birth rate in Barbados started to fall sharply in 1962 when the oral contraceptive pill became widely available.

    I believe that Billie Miller was still a child during that period so she cannot possibly be blamed (nor praised) for lowering Barbados’ birth rate.

    The birth rate in Barbados continued to fall sharply from 1962 to the early 1980’s, when HIV was discovered.

    Many women switched from pill to condoms. Codoms do protect against HIV but are not as effective against as the pill in preventing pregnancy.

    Black Barbadian women will continue to use contraceptives and continue to have few children as long as black Barbadian men continue to abscent themselves from home and family life.

    It has nothing to do with Billie Miller.

    It has nothing to do with the Indians.

  25. Joann

    I think any young pregnant mother would know how far along in her pregnancy she actually is. This is just plain sick! This is why I am Pro-Life and not Pro-Choice when it comes to the abortion issue. If it’s wrong to kill a baby after it’s born, then it should be wrong and against the law to kill a baby before it’s born. I hope this poor woman eventually finds out what really happened to her twin daughters so that she can be at peace with herself, bury her twins, and move on with her life.