DLP Leader David Thompson – Sugar Words At Heroes Square But Remains Silent On Integrity & Conflict Of Interest Legislation

Same Old, Same Old.

More of the same – fine words that mean nothing without action.

The Nation News: Stop The Rot!


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  1. Jerome Hinds

    For Mr. David Thompson or any DLP member to merely state that they will implement Integrity Legislation or Conflict of Interest Laws will NOT guarantee them succesS at the polls !!

    Precisely because Barbadians are in a ‘ Promised Fatigue Syndrome ‘ .

    Not only this gov’t but past administrationsas well have promised much on similar legislation with little forthcoming…..!!

    What in my opinion compounds the situation is that this administration, with 2/3 majorities since 1994 has not gone out of its way to address the situation in this regard !!

    But then again in 1994, Arthur, promised that supplementaries would be ‘ A thing of the PAST ‘

    His gov’t passed the most recent one, of many, a few weeks ago !!! Unbelievable !!!

    When we examine the trends regionally we may have to rethink our call for Integrity Legislation or refashion the approach we WISH to adopt. Case in point, in T&T Mr. Panday failed to make full disclosure to the Integrity Commission there….with all the political wrangling that followed look at the cost to the State. The Chief Justice there got involved…….amazingly Panday walking about free…..even NOW leading the UNC again !!!

    In Jamaica, the Portia Simpson gov’t reeling from the Trafigura scandal the Integrity Commission got involved after the opposition broke the news…… But yet we NOT even sure if the money has been sent back to the Dutch donor !!

    The only fallout there so far…..Mr. Campbell. former Information Minister of Portia’s gov’t lost his ‘ PICK ‘

    In Barbados we must reflect on,

    1. How swift our Chief Justice moved from adverserial politics to become Chief Justice !!

    2.Mr. Ralph Thorne’s Assoc. with the BLP . Does anyone recall who is his wife and the powerful position she holds in Barbados ???

    3. Who appoints the judges and justices ???

    So when we have our Integrity Legislation in place et al T&T and Jamaica……who will be the VICTORS ?????

  2. Jane

    A good point, Jerome Hinds. A very interesting way to look at it.
    All sewn up already.

  3. passin thru

    Jerome I get your message that the new law would not solve everything overnight because of all these slimey people anyway.

    Doesn’t matter. We have to start someplace and the criminalization of the actions must be the first start. Social change and opinion will follow the change in the law and just like changes in the USA law about no racial discrimination, it will take a long time.

    Until we change the law though, the crooks are able to say “I brek no laws!”

  4. Jerome Hinds

    passin thru, says, ‘ we have to start someplace and the criminalization of the actions must be the first start ‘

    I agree with you , but besides the start we need to lock them up NOT have them roaming the streets….!

  5. reality check

    this is not rocket science!

    If you have a corrupt political and legal system you have to cleanse both branches of government.

    Painful yes but also essential.

    You must replace them with independent honest lawyers of integrity who cannot be bought off and are willing to fight for the little guy, assuming you can find some.

    This does not mean filling the replacement with DLP hacks or yardfowl who do what they are told or make backroom deals with their legal brethern.

  6. Jerome Hinds

    Reality Check says, ‘ you must replace them with independent honest lawyers of integrity who cannot be bought off and are willing to fight for the little guy, assuming you can find some ‘

    We all wish it was sooo….easy !!! But not so easy replacing this judges and justices…..since they are usually LIFETIME appointments !!!

    These politicians know what they doing and WHY ????

  7. reality check

    As I said painful but essential.

    Fire them regardless of golden parachutes.

    It will be a lot cheaper on the country in the long run and knowing most of the trial lawyers in Barbados you could string any settlement out for years. The lawyers always win.

    Also this could be one of the pledges of the DLP—no more life contracts for judges—let them stay based on independence and integrity not political affiliation and back room deals

  8. Jupiter

    Tonight on the evening news I heard Chris Sinkler laying out DLP policy on land – he described it as a ‘partial Alien Land Holding legislation’ where foreigners are allowed to lease certain amount of land instead of buying.

    To me that was very newsworthy,much more than what the prime minister said,and certainly more newsworthy than what the Nation newspaper carried on PAGE 3 of thier papers.

    Boy their (the nation that is) day coming yuh hear?

    BFP how come you didnot pick up on that.

    Perhaps if Chris Sinkler visits this site he can expand some more on it.

  9. Rumplestilskin

    reality check said >>”Also this could be one of the pledges of the DLP—no more life contracts for judges—let them stay based on independence and integrity not political affiliation and back room deals”

    The whole point of the lifetime appointment IS that the judges then cannot fear victimisation from the Government. To amend such would make the judges exposed to removal based on ‘biased’ subjective views from whatever mechanism you then put in place.

    How will you find a mechanism which is itself not prone to bias? Based on who is in such mechanism? Whatever mechanism will be prone to manipulation.

    I’d rather take my chances with the judges and the current status thank you.

    By the way, I believe that judges can be removed, if improper conduct is proven.

  10. Jerome Hinds

    To my fellow blogger, Reality Check and others, please read the article on the link below and get a deeper appreciation of the challenges invovled in the establishment of Integrity Legislation.

    We must remember also, most these politicians went to universities together and they network well….!!!!


  11. Jerome Hinds

    To my fellow blogger, Reality Check and others, please read the article on the link below and get a deeper appreciation of some of the challenges invovled in the establishment of Integrity Legislation.

    We must remember also, most these politicians went to universities together and they network well….!!!!


  12. Rumplestilskin

    Requirements on reporting, both financial and analytical, will go a long way towards limiting potential misuse of public funds.

    For example, detailed reporting on GEMS would satisfy our need to know how much was spent, to whom, for what and based on what ‘measured’ assessments of value received, no?

    Without this integrity legislation is useless.

    With this, at least there is a foundation on which to work and a basis to query excessive expenditures.

  13. Mr. Resilient

    The truth of the matter is, David Thompson is an award winner for drama and theatrics but a sore loooser when it comes to demonstrating leadership and offering substance. His words are so general that one cannot help but look for the big lie … he definitely lacks credibility. Rather than he attack or call for the resignation of selected Ministers, he should state publicly what has been his contribution to Barbados. This is a difficult task for him if the record is to be accurate. Leave the BLP alone and start wondering when Kelly will make his move.

  14. mo resilient

    owen already mek he moves on mia. cbc gone too quiet. all mia peeps gone to the left. we all wondering if mia gine tek dat just so.

  15. Royalrumble

    I believe that the only person in the world that feels that legislation can change attitude is Jerome. He speaks about Integrity Legislation as thought it would cause the current corrupt DLP to change.

    God’s law is far more powerful than man’s. God commanded us saying, “thou shall not tell lies” but that did not stop thompson from luring 30’000 people down to Queens Park in 1994 for what is now known as the biggest political lie in Barbados’ history.

    There is a law against perjury, yet if you ever heard the late Marson Gibbs speak about an act he was asked to commit, clearly it was pergury. Senoir memebers of the judiciary, legal and political profession are aware of that act. The laws already in place did not stop these things from happening. So what difference will integrity legslation have to those who intend to break them other than the fact that yet another law on the books.

    Wake up Jerome get a smell of the coffee.

  16. Jerome Hinds

    Royalrumble, says, ‘ I believe that the only person in the world that feels that legislation can change attitude is Jerome. He speaks about Integrity Legislation as thought it would cause the current corrupt DLP to change.’

    Royalrumble, good to see you back with us….was anxious to see if you brought the info….we DEMANDED from you YESTERDAY…????

    Also, please note that B comes before D….!!!

    I KNOW YOUR HANDS WERE working fast ….but in your last post we realised you mixed up DLP for the BLP….!!!

    Anyhow we understand…. yuh head HOT…now that the public demanding the Louis Lynch Report from this…..CORRUPT BLP GOVERNMENT ALSO….!!

    We waiting PUN YUH….!!!!!!!

  17. Golden Claw

    Mr. Resiliant, I agree with your analysis regarding Thompson. One factor the DLP seems to ignore about its leadership, and this point was made recently on TV regarding U.S politics, is that political leaders have to be LIKABLE. There is not much likable about him. He features a crapaud or one of those lizards that hide behind picture frames, and his mannerisms do nothing to make up for his aesthetic impairments, which, in all fairness, are not his fault. Hand over the tiller Thompy, and go catch some flies.

  18. Golden Claw- Unkind but true. The only gecko I could vote for is the Geico one selling U.S. car insurance, but he’s far prettier than Thompy.

  19. Golden Claw looks are skin deep. Look at Arthur he looks like he COULD be on Steroids or suffering LIVER damage but he calling the shots, so obviously looks did not stand in his way.

    My position is if you unhappy with the party in power and the other party is led by the “village” idiot is “Democracy” not better supported by voting for the “village” idiot and giving him a chance?

    Look at Bill Gates the Worlds wealthiest man he was a High School drop out and looks certainly is not one of his strong points.

    Look at big Bush he get in twice and now ever body including the learned scholars in Bim and especially Lowdown want he out.

    You can’t judge people by looks because if you did that 95 % of the BLP would be out eh wuk.

  20. Jupiter

    Dave Allamby

    You have to recognise desperation when you see it or hear it.

    The Blp team has one reccurring theme – call thompson a liar because he promise to reveal a secret IMF deal in 1994 and didn’t.

    Now they on to how he looks – you remember at one time they try throwing out inneundos about his genetics etc

    However they can’t do that know since almost all of their cabinet is filled with open lesbians and gay men as well as closet homosexuals.

    If only all we had to worry about was some platform talk about an IMF deal – what we have is a BLP party with unprecendented,never seen ever before in the history of Barbados – levels of corruption.

    We have ministers of Government and their family and friends saying – they will never be poor again in their life – and getting the ill-gotten gains to prove it.

    The Blp has NO CREDIBILITY in any area – morality,honesty and tranparency,economic leadership – you name it – none at all.

    And they have NO SHAME too.

  21. Golden claws I would not normally get into this kind of trash talk with you or anyone else because I think it is not appropriate but you put it in the public forum.

    Were I to adopt your tactics and went down the list of BLP stalwarts couldn’t I have a lot of fun especially with people like Ms Mottley, Thompson etc.

    My reason for taking liberties is to show you that people in glass houses should not throw stones.

    A mentally or physically challenged person is still a human being and many of them are not beautiful either. So my question to you is this. Do you feel the same about them as you do about David Thompson? Tooo bad you are a BLP because you do them and humanity a great disservice.

  22. Anonymous

    Golden Claw you just made my night. Good one skipper!!!

  23. Golden Claw

    David, I was not speaking about looks alone, I mean real charisma. I mean a gut feeling you get when you hear someone speak. I mean likability. My reptile references were about more than just looks. Cold bloodedness, scaliness, the ability to shed one skin and grow back another, creeping out from behind something to snatch up a bug and then disappearing again, all these things are analogous in my reference to Thompson’s persona. I also recognise that the Bees aint all ‘pretty’, in fact some look like they fall out the ugly tree and hit every branch on the way down, but many also have the intangible essence that people are drawn to and ‘trust’, as much as polytrickans are ‘trusted’ in Bim. The Dees need some Dale Carnegie or something, many on an individual level, and the party as a whole. Owen might like his likkers, but when he hops up and down like a cock sparrow and ‘buse the body that deserve it, man some would holla ‘unstatesmanlike ‘etc. but most Bajans can relate. Churchill was a man that like some bevridges too and he LED regardless. Owen has a common touch that none in the opposition can hope for. Plus, he is handsome with that cherubim smile and self assured posture, vertically challenged or not. Kellman may be the Dems only hope for Prime Time. As for your point about voting for the ‘village idiot’, a punishment vote might well be in order, but as the saying goes, be careful what you wish for m’boy’, cuz the muppet show aint ready yet.

  24. Your comments depict the racist element in Barbados and the BLP Government but what I find most amusing is this.

    Why are all of you people scared in a “Democracy” to use your own name? I do.

  25. Golden Claws do not insult my intelligence by now trying to cover your tracks. You cannot refer to a human being as a crapaud or lizzard and when you talk about other things in your most recent submission “racism” surfaces even more as your supporters are also displaying.

    But please when you look at the track record of the BLP and look at what the POOR BLACKS in Barbados have endured under their ten years of reign I think it is a tragedy.

    Barbados Is now worse off than it was during Colonial times. Slavery has taken on the complexion of the 21 st century in Barbados when compared to other Developed Nationd

  26. Golden Claw

    Allamby you say I do the BLP and ‘humanity a disservice for pointing out the truth about politics and personalty, and yet you suggest that we vote for a incompetent party just for the sake of ‘democracy’? Great idea. Oh wait, hang on, I just have to go and cut off my nose to spite my face! Oh and sorry for the trash talk ‘Pottymouth’ Allamby, SO not appropriate. Also old man, I am non-partisan at the moment, I see what appears to be going on, but right now I don’t think we should jump out the frying pan and into the bonfire. SEEN? By the way, people in glass houses SHOULD throw stones, but only when they are TRAPPED INSIDE IT. ; )~

  27. Golden Claw

    Allamby, racism my backside. Slavery my big toe. The first cry of the Dems in a corner. BRAVO! Come again old man.

  28. Golden Claw you need anger management and like your racist views you are now attacking the aged “Old MAn” and I am proud of it because with age you become wise instead of people like you who are wolves in sheep clothing attacking the most vulknerable of society. But most Bajans will see you as the hypocite that you are!

  29. Jupiter

    Dave allamby

    I wrote a response but it just disappeared I don’t know if BFP can find it.

    Anyway I just wanted you to know that these BLP folks are feeling very desperate right now so they throwing everything including the kitchen sink at any one who criticises them or at the DLP leadership.

    It tells you a lot when all they can talk about is someone looks as compared to a BLP cabinet filled with ‘piggy at the trough winners’,lesbians who bite innocent citizens,homo men,persons who went in with a suzuki car or volkswagon and now driving BMW,Audi own exclusive properties,millions overseas etc.

    Is that all they have to talk about – looks- or a platform speech in 1994?

    Desperate I tell you.

    Anyway I’m grateful,because Claw’s postings tonight put things in perspective for me.

  30. Golden Claw

    Allamby, I am not angry. In fact I am laughing right now. I don’t know HOW old you are, nor do I care. ‘Old man’ is a figure of speech, but somehow your ‘wisdom’ failed to detect that. And how you come to the conclusion that I am racist based on my opinion of Owen’s superior looks and charisma over David’s is a mystery to me, but now that you have admitted your age, I can surmise that senility may have something to do with it. Oh well, I know someday I will be your age too, God willing.. but I guess that ‘Depends’…

  31. Man it is waste of time talking to people like you because you are like a horse with blinkers. BLP Bilnkers.

    But one also needs to wonder if you are so rabid a BLP defender if it is because they have given you a place at the trough.

    You can have the last word because people like you are benign because of their ignorance.

  32. Golden Claw

    I am defending nothing. I made a point about human nature, that is that people vote for leaders that are strong and charismatic, and suddenly I am partisan, racist AND corrupt? You are completely void of logic old man, and are distorting everything I have said. So before you give me the last word, do me a favour and point out one sentence I have written here that defends BLP policy, that defends allegations of BLP corruption, that defends BLP ministerial malfeaceance or incompetence, and I would concede that you are in fact a wise old sage and I a dribbling ignoramus. You wont find a single word. One last thing David, why do you suppose Thompson won’t enact integrity rules within his party?

  33. Jupiter I hear you but I like to keep peoples looks sexual orientation etc out of any discuussion. Because that is none of my business.

    But when you get people who simply for political reasons attack the looks of politicians or anyone to justify their competence and refer to older people like myself as Old Man and then after knowing this which they claimed they did not know then accuse me of being senile which I certainly am not brings inbto vivid question what kind of supporters do the BLP have.

    Am I to understand that were I senile, a mogoloid, in a wheel chair, or suffering from Parkinsons or other such debillitating illnesses that I am a second class Citizen in Barbados. Because that is the message I am getting!

    Because if that is the case Owens dream of a World Class Society by 2025 is very optimistic. Most World Class Societies show respect for the aged, the disabled and those less fortunate.

    What really bothers me is that the same people reverting to “racism” in Barbados as a plague have no problem using it to defend a “racist” party!

    But again I ask why are these cowards and gutless wonders not using their real names. For all I know I could be responding to King Arthur who is the Prince of Gutless wonders!

  34. Jerome Hinds

    Hey Guys, the cut and thrust of the issues are healthy for our democracy….but on sober reflection there must be concern for the direction our country is heading…..

    The Nationnews online paper currently runs a poll on topical national issues, below are a view of those issues…

    1.Does the reshuffling of the BLP Cabinet and the inclusion of Clyde Mascoll put the party in a position to manage the country better and win the next election?

    2. Given all that has happened in local politics in recent months, can the BLP pull off an unprecedented fourth election victory?

    3. Does the election of David Thompson to lead the Democratic Labour Party into the next general election signal a step forward for the Dems?

    4. Are the various players, particularly Government, health administrators and health professionals taking the right approach toward improving health care delivery at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital?

    Visit nationnews.com for the results, they are quite revealing….Nothing to do with being BLP or DLP !!!

  35. T

    Slamming replies Allamby.
    Golden Claw and cronies in BLP are most arrogant group of politicians in history of our beloved country.
    Owen got a cherub rum face but the man talks as he is lord and master of Barbados . His way or the highway. Its his fiefdom.
    Take Atherley empty words and as smug as anything. Listen for Gods sake to Muscle Mary, Liz Thompson, Billie, Farley and Dale marshall and jerome walcott, Lynette eastmond and Wood of sleeping behind Castro fame..
    These people reek of arrogance. What they say is Moses tablets bajan style. The frightened media just repeats their hollow bleatings word for word. No tuff questions or follow up investigative journalism.
    Rawle Eastmond and erskine Giffit are exceptions to that overwhelming arrogance you get from Mia and others above.
    These are the people in power for three terms it is them that we the people must call to account.
    The DLP dont hold the taxpayer purse strings or have two thirds majority in Barbados highest court. The focus must be on the incumbents and reminding them they are our servants. Hello does Liz Thompson sound like a servant of the people?

  36. anon

    I recommend that you read the national strategic plan on page 45 where it is mentioned that the government will develop integrity legislation by 2008

    I note the internet reference for you

    Click to access NSP%202005-2025.pdf



    Why on earth should we believe that the BLP would introduce integrity legislation by 2008 when they have deliberately not introduced it for the past 12 years of being the government – despite promising to do so when in opposition?

    What a joke? Do we look THAT STUPID? !


  37. Golden Claw

    why do you suppose Thompson won’t enact integrity rules within his party?

  38. Jerome Hinds

    A follow – up to my last posting….go to http://www.nationnews.com scroll down to the bottom left and under the heading QUICK LINKS click on your votes. There you will find the questions I referred to.

  39. Jupiter

    Sorry Allamby,people sexual orientation is our (citizens) business especially when they want to push this lifestyle down our throat by legalising Homosexuality,contrary to the majority of the public wishes.

    You have restricted my comments to sexual persuasion,but my comment above will reflect that its wider than that and speaks to the corrupt behaviour displayed by this BLP administration.

    If you have a gov’t minister biting off her partner’s private parts – don’t you think that should give you pause as to whether or not that person is fit to hold high office?

  40. Jerome let me say this with respect and bear in mind friend it does not bother me or effect my lifestyle one way or the other who gets into power in the next election. Nor do I really care about the Nation News survey, Poll or whatevere because up North we do these all the time and most are unrealistcally not the views of the majority.

    Look at what happened in Canada two years ago. We had the Liberals in for as long as Owen has been in. Corruption was so bad we went through the agony of the “sponsorship” scandal where taxpayers money was misused (teefed) unconscionably. After a public and embarassing investigation one or two crooks got fingered. But to my knowledge none are yet in the “Big” house because of appeal procedures.

    My point is if the Arthur Government has been in power 10 years and most of the things that were deficient when they got to power is still deficient or worse and they said they would fix it, if you believe the ordinary Barbadian, like lack of water, good medical attention, affordable food prices, housing, land, bad crime etc but you get the point
    why would you put these people back in power for another four years? If they have not fixed the problems in ten years what makes a poll anymore valid. But not only that the shuffling of Cabinet is nothing more than trickery and smoke and mirrors.

    But here is the scoop who is the Nation News contacting for opinions. This time they should go to people in Boscabelle, the guts of St. Andrew, St Lucy etc. Instead the same old big ups will be called who this Government caters to. In other words most polls are prejudiced and if the Nation News is biased towards the BLP they will get the results the BLP wants.

    The thing here is any Government anywhere who is in power too long becomes arrogant and does not serve the “MAJORITY”. That is fact my friend not fiction and happens in any country!

  41. Golden Claw

    Anon, thanks for the link. However, the item reads:

    ‘1.6 Ensure that there is greater transparency and accountability in the BUSINESS community so that all Barbadians can be confident that they have equal access to, and opportunity in, private enterprise.’

    This does not address the issues of political campaign financing, graft or open and accountable transparency as would be desirable in the GEMS affair, the Barrack affair, Greenland and many other debacles. How does this item in the national strategic plan address our concerns in this regard?

    Also, this item was a real hoot!

    1.11: Continue to support the development of an independent and responsible media.



    the old mans replies left me feeling a whole lot less than slammed, but perhaps your partisan goggles gave you a different picture than mine. Be that as it may, I agree with you about some of the ministers. Liz should definitely go, as should Lynch, Glyne Clarke and a few others. However, I still maintain that David Thompson is wrong for the DLP leadership, and that the party should be focusing on fostering a new leadership instead of darning and airing out the frowsy old one.

  42. Jerome Hinds

    Hello Dave Allamby,

    My post about the Nationnews poll was not to defend the BLP or DLP. My pointing that out was precisely to disclose what you stated…MANIPULATION of views….!!!

    No one knows what the tale of the tape will show untill ALL the VOTES have been counted on election DAY…!!!

    In St. Lucia the pollsters were told by the ELECTORATE… SLP ahead…by MILES…..What happen after 11 December 2007 ??

    SLP licking dey wounds UWP supporters rejoicing in the streets…!!!

    The BLP challenge over here is,


    After all Bajans STILL remember about the..

    1. Failure to bring the St. Joseph Hospital Report..!!

    2. Emmerton folks still SUFFERING…CWC soon here !!!


    4. Promises….BUT…..No REPUBLIC…YET..!!!

    These are some of the BLP….CHALLENGES…

    The DLP and THOMPSON are NOT on Trial here……!!

  43. Jupiter you are putting me at a severe disadvantage because I do not know antyhing about Goiverment officials biting off “private” parts of partners. I do not read these things in the press so I would not know about them nor could I comment about them.

    We all have our beliefs sir and like you am not in favour of “homosexuality” or “lesbianism” if there is such a word.

    But that perhaps in my case is because I am an old Bajan brought up in a generation that was taught to reject stuff like tha. However the younger generation have far more Liberal views and I think issues like that should be put to the people to vote on.

    I live in a country that not only recognizes homosexuality but same sex marriages with children. And we were never given the right to vote on whether we approved or not.

    It is like Capital punishment and one seems to care what the electorate wants. This sir is politics!

    What I was trying to say is this I do not think it appropriate to use peoples looks, or sexual orientation as a reason for if they are good, bad, indifferent etc, I think one has to judge each human being as they find them.

    In the example you gave about biting off private parts if it is true is enough to exclude those involved from holding office strictly because of public behaviour more than it is to do with sexual orientation. I would feel the same way if two straight Government Officials got carried away and had straight sex under Nelson if he is still there in the middle of rush hour or any hour!

    But look at the world in general and what many chastised me for saying a week ago. Because I used Rhianna as but one example of many.

    We have the Newspapers of the Island bitterly complaining about the morals of the youth which is no different to those up north. Recently very young children the paper said engaged in oral sex, videos of trash etc. But if society tries to limit it they are taken to court because they are impeding Freedom of expression. The same thing you and I want to protect but with reason. In the case of Freedom of expression there is no reason. You have the Rockers simulating sex in videos, you have Britney Spears bearing her butt without panties to the public getting into a car and who it was rumored because of this behaviour might have her child put into protective custody. Then you have WACKO Michael Jackson holding his child over a balcony in a highrise hotel in Europe.

    And who are emulating all of these people as their heroes and can’t wait to get their videos——-our young people. So why do we blame them only?

    Anyway I guess Democracy alllows all the lattitude to believe in what we want to. Plus as an OLD MAN I am out of touch with reality in most things, Our generation has become obsolete!

    But here again is where politics has brought society to.

  44. Jerome I understood that I was merely pointing out that newspapers love to do all of this meaningless crap that most times leaves them looking like the Prophets of Barbados whose predictions were like the dreams of a drunk!

  45. Golden Claw

    Allamby castigates me for comparing David Thompson to a gecko, yet finds nothing wrong with Jupiter saying that a minister bit off a womans vagina, a fact that would have to be validated by a doctor and a court of law in order to be even considered as a fact. Who is the hypocrite? I said earlier that I was non-partisan, but the more I hear from these DLP clowns, the more I want to sit in the frying pan.

  46. BFP

    anon says…

    “I recommend that you read the national strategic plan on page 45 where it is mentioned that the government will develop integrity legislation by 2008”

    Why on earth should we believe that the BLP would introduce integrity legislation by 2008 when they have deliberately not introduced it for the past 12 years of being the government – despite promising to do so when in opposition?

    What is this, a joke? Do we look THAT STUPID? !


  47. Jupiter I had to go out last night and hurried my reply that on reflection was really not as clear as I would want.

    First and foremost sir, you live in but one of few countries and I didn’t even know that which says “Homosexuality” is illegal. I am sure I saw that somewhere. That is your Governments and the people of Barbados’ prerogative. You want it and you tell me that the “Majority” want it to stay that way. Fair enough and that now becomes an issue for the churches, people and others along with Government to decide how they handle it.

    The”Echo” says I am a hypocrite because I did not condemn the mutilation incident you used to make your point.

    The Echo obviously cant read or has little intelligence. I said I know nothing about this mutilation who was involved and what motivated it, or if it is even true because I have never heard a word about it so help me God until last evening. Under these circumstances how can I possibly comment, take sides or pass judgment when I know nothing at all about it?

    But Jupiter let me pose these logical questions to you because you do seem reasonable and receptive to sensible dialogue.

    Sexual mutilation as you described is not that uncommon and is not isolated to gays only. Sexual fantasies, rough sex and such behaviour is practised by both gays and straight people and on occasion a partner actually can and do lose their lives unintentionally. My point being sir, that you cannot single gays out alone because of this incident if it did occur as freaks no matter if they are Government officials or plain folk.

    Another thing sir is this. A late Prime Minister of Canada the Right Hon. Pierre Elliott Trudeau once said “The Government has no right in the bedrooms of the people”. What people do within reason within the confines of their home and it is consesual between two adults and within the bounds of the law should be their business. As you know the world of sexual activity now covers a wide spectrum of practises including sexual toys, aids etc. To some in society this repulses them but sex therapists, psychologist all see it as normal.

    And let me end on this note with respect. Even though Homosexuality and Lesbianism is illegal in Barbados do you for one moment believe that this is reducing the number of homssexuals and lesbians in Barbados many of whom are foreigners? Are you not suggesting some are in Government? Therefore the “legal” component is not and will not do anything in stopping this behaviour

    The world sir is changing many feel for the better many like me and I get the feel you too think our old values have served us well why change them. I say in most parts of the world WE ARE IN THE MINORITY and as you know Governments cater to the majority.

    Have a good day

  48. George

    I think the woman involved maybe a Guyanese woman that was married to a Bajan singer there must be some blood around after that event. wow what a girl.

  49. George boy she is all yours as I want to leave this world with all of my appendages and the Crown Jewels intact just like how I come into it! Maybe Lowdown and you could handle she!

  50. Jerome Hinds

    Checking up on the BLP Blog just now, I noticed Royalrumble is in the ring again !!!

    Still no information that the public is aking for ???

    Hear him……..

    Royalrumble, asks, Jerome what do you think thompson and Trump discussed at their meeting ? Family First Concepts ?

    Jerome Hinds replies:

    Indeed NOT Royalrumble , as you well know the ‘ CENTRAL ‘ theme if such talks took place would have focussed on :

    1. Why did this corrupt BLP government in the mid 1990’s BROKERED an airline deal with DONALD TRUMP with Aaron Truss and Johnny Cheltenham…DEEP in the Comess…?? Poor Johnnie, he was Fired…Well it was STATED…Truss was Tom’s friend…BUT not Owen’s own..!!

    2. About Family First Concepts ? Trump would have BEEN intrigued to know LIKE most Bajans….Wey Owen get ALL these children from ALL of a Sudden…..Is it Moral as PM to be MARRIED….and BREEDING SO MANY women at the same time….?? !!!

    SURELY NOT A ‘ TRUMP CARD ‘ in Christain Barbados….!!

    Remember you say you got the ‘ TRUMP ‘ ( Or is TRUMPED ?? ) INFO….CHECK IT GOOD!!!!

  51. Jerome Hinds

    Checking up on the BLP Blog just now, I noticed Royalrumble is in the ring again !!!

    Still no information that the public is ASKING for ???

    Hear him……..

    Royalrumble, asks, Jerome what do you think thompson and Trump discussed at their meeting ? Family First Concepts ?

    Jerome Hinds replies:

    Indeed NOT Royalrumble , as you well know the ‘ CENTRAL ‘ theme if such talks took place would have focussed on :

    1. Why did this corrupt BLP government in the mid 1990’s BROKERED an airline deal with DONALD TRUMP with Aaron Truss and Johnny Cheltenham…DEEP in the Comess…?? Poor Johnnie, he was Fired…Well it was STATED…Truss was Tom’s friend…BUT not Owen’s own..!!

    2. About Family First Concepts ? Trump would have BEEN intrigued to know LIKE most Bajans….Wey Owen get ALL these children from ALL of a Sudden…..Is it Moral as PM to be MARRIED….and BREEDING SO MANY women at the same time….?? !!!

    SURELY NOT A ‘ TRUMP CARD ‘ in Christain Barbados….!!

    Remember you say you got the ‘ TRUMP ‘ ( Or is TRUMPED – UP ?? ) INFO….CHECK IT GOOD!!!!

  52. anon

    For the benefit of all I have outlined below the full text of the section of the national strategic plan in which the plan for the develoopment of integrity legislation is outlined.

    Objective 1.4

    To Ensure Social Justice.
    For a society, however wealthy, to survive without coercion there must be social justice. The spirit of nationhood is weakened when citizens do not perceive that there is equity, justice and opportunity for all.

    1.1 Use the law creatively as a tool of social and economic empowerment sensitive to the cultural realities of Barbados so that we create a society of greater equity, justice, tolerance and genuine opportunity for all.

    1.2 Ensure that legal justice and social justice coincide so that people perceive that there is fairness in society. This requires the fair and impartial application of the law, while ensuring
    not only access to justice for all but the timely dispensation of justice.

    1.3 Promote the economic enfranchisement of ordinary Barbadians so as to allow them to take part in the mainstream of economic life in the country. The conditions necessary to ensure access
    to, and ownership of, capital by ordinary Barbadians must therefore be created.

    1.4 Eradicate material poverty and the marginalisation and stigmatisation of the poor through an expanded range of new social and economic opportunities.

    1.5 Ensure that the rights of all, particularly the differently-abled and other vulnerable groups, are clearly articulated and protected in all aspects of our society.

    1.6 Ensure that there is greater transparency and accountability in the business community so that all Barbadians can be confident that they have equal access to, and opportunity in, private

    1.7 Determine the appropriate uses of land in light of the rules of the new global economy and the traditional sensitivities of Barbadians to ownership of, and access to, land.

    1.8 Address the concerns of the youth, especially the undereducated, unemployed and at-risk groups, so as to bring them into the mainstream and give them a strong stake in the society.

    1.9 Develop forums for dealing with perceived social injustices.

    1.10 Conduct an education awareness drive to educate all Barbadians of their fundamental rights and responsibilities under the Constitution.

    1.11 Continue to support the development of an independent and responsible media.

    1.1 An enhanced position of Barbados on the Rule of Law Index.

    1.2 Expansion in the provision of free legal services by 2010.

    1.3 Integrity legislation developed by 2008.

    1.4 The review and revision of all laws that still provide for the stigmatisation of the poor and disadvantaged by 2010.

  53. Anon

    Since there are other people using the sobriquet – Anon- it would be nice if the person above attach a number to the title e.g Anon 4 etc. to differentiate

  54. BFP

    Anon says…
    ” anon
    January 31st, 2007 at 10:59 pm · Edit

    For the benefit of all I have outlined below the full text of the section of the national strategic plan in which the plan for the develoopment of integrity legislation is outlined….”

    George from BFP says…

    Too little too late. You BLP people had 12 years of piggy trough and decided you didn’t want any laws in your way. You promised to pass integrity legislation before you were elected 12 years ago.

    We don’t trust you. We don’t believe you.

    Do it now! Publish the GEMS findings, announce how much money your minister of public works has into that house that he built on expropriated land. Have the Prime Minister reveal all offshore bank accounts and provide records of all transactions for the last 10 years.

    Then maybe we would listen to you.

    You have a majority government. You could do it tomorrow.

    Until then, like Marcus said “sit down and shut up about integrity.” You have lost the right to speak about it.

  55. Jupiter

    Way to go BFP.

    Can you believe they trying that ole trick?

    wuhloss – desperate fuh true

  56. Jerome Hinds

    This story is deliberately REPRODUCE to identify

    the mystfying ELEMENTS in the BLP. To

    understand what is happening go to BFP article on

    Harold Hoyte’s retirement of Wednesday 20th

    December, 2006

    Dear Lynette,

    Just as ALL Barbadians expected of you and the BLP…..!!!!

    You nit – pic over the non- contentious issues!!!

    Barbadians ALL know that you look forward to the day when you can say PROUDLY to your kids and grand- kids, I, Lynette, ‘ OECD ‘ Eastmond was a hard-working Cabinet Minister UNDER Owen Arthur Administration…!!!

    For you to say that ….WHAT is wrong ???

    After all you are DESERVING of such accolades…..!!!

    But the REAL problem with YOU and the rest of the BLP CHARLATANS is that you BELIEVE….Barbados is your FIEFDOM….and NOBODY….should DEMAND…..ACCOUNTABILITY AND TRANSPARENCY from WUNNAH……!!!!


    Bajans are NOT surprised to see you getting on so…IRRITABLE….OVER…..the word………… UNDER……POOR Girl we know A lot PUN ya Mind…..!!!

    Here ARE the ISSUES you GOTTA deal WITH:


    Hence, in 2003 as a political NEOPHYTE …still in pampers…..YOU DECLARED TO ALL OF BARBADOS…..THERE IS NO NEED FOR AN …OPPOSITION….!!!!



    B. QEH WOES….!!!






    BUT….BETWEEN…..29th January, 2007 ….AND…31st January, 2007…..ONE…..WORD…… ‘ UNDER ‘…….. Mek you CRAWL….OUT…THE….DARK….and POST 3…TIMES….on BFP site…your CUD DEAR STRATEGY…..!!!

    All the people WANT from you…is the TRUTH….about what going WITH those ISSUES AND THE others in Buhbados. ….!!!

    Wha NOBODY Ain’t Afraid of and YOU need not BE Afraid of ANYBODY…..All WE..WANT..to HEAR is DE TRUTH..on…THOSE…ISSUES….and…the…REST! !

    Very soon you are GOING to be coming by ME for A…VOTE….!!!

    I am the shopkeeper, whose shop you VISIT frequently to EAT yuh PUDDING and SOUSE with KNIFE & FORK…….!!!!


  57. Jerome Hinds

    Hello BLP SPINNERS…….!!!

    Wunnah BEST……leff out THOMPY….!!!!!

    Lynette, have some questions from the WOMEN in St. Philip West FUH….Owen…!!!

    To fully follow Lynette’s PLIGHT…..go to the BFP article on Harold Hoyte Retirement dated Wednesday 20 December, 2006.

    Dear Minister Eastmond,

    Since your last POST to me on this section of the BFP site…..muh phone can’t stop ringing and customers in and out muh shop here in St. Philip WEST …..!!!

    As Minister of Commerce yuh BOOST muh SALES…!!!! Thank you !!!

    Ah know yuh like yuh music…..Bob Marley sang a song, part of which went like this…’ In Every Man Chest…There Beats A heart…’

    From your last post I could not helpBUT NOTICING along with some of my customers and friends who read what you wrote, …. that you have a very SOFT spot in yuh HEART for WOMEN……WE APPLAUD, you , Ms. Minister, 100 %…..BECAUSE WE HAVE THE SAME IN OUR HEARTS TOO.

    We also notice that over the years the Prime Minister often speak GLOWINGLY of you and you of him in the public domain.

    In your last post in this section of BFP the same observation can be made.

    That brings me to the next point, given all that the Prime Minister is preaching ( at least it sounds so……To Bajans ) recently about BASHMENT and MORALITY, some FIRST TIME VOTERS…..MAINLY…….YOUNG…… WOMEN…..OUT HERE..in…St. Philip WEST …..ASK me to ask you….

    What DO you think about the Prime Minister being MARRIED…to Mrs. Beverley Arthur……YET Samantha, Leah ( his daughters ) and GOD knows WHO else…POPPING out of OTHER….WOMEN….while he still was MARRIED to BEVERLEY ???

    Obviously, they TELL me they WANT to HEAR your VIEWS on this quick…..given all the TALK ..in….BUHBADOS……..bout YOUNG PEOPLE ain’t got NO MORALS, Cellphone Sex and the LIKE…..!!

    Well yuh know I GOTTA canvas FUH you, But I AM NOT CLOSE TO THE PRIME MINISTER…..!!!

    And these WOMEN leh me know EARLY…..dat

    since Arthur WOULD be OUT with you

    CANVASSING in St. Philip West…..dey DOAN

    WANT to FALL…VICTIM to his ***********************



    Fuh my business THINGS will be alright because they PROMISE to come back in de MORNING to SEE if I hear….from you…BUT….If….YOU ain’t gimme NOTHING to REPORT…..THEN…I DO NOT KNOW HOW…..THE VOTES ….WILL GO FOR YOU.

    On a lighter note, de Pudding & Souse gine be ready at NOON Saturday….Ah washing de knife & Fork now……!!!!

    Hear yuh Later…..!!!

  58. paul sealy

    thank God for this site,the Bajan people have been led like goats for the past 12 years by this white government with black faces along a road where the inevitable is surely to occur,i have lost all respect for politicians and their poli-tricks and hope someday black bajan’s will come together,stop fighting down each other and realise that Barbados has been sold and unless we do something now to get it back,the days of blacks not being able to walk through belleville will be here in 2007 and beyond with a serious swiftness only thing the neighbourhoods will change and gates will go up…this is a desperate plea..someone..please save black Barbados from these vultures like C.O.W and the like who have made my paradise THEIR OWN..

  59. specky

    agree paul.this site only place you can express opposition to this government that has sold our country to local white elite and foreigners. we suppose to be in a democracy but the only views expressed in media are those of govrnment. cbc is really gis at a different location.bajans must recapture their country from blp. there must be no retribution we just want playing field levelled. access to our beaches must be returned to bajans. the selling of our best land by local whites to white foreigners must stop. south africa just had to stamp out that practice. apartheid under another guise.we welcome foreign investment but not to the detriment of the majority of our people while a few occupy the beach front and best real estate

  60. anon


    why do you have to lable the government as a white government with black faces? you need to explain what you mean and if you cant then I suggest you cease making such accusations

  61. paul sealy

    anon….what planet are you on…are you one of the blinded sheep that has lost it’s way to?….do you really think that black’s run this country?..we would if we stuck together like the whites but we don’t…so..therefore…as of today feb1 2007,please let me know how i am wrong on labeling this government as a white one..hello…..B.L.P….FOR YEAR’S HAS BEEN KNOWN AS THE WHITE PEOPLE PARTY..MEANING..THE PARTY THAT BACK’S THEM…WHERE HAVE U BEEN FOR THE PAST TWELVE YEAR’S..those who have common sense will know where i’m coming from.

  62. specky

    give em hell paul. saw dr. don marshall making the point that interlocking directorships; dominance of a few conglomerates, concentration of share ownership by a few and dispropotionate power to influence, characterise white power in bim. doc every bajan black or white who can think knows that. its always been that way. the blp policies has seen a worsening of the situation. this blp governement provides the knid of environment in which black gains are eroded and white power consolidates and flourishes big time. take a look at billionaire COW Williams companies. you would believe you are in lilly white norway in terms of how his ownership and management structure looks. of course all the workers at the bottom are black. as for that one chris mchale less said the better .

  63. anon

    Again I ask, explain to us how you have arrived at the conclusion that we have a white government with black faces. Provide the facts and if you cant please stop with the accusations

  64. Golden Claw

    Anon, you are wasting your time typing these questions. These DLP hacks pull out this tired old ‘white shadows, poor oppressed black man’ blah blah blah ad nauseum bullsh*t whenever they realise that they cant get their party in order to provide a real alternative to the BLP. They clearly don’t realise how pathetic they sound. But to quote US political pundit Mychal Massie (thanks BFP),

    “The average white person” doesn’t owe blacks special dispensation – in fact, no white person does. Blacks owe it to themselves to stop trying to extort benefit out of the past and grasp the overwhelming opportunity of the present. Slavery has nothing to do with not having better homes, better jobs or better lifestyles – but purpose and goals do. Low graduation rates have nothing to do with slavery – but purposefully failing, so as not to be “white,” and nonexistent parents do.

    If McEachin wants an apology, he should start by looking in the mirror – that is to say, he should apologize for being so offensively wrong-minded. He, and those of his ilk, should apologize for misleading blacks through bitterness and resentment. ”

    No doubt, as soon as I post this you will hear the above bloggers brand me a racist and congratulate one another for luring me out of my Bajan neo-nazi den. I dont care. The truth is I am not racist, nor do I wish for white people to ‘control the economy’ because I recognise that there is a place for everyone in this society, from every race and for every type of business activity. I would love to have a real alternative to the BLP on the ballot the next time the elections come around, but I don’t really. I also recognise that white people in Barbados are damned by black people from the time they open their eyes in this island, just for being white. So it will be for evermore. Amen. So to Specky and Sealy, I will extend the invitation extended by Mr. Massie to Mr. Booker and Mr. Fletcher: “I would offer that perhaps they should consider accommodations in Liberia or the Sudan or perhaps Ghana or Uganda; Then again there is always that place where fires burn eternal.” That goes for you too Allamby.

  65. I hesitate to put my big toe into waters that have become so emotional and tempestuous.

    As a non-partisan voter I would like to see the BLP given a rest because they have become arrogant in their disregard of the Common Voice.

    However it is hard to vote for their opponents when they are so unappealing. If you don’t have charisma, besides ability to speak well, how are you going to get voters to put X by your name?

    Apart from Owen, Mia and Liz, BLP have some fine specimens of manhood, and persuasive talkers. What have DLP got? Ranters and whiners.

    I find it regrettable the Opposition cannot produce a higher quality lineup as I would vote for their local rep like a shot, and I believe others would too.
    But you have to have a starboy at the helm, and Thompy, unfortunately, is far from that.

  66. missing home


    The answer for next election.

  67. paul sealy

    i see we have some diehard a** kissers for the B.L.P. up in here and from how they respond i can tell that they are living very well under this present government that is why they would never want or better yet accept change in my “lost Barbados”.This is it bottom line anon as you want explanations in detail….the “funds” provided by whitey whether it be legitimate or “under the table” are flowing for this administration and “their friend’s”…NOT THE AVERAGE BAJAN LIKE MYSELF…so i guess it’s safe to say that all these high prices for everything on this little dot which we all know we don’t deserve seems to be okay with you because you sound like you are already sweetened…but tell that to the average man in the street whose paypack is torn up from the time it hit’s his hand’s that everything is fine and dandy…as for those like the one golden claw that does not want to hear the poor man’s plight i sincerely hope you never get on the other end of the stick as your party is doing everything right in your eye’s….do you know that in the next 10 years if you have children that the only home they might own is the present one that they live in….?..tell me if that is fair to the average family man who want’s the best for his children,but i can bet you the elite’s children will have no problem..that is just a small example of what is presently the truth in this island to elaborate on the other heinous acts set out for us i would be here all day..AS I SAID BEFORE WHITE GOVERNMENT PUSHING FORWARD THE BLACK FACES TO TAKE THE BLAME FOR THEIR DIRTY WORK’S..if you need more explanation than that something is seriously wrong with your thinking..oops i’m sorry you love the B.L.P…..my bad..{lol}

  68. Jupiter


    Did I get you right,that is – in order to get you to put your X next to a candidate’s name -‘he/she must have charisma,and the ability to speak well’

    O.k I now understand why we have this corrupt lot in parliament – it’s that sort of profund thinking and analysis that got us in this right ole mess.

    Thanks very much yuh hear?

    Owen and his bunch could go on thievin,whoring,lying,and ignoring the wishes of bajans,since it is not about substance but fluff.


  69. Golden Claw

    Sealy, I don’t ‘love’ any politician, thats for sure. I certainly do want the poor man to do better because then everyone will do better. Everyone in Barbados is part of the economic ecosystem. But if the DLP can’t come up with better leadership and a better set of candidates who can debate the issues without sounding like a bunch of petulant whining brats that want their turn at the merry-go-round, it will be their fault if they lose the next time around. And Sealy, why don’t you ask your man Thompy why he does’nt get Sonpicky to put all that plantation land that CLICO buy up back into agricultural production? That would employ thousands of Bajans, bring down the cost of foodstuffs, reduce the cost of living and go a long way towards stretching that poor mans pay packet before it get rip up. But I’ll tell you why. They probably waiting for the off chance that they get voted back in so they can develop that land and have their turn at the ‘piggy trough’, that’s why. So Jupiter, tell Thompy to come with integrity legislation NOW, from within the DLP first, have them PROMISE in the form of a legally binding contract that they will enact the the integrity and transparency legislation when they take up the reins of government, and I guarantee you, I PROMISE you, that they will have my vote. That may not be ‘profound thinking’ but thats my thinking, an average voter who cares about Barbados and my fellow citizens.

  70. anon

    Mr. Sealy

    your language leaves alot to be desired! why dont you stick to the issues and provide an explanation to the comments you have made that we have a white government with black faces!!

  71. paul sealy

    anon seriously explaining in detail would turn to racial talk and then i might be branded…i’m not racist..i have white associates..note i said associates..not friend’s so i can tell you from being around them that 95% of the time every thing is fine and dandy for them,whilst in turn now i along with not so succesful other’s have to make do with the end’s that this system provides for me..meaning..the scraps of whatever is left of the catch..you get my point..so as previous poster’s noted this government is not a poor people government….they(the poor people) have nothing to offer..you get my point…it’s been twelve year’s anon…twelve long hard year’s for poor people who just get poorer each day man…it’s time for a change….if the D.L.P can’t do it someone has to..four more years of the B.L.P…all i would end now on this subject and say is may the Lord help us.

  72. Justice

    Beauty, and fluency of speech must surely be in the eyes of the beholder. Is Greengage suggesting that Owen is a fine specimen of manhood as are Muscle Mary and Gline Clarke? Griffith, Mottley, Wood and Farley are persuasive speakers? To each his own, I suppose.

  73. paul sealy

    one more thing….i believe the one’s like C.O.W. and the rest…knowing their dirty plans…should..along with government supply free passports and visas for black bajan’s because it is obvious to us that you don’t want us here…..the faster we leave the better….organise a program to ship us out as fast as you all can…so that you can snatch up our land that we already own and develop them into gated communities..you know that you would have no problem obtaining our land once your boy is still in power…so instead of toll roads give us free passports,visas and allowances and i’m sure you might catch a good set of us who would leave..that’s right C.O.W…you and B.S and T..and all the other’s that sit in board rooms and plan the demise of black people should offer us some sort of package because it is plain to the average man that now in 2007 and beyond he is not wanted in his own birthland,we all can see the plans you have and we black bajan’s are not included in them.

  74. Golden Claw

    Paul, do you smoke crack? Because only the most paranoid freak could come up with such a mountain of steaming crap. Williams Industries and BS&T are both publicly traded companies. ANYONE in Barbados can own piece. Even you. But I suspect that you would prefer to rant and rave about white shadows that apply yourself, work hard and invest your money. It’s so much easier to be a whiner than a worker is’nt it? You are welcome to leave of your own accord. An air ticket out is but a few weeks pay away, even if you are a gardener. Barbados does’nt need the likes of you.

  75. specky

    who does barbados need golden claw?..the filthy rich who spend their time at liesure making back room deals while calling for increased productivity from toiling blacks…Dick Stoute himself admit the economy controlling whites do business with whites because they look alike and are friends…hence the interlocking directorships and monopolies blocking blacks from competing in business…No consideration for the national perspective in a BLACK country. No one in bdos works harder than BLACKS. That has always been the case. REmember slavery? hundreds of years of murderous labour WITHOUT PAY while producing to enrich white folks.
    You should get the air ticket..blacks cant afford one anyway…not even the departure taxes.
    Barbados has a race problem. You are the crack smoker if you think you can fool intelligent blacks that whitey of Highgate fame embraces them.
    This blp government is not helping the race problem with their misguided land policies. Everyone knows that. Ever heard of beach access?

  76. anon

    Again Mr.Sealy

    your language leaves alot to be desired! why dont you stick to the issues and provide an explanation to the comments you have made that we have a white government with black faces!!

  77. Littleboy56@caribsurf.com

    Strange how we can look at the line up of the two parties and come up with the BLP having a more solid group.
    DLP has bankers,accountants,business people,doctors,scientists,engineers,lawyers,agriculturalists…and many of them are multi-skilled.
    That is to me, a more rounded team.
    Rawle Eastmond put the whole “delivery of service” and “representation” of citizens in context when he called Brass Tacks. I notice that that subject is no longer allowed on VOB, but the fact remains that this government has not delivered to the masses, and the “investor” now holds pride of place.

  78. Jupiter- Your point is well-made that a pretty face and a glib tongue are not enough. But when the alternative is mediocrity, the electorate is bound to be swayed by appearances.

    If the comments on this site represented the sentiments of “black people” accurately, the BLP would be swept out come the next election. But that is unlikely, I fear. Too many of our people are prospering, perhaps, while a few of us rant and rave about the corruption etc of our rulers. If we stopped wallowing in the injustices of the past and concentrated on the opportunities of the future,
    we could get somewhere.

    Justice- With respect to O$A being a fine specimen of manhood, please note the “apart from.” As for Mia, well…

  79. Jupiter


    If as you say many of our (black) people are prospering why is there a need for a ministry of Social handouts or transformation?

    Why is there a need for Rural Development and Urban Development commission?

    Why does the salvation army has to expand its feeding programme and its shelters to help the growing numbers of citizens who have fallen through the cracks,in particular the elderly?

    Why are the few geriatric hospitals and the QEH overcrowded instead of these wealthy blacks being able to put their parents in private nursing homes?

    Why are people not able to buy vegatables and fruits as the number of diabetics increase daily?

    Why is there a need for ‘Dear Christine and Aunty Olga lopes Seale to help the indigent mothers?

    Want me to go on?

    Somehow I don’t think so,you and your kind can continue to comfort yourself and your party that it’s only a bunch of few raving Dems that upset about how this country is going.

    The answer my friend is blowing in the wind,the answer is blowing in the wind.

  80. paul sealy

    anon i have no more explanation’s to give if you can’t define what i typed and understand the point i’m putting across you will have to prove me wrong,as far as golden claw is concerned he definitely doesn’t care about my rants and rave’s as some say we do..we meaning those who have eye’s….no intelligent person will accept what is going on now in this island unless they are benefiting from the current situation,thank’s to specky and jupiter for highliting certain fact’s that these people conveniently seem to forget but focus on issues that affect the average man directly and try to down play them as just bickering and complaining..there is a difference between complaining and unfairing.

  81. anon

    Dear Mr Sealey

    As you cannot provide the explanation for your comments on having a white government with black faces you should cease making baseless comments. It puts a question mark over whatever else you are saying.

  82. Jerome Hinds

    greengage, says,

    ” Apart from Owen, Mia and Liz, BLP have some fine specimens…persuasive talkers ”

    Hello greengage, let us rationally and passionately consider the 3 BLP Ministers you have mentioned above….and let us ignore all the lotta long talk you claim they have !!!

    We will start from the premise that ALL tasks one set out to achieve are seldom accomplished…..However COMMITMENT and SENSITIVITY goes a long way….!!!

    Mia Mottley

    Is she the same Minister that pioneered EDUTECH ??? Millions of taxpayers funds through the shot and the programme STILL on the ground ???

    Again, was this the same person who sanctioned over 11 million dollars to secure a fishing agreement with T&T….shouted….HOORAY…we win… but some 10 months after, Bajan fishermen STILL grounded ???

    The consequences of her lack of……. COMMITMENT and SENSITIVITY…to these issues????…..the helpless in our society believes no one cares!!!!

    Liz Thompson

    I believe you mean the Minister who dumped millions into GREENLAND over 10 years ago, but not an ounce of garbage can go there???

    Update, 2 Feb, 2007 $ 20 million more DUMPED there again !!!

    Yes, she was the Minister who had promised Barbadians less than
    $ 50,000.00 houses. People by the bus loads came to NHC yard, Country Road.
    Three years later not a DAMN house ???

    The consequences of her lack of…… COMMITMENT and SENSITIVITY…to these issues????….Barbadians have lost faith in the system !!!!

    Owen Arthur

    Must be the one who ordered the probe at CBC ??? Then again, he ordered the same at UDC, GEMS, St. Joseph Hospital ???

    To date NOT a report to a fella in Barbados, despite some of these reports being COMPLETED !!!

    The consequences of his lack of…… COMMITMENT and SENSITIVITY…to these issues????….Barbadians have lost faith in Arthur’s call for TRANSPARENCY and ACCOUNTABILTY in public life !!!!

    So, greengage, that is the LEGACY of
    ” persuasive talkers “

  83. Jupiter and Jerome- You may be surprised that I do not disagree with what you say except that I think you do not give enough credit to the increased standard of living of the majority. Look at car and house ownership for a start. True there are still many poor and deprived but proportionally less than ever before. Your criticisms of the politicians are generally valid so far as I am concerned.

    The point I was endeavouring to make was apparently not well put. I was not intending to defend the actions of BLP politicos in any way. I was trying to say that as far as appeal to voters goes, they are much more presentable and palatable as candidates than their counterparts in opposition.

    This was not to praise or support their actions so much as deplore that opposition candidates cannot be found with the same voter appeal. I would dearly love to see what happened in St Lucia, happen here next chance we get. I just don’t see a good enough stable of contestants for this to happen. I hope this makes my point more clearly?

  84. paul sealy

    my last two cent’s,no integrity legislation laws will ever be passed,those benefiting will get richer especially if they get five more years,poor people will be phased out as dieing will be their last option…crime and violence will increase because the pressures of life that whitey and this administration put on youths and adults will escalate leaving the only person to rob,shoot or chop up to be the average man in the street and those trying to make a better life but can’t because of fear of being robbed or murdered…can we say..looking more and more like jamaica and trinidad in the next five years?….who’s game for this comment….smh.

  85. paul sealy

    one last comment…my my my,they just keep popping up…lol….when will csme come about so that the murderer’s from jamaica,kidnapper’s from trinidad(almost forgot the guyanese are here already) can come and inhabit my beautiful island…how soon will this be in the work’s…mind you these people are not passive so if they come this administration and it’s vast accumalations they have acquired will be under a serious threat…oh but they love passive people so…let’s wait and see….lol and smh.

  86. Littleboy56@caribsurf.com

    Wait/ What happened to Lynette’s submissions? She get banned???

  87. Jerome Hinds

    Fellow BFP contributors,

    Below is an update of the challenges faced with the declaration of assets by members of Parliaments.

    The Noel Lynch studio walk – 0ut brings the issue back to the fore.

    The Bahamian experience is shown in the link below :