Whoopee! Barbados Goes Slow On Promised Public Worker Backpay

It has been over a month since, with great fanfare, the Government announced that backpay would be given to thousands of public servants.

The Nation News – that publicity arm of the government – celebrated the exquisitely timed pre-Christmas announcement in this manner…


Two weeks before Christmas, this is perhaps the best way to describe the joyful exclamation of thousands of public workers – both serving and retired.

When the Yuletide season is over, they will still have something to look forward to early in the new year – backpay and increased wages and salaries. (Nation News story New Year Bonus!)

Working for the government in Barbados is sometimes like running your own little shop. You can never be sure just when your main client will pay up!

OK… Christmas is over. Now where are the promised raises and the backpay?



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33 responses to “Whoopee! Barbados Goes Slow On Promised Public Worker Backpay

  1. Lady Anon

    Govt has to wait til April to pay out…new financial year and all. After world cup and all. Look out for wage restraint after the 10% hike agreed between the unions and govt.

  2. reality check

    dey broke broke broke except personally

  3. De Orginal

    I say the wages increase and back pay was all part of the scam to intice votes in the elections that were supposed to be so since we changed our mind to hell with the public servants.

  4. Jerome Hinds

    Another one of Owen’s gimmicks. I guess the
    ” Grand Old Duke of York ” sees nothing to march about although he too went cap – in – hand begging and was turned away also !!!

    Pity the hardworking civil servants !!!!

  5. Broke!

    Pay them with what?
    The treasury is broke.!

    – and as for “hardworking civil servants”…
    Maybe they deserve the stalling procedure, since they too are part of the general culture of deliberate inefficiency I see everywhere,here,
    particularly in the public sector!

  6. Jerome Hinds

    Broke!says , and as for “hardworking civil servants”…

    Broke, I can share your frustration like that of the thousands other Barbadians about the BS being performed by this current BLP administration !!

    But in an honest and serious reflection, if Barbados did not and still have a dedicated and professional civil service, would it have been possible for this country to make the strides it has ???

    The problem here is that the bigot Owen Arthur rode on the backs of the civil service follwing the lay – offs of the early 1990’s promising a better deal???

    Here is some examples of how he GAVE THEM A BETTER DEAL ,

    1. By giving his current wife a job in gov’t over hundreds more PEOPLE in the line waiting before her!!!

    ******************* and for WHAT a ******* !!!!

    Bad word removed by Auntie Moses


    2. Removing the 3 adminitrative heads at the QEH – to replace it with a Board that is now being called on to resign by staff and the NUPW !!

    What are the consequences ??? declining faith in the Public Service !!

    3. Ignore the plight of the policemen ( BY TELLING THEM YOU ARE NOT SPECIAL ) but yet they must WORK beyond the call of duty !!!

    What are the consequences ??? No Body Want To Join The Police Force No More !!!

    So it is Broke!, the BS of this BIGOT Owen Arthur administration can be highlighted many times over, the Public Servants are ONLY HUMANS…….They can feel, see and smell a RAT…..

    Owen is STINK to the CORE…….

  7. Lady Anon

    Broke…I beg to differ. As a hard working public servant, the frustration caused in the public sector comes from those individuals who have been in the service for “donkey years”. Luckily, there are not too much of them left.

    As far as “deliberate inefficiency” goes, it exists in both the public and private sectors. I left the private sector after 14 years and went into the public service and believe me, it exists in both places.

    I guess that it is easy to say the public service is inefficient and blame the workers in the service. But here we are saying that the elected government of Barbados is corrupt, inefficient and not doing what it should and believe it or not, it is the public servants who work day in and day out to keep the wheels of government working from government change to government change.

  8. BFP Cliverton

    Lady Anon

    Perhaps you would consider emailing us some further details we could check out?

  9. African

    Yuh killing muh Jerome..”A **** “..LOL bwahahahahaha


    Broke> I work in public service. Civl servants give or take a few work harder than private sector particularly owner and management class of private sector. Private sector maguffies spend bulk of their time car racing,,, yachting,,, golfing ,,,polo,,first class travel..lolling around and so on,yuh get dah picture. Nine to five civil servant grunts like me overworked and underpaid. I desperate fuh muh raise and backpay.

  10. Royalrumble

    When all the small cheap political talk is done public servants will get almost $80. mill in their hands. No other governments has been so caring in the past. Under them crooked SOB’s that form the last poor excuse we had for a government public servants were being sent home, their homes were being sold off, their had to contribute to their own severance and all the rest of the stinkingness that the Dems put them through. Bailiffs hounded them down everyday.

    Then Thompson had the audacity to walk around this country and boast that the only thing a bailiff could asked he is the time of the day.

    Up to this day nobody in Barbados can tell what happen to the $100. mill that them crooks barrowed from Barclays de Zoete WEDD Limited.

    I will publish all the facts on that bank robery later this week stay tune.

  11. Royalrumble, you should be the last to talk about David Thompson, ya old rat, David is th one you mek all like you and Mascoll men today. I dare you to publish the facts, ya old BLP lackey, you just like Henderson Bovell, David Thompson mek he too.

  12. Jerome Hinds

    ROYAL RUMBLE, says, ‘ I will publish all the facts on that bank robery later this week stay tune.’

    Before you do that, take the paper and clean your rear !!

    As much as you and the other charlartans in the BLP try to hoodwink Barbadians you all gine fail….WERE YOU THERE AT HEROES SQUARE WHERE THE THOUSANDSSSSS GATHERED…!!!

    Just like a good game of cricket the shine does get lick off de BALL…So it is with this LYING BLP Government — After 12 years in Office the shine get lick OFF……!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Jerome Hinds

    Royalrumble, while you are into an ‘ Information Disclosure ‘ MODE, when you get back to us bring :

    1. The findings of the St. Joseph Report !!!

    2. The details of which Minister gave instruction to remove Barrack as main contractor for the Warrens building and replace him with Everson Elcock and WHY ???

    3. The details of the whereabouts of the FBI report the PM said he had on his desk ????

    4. The details of the BLP bigwigs who benefitted from the FREE MCTV boxes ???

    If you do not bring this information then you can go ahead and CONTNUE TO WIPE YOUR REAR WITH YOUR …..ALLEDGED BANK A/C DETAILS…….!!

    YOU PIMPERNEL………..!!!!

  14. De Orginal

    Jerome you forget the prison inquiry

    The financial statements for CBC and Gems of Barbados

    Why the Prison chief have three (3) personal vehicles

    Why people in St john forced to build a road

    etc etc

  15. African

    add dese jerome;;;;

    de information to DPP about mascoll fixing/buying he election

    de hiring of illegal guyanese to build cabinets

    de referedum pun de republic

    de statement dat selling land to foreigners pays b’dos bills

    de calling in o de DPP/Auditor general fuh money hanky panky at CBC

    de recent ‘accidental’ shooting of a man in Fernihurst

    de suing o david Thompson for talking about sale of NHC land adjoining property of a certain seymour in West Terrace. Wuh become ah dat lawsuit dough?

  16. De Orginal

    Well just like Royal Rumble his information one sided……………lol. he cant seem to answer these questions he seems only to get his hands on government information dated prior to 2003 wonder why ?? You guys think that there is freedom of information and we not aware. Royal Rumble tells please we beg……..ohhh oracle………..

  17. Sal

    Wanna sweet though! Real calamity. Keep it up knowledge is power.

  18. Jerome Hinds

    Royalrumble, We cah hear YUH…!!

    We Bajans hope yuh busy getting the files and information we ask you and yuh ‘ DUTTY WINE ‘ BLP Cohorts to get fuh WE……

    Some of this information outstanding FUH YEARS….!!!

    We WAITING PUN YUH……!!!!

  19. Golden Claw

    Jerome, what exactly is this FBI report supposed to be about?

  20. Jerome Hinds

    Golden Claw, apparently OWEN is the only person in Barbados who saw IT…..He told the country it was on his desk……!!!!!

  21. Jerome Hinds

    Good Morning Royalrumble,

    We hope you spent the night getting THOSE FILES / REPORTS / INFORMATION…..WE BAJANS have been begging wunnah BLP….. loots…….to disclose fuh WE….!!!!


    After ALL wunnah BOAST about BEING the most….TRANSPARENT and ACCOUNTABLE Administration…..BARBADOS …..EVER…had….!!!

    Just a little…..REMINDER….with printers and computers……A lot of what you were ASKED to PRODUCE on this SITE can be REPRODUCED….In the FORM of FLYERS…..PAMPHLETS etc…So…… when you coming seeking……A VOTE……ah ….HOPE….yuh….REMEMBER……De INFORMATION…….the ELECTORATE was waiting pun…….

    THE EYES ARE ON YOU………!!!!!

  22. Jerome Hinds

    Checking up on the BLP Blog just now, I noticed Royalrumble is in the ring again !!!

    Still no information that the public is ASKING for ???

    Hear him on the DLP Gambling Deal…..???

    Royalrumble, asks, Jerome what do you think thompson and Trump discussed at their meeting ? Family First Concepts ?

    Jerome Hinds replies:

    Indeed NOT Royalrumble , as you well know the ‘ CENTRAL ‘ theme if such talks took place would have focussed on :

    1. Why did this corrupt BLP government in the mid 1990’s BROKERED an airline deal with DONALD TRUMP with Aaron Truss and Johnny Cheltenham…DEEP in the Comess…?? Poor Johnnie, he was Fired…Well it was STATED…Truss was Tom’s friend…BUT not Owen’s own..!!

    2. About Family First Concepts ? Trump would have BEEN intrigued to know LIKE most Bajans….Wey Owen get ALL these children from ALL of a Sudden…..Is it Moral as PM to be MARRIED….and BREEDING SO MANY women at the same time….?? !!!

    SURELY NOT A ‘ TRUMP CARD ‘ in Christain Barbados….!!

    Remember you say you got the ‘ TRUMP ‘ ( Or is it TRUMPED – UP ?? ) INFO….CHECK IT GOOD!!!!

  23. Royalrumble

    Oh come on Jerome stop behaving like that. Real women dont behave like that anymore. Put down your clothes and let us talk some politics. When you behave like that then how am I to know the difference between you and your wife. There must be some distinguishing features between a man and a woman. Good heavens behave like man.

    The questions you asked are quite non-sensical and childish. They really hold no political weight. In fact they lack intellectual substance, pretty much like thompson’s wash water that he delivered at the re-openning of Independence Square.

    And dont talk about outside children. You must let thompy carry you down to Carrington Village the next night he sleeps out from home. Once he is not in the one arm bandits, strip club or drug hole he would show you his pride of joy.

    People who live in glasss house should not throw stones. But I wonder why you never had kids of your own. The way you behave on this blog you seem to be one of those men who ***** you know, wish he could get pregnant.

    As for the trump card, thompy is the best body to tell you about that – casinos and contributions for the elections. Can we get on to this bank robbery now?

  24. Jerome Hinds

    Royalrumble, says, on January 29th, 2007 at 8:24 pm

    ” I will publish all the facts on that bank robery later this week stay tune ”

    Hello Royalrumble,

    It is Friday 2nd February, 2007, if you are to be believed and taken seriouly for the words you wrote above, then I take pleasure in reminding you to fulfil your promise.

    But on reflection, after reading the Weekend Nation story about the 20 million dollars DUMPED into GREENLAND on top the other millions spent there before……..!!!

    Then I take the UTMOST pleasure in congratulating you on EXPOSING this bank robbery COMMITTED by this TIEFFING Owen Arthur Administration….!!!

    Royalrumble, you are a man to YUH word, THANKS…..!!!!!!

  25. Jerome Hinds

    Well Royalrumble,

    I guess you find it difficult to defend the

    PIMPERNEL’ S in the BLP !!!

    So you believe that ALL BARBADIANS must be

    like them also…..

    It is the BLP and their Ministers and Broken

    Promises…….on trial here…..!!!

    To recognisde that, is the HALLMARK of

    intellectual substance, which you ALWAYS

    demonstrate that YOU….lack…!!

    Wheel and Come again…..you Desparado…!!!

  26. Jerome Hinds

    Well the PM on the – back page – Saturday Sun of 2007-03-03 says,

    ” The baby is expected before elections are constitutionally due. THREE months now, so you know when the election date could not now possibly fall. I could not be in a position to be rushing from the platform to the pampers; that couldn’t work ” said Arthur

    Well it was also THREE months now since the story in the link below was reported….!!!


    Questions for the PM :

    1. Would the Public Officers also have to wait until baby no. 3 is born to get their salary INCREASE….???

    2. Since babies are usually in PAMPERS upwards to 2 years…..does this mean that Bajans are likely to go to the polls sometime in 2009….long after the CONSTITUTIONALLY due date of AUGUST 31st 2008…the latest….???

    Your answers would be very interesting……!!!

  27. Jerome Hinds

    The fact that Barbadians, including public officers, complain bitterly daily about the rising prices for food, land and services…….no one is making any PUBLIC noise about the promised salary increase for public servants………not even the grand Old Duke of York…!!!

    Well word on the ground is that the last GS of NUPW is a consultant to the GAIA board….!!!

    Owen says he too busy changing pampers to be bothered…….!!!

    Barbadians declare that is fine with us….Owen is the most popular man…..!!!

    Nero fiddled…….while ROME burnt…..!!!

    Is BRIDGETOWN next……???

  28. Jerome Hinds


    On the issue of Transparency , Accountabilty and Disclosure of Information Laws……follow the story link below and see if it is possible your media house can get Owen and the BLP to do the same….!!


    Why you may ask….???

    It is 6 months now since an agreement for Civil Servants in Barbados have been annouced……and yet NOT a word from the BLP government when this money WOULD be paid….despite CLAIMING to have all these ECONOMISTS on Board…!!

    Yet in Trinidad the Minister in the Ministry of Finance can ANNOUNCE a few hours after the end of salary negotiations…..the timelines for the payment of new salaries….!!


    How say you on the BLP and Transparency , Accountabilty and Disclosure of Information Laws….in light of the foregoing….???

    PROBES and ANSWERS…..needed badly…!!!

  29. Warrior

    What is this FBI report about?

  30. Jerome Hinds

    Warrior on
    March 23rd, 2007 at 6:53 pm , asks ,

    ” What is this FBI report about ? ”
    —————————————————————–Warrior, if you have a private line through to Owen….ask him, he told the whole of Barbados sometime back, the report was on his desk…!!!

    Funny enough he NEVER came back to the country and said what was in it when and if he opened it…!!

    Worst case scenario , he NEVER told us what he did with the file….!!!

    Start dialling Owen’s number, Warrior…..!!!

  31. Warrior

    So that means that the report in file 13. Swept under the carpet.

  32. Jerome Hinds

    yes, warrior !

  33. Jerome Hinds

    The link below is another broken promise by this BLP gov’t :



    ** Why no trial runs were done before to test the accrual system ?

    ** It was 6 months ago that the agreement was reached why did it take so long to settle the payment ?

    ** Would the accrual system be also blamed for similar backpay delays at the BWA ?

    ** Is there a correlation between the backpay payment and returns from CWC 2007 ?

    ** How come all systems ran smoothly when parliamentarians / ministers received their last pay increases & backpay ?

    ** As Minister of Finance why is the PM not moving ” heaven & earth ” on this one ?

    ** Is this the way we should aspire to become a
    ” First World ” country ?