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Albert Brandford Of The Nation News Mentions Election Financing – Hell Not Yet Frozen Over

After a year of The Barbados Free Press hammering away at the theme of transparency, election financing rules and the like, Albert Brandford of The Nation News has finally written a piece on election financing that focuses almost exclusively on the US Presidential campaign – that mentions the word “transparency” and election financing in the context of “The American system is falling apart, what do you think?”

Nothing specific about Barbados campaign financing. No in depth analysis of who supports which political party in Barbados. No examples of any of the many conflicts of interest that any Bajan school-child can list.

For the “better half a loaf than nothing” crowd, we offer the opinion that there are not even a few crumbs on the floor for the dogs to lick up. By the way – we don’t fault Mr. Brandford at all, and we can imagine what he had to go through just to publish the bland piece he did.

To The Nation News, we say “Not good enough by half”

Judge for yourself…

JUST AS SOME OF US were trying to revive the debate on election campaign financing here, the “world’s greatest experiment in democracy” may be about to scuttle a system designed to “rid politics of the corrupting influence of money”.

Two of the most influential newspapers in the United States reported this week that the public financing system for presidential campaigns, introduced in the wake of the Watergate scandal, may be in its death throes following the formal announcement of the candidacy of leading Democratic contender, Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton.

Both the New York Times and the Washington Post reported that Clinton had become the first candidate since the programme began in 1976 to forego public financing for the primary and general election campaigns, thereby avoiding having to abide by strict spending limits imposed by the Federal Election Commission (FEC).

… continue reading the full article at The Nation News (link here).

It is not about how much the campaign costs – it is all about who provides the money and for what purpose.

Again, we call upon both the DLP and the governing BLP…

We call upon the ruling majority party – the Barbados Labour Party – to immediately introduce Election Financing and Disclosure Legislation – and to also immediately introduce Conflict of Interest and Integrity legislation. The BLP has a majority – they could make it happen tomorrow.

We also call upon the DLP – Democratic Labour Party to support the immediate introduction of Election Financing and Disclosure Legislation – and Conflict of Interest and Integrity Legislation.

Ladies and gentlemen of the BLP and DLP: do that and you can criticize anyone you want about unethical behaviour. Otherwise, sit down and shut up.

We citizens have had enough.


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Whoopee! Barbados Goes Slow On Promised Public Worker Backpay

It has been over a month since, with great fanfare, the Government announced that backpay would be given to thousands of public servants.

The Nation News – that publicity arm of the government – celebrated the exquisitely timed pre-Christmas announcement in this manner…


Two weeks before Christmas, this is perhaps the best way to describe the joyful exclamation of thousands of public workers – both serving and retired.

When the Yuletide season is over, they will still have something to look forward to early in the new year – backpay and increased wages and salaries. (Nation News story New Year Bonus!)

Working for the government in Barbados is sometimes like running your own little shop. You can never be sure just when your main client will pay up!

OK… Christmas is over. Now where are the promised raises and the backpay?


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About That Barbados Internet Outage

We’ve heard all kinds of reasons for the almost-island-wide shutdown in hi-speed internet service two days ago – so many different stories that we don’t know what the truth is.

Here’s what one little birdie says…

The ‘spottiness’ being experienced with our C&W ADSL hi-speed internet connection service is due to a few known bandwidth hogs who suck up 65% of the bandwidth, due to downloading movies (200+ GIGAbytes each!), illegally, movie after movie, while the rest of us C&W customers suffer the consequence.

Although the problem is known, and the offenders are known and identifiable, nothing is being done to alleviate this problem, other than token amounts of capacity being added now and then, which is of course immediately absorbed (in other words, C&W coulda saved the money!).

IF illegal activity is being conducted via C&W’s services, and they are making the conscious decision of doing nothing about it or are dragging their feet about it, does this not make C&W now subject to a charge of aiding and abetting in this crime of copyright infringement?

If the known movie pirates need to have their services terminated, the thing to do, is to DO SO – withdraw service from them completely. Terminate them – Withdraw their ADSL service totally, and make thousands of ordinary law-abiding customers a lot happier than they are now.

What is the truth?

Like everything else on this island… it may take a while to discover the truth, but it can usually be found if you look hard enough. After all, it is a small island and folks do so love to talk…


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Man Apparently Shot In Back Of Head By Police As He Was Running Away. Police Say “It Was A Confrontation”


Two Questions For The Commissioner Of The Royal Barbados Police Force:

1/ Under what circumstances is a Barbados police officer allowed to shoot a person in the back of the head?

2/ What kind of pea-shooters are we issuing to our police when a person can survive a bullet in the back of the head?

From The Nation News…

ST MICHAEL MAN detained in the Queen Elizabeth Hospital (QEH) with a bullet lodged in the back of the head is claiming he was wrongfully shot by police.

From his bedside in Ward A3 on Thursday, Stefan Griffith, 26, said he was riding a bicycle along Wilkinson Road, St Michael, on Tuesday night when he observed a jeep blocking his path.

“The lights [headlamps] were bright and I didn’t know who was driving the jeep so I dropped the bicycle and started to run.

“When I looked back I saw this policeman with a gun in his hand running behind me. He [policeman] was shouting, ‘Stop! Stop!’ and all of a sudden I hear pax, and then I feel a burning at the back of my head,” he said.

Griffith, who now has blurred vision and swelling at the front of the face, said he had done nothing wrong.

His mother Janice Griffith, a 41-year-old worker with the Sanitation Service Authority, said a neurosurgeon who examined her son at the hospital said in addition to a fracture and a bullet lodged at the back of the head, there were also metal fragments in his brain…

… read the entire article at The Nation News (link here)


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