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Living Guyana Blog Added To BFP Sidebar


“Antagonizing The Status Quo”

You have to love a blog with a tagline like that. Living Guyana Blog linked to some of our reader comments a while ago so we visited them in return and like their style.

With all the talk about Guyanese “over running” Barbados (that’s how some put it, but not how this writer would choose to express concern over our Government’s lack of immigration policy and enforcement) – we thought we’d put up their link to encourage some talk between the two blogs.

Folks, in the end we all bleed the same and we will all have to answer for what we’ve done or not done.

So take a moment to drop over now – even if just for a second – just to let ’em know we’re here.

Living Guyana Blog click here

Guyanese Media Comments On Living Guyana Blog

In contrast to the silence of the Barbados media about the Barbados Free Press (with the exception of HEAT), the Guyanese Media have been talking about Living Guyana…

“It’s a hoot. There are no sacred cows or heifers which escape this blogger’s arrows. All Guymedia human resources should be made to read it first thing every morning.Set them up for the day.”

Bill Cotton, Stabroek News

“The increasingly popular site has got reporters… grouped around computer terminals, shocked mouths agape and expectant lumps in their throats; both flabbergasted by… criticisms of their colleagues, and fearful of seeing their own names printed. Sloppy writers, fashioned challenged reporters, tongue-tied news anchors… be afraid, be very afraid.”

Guyana Chronicle


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