Cricket World Cup Visa Problems – Pakistan Fans Told To Send Passports To India!

“It’s like telling the Americans to send their passports to Iran.”

From our “What The Heck Were They Thinking?” files…

… and also note the headline “Pakistan Joins In the World Cup Visa Chaos”

Pakistan Joins In The World Cup Visa Chaos

Pakistan fans facing visa problems for World Cup

Cricinfo staff

January 25, 2007

If Australian and New Zealand fans thought they were facing problems in obtaining visas for the World Cup in the West Indies, then they should spare a thought for their Pakistani counterparts. Anyone from Pakistan will have to apply to an embassy in India, a country with which relations are notoriously fragile, for visas to travel to the Caribbean.

According to Caricom guidelines, fans from Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and Pakistan must send their passports to the Trinidad and Tobago embassy in New Delhi, the Indian capital, to obtain special visas for all nine countries hosting the games of the March 13 to April 28 event. The exercise, for obvious reasons, is fraught with risk.

But negotiations are underway between the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) and the Pakistani foreign office to get the visas issued in Pakistan instead. Ahsan Malik, PCB spokesman, told AFP, “There is a precedent that special visa arrangements were made for fans in the past.”

Citizens from the United Kingdom, Canada, Ireland and South Africa are exempt from the visa requirement but supporters from major cricketing countries like India, Pakistan, Australia, New Zealand and Sri Lanka are not…

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14 responses to “Cricket World Cup Visa Problems – Pakistan Fans Told To Send Passports To India!

  1. West Side Davie

    What a joke!

    Paks sending their passports to India? Who was the idiot that thought up that system?

    We know Mottley approved it, but who was the original idiot?

  2. John

    ….. we get what we vote for …..

  3. reality check

    at this moment in time most if not all servers are down in Barbados. Look like Mia has figured a way to shut you down BFP—at least in Barbados

  4. John


    … a bit of a sledge hammer approach.

    No finesse whatsoever if this is the case.

  5. John

    Maybe a rat ate through a cable.

    If a monkey can shut down the country, guess the rats want to show what power they have too.

    … or maybe its an attempt to see who can still access BFP with everything down …. so you and I are in trouble.

  6. Anonymous

    that stupid wicker mia mottley only frig up world cup fa we.

  7. West Side Davie

    I can see everything now. Must have been a temporary thing.

    John, you there?

  8. Mia has been down in Trinidad begging for flying fish, but she came up with another windy classic when asked how things were going:

    “She indicated that since the discussions are centering on the conclusion of an agreement between the two states, she cannot comment on any substance of the deliberations.”

    Anybody normal could have said, “No comment” but she is “centering on conclusions” and “substance of the deliberations.” Typical windbaggosity. Could she run a sweetie-parlour properly?

  9. DoanMessWid..

    “Could Mia run a sweetie-parlour properly?” you ask…
    You betcha,baby!
    Mia comes from a long line of hi-brung hintellectuals.
    You like you doan know who She fadder en GranFadder did!
    Don’t you underestimate dat lady..she DANGEROUS,dread!

  10. Intell.

    Don’t underestimate the threat of Islamic nonsense(in the name of God/Allah) happening in T&T, and spreading elsewhere in our region.
    Godammit, you will have 7th.Century Sharia law, even if we have to force it down your 21st.Century throat is the attitude,
    so if you wanna turn your other sheepish Christian cheek, they’ll gladly smack it for you – twice. You’ll learn!

  11. ross

    Whatever you think about Mia, all I know is dat cockroach don’t belong at fowlcock party.

  12. Bajanboy

    Have any visas actually been issued to date?

  13. DoanMessWid-

    “Hi brung hintellectuals” can’t usually run sweetie-parlours. But I sure agree Modality Mia seems one scary, vindictive, powerhungy female. When she becomes president, I take care to salute meekly.