Barbados Sanitation Service Authority – “Friends Are Coming, Let’s Clean This Place Up”


January 29th – Get Rid Of Old Appliances, Mother-In-Law etc.

We received this press release from the Sanitation Service Authority about a big pickup of appliances and other large items – to happen on Monday, January 29th. We think it is wonderful that the SSA is taking a lead in cleaning up before our Cricket World Cup guests arrive – but we wish that the government would fund them well enough to continue the effort over the entire island.

Like your mama used to tell you… there’s the kind of person who cleans up only when they know that company will be arriving soon – and then there is the kind of person who keeps their home clean all the time.

Oh well, it’s a good start. Let’s hope that the SSA will continue to clean up even after Cricket World Cup is finished…

(Kind of interesting how the government sends us their media releases when they would like some quick help getting the word out on something, hmmmm?)

IMMEDIATE PRESS RELEASE: Removal of Bulky Waste Items in New Orleans & Pickwick Gap Areas

The Sanitation Service Authority in association with the Black Rock Polyclinic is removing bulky waste items from the New Orleans and Pickwick Gap areas only from Monday 29th January 2007.

Bulky waste items consist of old appliances like fridges and ovens as well as similar metallic items like galvanise as well as old furniture or other wooden or plastic items, etc. This clean-up is in keeping with Government’s wishes to make the Cricket World Cup a complete success.

These items are to be set near your regular refuse by no later than Sunday 28th January 2007 please separate your bulky waste items into wood and other items in one pile and another for only metal objects for collection by the Sanitation Service Authority.

The following areas only will undergo the bulky waste clean up – 1st & 2nd Ave New Orleans; as well as 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th & 10th avenues of the Orleans – in addition to Pickwick Gap itself along with 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th avenues of Pickwick. All residents from these districts are urged to place your separated wood and metal objects outside your homes by no later than Sunday 28th January 2007.

The actual cleansing of such items from the Orleans and Pickwick Gap areas starts Monday 29th January 2007.


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18 responses to “Barbados Sanitation Service Authority – “Friends Are Coming, Let’s Clean This Place Up”

  1. True we should Keep Barbados Beautiful all the time, but an extra effort for the big items like mattresses and appliances is needed on special occasions like this.

    These folks deserve our support like the health inspectors who got their first person charged. Was that just a flash in the pan?

  2. Marian E-L.

    You were sent this press release because Ian Bourne is the PRO of the SSA. The ‘Government’ doesn’t send you any media releases to get information to the public so please stop being sensational – if that is at all possible for you to do. The Government doesn’t recognize this blog as anything more than a scandal rag.

  3. BFP

    Hi Anonymous

    Good to see you back! Nice proxy, by the way. You’re learning.

    And, yes, we like to have a little fun with the government… to get a little rise once in a while.

    We knew you would take the bait!

    (Hey Robert … that’s one beer you owe me) 😉

  4. Marian E-L.

    Once again to correct your sensationalism, it would do you well to know that many business places in Europe legitimately use proxies and are connected via the RIPE ISP in the Netherlands. I could not post from any other IP at work even if I wanted to, but you can trust that there is no attempt to hide from you on my part because I really don’t care about you. I were ‘anonymous’ wouldn’t I simply use that name? Your deductions and allegations based on half truths and misinformation really never cease to amaze me.

  5. Barbados visitor 5 times

    Is not SSA part of the government? Bfp be right then, right? government is using bfp for announcing.

  6. Pat

    Marian E-L:

    You know, you have given yourself away. You used the same language and terminology as ‘anonymous’. You should have used some bad english, bajan, or new derogatory terms. I am not smart, and I have picked you out. Come on mate, you can do better. Besides, you told them you were quitting Bim in December and that your off shore account was in Amsterdam.

  7. Curiously amused

    Anonymous struck me as a well educated yet arrogant SOB. I find it difficult to believe that in all his arrogance he would bother to use a pseudonym.. especially when he was ‘Anonymous’ to begin with. That said, if it is him I wish he’d post more. Sure he was mind-blowingly partisan and made no attempt to hide his biases, but he was quite entertaining and added some balance to this blog because a lot of the criticisms he raised I raise myself.

    Even here, BFP seems even to be admitting that it is lying about government sending it media releases – but of course the big smoke screen is the return of Anonymous. Let us not forget when Anonymous was The High Commissioner of Barbados to the UK, a Diplomat based in the Netherlands, a well-paid BLP operative, and all these other accusations that had commentators believing that the government had secret agents in foreign countries attacking BFP with… comments.

    Really now just stick to the news and bare facts and leave out what you KNOW to be lies and unproven innuendo BFP. You’re no better than the BLP you criticize.

  8. passin thru

    Is not the SSA a government agency?

    Did not the SSA send the press release to BFP?

    Where do you get off saying that BFP is lying?

  9. passin thru

    BFP “baited” the government, that is teased them about sending BFP a press release, but it seems to me that the government DID send BFP a press release.

    Something I am missing here?

  10. akabozik

    Marian said “The Government doesn’t recognize this blog as anything more than a scandal rag.”

    Makes me ask how he knows what the government thinks. About the government wanting to find the owners of this blog, I believe it. I also beleive Marcus or whoever when they said they had received trojans that were not spam. They were inside direct email and article suggestions Word docs.

    Oh very yes the government would want to find these peoples.

  11. Curiously amused

    OK. My purpose is not to get involved in your back and forths. I just said what I had to say. And to say that receiving a media release from the SSA is coming from the “Government” is the same as saying that a media release coming from Diane Forte at CBC is coming from the “Government”. Ian Bourne is their PRO at the SSA (everybody knows this) and he is a active blogger and commentator on this website so obviously he would have sent a media release their way. How is this acting under the auspices of government?

    Anyway, this is besides the point. My issue was BFP saying one thing in the post, and saying another thing in the comments. And when I spoke of ‘lies’ I was referring to the time when BFP said that they had run some check and that Anonymous was a diplomat based in London, and other such things..

  12. Kathy

    I think a PRO does speak for the government.

  13. I told management I sent a release to BFP, what is the big deal? The point is to get the message across as far and wide as possible, n’est-ce pas?

    I may be active in communicating, but is this not part of my duties? Am I not careful to separate what is my view from the view of SSA?

    When joining SSA in Nov. 2005, I was told my duties must clearly be distinct from what I deem important and from what is SSA’s …. therefore I can perpetuate my sidelines, i.e. – commercial voiceovers etc. and also my reviews. This in turn follows that mandate! QED

  14. KleanUp

    Thank God for Cricket 07.
    WONDERS have been accomplished in its name!
    Not even the ghost of past Christmas’es have accomplished island-wide roadworks, new stadiums, overdue cleanups,etc.!
    Whether Cricket 07 is a financial success or not, I’m glad it came, for it got Bajans to do a lotta stuff that otherwise would have remained on the ‘To Do’ list for decades, yet!

  15. akabozik


    It is a shame that the “clean up” and “house renovations” are only happening in a narrrow corridor where visitors will see. Where there are not expected to be visitors we will continue to see old cookers and chemical drums sitting in situ for years.

  16. Kyle Masters

    I am sick and tired of the government and any such entity telling me to keep Barbados clean for the tourists.
    I find it insulting that instead of trying to instill a sense of pride in keeping our country clean for ourselves first and then anyone else second.
    what if the tourist stop coming to our shores?
    Do we then wallow in our garbage to our hearts content?
    Really pisses me off
    By the way do you think this government gives a damn about health care in this country?

  17. Maybe Govt says keep it clean for tourists because many Bajans are dirty pigs who can’t be bothered to keep it clean just for themselves?

    I long for the day when the Litter Patrol can be changed into Litter Wardens and start fining and ticketing every nasty brute they catch! But current legislation needs many intense modifications first…

    Do you know if you destroy a building of Heritage interest and you are found guilty, then you stand to “lose” between $500 to $5,000? What a deterrent!

  18. yatinkiteasy

    What does it take for our law makers to sit down and approve anti littering laws? What are they waiting for?Have you ever seen the plastic and paper mess at the side of the ABC highway(and other roads) after the “garderners” have weed whacked the bush? Its amazing!