Barbados Advocate Deliberately Erases The Past – “Disappears” Water Park Article!

“The past was erased, the erasure was forgotten, the lie became truth.”

“And if all others accepted the lie which the party imposed – if all records told the same tale – then the lie passed into history and became the truth.”

… from George Orwell’s famous novel Nineteen Eighty-Four (pages 78 & 37)

Barbados Advocate Removes Caribbean Splash Water Park Article

The Barbados Advocate has removed an online article that quotes Matthew Kerins – the developer of the doomed Caribbean Splash Waterpark – as saying that he has “invested” some $2 million dollars in Barbados waterpark project, and if he cannot do it he would have to walk away from the $2 million …

“And I feel that I have already invested $2 million of my money without an approval. If the Government decides for me not to do this project then I lose $2 million and I walk away”

… Matthew Kerins, developer of the ill-fated Caribbean Splash Waterpark proposed for Barbados. (Note: Mr. Kerins is on record in a few places explaining that this is US$2 million – but this was the exact quote from this particular newspaper article)

On July 12, 2006, BFP reader Hants filed this comment and directed everyone to the Barbados Advocate article at this URL …

Last week, Cliverton was clicking through some old BFP posts researching another waterpark post and he discovered that the Barbados Advocate waterpark article that Hants referred to in his comment had been removed.

“Isn’t that interesting?” thought Clive, and he took a closer look at The Barbados Advocate.

What Cliverton found is straight out of George Orwell’s famous novel Nineteen Eighty-Four: The Barbados Advocate has deliberately set up it’s website to conceal all past writings from the public.


The website of the second largest newspaper in Barbados is designed to erase the past!

We’ve heard rumours about the destroyed paper archives at The Barbados Advocate, and what we discovered shows an obvious intent to ensure that no member of the public is able to dig into the historical record and, for instance, quote what some government offical or politician said on such and such a date in the newspaper.

The Barbados Advocate does not allow the public to search it’s online archives … AND … it has blocked Google and other search engines from crawling it’s website and including the results in replies to online search queries.

For The Barbados Advocate, The News Is Only What Is Convenient For The Moment.

If what they have written is later found to be inaccurate, an outright lie or evidence of an agenda – well, the proof has already been disposed of.

“The past was erased, the erasure was forgotten, the lie became truth.”

What Foul Intent Is This?

Our blog, the Barbados Free Press, has a “search” box that allows anyone to search any word in our archives and pull up any article we’ve written. We also allow the public to access our archives on a month by month basis, or to search for all articles that are “tagged” in various categories, such as “Africa”, “Environment”, “Politics & Corruption” and the like.

Similarly, anyone can search the archives of The Nation News or the Broad Street Journal and read past articles for free. This is pretty standard stuff. Virtually all newspapers these days allow the public to access their archives and read entire articles either for free or on a fee system. For many newspapers like The New York Times, the online archives provide a significant revenue stream.

This is not high technology. In fact, Google will catologue any website for free and provide a search engine – for free. All one has to do is to insert a bit of code into the website’s homepage. Millions of websites use Google’s little search box because it works, and… it’s free.

The Barbados Advocate has no search function on its website. In fact… The Barbados Advocate blocks Google and other crawlers from making a daily record of it’s articles.

“The past was erased, the erasure was forgotten, the lie became truth.”


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47 responses to “Barbados Advocate Deliberately Erases The Past – “Disappears” Water Park Article!

  1. honey for money

    prostitution is alive and well in Barbados

    Who is not for sale?

  2. RRRicky

    I never noticed but its true. Advocate doesn’t have a search function and I can’t find any waterpark articles by them on Google.

    Thanks for reminding me that I don’t like to do business with dishonest people.

  3. passin thru

    good article BFP. I will never buy an advocate again. Fit for the bottom of a birdcage and little else.

  4. Pat

    I dont know why you people bother with that thing. I dont consider it a news paper. It has no news. The site is hardly updated and then with nothing important.

  5. DFX

    Please don’t forget that it also works great for cleaning glass… One might even say it even removes smears LOL

  6. reality check

    speaking of the media

    in this day of instant communications, backups and all sorts of redundant technology, how come Cable and Wireless ( Caribsurf ) and Sunbeach ( carried by Cable and Wireless ) has been out all day—this is serious stuff.

    Did the terrorists slip through in advance without a CWC visa or is this sabotage from within or just plain incompetence?

    Cable and Wireless have never made so much money?

    Whats up?

    testing to see where the e mails are coming from to BFP?

  7. This question is for Auntie Moses or the next in line.

    I have completed my entire journey around this web site and let me tell you I love it and enjoy the Bajans that contribute and who want change, transparency, honesty and decency to prevail in all social, political and other segments of their society. But here is the question knowing a little about the archaic libel laws of Bim that the other press suggest they are scared of and that is why they do not print as generously as you do. (discussion re “free press”) There is little if any editing done by you!

    How do you protect yourself and contributors from litigation? Suppose the Government decided to raid your facilities and confiscate the e-mail addys of those writing with libelous comments how can you stop it?

    The contributors might think that because their names are witheld they are safe but what about their e-mail addy’s in event of a raid? Although it still would be hard I am told to legally make a case because no one really knows who actually sent the e-mail! Curious that is all when reading about politicians off-shore bank accounts and other sensitive issues.

  8. Pogo

    Funny thing. Yesturday reading the Advocate and Nation big front page Minister Gline Clarke bragging how the flyovers, highways are ahead of schedule and under budget.

    Cannot find anywheres that budget or timetable evur got published in the first place. So how can we decide whether Minister Clarke is truthing or just making bigshot headlines for himself?

  9. Justice

    Why do you people keep imagining that our libel(defamation) laws are archaic? It is true that they are not as advanced as those in the USA so far as politicians and other public figures are concerned, but they are similar in other respects. And they are even more liberal than those in the UK or anywhere else in the Caribbean. It’s simply a matter of how much is one willing to invest in fighting a defamation suit. Most newspapers prefer to settle for a smaller sum than fight the case.

  10. observer

    “how come Cable and Wireless ( Caribsurf ) and Sunbeach ( carried by Cable and Wireless ) has been out all day—this is serious stuff.”

    And how come my new high speed wireless connection via Telebarbados has been down since 8:15 pm last night (Wednesday) and as of yet I can’t get hold of a live body at Freemotion/Telebarbados who can take a trouble report or let me know if they are aware of ongoing system/network problems that might be affecting my service.

    I thought the Telebarbados wireless internet would be independent of the Cable and Wireless internet service, but maybe I’m wrong or maybe it is just a big coincidence I am seeing a long outage on Telebarbados while Cable and Wireless is also having problems.

    Anyhow, looks like it’s the typical *&!!+^! Bajan attitude to customer service from Telebarbados. “If um brek down, yuh gine stan so and wait till um fix, and doan come lookin to we to fine out wuh gine on (even if the outage is > 24hrs). Jes be thankful we gih yuh some high speed service at all, otherwise if wunnuh doan like it, wunnuh can stan pun dial up if dah is what wunna want.

  11. Kathy

    If the rumour is true that the Advocate got rid of Mr. Loveridge because the BLP demanded it, this story is even more worrisome. Especially if the Mr. Loveridge that posts on BFP is the same gentleman. I would say from the quality of his postings and the quality of the Advocate web page (the few times I have looked at it), the Advocate was the loser in this situation. They will probably never get another writer of his calibre. I wish him every success, and respect his principles!

  12. Justice I am just the messenger so don’t shoot me everybody in Barbados says the same thing and obviously there must be some truth to it when one looks at how “prejudiced” and non commital the reporting is in Barbados by Newspapers which everyone is complaining about.

    But I have still not received an answer to the question put to Auntie Moses.

  13. John

    … for the cause that lacks assistance, for the future in the distance and the good that I can do!!!!!

    .. or something like that.

    The Chenerys must be rolling in their graves.

  14. Jupiter

    You BFP,I was sweating boy.

    A whole day and not being able to access you – man I was going through withdrawal symptoms,I needed a shot of my freepress real bad.

    Guess what I ain’t even look at an Advocate or Nation newspaper.

    Guess that tells you where my heart is,doesn’t it?

  15. BFP

    Hello Dave Allamby

    Cliverton here. I’m “on” tonight until 3am.

    Auntie Moses has only rarely posted a comment on Barbados Free Press. She is closer to a spiritual advisor and mom-away-from-home to all of us than a real participator in the actual blog. We fixed her up with a PC about six months ago and she reads everything with great delight.

    When “Auntie Moses” chastises someone for their language on the blog, it is one of us adopting Auntie’s take-no-prisoners attitude to bad words spoken in her kitchen. (I saw her box Marcus’ ears one time for using the “s” word. Hilarious to us, but he was hurting bad!)

    George started the business of using Auntie’s name when she called him up to complain about someone’s language – so to be clear, when “Auntie Moses” calls you out for your words, it is one of us acting for Auntie.

    Now to your questions.

    Firstly, we’d like to again let you know how much we value your input to BFP. You appear to be someone who carefully considers everything – and who knows that words matter and who knows the power that words can have.

    Just the type of person who we’d love to see write a feature or two for BFP on just about anything. We’ll post it – probably very close to being unedited – and without attribution if that’s the way you want it.

    Take a position that is contrary to ours if you like – we don’t care. We don’t “own” this blog – the citizens of Barbados own it as much as we do. He or she who writes gets to be published. We write, so we get published at BFP. You can too, if you like.

    As to the issue of libel and such, we’ve explained our postition a few times along the way. Here’s a sample and a URL – then will talk about your “raid” situation.

    Here is the URL for the libel issue…

    … and a quote…

    “Libel Chill

    With regard to the libel and slander laws, we consulted with an attorney before we formed BFP and were told that we have nothing to fear if we only tell the truth and that is what we do. He also told us about “libel chill” which is where people who don’t like what we say make threats to sue BFP only for the purpose of making us afraid to publish. Right then we made up our minds that no threat will deter us from publishing the truth.

    If the government, opposition party, or anyone thinks they have been libeled we want to hear from them and we will publish, in its entirety, everything they want to say and let our readers judge whether we told the truth.

    Anyone who wants to can send us something to publish. If it is topical and interesting we will publish it. We know the difference between letters or emails that are signed and contain the person’s address and those that are anonymous and will treat them accordingly. We reserve the right to edit where space limitations or context requires but we promise that a writer’s full message will reach our readers.”

    Read the full text in that article and elsewhere on the blog. Do a search on “libel” and you’ll see where we’ve written more on the issue.

    Now to the “raid” part of your question…

    First, our web servers, proxy servers and email servers are not in Barbados. They reside in countries where, in order to discover who we are via electronic means, anyone, including individuals working for the government of Barbados, would have to commit criminal offenses in those countries to have discovered our identities.

    This can be serious business as some folks have discovered when transiting the USA or Britain. One fellow did a little electronic hanky panky from the Cayman Islands and then made the mistake of flying through New York City a few years later. He never knew the FBI put out his name for arrest until he got off the airplane.

    So anyone looking for us electronically had better do it legally… and that is quite an undertaking.

    Proxies, Pixies, Blinds and Encrypted uploads – we do them all.

    And if, at the end, they kick down our door in Bridgetown, Grape Hall or whereever we are… there are THREE TRUTHS that would be revealed for all to see…

    1/ The Government of Barbados was willing to use and misuse the full power of a nation-state to quash a call for transparency and accountability in government.

    2/ The Barbados Free Press would be back online with hours – with the full blog back in operation. Perhaps at the same URL, perhaps at a different URL. Doesn’t matter. One of our chaps does not currently live in Barbados and another person has a job that takes him out of the country for about 50% of the time or more.

    3/ And the Third Truth – We’d finally get to see whether 10,000 computers working full time for 1,000 years really would be able to crack our fully-encrypted hard drives! 🙂



  16. justice denied

    justice you have to be kidding!!!

    its not the libel laws that are archaic, it is an entire legal system that permits lawyers to charge whatever they want without regard to actual and productive time spent, back room deals and “courtesies” that permit years of delay and judges sanctioning or turning a blind eye to the most unethical and sometimes fraudulent behaviour of their legal brethern—all at the expense of the clients and the citizens of Barbados.The mere threat of this kind of a system prevents most citizens with a just cause from speaking out.

    Of course the worst offender is government bureaucrats and politicians ( mostly lawyers ) who use the peoples money to perpetuate the intimidation and abuse their position. Only when we have accountabilty laws and a truly independent judiciary will we have an end to this internal reign of terror.

    Freedom means not just a free and open press but basic human rights including the right not to be abused and terrorised by a completely corrupt and incompetent legal system.

  17. Money!

    Well! – just imagine

    Two Million Bucks(what currency? Guyanese? USD? Bds.Dollar?) down the drain,dread!

    Sheesh.. that same money coulda bin spent over two nights,
    carousing at The Cliff, Lone Star Bar and Royal Pavillion…damm!
    I’m sure Kerins’ accountant will haul him over the coals for spending that money stupidly

  18. Good morning Clive,

    Thank you so very much for taking time to give me such detail and for the invitation to write on an issue that I might give thought to doing. I really do very much appreciate your time.

    As I have said before BFP serves a wonderful and refreshing void in the world of the Barbados “mainstream” media to allow people not only to vent about issues that are important to them but other Bajans like myself who love their beloved “rock” as much as them.

    I have given up on the mainstream press in Bimmy Boo a long time ago because they are the servants of the wealthy, special interest groups, foreigners and the like and could care less about the slow but methodic destruction of Barbados. No one seems to appreciate that because of the size of Barbados and it’s huge population and limited natural resources it is a very fragile environment and the ravages and rape of the island is beginning to show. Things like the Graeme Hall Water Park and the Greenland dump to mention only two is bloody madness even for politicians to consider doingh!

    The Advocate is such a joke that if you want to get a letter to the editor printed of which few are printed all you need do is talk about religion and it will be printed immediately. I am not knocking religion but this is obvious to even the most uninformed. The Advocate is also so unprofessional that on weekends you do not know if it will be web posted or not. How can a National Newspaper be so slack in the 21st Century?

    The Nation News I hope will take a more positive direction with the appointment of the new CEO. She is a very intelligent, well educated lady who has served notice that like politicians she intends to keep state and religion separated. Good for her but I see little change so far since Mr. Harold Hoyte retired and whose phiolosophy was in my opinion to be “all things to all people”. Can’t work in the media!

    The tragedy of this situation is yet to come when the island because of over development and populace will self destruct and all responsible will leave like rats from a sinking ship to go back to their off-shore money and live the good life all over again in some other unsuspecting sunny destination.

    Even here in the Great White North where it would appear because of our vast country that we could never run out of land or resources, we are.

    Water is contaminatedin the Great Lakes and running out, foreign irritants like the Zebra and Quagga mussel along with the Goby fish were all introduced to the Great Lakes by irresponsible Governments in Canada allowing Ocean going vessels using the St Lawrence waterway to pump their ballast and that is how they were introduced. They have since spread throughout our inland lakes taken there by sports fishermen and only a few days ago they are now in Lake Mead. (USA)

    They are decimating sports fishing habitat, plugging Hydro pipes at the Falls etc and God knows what else. To address this environmental madness is costing millions of tax dollars that could go to far better use!

    Urban sprawl has become such a problem that legislation is now in place where Green Belt areas around the Greater Toronto Area have been designated to protect wooded areas and rich farm land from developers. Sorry to be so long winded but I want to get my point out that if we have a concern about the environment and resources in such a large land mass why is a 21 mile by 14 mile island throwing caution to the wind and leaving a hell of a legacy to their children?

    Here is a suggestion but you might be way ahead of me on this because I am barely computer literate and if my computer is behaving I am alright but the minute it goes awry I have to call my wife to fix it.

    On the matter of bad language I was totally wrong and out of line using it for which I apologize again to everyone exposed to it and who found it offensive but to tell the truth I was new to this open format and really did think anything went. I guess in this day and age I should have realized this was not the case. Anyway that is history now!

    Businesses in North America and I am sure in Barbados too who have websites with a “customer service” line to take “complaints” about defective products, poor service etc have some type of program where if the customer is abusive or uses bad language to vent about his complaint by way of e-mail their system rejects it automatically without anyone seeing it and the e-mail is returned to the sender. Maybe if it is not too costly or complex you might want to look into that and it would save a lot of problems at both ends but maybe it is not happening that often to be worth it.

    To “Justice Denied” great comeback and you are correct. Something I have always wondered about concerning law and it’s interpretation in Barbados is how varied it is to other jurisdictions and how much scope lawyers are given. Let me show you why and if I am wrong please tell me and this has to do with Real Estate Law only. And before anyone gets on my case I am quoting from actual experiences of Bajans and others (Foreigners) in Barbados. I have heard over and over again and read about people who buy homes/land in Barbados and even after being in them for months have no title. It seems to take forever and the procedure seems fraught with danger of fraud between the buyer and the lawyer.

    In North America you go look at a house new or resale put an offer in and if it is accepted that offer will also have a specific date, of when you take “posession”, what must be left in the house by the seller etc. The lawyer or his court clerk then searches the title and in most cases this is done electronically without anyone going to the office of deeds and titles.

    On the day of closure after all has been found to be in order the deal is closed the money transferred by electronic mail and you pick up the keys and bingo you are in your new or resale home with title transferred to you at that time. No one would ever entertain taking possession of a home/land up here before the title was transferred.

  19. BFP

    Money said “Well! – just imagine
    Two Million Bucks(what currency? Guyanese? USD? Bds.Dollar?) down the drain,dread!”

    Hi Money

    Mr. Kerins is on record and on video at a meeting explaining that it is US$2 million dollars. His rep also repeated it on the radio show Brasstacks.

    Two Million US Dollars is still a lot of coin and it might take you a few more nights to spend it even at Champers.

  20. Tony

    Look!! The Advocate is a waste of news print paper…From the time the advocate tried to prevent its workers from joinig the union I stoped buying it.. stoped reading it.. It’s therefore no supprise to me reading on BFP that the paper hides or disposes of important news articles.. Its truly sickening, yet quite in its culture ..

    I vote Nation NewsPaper all the way Bajan

  21. Name.

    Poor Kerins: came to the idyllic Caribbean, thinking he’d both do some good and find a nice island to live on, where he’d be a big fish in a small pond, if all went well.
    Oh boy. illusion gone.
    He must be awfully angry at someone, coz that money is non-refundable,sorry.

    In the local vernacular..”He get tek!”

  22. BFP

    Hi Tony

    The Nation isn’t Bajan – it’s owned by the Trinis.

    And its sins are many.

  23. BFP


    “… coz that money is non-refundable, sorry”

    I LOVE IT!

    Thanks for an idea for an article… “Should “Facilitation Payments” be Refundable?”

    ho ho ho!

    Cranky George

  24. John

    Old Barbadian Proverb

    “One smart dead at two smart door.”

    I say if there is a one smart and a two smart, there must also be a three smart!!

  25. I would like to run this “political” scam for a better choice of words past my learned and loyal BFP contibutors for consideration and comment. And to show how sneaky the mainstream press in Barbados is Trini owned or not to influence the vote of the Barbadian resident most of whom do not even see through the smart political scam that it is.

    Read the Nation News today January 26/07 the article “Bajan healthcare better than most” by Tony Best who normally shows some intelligence in his columns but not in this.

    He goes to a Tennessee based Bajan Oral and Facial surgeon in trying to take the heat off of the BLP over the sad state of affairs at the QEH. And the rubbish that follows to make the point of the quality of heathcare in Barbados would make me reluctant using this Tenneesee doctor because he too shows a sad lack of intelligence or knowing what he is talking about. This is a political put up plain and simple!

    Among other nonsense this doctor says to support his political treachery against his Bajan brothers and sisters is that health care in Barbados is even “superior” yuh all hear muh “SUPERIOR” to that of the USA because of “Accessibility”. In the same breath he then says “I can’t speak to the quality of care I am dealing with access”. This coming from a Doctor and a Specialist. God help us all!

    That is like saying that healthcare in Barbados is the best in the World because you have access to it and it is free, but the quality of healthcare you get I know nothing about and it could kill you. Am I missing something here because I thought everyone wants the best healthcare available for themselves and loved ones. Not just access to it!

    Why does this good doctor before opening his mouth with foot in it not go down to Barbados hear the horror stories of not only patients using the QEH, but those of the professionals working at the facility who complain bitterly about lack of medical equipment, broken equipment etc etc etc.

    Tony as a Barbadian journalist this article does a serious disservice to you as a professional and your Nation not to mention what it does to your sisters and brothers who too are crying out about the sad state of affairs of healthcare in Bim and asking God and everyone else to help them. Some claim that domestic pets can get better care and at more efficient and well equipped Vetrinary clinics than humans get at the QEH. And let us not forget Tony the paper that pays you to be honest with the people about the articles you write are themselves condemning the service levels at the QEH. Why is that? Are you suggesting your colleagues are liars?

    But here is another point and observation I would like to make from thousands of miles away. Tony why are you not saying these wonderful things about healthcare in Barbados YOURSELF as you live there and being a journalist you should know first hand the facts but obviously you don’t because you had to go to Tennessee for BLP support!

    The BLP has neglected the QEH for as long as they were in power along with the most vulnerable of Bajan society and I am talking Tony about the poor and middleclass Bajan that uses this facility at their own risk and why not. After all does not all of the big up whites, blacks along with foreigners and most politicians not go to the USA, Canada and the UK when they need professional medical attention? Am I lying Tony? If I am tell the people!

    And let me leave you and the good Tennesee doctor to ponder this logical question. If as the good doctor suggests that healthcare in Barbados is SUPERIOR to that received in the USA why Tony are so many Bajans not taking advantage of it but are going abroad and PAYING big bucks for the care that among intelligent circles know is the best in the world!

    The next time you write an article like this which was politically motivated I would suggest with the greatest of respect that you carry with you a roll of tiolet paper to wipe your mouth and in this case the mouth of the doctor from Tennessee

    And for all of the BLP supporters and a few others that I know do not wrongfully accuse me of writing the truth under the influence.

  26. Let me ask the BFP and its many followers to consider and comment about what I found offensive and which was an insult to the most vulnerable of society in Barbados the poor and the middleclass.

    Today I read an article written by Tony Best at the Nation News about the quality of Health care in Barbados.

    The article was not of the standard that Mr. Best is known for and I respectfully suggest it was because it was “Politically” motivated.

    It is one thing for a reporter of Mr. Best’s caliber to himself comment on the level and quality of health care in Barbados, because not only is he an experienced journalist but he is a Barbadian that should know the truth and the facts about the subject. But to use a Bajan Doctor by the name of Dr. Robert Daniel in Tenneesee to do so and who showed as little class and respect for Barbadians as did Best when suggesting that health care in Barbados was “Superior” to that of the USA is an insult to the intelligence of Bajans.

    What made this entire journalistic exercise so obviously politically motivated and bush league is the fact that Mr. Tony Best of the Nation News knows that colleagues at the Nation News have written over the last several years about the atrocious lack of quality health care people using that facility receives. The horror stories were also carried in Editorials.

    Therefore if local journalists, Editorials and the public at large are aware that health care in Barbados is sadly deficient at the QEH. How can a doctor in Tennessee have such a ridiculously different opinion. And why was he recruited was it not for political reasons to deflect heat from the BLP who have sadly neglected the QEH since coming to power a decade or so ago?

    Dr. Daniel of Tennesee made a fool of himself in trying to justify that healthcare in Barbados was “SUPERIOR” to healthcare in the USA basing his argument on accessibility and the fact it was free.

    And after saying this went on to claim that he can’t speak to the “quality” of health care in Barbados I am dealing with accessibility.

    What good is having access to healthcare unless the quality is good? Does not everyone want the best healthcare for themselves and their loved ones?

    But what makes both Mr. Tony Best of the Nation News and Dr. Daniel of Tennessee look so silly is this. Why do most if not all of the wealthy black and white big ups, including Politicians in Barbados come to the USA, Canada or the UK for medical treatment and pay big bucks for it if they can get “superior” healthcare in Barbados free?

    I think Mr. Best in his zeal to promote or take heat off of the BLP has done a very serious injustice to his brothers and sisters in Barbados who are crying out for good healthcare. The very Professional staff at the QEH say they lack adequate equipment and facilities that are putting patients lives at risk. A year or so ago Doctors said this on the public record and they should know!

    My suggestion to Mr. Best and Dr. Daniel of the Great State of Tennesse is this. The next time you guys conspire to support the BLP at the expense of the poor and middleclass of Barbados by talking the rubbish you did you should keep a roll of toilet paper to wipe your mouthes after you speak. As Auntie Moses said to me “Shame on you two”.

  27. Anon

    Often on this site we give a good bashing to the nation newspaper and from time to time the Advocate and rightfully so I might add.

    However what about starcomnetwork/vob?

    What about Richard Cox head of News at CBC and the CBC news team in general?

    If we look at starcom,they have about 5 radio stations with their star station being vob929.
    Just take a look at their VOB programming:

    One of the Madd fellas Kevin does a sort of P.G. style road runner – nothing really to shout about

    Then you have ads,Promos,until the call – in show

    After that its more promos mixed with that crap called ‘Afternnon Delight’ with a host who takes delight in corrupting standard english eg. it’s now 5 mins gone 3 o’clock,or it’s a quarter of 6 o’clock,or 10 mins shy 2 o’clock etc.

    The whole evening then degenerates into a classic example of poor,problem filled people talking out their business on these make believe scenario and the host responding with a lot of crap.

    How helpful is that to the nation – in prime time if you please.

    Then it’s News at 5:30 P.M. filled with statements from ministers of government,trade union leaders or anyone of so called importance who called in on the ‘talk show’.

    Did these journalists spend any time investigating,researching any big news worthy story?

    The answer surely is:why kill yourself when there is the Gov’t Information Service there.

    Another day I’ll deal with CBC.

    So you see BFP and fellow bloggers,let’s take all of the media houses to task:print and electronic because they are all shamefully,woefully lacking in quality.

    I don’t know what’s practised there but it’s certainly not journalism.

    How can they live with themselves,I certainly don’t know.

  28. bestie

    since when has tony best ever written a proper article? he is a complete and utter waste of time. not to mention his very close relationship to a certain big up politician who has announced her retirment from politics.

  29. Sick and fed up Sylvan

    Why do you worry about Tony Best? I have never considered him a serious journalist. He writes a load of crap which isn’t worth what Paddy shot at … know that old Bajan saying. The QEH article is clearly a PR piece which supports the QEH’s bid to clean up its image through windowdressing. The difference in the USA is that people have a choice when it comes to hospitals. In Barbados, people have a limited choice. It is either Bayville or the QEH. Tony Best is close to a BLP big-up. He drives the person’s car when he is in Barbados. And that big-up has INFLUENCE.

  30. I have to worry about Tony Best and I will tell you why when it comes to the state of “politics” in my island of birth.

    The Nation Newspaper and even the Advocate probably gets the attention of most of the Barbadians who do not own computers and their venom and propaganda gets votes.

    Let me say at this stage that they are some on the Nation News staff who I have a great deal of respect for that are good reporters and they call it as it is. One is Maria Bradshaw I think that is the name and hope I am not making a fool of myself. That lady is focused and she does good work. She got her teeth into the shooting of a policeman by policemen down by Sunset Crest a few years ago and finally got the truth out of it all. I have also followed her work since then and she is good.

    What DLP politicians have to understand in Barbados is this if they want to defeat the BLP. They have to get out and talk to the masses that are out of touch with the issues impacting MAINLY them and who the BLP pull the wool over their eyes every election promising them the “promised” land only to lead them further into the fires of “hell”.

    However I say that I see signs that even the Big Ups have become disenchanted with King Arthur and his Round Table of jokers most of whom should consider going on the Atkins diet.

  31. Get In The Action

    Tony Best’s article was also a news item on VOB. It shows the level to which our so called journalists have sunk to. It seems obvious that the QEH has launched a new PR offensive to counter the negative reality we are hearing every day. It’s too coincidental that this Best spin article follows another QEH pronouncement a few days earlier about new investment in the Accident and Emergency, which follows George Griffith’s ridiculous VOB rant a few days earlier. They have their PR agency on the move.
    What’s sad is that the Nation and Starcom News Editors have allowed this rot to happen. We expect this blatant partisan manipulation by the Advocate, not the last of our centrist media in Barbados.

  32. God Bless David

    I keep telling you guys that Errol Barrow was correct when he said in the House of Parliament that the Advocate “is the worst newspaper in the English language”. Since the Dipper wasn’t multiligual, I guess he could really give it props as the worst, period.


    Tony Best is making a habit of interviewing people with big credentials who are out of touch with reality in Barbados whether intentionally or otherwise . Courtney Blackman is the other person i can think of who seems to be unaware of what go on bout here .

  34. Out Dey In Bim

    Any body notice this unholy veneration of Harold Hoyte lately?

    Every week in the papers is a whole roll about how ‘great thou art’.Give me a break pl e a e ese.

    I mean to say he started a newspaper – fair enough,but what did he do with that newspaper?

    He used it as a money earning venture only.

    Never in the process seeking to embody what the 4th estate is supposed to represent.

    Instead his political cronies at the BLP and big businesses were his first consideration.

    So enough of this veneration of one – ‘Harold Hoyte – The giant of journalism’ –

    The man nice though he appears sold us out by not reporting,investigation,exposing corruption,nepotism,immoral behaviour in high places.

    Sadly the papers seemed content to continue on this trend with one Anthony Audain a big BLPite at its helm as chairman.


    The two dailies, Advocate and Nation, are purely glorified fish-wrap/window cleaning material.
    They are no more than public relations rags for the BLP.
    Trevor Thorpe (another BLPite) recently announced the launch of a new paper. We are yet to see it hit the street, but anyone who knows Trevor can guess the sort of BLP drivel that we will be burdened with.
    VOB, CBC also seem to be competing to see which of them can promote the most government ministers on a daily basis.
    On another note; the Sunday Sun (28th Jan.2007)has tried to re-establish the broken image of “Humpty Dumpty”…oops sorry, I mean Rawle Eastmond.
    He is on “sick leave” until the end of the month, but another section of the same publication shows him donating a weed wacker a la Clyde Maaaascoll.
    It is so insulting that the only thing a man can do after 14+ years is give “debushing” tools to a few”rastamen”.
    Maybe that is Eastmond’s way of getting something done…after all, he admitted on VOB Brass Tacks that he has had 100% failure rate in getting help for constituents.
    The Nation has only made passing reference to that in the past 4 weeks.SHAME!!!!
    God forbid that anything should happen to BFP!!!
    We would be left without a voice/pen!!!

  36. Jupiter


    Hey BFP, you got an honourable mention in today’s Sunday Sun newspaper in an Albert Brandford column.

    Even though he mistakenly or deliberately misquoted your name,at least he was up front to state that he reads ‘free Press’ and will support your call for freedom of information act.

    Well done BFP,maybe Brandford can use his influence to get that newspaper on the track of investigative journalism.

    Perhaps they will first have to get rid of Roxanne Gibbs as managing Editor.

  37. he haw

    Albert if yuh reading I putting it to you that are

    betrayer Clyde Mascoll biggest supporter in the

    media. Thats your right but try be a bit more

    balanced. Cuh dear you is a big time jouirnalist.

    Where yuh professional pride?

    You think we is idiots? Mascoll insult whole uh

    Buhbaydus with his treachery. Even a convict

    wouldnt engage in such dastardly conduct.

    Scold Malick wid Teet somtimes neh.

    I praying to Jehovah that the voters sen he tru the eddoes. Steups.

  38. hoo hoo

    he haw, frum whu uh could tell Mascoll get de sharp knifes in ‘e back from widdin de DLP firs! uh doah blame ‘e fuh jumpin ship.. yuh expek de man tuh wander de politacal wilderness aftuh de res uh he partners frig e up???

  39. Jerome Hinds

    hoo hoo, you talking a whole heap of bull……!!

    Mascoll is the one who shot himself in the foot. On the floor of parliament as opposition leader pretending he want to bring Obrien Trotman before the PAC – but file the motion to do so incorrectly…!!!

    Allowing theBLP parliamentarians to then pooh pooh that move…!!!

    He criticise the BLP on GEMS and Eastry House – Owen announced he going to sell GEMS Mascoll says — Good Move !!

    But all the while Mascoll forget or pretends that he forgot THAT HE CALLED FOR AN INQUIRY ON THE GEMS AND THE UNAUTHORISED SPENDING……!!!!

    Arthur and his other BLP hoodlums ignore Mascoll’s CALL FOR AN INQUIRY, then one day he up and says, YOU KNOW WHAT ???


  40. Jupiter

    If you had any doubt about the Nation’s newspaper’s agenda and its role as a public relations agent for the Blp,then today’s edition should erase that doubt.

    Owen Arthur and the Nation knew that the Dems were starting out on Sunda once again with their public meetings,so what do they do?

    Owen goes to a constituency branch meeting in st george south,a place where he didnot even turn up to support the candidate in public meetings and branch elections before.

    He then proceeded to ramble on about the Dems not treating their own properly and how the Dems behaved last week at the unveling of the Errol Barrow’s statue.

    The intention of all of this is quite clear – make sure that the Dems don’t get ‘lead story’ in today’s (Monday) newspaper about their public meeting.

    And guess what?

    He could only do it with the help of our ‘beloved’ Nation Newspaper and their senior editors of Roxanne Gibbs and Roy Morris.

    Any doubt lingering about what the Nation’s newspaper is?

    I will now listen to VOB and see how the treat the matter.

    Pray tell me people,what was newsworthy about what the prime minister said that had to even be carried at all?

    But don’t be surprised,this will happen right down to the election and through the election period.

    I remember too well last elections,when the DLP was never given sole standing on the front page – even (believe it or not) when the released their manifesto.

    They were always juxtaposed with a Blp story on the front page,while when the BLP had major announcements they were given sole placing on the front page.

    At that time Harold Hoyte was still with the Nation so he had the power to change that if he wanted.

    So you see what the DLP has to come up against?

    The BLP public relations/spin machinery and the machinery of the media that is not working for you,with you or playing fair.


    Arthur taking houses to St Lucy; Mascoll taking houses to St Philip;Bostic sprucing up houses in the City etc. etc.
    All this is being done with taxpayers’ dollars!
    Electioneering at its worst.
    Meanwhile, bajans paying through their “sat-upons” to eat, drink, and support themselves and families.
    The cattle are grazing in lush green pasture land.
    Advocate and Nation (especially the nation) mekking money by publishing scandal and innuendo.
    Lord, come fuh yuh world!!!!!!


    Whatever happened to the “land bank’ government boasted about?
    Do we really think a prudent government would wait until now to talk about finding land in St Lucy on which to put houses?
    We sell out Bim and then offering a sop to the citizenry!
    That is the BLP philosophy for you…”the rich man in his castle, the poor man at his gate, God made them high & lowly,and ordered their estate”.
    Boy oh boy! Corruption has never been so blatant!
    But maybe I am expecting miracles from a man who suddenly acknowledges a 7 year-old and 20year old and his immoral gang!!!

  43. Jerome Hinds, your comments have put the issues into the right context !!

    The latest gaffe from the pillock Owen Arthur, as reported in the Nation News of 2007-01-29, is that ‘ he is leaving no stone UNTURNED in the coming general election’

    Well if the pillock is serious, let him start rolling the stone now,

    1. Is the FBI report still on your desk ???

    2. Are there any members of the BLP party/cabinet who have shares in Barrack construction ???

    3. Are you still going to give the DPP the letter you told parliament you have about allegations on Clyde Mascoll’s campaign during the 2003 general election ???

    4. Why as Finance Minister , you did not insist on CBC Board producing audited financial reports for nearly 5 years ???

    Does Mr. Bostic ‘ spruce up in the City ‘ programme with state funds had/have parliamentary approval ???

    You can begin to address these questions , and the thousands more, that the electorate have been asking for while now when your party resumes


    YOU BIGOT !!!

  44. J. Payne

    It is NOT just the Waterpark article… I work on the site Wikipedia for many Caribbean articles but esp. Barbados… I notice the NationNews articles as well as have a life cycle.

    In the past the Nation removed everything from the past year after January of the following year. E.g. Jan/2007 would mark the removal of everything priory to December 2006. More recently this sched. has shifted to later in the year. In March 2006. That was about when 2005 articles were removed.

    The Advocate had been pretty good about keeping everything since they had launched the site back around 2001 (when I first found it.) So most articles on Wikipedia I would swap for Barbados Advocate since they would be live for much longer…..

    But I don’t know what happened to the Barbados Advocate because all of their articles before the last couple of months are gone…. Not just the Waterpark….

    I did make an article about that waterpark.

    But don’t take it personal the Nation always pulls the previous year’s articles.

    Recently the Trinidad Express did the same….

    I’m waiting to see if the Jamaican Observer is going to start removing their old articles. If they do, I’m in trouble because I wont know whereelse to linkto as a source…. still can’t cut it.

  45. It is understandable that, unlike Google, The Nation has limits to its archive capacity. I see they presently state they go back to May 2005.

    I have never been able to find The Advocate’s archive and thought this was due to my limited expertise. Is it true that they do not have back issues available online? If so, surely they should in today’s communications world.

  46. passin thru

    freespeech says “It is understandable that, unlike Google, The Nation has limits to its archive capacity. I see they presently state they go back to May 2005.”

    Freespeech, that is just not technically true these days. The Nation News or anybody can put a 2 Terabyte (2000 GB) of networked accessible storage online for about US$1500. That’s peanuts and would hold everything they do for years.

    No, I just don’t accept that there are technical or cost considerations at the heart of this issue.

  47. Passin Thru-

    I defer to your greater knowledge on this. It must be rather daunting for editors to know how easily the computer world can watch over them. The less they have to show, the less can be thrown back at them later.