Cowardly Barbados Advocate Newspaper Caved To Screaming Government Minister


Barbados Government Minister Threatened To Withdraw All Advertising If Columnist Was Not Fired

The Wikipedia entry for “Media of Barbados” has needed correction for some time. It says in part …

“The Media of Barbados have had a long history of being entitled to an open policy by the Government, and by the citizenry with respect to press Freedoms… In terms of Broadcast-media the Barbados Government largely has a hands off policy, as long as the content being aired by a media outlet is not profane, libelous, lude, slanderous or vile…”

We all know a hundred times over what a lie that statement is, and here’s more proof…

Hotelier Adrian Loveridge used to write a weekly column for the Barbados Advocate – which ended suddenly (rumour had it) after the Government of Barbados became weary of criticism and truths contained in Mr. Loveridge’s articles. Now, directly from someone who appears to be Adrian Loveridge, we learn the truth about how the cowardly publisher and editor of the Barbados Advocate said “YES MASSA!” to Owen Arthur’s Government and fired their columnist.

Adrian posted this comment at the Barbados Free Press article How Much Is The Barbados Government Paying To Moor Cruise Ships In Other Countries?

From Adrian’s post, it seems that current Minister of Tourism Noel Lynch was the Minister who threatened the Barbados Advocate’s publisher to fire Loveridge…

“In a nutshell, we do not get any assistance from BTA or Ministry of Tourism. Each year we organise a trade/consumer show dedicated to building Intra Caribbean travel, called re-DISCOVER the Caribbean and despite being captured by the media on film and in print, where the Minister of Tourism promised $25,000 towards promoting the event, absolutely nothing has been forthcoming.

Intra Caribbean travel is the ONLY major market where Barbados has seen consistent above inflation growth over the last 12 years.

The same Minister screemed down the phone at me for twelve minutes one Sunday morning and the next day the publisher of the Advocate (where I had a weekly column on Tourism) told me that Government had threatened to withdraw all paid advertising unless my column was terminated.

The previous MOT dismissed me from my post as unanimously elected chairman of a small hotels committee on which I served (unpaid) for two years as ‘being not sufficiently indigenous’ and for the same reason we were denied membership of the Intimate Hotels group. It was up until recently the ONLY trade association of Barbados that denied membership to permanent residents (contrary to the Laws of Barbados – 1966 Act of Constitition).

I could go on, but its hardly likely to make a difference.

I am outspoken because there are so many things going on in this country where there is no degree of accountability or transparency.

During the years I wrote a weekly full page column on tourism in the Advocate, no-one was able to dispute its contents because they were factual and well researched. Thats the reason (I think) that pressure was applied by Government to terminate it.

The reality about tourism on Barbados is that we are not doing very well in comparision to our competitors.
As Peter Morgan used to point out, we are the only Caribbean destination (apart from Haiti) NOT to have grown our hotel room stock in the last 12 years.

In fact over 18 hotels have been lost (conversion to condos) or remain closed.

Between 2002 and 2004 over 2,000 jobs were lost in our tourism industry or put another way one in eight or 14% percent of the workforce.

The Minister may brag about increased arrival numbers, but again in fact many of being counted twice (home porting) and how visitor spending has increased, by 4%. But if inflation is running at 7%, what is the real gain?

Don’t anybody take my word for it, speak to the taxi drivers, room maids, waiters, restaurant owners etc.”

Adrian Loveridge


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46 responses to “Cowardly Barbados Advocate Newspaper Caved To Screaming Government Minister

  1. Bajanboy

    I was curious how Adrian’s outspokenness was affecting his livelihood here in Barbados when I asked him about that in a previous post. While not being thrown in jail or beaten with a cat-o-nine tails, that subtle pressure and intimidation which barney and his cronies place on Adrian is still reprehensible. No one cares more about tourism in Barbados than Adrian, and yet government treats him like an annoying cockroach that needs to be stomped on.

  2. reality check

    God forbid that we would ever have the truth otherwise none of the politicians in power would have jobs.

    Successful people, companies and even countries survive and thrive by constant evaluation of their assumptions and the ability to change quickly. This means facing the cold hard truth at every moment not hiding like a bunch of petulant egocentric schoolchildren.

    Off with their heads!!!

  3. **************************************


    Mr. Allamby, don’t you be saying such bad words in my house! I will box your ears if I EVER hear you sayin such things again.

    You be warned!


    I have followed Adrian Loveridges many comments about the state of tourism in Barbados for years and he is a smart, informed and outspoken person the type that scares the hell out of the out of touch with reality BLP Government.

    Only a few weeks ago Adrian went on the public record in responding to another hotelier lamenting that some small hotels were behind in occupancy by saying his was full. He must be doing something right!

    What I find very troubling about the fear of the Government, for intelligent people like Adrian and others from reporting the facts about the state of not only Tourism in Barbados, but anything that is politically, socially or economically sensitive or embarassing is this. How can you fix a problem until you recognize and accept that you have one and then go about finding solutions to them. There is no stigma in doing that because every country in the world have similar problems that the press and public commentators ventilate without fear of repercussion because it would not be accepted!

    When you have people like Bizzy Williams and Sir David Seale two of the many great business minds in Barbados lament how slow it is for Town Planning to act and issue building permits and few Barbadians if any go on the public record to support them I say that is the worse form of apathy a Nation can have. Because if the economic well being of a Nation is not seen to be important do not let the masses Unions and others cry out about the lack of employment so badly and consistently needed in Barbados. Yet the paters are filled with rubbish about holds the power in Barbados, blacks or whites? Who gives a ****? I don’t care if you are a Marsian give me a job and some dollar bills and you own me!

    Take the QEH problems I would be embarassed were I the Minister responsible for this facility. It does not seem that one day goes by that even more serious revelations are levelled at this facility. Yet we are told all is ready for the CWC. Assume the worse and let us say a serious castrapohe takes place involving dozens of casualities, injuries etc is the QEH a facility that people from abroad can feel confident in getting the care they need under such circumstances? Even local Barbadians who can afford it does not use this facility opting instead to come to the USA, Canada or the UK for medical treatment! Am I lying? Can you blame them?

    We were told in a recent press release that there is no ambulance service at the Grantley Adams airport which is atrocious even under normal circumstances and will be more so if this situation is not remedied in time to meet the increased flights and passengers expected to be attending CWC. But the press does not stick to following up on these hot button issues but go on to other repetitive issues plaguing Barbados for decades, like errant garbage scattered all over the island, water shortages, etc. It is like going from one problem to another with no solutions being found and then they come back to the starting point and go all over again like a broken record!

  4. addy


    Shame on You!

    If you said such a thing in my home I would whoop your….

    Donot be saying such things infront of Auntie Moses or she will find you an wash out your mouth after she boxes your ears in a hardy manner!


    muscle mary strikes again. one he *** ******* on nation front page getting a big job in north america.
    when is barbados going to do away with muscle mary he cronies and other blp piggies at the trough.enough already

  5. Jerome Hinds

    Well folks, who pays the piper calls the tune….. !

    I guess there was no way the Advocate group were going to let go of taxpayers funds and side with Mr. Loveridge against the BLP !!!!

    Sad day for freedom of speech in Barbados….!!

    But Mr. Loveridge must realise by now that his frankness and objective commentary would offend Arthur and his cohorts….. who wish the public to believe a bunch of lies….

    If I am correct, was it not at a BLP meeting in Oistins during the 2003 campaign , that Mr. Loveridge and his wife were accosted/heckled by BLP supporters ????

    If so, we may be witnessing the signs of political tribalism et al Jamaica, Guyana style….!!!

    But, then again Owen worked in Jamaica and embraces Guyanese PEPPERPOT !!!!

  6. Freedom of the Press.

    Why does any of this surprise you?
    Ye Advocate is owned by a big-up BornAgainChristian BLP-ite.
    It could be no other way.

    It is also known that the pm makes similar nocturnal tel.calls, when suitably juiced up, using the foulest sailor language that bfp would surely edit out.

    Barbados is a small tinpot African banana republic: nothing more.
    Measure it: 21 yards long, by 14 metres wide(at its widest point,I might add!)

    We The Exalted Bajans reckon it’s the sweetest place on Earth,
    but we live, psychologically-comfortable as it is, back in the mellow 1970s, when things were more placid, holding to that fair time of uncomplicated immediately-post-Colonial successes.
    Things have changed,my darlings
    and we are now in the unfettered TwoThousandz, where money and power are all.Get used to it. Get used to rolling with those punches, for more are coming, particularly this year of the so-so Cricket.07 showings that don’t exceed expectations,prognostications and forecasts! All is not well.

  7. Despair not, “Freedom of Press” we are not yet a tinpot banana republic, not while brave men like Adrian Loveridge will speak out honestly without rancour for the island he loves.

    He refers to recently deceased, Peter Morgan, also a hotelier, who threw his hat in the ring and became a politician, Minister of Tourism, well respected for his views and actions.

    We would all have confidence in Mr Loveridge if he took over as Minister of Tourism. Is such a thing impossible in Barbados today? Will men of integrity and ability not come forward to steer our nation back on track? It is said that in a democracy the electorate gets the government it deserves. Surely we deserve better than we have right now?

  8. Paddy O'Furniture


    You are a thorn in the lion’s paw. Keep being a thorn!

    I find your comments and questions on the tourism sector refreshing. As a hotelier you have made an important contribution to the industy in spite of the hostility from certain groups. As a journalist you have tried to educate the public about these important matters in the tourism sector. I enjoyed reading your articles in the Advocate. Maybe talk to Patrick Hoyos. He needs local content for the Broad Street Journal.

    It is a sad commentary on the industry and the government of the land when you are attacked for attempting to promote the sector.

    I worked for a group of hotels operating in Barbados and my experience confirms some of your comments on the numbers that are publicly reported. In the companies I worked with there was a lot of mismanagement and manipulation of statistics that did not bear scrutiny. Some of the numbers reported were creative to the point of being ficititious.

    The owners of the group I worked for were mainly interested in selling their investment and getting out. After losing a great deal of money, that is what they did. To my mind that is not an endorsement of the industry in Barbados.

  9. Auntie Mary I sorry enough for cussing and it won’t happen again. But when I see Rhiana up here wukkin up in her videos and acting like a high class prostitute on TV like the rest of our female North American Artistes I did not think that the odd cuss word as beningn as they were would offend any Bajan. But I forgot about the double standards going on in this world.

    When you turn on TV and here the cussing there or go to the movie wuh yuh is tell them turn it off too.

  10. Rumplestilskin

    Cowardly? Have you seen the recent Advocate editorials? Look very sympathetic to the current administration. Cowardly may not be the word, maybe one should consider ‘deliberate’.

    We getting like North America, where the mainstream press supports one party only…the one with the bucks!

  11. Auntie Moses let me pose this question to you with the greatest of respect.

    Is the odd bad word the cause for spreading AIDS in Barbados or is it the teaching of a culture that pre-marital and the idea that cool videos promoting sex generally like Rhianna does along with the ZR culture more responsible?

    Are they not saying in Barbados that the school system is the breeding ground for early sexual encounters as it is in North America.

    Are they not saying that absentee parenting along with religious convictions is not a major cause for young peoples decline in moral values?

    Please do not insult my intelligence of accusing me that the few bad words I use need to be addressed. I think you need to get your priorities straight.

    But is censoring the odd bad word that pales by comparison to what is used in todays schools by children and on ZR busses ant different to the Government of Barbados censoring Adrian Loveridge?

  12. Gallery

    allamby what is your effing problem with rihanna….this young woman is doing barbados proud…..shes very beautiful and carries and handles herself with much dignity…..even when she shows flesh its fresh and wholesome not dirty and trashy.
    lay off rihanna..congratulate dont denigrate

  13. BFP

    Mr. Allamby

    Standards, my dear man, standards.

    If we don’t maintain them, nobody will.

    Lead and people will follow – because in their hearts, they know what is best for themselves and their children.

    It is all about leadership.

    Auntie Moses

  14. Standards apply to all and are interlocking. You cannot apply one set of standards to one section of siciety without applying them to all. There are no levels of teefing, teefing is teefing no matter who does it.

    I am not singling out Rhianna because we have the same types in North America if not worse when looking at the likes of Britney Spears, Paris Hilton et al.

    But what I want to know is this if these “Entertainers” want to act like prostitutes and perform acts on the tube that are little different to soft porn why criticize me for saying s—-? Is it because Rhianna is promoting Barbados and causing money to flow in to that Nation and she is given more consideration when it comes to morals and Godly behaviour? Ask God what he thinks about that and I am not a bible thumper. But if we The Barbados Free Press et al are saying we believe in moral values let them apply to all do not single me out!

    I couldn’t care less if Rhianna, Britney Spears, Paris Hilton or any of them take off all their clothes and do anything they want to do. That is their business and prerogative. What I do have a problem with is when considering what these entertainers do and get away with that does our young people far more harm than me saying s—– where do you get off Auntie by calling me on the carpet for saying that word?

    I think not long ago an entertainer at your Jazz Festival went on a rampage of what some felt was vulgarity in a speech or act she put on. Yet no one seems to care about visual sexuality and vulgarity put on by Rhianna and the rest of sluts vying for the most publicity. Is this not double standards?

    Where do you draw the line that is my question?

  15. Bajan George

    “Where do you draw the line…?”

    The place and instance where “the line” gets drawn is at BFP’s discretion. They earned that right the moment they got this blog online, most of the rest of us don’t have as much on the line as they do.

    As to the comment “You cannot apply one set of standards to one section of society without applying them to all,” they can, and they do. It’s a blog, and they be human.

  16. Bajan George I accept your comments without equivocation and you add reason to confusion.

    The BFP has the right to accept or reject anything they wish. What I took exception to was the fact they were sitting in judgement on me and chastizing me for a word that is readily used daily not that that makes it right.

    Had Auntie come on and said to those using this blog we are not going to condone blasphemy I would have got the message. I did not need a lesson in phony morality.

    What makes me laugh because I am a learned Bajan not a North American is this. The same locals who are condemnimg me for my views on Rhianna and the other North American comparisons are the first to say when a Visitor is raped in Barbados or hustled on the beach is this. Man Allamby these women is come down here and dress like whores tek of their tops on the beaches and then when they get raped blame Barbados.

    But here is the funny thing about that. It isn’t old people like me raping them it is young verile men from the section of society who tells me Rhianna and the North American cult like her has the right to show flesh and act as sexy as thery want because it is beautiful. And I aint got no argument with that. But then why are these beautiful fleshy women being raped by those who encourage them to be acting this way?

    We are told by the in generation that a woman should be able to dress as prevocatively as she chooses without expecting to be raped. And I agree with that 100%. But that aint reality either in Bim or the rest of the world.

    But also we hear the Barbados society AND GOVERNMENT crying out about the sexual behaviour of the younger generation but no one seems to consider that the younger generation is emulating Rock Stars like Rhianna, Britney. Paris, Jessica Simpson etc. There is no more promiscuous society than North America nor is there another Nation in the world to my knowledge that matches North America for divorces, but which country does most or every country including Barbados try to emulate? North America.

    My point in beating this matter of Auntie chastising me to death is this dont sweat the small stuff like the obsecenity S—— when we are being consumed by far more dreadful moral deficiencies in our countries. And which I read about daily in the Barbados press.

    I admit that I should not have used that word but being a blog I didn’t think it that big a deal. And knowing Bajans as I do I thought S—— was a walk in the park when it came to being offensive. To those that found it that way my sincere apologies and it wont occur again

    That is the end of my sermons!

  17. W.K.P. Skeete

    Hallelujah!!! Ya right though bro…but really, how many rums compose that epistle?

  18. Bajan George

    Dave – I don’t mean to make this any more than it is, or diminish what you are saying. Auntie took some words out of the blog, and regardless of your perception of apparent BFP judgement, and the resulting effect on what you wrote, I feel your points were (and still are) quite clear.

    These BFP folks need our help to make this blog more credible, on point, and popular. On that point, we’re both guilty of poor discipline as we indulge opinions unrelated to the story at hand.

    The penalty for “thread drift” will be ten lashes with a soggy noodle.

  19. Gallery

    allamby like you en take yuh pills today…you deliver yourself of a roll of either envy Rihanna or you are a nutcase…my vote is that you are both..your arguments are tenuous at best. I suggest you take a long arse nap…wkp enquiry about how many rums it tek to compose your epistle en far off the mark nether….
    try lime and gingerale before that nap aiite.

  20. John

    Dave Allamby

    …. dont forget the Right Honourable O$A when looking for an example. Guess he as a public figure is a part of the show biz scene too.

    Although he wears a jacket of respectability, he also as pointed out elsewhere, like any proper Bajan male, wears a pants.

    Nobody is a saint, least of all me, but cuh dear, if you are going to be a public figure, try and walk the walk and wear de pants proper!

  21. frustrated bajan

    We bajans have a problem with the way this government is running things, but they will still vote them back in again when election time comes around again. Isn’t that something.

    Don’t get me started on the airport that was renovated and is leaking and you still have to walk across a tarmac. I thought to renovate means to make it better. I don’t see how it was made better, do you?

  22. frustrated bajan

    That is so right John. In this states they impeached clinton for having a thing with monica lewinsky, they just had oral sex but our dear pm had a whole relationship and child with his pa and he is still in power? Explain.

  23. Fred

    The problem here is that we do in fact have a very weak Minister of Tourism in actual fact I would venture to say maybe the worst minister of tourism we have ever had in our 40 years of Independence, as a result anyone willing to add logical input that would advance the tourism product is seen and being troublesome to the adminstration.
    My advice is to leave the minister alone ( not stating if he or she here) and let them oversee the complete destruction of the most important industry in the island then when they are on their knees ( not kidding here)change the players and install someone with some brain and someone who is not to big headed to listen to ones that are wiser than themselves.

  24. I hear all of you loud and clear. But let me make one point. No rums were involved.

    I am as fragile a human as all with my faults of which I have many. I am trying without much success in trying to make a point that seems to be a problem in Barbados and the world.

    Morality, discipline, decency cannot be selectively applied or demanded from certain sections of the society only. That would be like what many say or suggest. And that is there is a law for the rich and one for the poor. Double standards is what has caused the major decay of todays society especially the youngsters and I am not alone in saying this!

    One of the respondents to my off color blog used the word “freeekin” that is the socially accepted fancy word for you know what. But because the actual word was not used is that to say the intent of freekin was not known to youngsters who might have read this letter and are very familiar with its term? And is this even not more obscene and vulgar than the word s——? Just something to think about!

    Anyway as I said the matter is closed as far as I am concerned.

  25. Anonymous

    We have a number of problems in Bim a Hospital and a minister that does not work, a newly built airport that is worst than the old one, hotels closing down only to be converted to apartments,Ministers who are biting off more than they can chew,The issue of Gems which has never been dealt with in full detail, ministers involved with land deals only to benefit at the end with the sale of the said lands to very wealthy persons,the continual blocking of beach access points and more recently the blocking of right of ways to lands as was the case in Porters st.James recently,the over budget spending at the Oval for cricket world cup that will leave us in more debt than the event was ever worth in the first place,has anyone heard anything more regarding Edutech what a waste of taxpayers time and money, wonder who made money out of that adventure.
    Should I continue i will hold it for now but part two to come but more importantly are we going to sit back and allow this nonsense to continue unabated, the time is now to stand up and speak out and take the action that is required when the elections are called.

  26. Correction to my last blog the word used was “effing” not “freekin”

  27. Fred

    We have a number of problems in Bim a Hospital and a minister that does not work, a newly built airport that is worst than the old one, hotels closing down only to be converted to apartments,Ministers who are biting off more than they can chew,The issue of Gems which has never been dealt with in full detail, ministers involved with land deals only to benefit at the end with the sale of the said lands to very wealthy persons,the continual blocking of beach access points and more recently the blocking of right of ways to lands as was the case in Porters st.James recently,the over budget spending at the Oval for cricket world cup that will leave us in more debt than the event was ever worth in the first place,has anyone heard anything more regarding Edutech what a waste of taxpayers time and money, wonder who made money out of that adventure.
    Should I continue i will hold it for now but part two to come but more importantly are we going to sit back and allow this nonsense to continue unabated, the time is now to stand up and speak out and take the action that is required when the elections are called.

  28. Fred I hear the frustration in your voice and everything you say is correct but like North America “Democracy” no l0nger serves the majority and the masses have given up from voting.

    I really do not know what the answer is because even in Developed Nations like North America only 60% and sometimes less vote. They have given up especially the young people who see all politicians and political partys as being corrupt, serving the wealthy only and paying no attention to the wishes of the majority. They say voting brings no change that is their attitude. It is truly a sad commentary of the political system in place.

    Regrettably another sad factor is this when election rolls around many see the Opposition as little better than the Government and take the position that the devil they know is better than the one they don’t know. I think this is a big mistake!

    But here is another thing and which you alluded to. I read in your papers about these Foreign people putting up big gates to block public roads and actually see pictures of it in the paper, but what I dont understand is this here is Mr. Bizzy Williams and Sir David Seale complaining that Town planning is take a year to give them permits to build business structurers, but these huge gates and pillars go up without permission or that is the impression I get. How come? Why is it when reporters bring this up Government Inspectors do not go to the site and demolish them or make the Foreigner tear em down forthwith?

    But I see in todays paper the boys have reacted to putting on site medical or First Aid facilities including Ambulance service at Grantley Adams. This I think is an example that public outrage in the press can bring about change. But very slowly.

  29. Fred

    To the best of my knowledge permission was never formally applied for maybe more of a call to some in authority to inform them of the plan (please remember Mr Eastmond’s statement on the call in program that even though he tried to deal with it that there were forces at work that were greater than he, that would seem to me that this developer has contact higher up the political structure), than actually seeking Town and Country planning permission because I have been told that since the event maybe town and country planning have now become involved and they have made him remove the planter that was outside of the guard wall as well.
    With regard to medical facilites at the airport this is merely a token response to the furore who knows how well and for how long it will be in service, maybe for just as long as there is comment in the media and once that dies away the service will end.

  30. Rfan,maybe..

    Rihanna is what I’d call pass-for-pretty.
    Without her makeup, she’s probably quite plain.
    Given that bulbous forehead of hers, I wouldn’t wear my hair like she does to display all dah big lotta head she got above the eye level,
    but yes I understand how she’s the biggest thing to promote Barbados,
    and so we elevate her to a status level beyond her abilities, just like how sooo many of them were trying to over-sing the songs they did at the Barbados Music Awards,2007
    trying to sing beyond their real abilities,
    feelin dey soundin goood..

    -and it showed,not on the night, but in the recorded version we saw,sorry endured, on CBC-TV 2 nites ago..where all the flubs and sour notes showed.

    The best performer was the white (Canadian?) girl who did a JAZZ piece,
    with a guy on piano,
    who was spot-on, a true pro,
    not in need of impressing anyone, just singing her thing like she clearly does, several times a week.

  31. frustrated bajan

    The so called ambulance that they have at the airport has in nothing. it is a bear shell of an ambulance. how can u renovate an airport an not put in place medical facilities in case something happens to anyone arriving or going. it took i think two people to die for them to want to do something they should have done something from the beginning. are we a backward nation, or are our leaders backward? why waste money “renovating an airport and not making proper facilities in the first instance but saying that is phase 1 and the other additions will come in phase 2. where is the logic in that thinking do everything one time.
    why is it that overseas investors can come to barbados and buy up all of our land and the citizens of barbados(people born here) cannot get any land to buy as the prices are to high or there isn’t any with in reasonable pricing.

  32. While we are on the subject of propriety in use of language, could someone please explain how some commenters e.g. Adrian, are able to put in a “smiley” emoticon? Others are able to use bold type e.g. Free Cricket (Jan 8- Cricket Visa Debacle).

    I hate to use CAPITALS for emphasis and would much prefer bold type if I knew how.

    I am sure Auntie Moses will agree the politer we are in exchanging often heated views, the better.

  33. Tony

    Hi Adrian Loveridge

    Hope you get a glimpse at my comment on your article about barnie and the red bees that stinging we bajans.

    Its truly a pity that the gagging and or buying of every outspoken bajan has been so obvious too many of us and yet it still continues. I must admit that I would not have seen any of your articles in the Advocate as I stopped buying that some time ago.. But its truly worrying that a vehicle of truth could be so manipulated and pressed to do what ever the powers that be desire.. Its a great shame and disappointment to me as a young bajan…

    Reading your article tells me that my decision for my X when the election bell is called is a good decision…
    “Barbados, its differently time for change.. “!!!!
    Do not allow your selves to be continually fooled and blinded by the smoke screens of you know who..

    May our X save us all…

  34. Cuda

    It is obviously a great concern when government interfere with what content can be printed in the “free” press. The damage this does to democracy has been well covered by previous posters, so I thought I’d bring up different but related issue.

    Does it really surprise anyone that the newspapers in Barbados cave in to pressure?

    After all, they make close to no effort to report stories independently these days. As an example, far too many stories in both the Advocate and the Nation are basically corporate or government press releases. On numerous occasions the “journalists” can’t even be bothered to correct the grammar issues that arise from replacing all “we” from the press releases to “he or she”.

    Not being native to Barbados, the quality of the Advocate and the Nation is shockingly low. I think a fair comparison in terms of quality is high school newspapers in Europe or the USA. If all we get from the local newspapers are re-printed press releases written in poor English, then assuming that the press would put journalistic principals over government decrees is wishful thinking.

  35. Anonymous

    *********** spoke yesterday about airfares on new Liat Star airline. Which posters saw his remarks? Anyone understood what this man was going on about? Just a bunch of confusing mumbo jumbo from a ‘team for the times’ misfit clown.



    Not again. I haven’t got that much time tonight so I’ll just blacklist you and be done.

    Play nice! … or at least keep the language above the belt.

    Auntie Moses

  36. Not Me booosee !

    ******* is the Minister of Statistics , Misinformation and Lies. It is unworthy and unre…LIABLE !!….to repeat anything coming from the mouth of such…..!!!!


    That’s twice!

    Auntie Moses

  37. Warrior

    There has come a time for people to speak out clearly, despite the threats. I know that they wanted another outspoken person removed from her column… just that her column cause the papers to sell that is how come they ain’t move her yet.

  38. Joe

    Today’s Sunday Advocate reads like science fiction.

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  46. kentusmaximus

    all of this and some of you think i make strange comments on here..? really? i have not said nothing compared to the ones with the hidden faces.the cowards behind the words.
    stupsssss and i was feeling bad for a second.huh snap