Barbados Music Awards Need A Little Credibility Boost

The Bajan Reporter blog continues asking questions about the judging process of the Barbados Music Awards – and the bloggers aren’t the only ones raising eyebrows. According to Ian Bourne at Bajan Reporter, some Barbados entertainers are grumbling too.

Like we said… there has been a change of mood in this country insofar as transparency, integrity and accountability goes – and it is flowing through Bajan society at all levels. The elites had better take notice…

Bajan Reporter: More Entertainers Carp On B’dos Music Awards Under Cloak Of Anonymity


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5 responses to “Barbados Music Awards Need A Little Credibility Boost

  1. Mother Earth.

    Did u c the show last night?
    Black ppl trying to be white people.
    Barbados’ answer to Hollywood?
    Copycat copycat?
    It was the most embarrassing MOCK thing I ever saw! – EVER!
    Best thing was the PM saying “this is A JACKET AND A SHIRT AND A PANTS!”
    Good for YOU, muh brather!

  2. Um, you refer to Errol Barrow statue launch? BFP is talking about my item on the Music Awards – two different fish! But I do have my own view on the Statue Launch as well, check my blog, L8R!

  3. Mother Earth.

    No, I was referring to the limo-sprinkled show at the Gymnasium,
    Barbados Music Awards,2007,
    in all its spleadour and gory.

    A poor imitation, feature for feature,
    of the Hollywood real ting that we see and envy.
    I’m so glad the whole world was watching.
    Now they know ! (I cringe in shame)

  4. DONQ

    Hey Mother Earth, ya Sista here….

    The whole palava of the hair extensions, coloured contact lenses, bleach out skin, and things so NOT either Bajan or ethnic is absolutely hysterical.

    If this is our answer of wanna be Hollywoodism, at least let the well dressed speak well when interviewed. All the great talk with bad grammar… hahahha… what a joke. They must have spent hundreds on their ensemble for the evening, and suffered by missing their car / hp payments is all I could think.

    Give me a night out comprising of the one I love, some nice music and some nice cool frsh air to enjoy life. Drinks optional…

    According to my dear old departed Gran, “Dat good for all dem what wants it…”

    hhahaha… I still laughing at the Mock Mock Mock-Up.

    PS Note to self… go practice my celebrity wave for the Red Carpet next year…like I is somebody too!!

  5. DONQ

    Sidenote…. I understand that our darling Rhianna strolled past about a dozen or more folk in the VISA line last week… All of them that were boiling in the sun for a good long time just had to wait, while she was nobly escorted to the front of the line. Appointment or no, this, (I thought) was a society of waiting your turn no matter who you are (or think you are)… (Long blond ponytail, Polka dot dress and matching shoes was the jump to the front of the line attire)…Anyone to co-oberate that this happened??.. I would hate to think so.