Cricket World Cup Barbados – How Are Those Ticket Sales? When Will The Election Be Called?

Barbados Election Date Linked To Ticket Sales And Other Feel-Good Factors

Mixed reports are coming in from all over the place about ticket sales and hotel reservations. We have heard that some hotels are full while others are a little worried. Can anyone let us know about how bed & breakfast homes are doing? We know one place that was booked up a year ago with deposits, but I don’t think that they are typical. (Time to raise the rates… You know who you are! 🙂 )

From comes a story of slow ticket sales, with a “public relations nightmare” being predicted by the managing director of Round Hill Hotel in Montego Bay. (Hey… If a Jamaican hotel manager doesn’t view that country’s crime statistics as his worst “public relations nightmare” – he’s not playing with a full deck.)

Who’s right and who’s calling wolf? Nobody knows for now… but the truth will become plain long before the party ends in a few months.

To Call A Snap Election… Or Not?

You can bet that the BLP government will be looking at the apparent success of Cricket World Cup very carefully as they decide whether or not to call a snap election soon after the last CWC fan leaves the island.

Much like that period between waking up in the morning and remembering what a great party you hosted last night and then walking downstairs to realize that the mess will take the rest of the week to clean up – the BLP will call the election to capitalize on the short-term feel-good memory of the Cricket World Cup before the reality strikes, and people start wondering about how long it will take to pay for the party.


Slow sales for World Cup tickets

January 21, 2007

With just 50 days to go until the World Cup starts in the Caribbean there is concern over dwindling ticket sales. The problems with some nationalities needing to obtain visas is believed to be playing a major part.

Applicants who require visas must either reach their nearest office or mail their passports along with $100 and join a long waiting list.

“This is the worst public-relations nightmare that the Caribbean has ever created for itself,” said Josef Forstmayr, managing director of Round Hill Hotel and Villas in Montego Bay, Jamaica.

George Goodwin, chief executive officer of the local organizing committee in Antigua and Barbudam, added: “Ticket sales are not going as robust as people had originally hoped.”

However, Chris Dehring, the chief executive of the World Cup organising committee, was more upbeat: “This event has faced so many challenges that at this stage, everything is full steam ahead,” he told The Miami Herald, “the little hiccups are simply rolled out.”

… read the full article at (link here)

A Sticky Wicket For Cricket Event – Miami Herald

Less than two months before the Cricket World Cup opens in the Caribbean, the region’s officials are worried that attendance may be far lower than anticipated.

PORT-OF-SPAIN, Trinidad – Six months ago, the main concerns over the Cricket World Cup revolved around venue preparations and accommodations for the anticipated tens of thousands of fans expected from around the world.

But 48 days before the opening ceremony of the biggest-ever sporting event in the English-speaking Caribbean, the question is: Will they come?

”Ticket sales are not going as robust as people had originally hoped,” said George Goodwin, chief executive officer of the local organizing committee in Antigua and Barbuda.

Sales are even lagging in Jamaica, where the overall organizers of Cricket World Cup West Indies 2007 are headquartered.


The slow ticket sales, lack of local excitement plus ill feelings over the requirement for a special visa good for the Caribbean Community (CARICOM) region are threatening the success of the March 5-April 28 tournament…

… continue reading this article in the Miami Herald (link here)


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13 responses to “Cricket World Cup Barbados – How Are Those Ticket Sales? When Will The Election Be Called?

  1. Can anyone let us know about how bed & breakfast homes are doing?

    We still have a few openings, but are pretty well booked during April. Not as much action as we had hoped during March. Hopefully that will pick up soon.

  2. spin

    don’t expect government to tell you the truth. They wouldn’t know what that was if it came and hit them in the face.

    there is an election coming

    you could have famine, pestilence, plague and war of biblical proportion and the BLP would tell you everything is idyllic.

  3. John Chapman

    Let’s get real people, the world cup will not make a profit but a loss. We will be paying for it in ………5 years or so. Lets hope Owen show can do what Sir Sandiford Global Conference has done..bring in more visitors . Remenber that the UN paid for the conference….CWC ent pay one cebt to help with th eworld cup but dictate how it is to be done. If ya at UWI study the history of cricket in the British commomwealth and it will be suprising about the truth

  4. Adrian Loveridge

    You only have to GOOGLE NEWS ‘Caricom Visa’ to see the extent of this public relations disaster.
    Sir Royston Hopkins in Grenada, the Jamaica, Tobago and Antigua Hotels and Tourism Associations and under an article appearing today
    ‘World Cup cricket sales dwindle’ quotes ‘World Cup organisers are facing major problems with tickets sales for the World Cup drying up, with many still yet to be purchased’, the BBC reported.

    ‘The drop in the sales growth has been attributed to the introduction of the Caricom visa system’.

    ‘However the hassle and cost associated with obtaining the visa has seen the cancellation of purchased tickets as well as a reduction in the number booked’.

    In my humble opinion, it is going to take years and lots of marketing dollars to redress the damage it has done to emerging tourism markets including Scandinavia, Belgium, Luxembourg, Austria and Switzerland.
    If you tell these markets they need a special visa (for the first time) to travel to the Caribbean between 1st February and 15th May) due to Barbados hosting seven days of cricket in April, they simply will chose another destination, perhaps for ever.

    To add to this nonsense, the nationals of countries requiring this Caricom Visa only need it for land based accommodation providers.
    If you are one of the thousands of people arriving and being accommodated on a cruise ship, NO visa and US$15 million of Barbadian taxpayers monies are being used to charter at least one ship.

    If it is too late to cancel the VISA altogether, then let people apply online, obtain a unique bar coded
    receipt which is redeemed on arrival with a stamp in the passport at a special desk (or desks) at each airport.
    It has to be less expensive that a 56th floor office in the middle of Sydney.

    As a matter of urgency, the BTA or Ministy of Tourism must contact EVERY accommodation provider and compile an accurate report on booked and deposited rooms and exactly how many cancellations have been received.

    With 12 Parliamentary seats having been won with less than a 150 seat majority in the last election, our policymakers should be aware that there are at least 150 tourism workers in every constituency.

    These voters will not forgive seeing empty hotel rooms while ‘up to 18 cruise ships’ are moored in the harbour being crewed by extra-regional personnel, consuming extra regional products and having the profits (and taxpayer subsidies) repatriated to God knows where.

  5. Truth be known – I thought elections were gonna be called last September, I think something happened at that time to delay it – to do with tourism; then when I figured Nov/Dec? That’s when the Castries “Wake up Call,” viz. K. Anthony’s massive loss, probably put the kibosh on that!

    I see it more likely now as this year for sure, but as to if May/June or further on down? I am uncertain, but Owen can’t wait ’til 2008!

    Look at facts, Athens as the most recent example – they are kinda sorry they hosted the 2004 Olympics, they are paying for it now; Montreal hosted the five multi-coloured rings in 1976 and they only very recently cleared that debt!

    If you look at such examples, as Adrian Loveridge suggests – go Google it, then ya know the ringing of the bell has to be soon, fast & hard!

  6. Jerome Hinds

    When the truth is NOT told to the populace and broken promises abound, then we can all expect that the BLP members would all be peeing* their pants!!!

    The likely CWC 2007 fiasco would only add to the stench !!!!

    Imagine the PM stated over a year ago on the Kensington Oval grounds that he was prepared to move ‘ Heaven & Earth’ to see that CWC 2007 comes off.

    Yet for ages the folks at Emmerton have been begging and being promised by the BLP they would be relocated from around the sewage plant.
    CWC 2007 days away the Emmerton folks are still waiting !!!!

    Latest development on that mess !!! The BLP just announced that they will be moved shortly !!!

    But then we noticed that a few miles away, and with taxpayers funds – being used without parliamentary approval, the latest BLP moojan
    ( Jeffrey Bostic ) going around from door to door sprucing up homes – FREE OF COST TO THE OCCUPANTS !!!!

    But all of this is not because of CWC 2007 BUT FOR GENERAL ELECTIONS !!!

    CWC 2007 just happened to coincide !!!

    The quicker we get rid of these BLP PIMPS from the corridors of government the better for Barbados…

    If the new set of managers coming in do NOT give us what we deserve THEN OUT THEY WILL GO TOO…..

    Get your X ready fellow Barbadians…….!!!

    * word changed by George


    What will be the final cost of CWC to Barbados?
    Well, since we do not know the cost to-date I will proffer a “guestimate”.
    Owen Arthur initially suggested that it would cost us $90million to fix up Kensington and resite some businesses and houses. Juxtapose that with the original proposed costs of the NHC Warrens building ($34 million). Warrens final cost will be over $300 million when the Barrack payment is made).
    Common sense would then suggest that the addition of a zero to the dollar figure would not be too far out. In other words, a final figure for world cup of around $900million is not farfetched.
    This is not a case of alarm, but when we add all the infrastructure-roads,repainted houses (by Lt Col. Bostic,BLP candidate)etc.- the picture will become clearer.
    Do your own addition.
    Could that kind of money not create more sustainable jobs through housing constrution?

  8. Bajanboy

    I think the election date will depend on how the cricket goes. If it goes badly, then owen may wait until 2008 to try and repair the damage to his and the BLP’sreputation. Who knows and who cares. I’m afraid that even if the DLP should win, it is going to be more of the same.

    What’s happening to the referendum on becoming a republic?

  9. mortgagee

    we care bajanboy…this our home.
    it was great to see the numbers who joined david from jubilee gardens in their national colours…
    those people care bajanboy…they all want the caring citizens of barbados to sweep out arthur and his cronies next time around

  10. Mia Mottley has been outspoken that so far as CWC is concerned, the security of our people is her priority. If half as many cricketing fans turn up because of the visa confusion, she will still trumpet that CWC is a success if there is no act of terrorism.

    In retrospect Government got carried away with being a First World country, so far as hosting a global sports event was concerned. Money was no object to create a good impression. Even without the reduction in visitor revenue caused by the visa mess, we would not have got our money back by a long shot. All we can do now is make the best of the situation and show the visitors a good time with style.

  11. Anonymous

    When do elections have to be called by?

  12. Father Time

    “When do elections have to be called by?”

    Whenever they feel like.

    There is no accountability,here.
    They can stall it as long as they need to.
    They’ll trump up some law, some clause to justify it,
    and we’ll revert to the old African tradition of throwing dust up into the air, to express our displeasure,
    grumble a lot, do nothing else,
    and stand by “contentedly” awaiting the announcement!

  13. Anon

    The feel good spin start already.

    The P.M. moved heaven and earth and moved millions of barbadians taxpayers dollars to get this spanking stadium in place.

    The world is admiring and applauding,and all is well in paradise,never mind Corruption,lack of proper medical facilities,high cost of living and land being out of the reaches of bajans.

    Heaven and earth get move.

    On another note has Carol Roberts taken leave of her senses?

    Did anyone see the outfit complete with the strange coloured hair?

    Was this appropriate for a national/Intl occasion like this?

    I suppose once you are a part of the BLP cronies club anything goes.