Vancouver Sun Newspaper Links To Photos Of Greenland Landfill Site


The Canadian Press / Vancouver Sun article Cybertrips: Fun in the sun on the tropical island of Barbados was supposed to be an upbeat travel piece… and it is. Lots of links to photographs of beaches, blue water and smiling folks on vacation.

And something else, too…

One of the websites the article connects with shows photos of the Greenland Dump Site.

Have a look at the Barbados Photo Gallery.Com (link here)

A tipple of rum to Stephen Mendes for the photo of Greenland Dump.


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4 responses to “Vancouver Sun Newspaper Links To Photos Of Greenland Landfill Site

  1. John

    Can anyone imagine the sheer lack of mentality of the people who would even consider putting garbage down here?

  2. Bajanboy

    I was at the Viewpoint Bar on Saturday. Located across from the entrance to Welchman Hall Gully, it offer a most spectacular view over the east coast. I sat their for an hour, memerised by the view, and enjoying a few cold banks beers. As the south and west coasts are becoming developed to the point of saturation, we need to protect the east coast even more.

  3. tourist mecca

    looks like a peaceful mecca in a future National Park in the Scotland District—not a future dump spewing poisonous lechates into the aquifers and rivers!

  4. John


    I know the place. Next time you are up there enjoying the view look behid you at the cliff separation and boulders.

    It is due to the same processes which created the Boscobelle Landslip and sadly, it is possible that the View Point Bar may one day no longer be there.

    Hopefully it is long after we have departed this life.