Source: Barbados Family Planning Association Provided Abortion To 12-Year-Old Girl – Parents Not Told

If either the Minister Of Health or the Minister Of Youth Affairs were doing their jobs, the Barbados Family Planning Association would not be an active conspirator to hush up the abuse of young women by the older men who prey upon them.


Barbados Family Planning Association Director Would Not Take Our Call To Comment On This Story

Earlier this month, Barbados Free Press received information from a source who indicated that the Barbados Family Planning Association had been involved in a 2006 incident where a 12-year-old girl had received an abortion without the knowledge of either of her parents.

“We Have Nothin To Say To You”

Last week, BFP’s Shona called the Barbados Family Planning Association and asked to speak with BFPA Director George Griffith (pictured above), who was in the facility at the time. When asked by the woman who answered the phone as to the nature of her enquiry with Mr. Griffith, Shona explained that she was aware that a 12-year-old relative* of hers had obtained an abortion through BFPA and that the child’s parents had not been told – and that she wished to speak to Mr. Griffith about this. (* Note: In reality, the girl in question is not a relative of Shona – nor does Shona or anyone else at BFP know the true name of the girl or details that could be used to determine her identity.)

After some time on hold, the woman came back on the telephone and told Shona “The Director is not available at this time” and then hung up without a further word.

Shona immediately phoned back and the same woman answered the phone. When Shona began to talk and the woman realized that it was the previous caller, she told Shona “We have nothin to say to you.” and again hung up the phone without allowing a reply and without making any inquiries as to the identity of the child or the caller.

We Are Convinced About The Truth Of This Incident

No one listening to the conversation between Shona and the Barbados Family Planning Association call taker has any doubts that the call taker was already fully aware of the specific case that Shona was referring to – the general story of which has been talked about for some months now in one parish.

We are convinced that this incident happened – and the natural question then becomes “How often does this happen at BFPA? How often are children given abortions without the knowledge and consent of their parents – and under what circumstances?”

We don’t expect any answers from BFPA nor from the Queen Elizabeth Hospital as Mr. Griffith is Director of the BFPA and a Deputy Director at the hospital. As to obtaining an answer from the Minister of Health – we’ll leave that to the Opposition if they ever wake up.

Abortions Upon Young Girls Are A Tool For Covering Up Sexual Abuse Of Children

On a daily basis around the world, and also here in Barbados, older men exploit young girls and use secret abortions to cover up their crimes. As the recent sex-at-school cellphone video incident has shown, Barbados is not much different than anywhere else. Even before the cellphone video incident the number of unmarried women and girls becoming pregnant tells us that, like everywhere, things have changed in Barbados – and not for the better.

So we shouldn’t smugly say, “Can’t happen here” when we look at this study in California…

A study of over 46,000 pregnancies of school-age girls in California found that 71 percent were impregnated by adult post high-school men whose mean age was 22.6 years.

Men aged 25 or older father more births among California school-age girls than do boys under age 18 (link here)

Barbados Family Planning Association Should Come Clean About Minors Having Abortions

The cat has been out of the bag for some time… the Barbados Family Planning Association provides abortions to young girls and keeps quiet if the girl was impregnated by an adult. Parents are not always informed or asked for consent.

“Most minors lack the maturity to make difficult life decisions. And in tough times, they need their parents, even if they don’t know it” (LA Times commenting upon the number of young girls forced to have an abortion by an older man – and the fact that abortion providers assist child abusers when they do not notify parents of minors.)

If either the Minister Of Health or the Minister Of Youth Affairs were doing their jobs, the Barbados Family Planning Association would not be an active conspirator to hush up the abuse of young women by the older men who prey upon them.

Dr. Walcott, The Nation News, Barbados Advocate, CBC…. Whatcha gonna do with dis story?

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43 responses to “Source: Barbados Family Planning Association Provided Abortion To 12-Year-Old Girl – Parents Not Told

  1. akabozik

    What is the law about not telling a parent or guardian?

  2. West Side Davie

    “Dr. Walcott, The Nation News, Barbados Advocate, CBC…. Whatcha gonna do with dis story?”

    Nothing. Why ask?

  3. K

    Jesus come soon.

  4. Anonymous

    oh dear. bfp i REALLY hope yall stay underground coz honestly people going to kill u. that said, it’s admirable that you are shining the light on these things but i’m really very concerned about what may happen to u. if possible, try to leave barbados so they can’t get to u.

  5. BFP

    If we wanted to leave Barbados, we wouldn’t even bother with this blog.

    This blog is about staying in Barbados and regaining the country that we have lost.

    But thanks for your kind thoughts, anon.

  6. RRRicky

    I don’t like abortion and I don’t like my 15 year old daughter having a baby either.

    Most of all, I don’t like some asshole social worker removing my right as a parent and a grandparent by giving my daughter an abortion wihtout telling me and then throwing her back saying “you look after her now”.

    IF I EVER SAW THIS HAPPEN TO MY DAUGHTER THERE WOULD BE HELL TO PAY RIGHT AWAY and all those social workers better rememberr that.

  7. reality check

    you don’t really understand yet BFP

    with almost 80% of children born out of wedlock normal parenting situations don’t exist and many children don’t count and are uncared for. Mothers and grandparents often end up looking after these children with limited time and resources.

    many company payrolls have regular deductions mandated on them by government for these absent fathers to pay for these children who never or rarely see their children. This is a leftover situation from slavery where the man provides the genetic seed and not much more.

    Its not just a question of irresponsible men; rather it is also women who are use to being beaten and abused by their men and not only turn the other cheek but continue to have children without any intention of having a two parent family.

    We don’t really have to look too far from our existing leadership to see what is acceptable or permitted.

    With such an endemic ingrained situation are you really suprised that children are abused regularly and that men in official positions want to hide or bury this rampant situation.

    Thank-you BFP for bringing this issue to the people of Barbados, for without press exposure we will not be able to change our continuing damage to future generations of Barbadian children.

  8. BFP

    Hi Reality Check

    Thank you for your considered comments on what is a crisis in our society. We can assure you though, that we do fully understand what is happening to families.

    We also understand that our society has transformed virtually overnight (20 years, nothing in history) from supporting the two-parent family to using the power of the state to negate the roll of fathers and husbands.

    In law, we men are little more than sperm donors and wallets – certainly not necessary to raise sons or daughters in the view of the courts or the state.

    Otherwise, the state would not subsidize unwed motherhood to the point where it is virtually a career path.

  9. Bajanboy

    I find it difficult to beleive that the parents were not told. Of course, if she was a ward of the state at the time, perhaps the parents did not need to be informed.

    One would like to beleive that the BFPA / Child Care Board would be acting in the best interest of the child. Although the privacy of the child and her guardians need to be protected, this matter could still be investigated without compromising that privacy.

    Also, BFP, good on you for investigating this matter further. It would be great if you could mobilise the troops to help you dig deeper into this and other issues, and also to prompt official reaction through letter writing campaigns and generally raising public awareness of these issues and this blog.

  10. BFP

    Bajanboy said “I find it difficult to beleive that the parents were not told. ”

    Hi Bajanboy,

    Actually, there is considerable evidence – much of it documented in legal cases – that the abortion industry has a history of failing to notify or obtain the consent of parents even when the law requires it. Many US states have passed “parental notification” laws and there have been many criminal and civil actions surrounding this practice.

    And as we say, Barbados isn’t that different from anywhere else these days – perhaps even more at risk as we have allowed a ready market in aborted fetal tissue to thrive on this island in the form of stem cell clinics.

    Abortion is a multi-billion dollar industry worldwide. We often fail to see it as such, but the realization that aborted fetuses are now a highly valuable commodity should make us start to think about who counsels women to have abortions and why.

    This subject is going to become even more unpleasant as Bajans start to become aware of the direction that this current government has taken the country.

  11. absentfathers

    barbadian families have traditionally been female dominated- mothers and grandmothers raising the children and most men being absent. the law has not negated the role of men!!! many barbadian men saw their role as that of a ram sheep. the way to live was to have children all over the place from different women. what the law has sought to do not only in barbados but in other progressive parts of the world is to offer women and single mothers protection and offer their children legal legitimacy.
    abortion performed on a minor without consent of a parent is wrong. however a woman’s body is hers and its her choice if she is legally mature and wants to have an abortion. the right to abortion can in no way be used to explain the exploitation of women and minors by men. if anything the availability of the option of abortion is crucial to any case in which a female has been raped or exploited etc.

  12. absentfathers

    before anyone accuses me of being a bra burning feminist, i am male!

  13. akabozik

    I searched on Google for that California study and was overwhelmed by what I saw.

    Absentfathers says that abortion must be available “in any case in which a female has been raped or exploited etc.”

    I agree, but I don’t agree that the doctors, nurses and staff at an abortion clinic should cover up the rape or abuse of a child and according to what I saw on the internet it happens all the time. BFP is right that abortion then be comes a tool to hide and continue the abuse.

    This is also about parental rights. Your 15 year-old daughter can’t get a flu shot without parental permission, but if she gets pregnant, the birth control clinic make sure that the parents are left out of the decision process.

    The young scared girl makes a decision sitting in a room with strangers who advise her. Strangers who stand to make a profit from the abortion and the sale of the fetus. That is not right.

  14. Jupiter

    Didn’t you readers realise that the recommendation that “an underage child can have an abortion and be tested for HIV without their parent’s consent ” was one of the recommendation of the Prof.Micky Walrond committee?

    I remember hearing an irate female parent discussing this proposed reccommendation on a call in show last year.

    Seems as though they have gone ahead and implemented it without telling bajans.

    Remember Micky Walrond also advised that homosexuality be legalised.

    I guess that is why a female member of Parliament feels it’s okay to bite off a sensitive area of her female lover – and no problem – nothing more is heard of that.

    Then we have to ask what are the views ie liberal or conservative leaning, and what is the lifestyle of these people who head up these govermental organisation like Family Planning etc?

    We have reached an all time low in journalistic standards in this country.

    Yet I hear people ‘bigging up’ Harold Hoyte.

    Didn’t he preside over this state of affairs at his Nation Newspaper?

    That’s why I know they (the Gov’t and their beneficiaries) will like to suppress this B’dos Free Press,but God is on our side,never fear.

  15. Lady Anon

    I’m not sure if akabozik’s question was answered. Is there any legal requirement for the parents to be notified? I know there is a moral obligation, but unlike the US, I am not aware of any legal obligation.

    If there is no legal obligation, then B’dos Family Planning did nothing illegal.

    I know of several situations where underage children obtained abortions at the Family Planning and a parent was not notified. They were accompanied by an adult, but not the parents…sometimes not even family.

  16. Justice

    A child at 12 years old cannot lawfully consent to medical treatment. The Bfpa would thus be liable to civil or criminal action in such a case.

  17. akabozik

    Lady anon says “I know of several situations where underage children obtained abortions at the Family Planning and a parent was not notified. They were accompanied by an adult, but not the parents…sometimes not even family.”

    Yes lady anon…

    Accompanied by the adult man who got them pregnant.

    No laws against anything in this country. They make them up as they go along.

    Where are they taking this country to allow something like this?

    This Mr. Griffith must be stupes to think that people will vote for him as a BLP candidate.

  18. Parental consent? How you so sure it isn’t the girl’s father who is responsible as is all too often the case in such instances, or else an uncle. The mother would die of shame to have the facts come out if her consent were asked. Not only ostriches hide their heads in the sand to avoid the ugly truth.

    And if it wasn’t family, it could just as likely be a 13-year-old “playmate” she has been fooling around with since she was 10. Save your sanctimonious sermons for Sundays. Face reality.

  19. winning run

    I love it how newcomer is happy to leave his/her daughter’s welfare to strangers.

  20. winning run

    Newcomer is saying that any 12 year old girl who presents herself for an abortion should be given one no questions asked. and not tell her parents.

    stupid person

  21. “Winning run”- Aren’t you ashamed to defend incest for the sake of respectability? What hypocrisy!

  22. RRRicky

    Where does winning run defend incest? Where there is incest, police should be called, period.

    What winning run is saying (if I read correctly) is that newcomer thinks that parents should not be involved in a decision about their 12 year old daughter’s pregnancy.

    I agree that newcomer sounds like one of those who always believe that the government and perfect strangers are much better at looking after children than the parents.

    I disagree strongly.

  23. West Side Davie

    Newcomer, why do you think that our statistics on 25 year olds making schoolgirls pregnant should be any different than California? What do you really want? Abortion on demand for 12 year olds brought into the clinic by 25 year old “boyfriend” ?

  24. Anonymous

    I belive in God. I believe he gave us freedom to choose our actions and so I believe in a woman’s choice but I have to say I have never known anyone who had an abortion that was happy about it or felt good inside. I know all too many girls my age who have had more than one. My personnal feeling is that it is too accessible in Barbados. I hope councellors are available to all with this option in mind.

    I wonder how much councelling has been provided to this child. My heart goes out to her. The women I know who have had abortions all felt serious regret or guilt sometime after.

    It is a hard choice…too hard for a minor and even those of the age of majority.

    Someway we have to turn our society that are minors are not stabbing people up, being preyed on by adults..maybe even lining up for abortions.

    We need a government that can see we need help defining a structure for our society into the 21st century. With both parents working who is looking over these young women and men? What options can we provide them? We all need to be parents to guard our socitety.

  25. K23B7

    Anonymous says he/she believes in God and “I believe he gave us freedom to choose our actions and so I believe in a woman’s choice…”

    God giving us free will does not mean that God approves of all our choices.

    You are missing right vs wrong, good vs evil. If every choice we make is approved by God because we make it then there is no good and evil, no right and wrong.

    Try taking a basic Philosophy 101 course to clarify your thinking.

  26. absentfathers

    a minor should not under normal circumstances be allowed to make those sort of decisions without parental involvement. however with respect to adults, its a woman’s body and its her choice if she wants an abortion or not. conservatives and evangelicals and all those in favour of social engineering may not like it but thats reality. the world has progressed too much and no amount of propaganda will turn back the wheel. we live in a secular world not some kingdom in the middle ages.

  27. Phoenix

    Oh boy here we go again, “lets all jump on those brainwashed christians who think that killing babies before they are born is wrong…”
    c’mon, no its not the middle ages, and sure the world is secular but we still think abortion is wrong, that wont change.

    K23B7, i think what Anonymous was trying to say is that, its everyone’s choice to make decisions regardless of if it is a right or wrong decision. God loved us so he gave us free will instead of making us zombie slaves. So even though many of our decisions may dissagree with what God wants, its still our decision.

  28. W. Side Davy and others-
    It is very convenient to make out that most teenage pregnancies are caused by 25-year-old seducers, but that is not supported by the facts. There is far more tampering with girls by older members of their family than we care to admit, and it is wrong to deprive a young girl placed in that position of the care of health professionals- they are not strangers.any more than your gynecologist is a stranger.

    Do you really think parental consent would be forthcoming when the father is the father? Unlikely, because it is a matter for the police, and what girl is going to send her daddy to jail?

    Many other pregancies are caused within the same age group, fooling around. Parental consent is desirable of course, but if it is not given, is it fair that a little girl be forced to bear the child for her mistake? We are not in the Middle Ages any more.
    Children are no longer chattels, but have their own rights which must be protected when their parents have failed them.

  29. frustrated bajan

    i think everyone hasa somewhat relevant point but the fact remains that a child shouldn’t be made to make such a life changing decision without a parent or guardian to help advise them.

  30. Anonymous

    Hi K23B7

    I am hoping you are not you the type of person who thinks other’s can control you?
    If not this clarification may not help you.

    God granted us free will.

    For every action a reaction. Different actions result in different outcomes.

    It is up to you to make a choice…the difficulty is in clearly seeing the outcome.

    I reaffirm that I believe in a woman’s right to choose. The woman will also be accountable for her choice.

    Good vs. Evil? Everything in life is not light or dark but rather an entire range.

    It is not for us to judge anyone, especially since we are judging from our biased perpective without full information of the individual, their environment and even creation. (If you are omnipotent, I stand corrected)

    Did God not put the fruit before Adam and Eve? They made a choice. They are accountable for that choice.

    Regarding the young woman, I have already stated that I think it is a difficult decision and I hope she was not alone.

    Philosophy 101? I am actually interested in learning as much as I can. I do not have time to take a full blown course right now but I have read the works of many philosophers. If you would like to reccommend another -please do! I am an avid reader….unless of course you were just trying to be insulting….

  31. K23B7

    anon I was not trying to be insulting.

    Your argument boils down to this: society should hold no one accountable for anything. That we should have no rules.

    Unless you are choosing only abortion for your opinion that no one should judge another?

    A book?

    Plato’s Republic.

    Another one?

    The Emancipation Proclamation by John Hope Franklin.

    After which, ask yourself “Who is a person and why?”

  32. absentfathers

    Christian Convicted for Murdering Doctor Who Provided Abortions

  33. Anonymous


    Incase you missed it -I am all for ACCOUTABILITY. This is what I refer to as an outcome; a consequence.

    I have no problem with rules or laws actually.
    After all I don’t believe in chance and I definitely believe in consequence.

    I have previously studied both of your references -thank you in anycase.

    If your conclusions on my statements were as logically deducted as either of these works, you would not have arrived at the point you are at.

    I think what would help is if you actually read what I wrote without geting your back up.

    You have asked me to consider two questions.

    Let me ask you two:

    Was it right to eat the apple?
    Why did God give Eve freedom knowing this could be a possiblity of her choice?

  34. Inkwell

    Are you people seriously discussing the Bible fable of creation as a fact?

  35. BFP

    Hi Inkwell

    No… I don’t believe in God.

    I believe that everything created itself out of nothing – for no reason and with no design or intelligence behind it.

    At the start – nothing. Not even a bucket of nothing – no bucket, just nothing.

    No time, no space. Less than nothing.

    Then… voila! It became the universe and everything in it all by itself. Except there wasn’t any “it” to start.

    There was less than nothing.

    … All of which is what is left as an explanation when you eliminate God.

    Marcus (with some of his tongue in some of his cheeky cheek)

  36. Phoenix

    Well said BFP.

  37. absentfathers

    What it Meant When Abortion Was Illegal

  38. Josh

    I am 16 . Going on 17. My Girlfreind is pregnant. She is wanting an abortion. She does not relize the effects of it. I am against abortion on all stages. Abortion is murder. Anyone who has anything to do with abortion, ***** (God will look after any punishing Josh – Auntie M)******. Thats from the heart. Believe me I’m not christian. But denying the right to live life even to an unborn child is wrong on many levels. Anyone who is with with me thankyou. Ya’ll are the ones who actually care about life and the well being of others. To the ones who disagree, *********** Im going to laugh when yall get to the after life and **************one of the unborn children you killed, you immoral *********!


    Edited by Auntie Moses

    Dear Josh,

    We will pray for all three of you today at the table – you, your girlfriend and your unborn child.

    If your girlfriend, or you, would like some advice and help, any of the good folks at the Barbados Diocese Mothers’ Union would be willing to help. You don’t have to be a church member or even have ever gone to church, we would be willing to help you both. Those good folks are not the type to say “we will pray for you” and do nothing else. You call them, and they will find a way to help.

    You can call the Mothers’ Union at 425-7978 and ask for Jennifer if she does not answer the phone already, but anyone will help you.

    OR you can call Rev Peter Haynes at Speightstown (St. Peter’s) at 422-3599 as he has had some experience helping people in your situation many years ago that I know of.

    Auntie Moses is going to change some of your words. I understand you are angry, but put that energy to work into doing what is right in the eyes of the Lord.

    Please let us know what happens if you can.

    Auntie Moses

  39. Clearly the prepatrator of this henious crime was able to walk free. The man who raped this litttle 12 year old girl was given a slap on the hand. She was then further rape by the system. where is the justice .. Barbados law system do not serve the poor or the unpopular.

  40. This was a very popular case the prepatrator was a very popular man in the public eye and the word was he couldnt have done it. The 12 year old was torn further in the light of the public eye as a whore, a scant a girl of low morale and the like. Her crime was, to be a victim.

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