How Much Is The Barbados Government Paying To Moor Cruise Ships In Other Countries?

The Cricket World Cup Cruise Ship Plot Thickens…

According to an article published in the Indian Business Standard (21st January 2007) and written by Ravi Teja Sharma, the Carnival Destiny will offer ‘the option of taking a 12 day cruise from 10-12 April to watch three of India’s Super Eight matches with England, Pakistan and West Indies’. (link here)

‘On the same cruise liner, SOTC (the tour operator) is offering a 20 night cruise with match tickets for three Super 8 games at Barbados, the semi-final 2 at St. Lucia and the final again at Barbados’.

So the question again is WHY is our Government through the BTA borrowing this money in the first place and what portion of the loan are the other islands, where this ship will be moored for part of the charter duration paying?

The above observation by (apparently) Adrian Loveridge appears in original form in the comments section of the Barbados Free Press article Why Is Barbados Loaning Money To Rent Cruise Ships – If The Ships’ Rooms Are Already 80% Sold?


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12 responses to “How Much Is The Barbados Government Paying To Moor Cruise Ships In Other Countries?

  1. Bajanboy

    Good on Adrian Loveridge to have the courage to stand up and ask the difficult questions. Everyone else in tourism is probably too afraid or is a stooge of Barney and his cronies.

    Adrian, what impact has your outspokenness had on your ability to access government assistance through the BTA, Ministry of Tourism etc? There is a lot of discussion about the climate of fear and intimidation that exists in Barbados, making most people unwilling to publicly criticise government.

  2. Adrian Loveridge


    In a nutshell, we do not get any assistance from BTA or Ministry of Tourism.
    Each year we organise a trade/consumer show dedicated to building Intra Caribbean travel, called re-DISCOVER the Caribbean and despite being captured by the media on film and in print, where the Minister of Tourism promised $25,000 towards promoting the event, absolutely nothing has been forthcoming.

    Intra Caribbean travel is the ONLY major market where Barbados has seen consistent above inflation growth over the last 12 years.

    The same Minister screemed down the phone at me for twelve minutes one Sunday morning and the next day the publisher of the Advocate (where I had a weekly column on Tourism) told me that Government had threatened to withdraw all paid advertising unless my column was terminated.
    The previous MOT dismissed me from my post as
    unanimously elected chairman of a small hotels committee on which I served (unpaid) for two years as ‘being not sufficiently indigenous’ and for the same reason we were denied membership of the Intimate Hotels group. It was up until recently the ONLY trade association of Barbados that denied membership to permanent residents (contrary to the Laws of Barbados – 1966 Act of Constitition).

    I could go on, but its hardly likely to make a difference.

    I am outspoken because there are so many things going on in this country where there is no degree of accountability or transparency.
    During the years I wrote a weekly full page column on tourism in the Advocate, no-one was able to dispute its contents because they were factual and well researched. Thats the reason (I think) that pressure was applied by Government
    to terminate it.

    The reality about tourism on Barbados is that we are not doing very well in comparision to our competitors.
    As Peter Morgan used to point out, we are the only Caribbean destination (apart from Haiti) NOT to have grown our hotel room stock in the last 12 years.
    In fact over 18 hotels have been lost (conversion to condos) or remain closed.
    Between 2002 and 2004 over 2,000 jobs were lost in our tourism industry or put another way one in eight or 14% percent of the workforce.

    The Minister may brag about increased arrival numbers, but again in fact many of being counted twice (home porting) and how visitor spending has increased, by 4%. But if inflation is running at 7%, what is the real gain?

    Don’t anybody take my word for it, speak to the taxi drivers, room maids, waiters, restaurant owners etc.

  3. Jupiter

    Barbados listen to Adrian Loveridge.

    Talk to the workers on the ground.

    OPen your eyes and look beyond the gloss.


    I don’t think voters knew what they were doing when they listened to the BLP spin and the newspaper and Radio and T.V. Blp promoters – and elect this gov’t not once but 3 times.

    Owen was given a key to the treasury to wreck this economy.

    This man can’t run his own house far less run a nation state.

    Can anyone tell me what is the economic path this gov’t is on?

    I suppose selling out everything until there is nothing left,and yet we have Frank Alleyne and others like him coming out against their people and in support of arthur.

    Morality has gone down the drain.The Nation newspaper again brought back up the P.R. spin about this new daughter and what university she attended etc,and still no questions asked by the media,no disapproval given.

    Whoring,lesbianism,male homosexuality,adultery,having multiple children with multiple partners,thieving,paying you off so you can join my side (or politics of inclusion),all features of this administration and they have no shame as they flaunt this lifestyle safe in the know ledge that they will not be condemn by the media.

  4. Jerome Hinds

    Keep up the good work Mr. Loveridge. The same level of intimidation by this BLP gov’t you speak of can be repeated by a number of other barbadians.

    Such crass levels of governance are the tenets of a government on the path of dictatorship!!!

    They first capture the gov’t, then the media ( print and electronic ), silence the objective commentators, then finally bribe the moojans of the ilk of Kerrie Simmons, Frank Alleyne, Rudy Grant etc – under the guise of POLITICS OF INCLUSION…….. !!!

    But the BLP must remember that ERROL BARROW gave all BARBADIANS an opportunity to get an education…. WE ARE NOT FOOLISH….!!!

    Just like Lester Bird, Kenny Anthony and the others like them fell from GRACE…..SO TOO WILL STINKING MOUTH OWEN ‘ CHILE FATHER ‘ ARTHUR !!!!

  5. Bajanboy

    Maybe the BFP should have an award for someone like Adrian who is not afriad to publicly stand up and challenge those in positions of authority.

  6. Out Dey In Bim

    Can you imagine callers on Brasstacks show (whether or not they are BLP sympathisers) talking about what an unselfish man owen arthur is because he spent tens of thousands of tax payers dollars to unveil a statue of Errol Barrow,and what a great unifier he is who doesnot think about party but about country?

    Please take me to the bathroom I want to puke.

    Sometimes I despair for my gullible bajan compatriots.

    Wasn’t it yesterday we were lamenting the lack of essential items at the QEH,the lack of beds,of junior doctors not being paid on time?

    Wasn’t it last week we were talking about what owen arthur (according to rawle eastmond) did to eastmond – with his diabolical forces,and his (ie owen’s) policy of giving foreign landowner the license to do as they please?

    Wasn’t it last month that bajans were up in arms about the info given by the commissioner of police about large number of guyanese committing crime – and the fact that owen was calling us xenpohobic when we complained?

    Wasn’t it last month we had the CBC debacle unfold and we saw the tearing at the seams of ‘supposed political comrades – ie Mia and Owen – as the Mia camp was ousted?

    What is wrong with you bajans?

    How long will you let the spin doctors in the BLP and the media ‘tief yuh head?’

  7. John

    The statue was an exercise in politics.

    It is a bit like Animal Farm where everything is falling down around the animal’s ears but they resolve to build a statue …. sealed Boxer’s fate.

  8. Adrian Loveridge states (and he is one person whose word we can take):
    “The publisher of the Advocate… told me that Government had threatened to withdraw all paid advertising unless my column was terminated.”

    What scandalous censorship this is! And we are supposedly governed on democatic principles. This is an absolute outrage which should be widely publicised to show the potential dictatorship we would be faced with in a Republic which lacks constitutional guarantees of transparency, integrity and accountability.

  9. Father Time

    Ourage, whuh?
    This is standard business practice on a small island.
    It’s called Shooting Fish inna Barrel, man!

  10. One Who Watches

    Boy oh boy…and the world keeps turning…

    What else is new? And who do we really have to lead us anyway? The BLP, DLP, PEP, NDP CrapDP…THEY’RE ALL THE SAME!!!!!

    Anarchy…The Only Way!!!! 😀 (Heh, heh, heh!)

    But honestly…we are really reaching the end of the line here. We better make sure that we can be ready for it!

  11. sage

    One Who Watches says “But honestly…we are really reaching the end of the line here. We better make sure that we can be ready for it!”

    It will come “like a thief in the night” so always be prepared.

  12. Jukecheckedeyskirt

    Serve Barbadians right. Blatant exploitation of our land and economy in the name of investment and advancement but only in the pockets of the elite few. Serve wunna right all Bajans do is just talk pretty. Me University grad you not. Me know you stupid. That’s why these fields and hills are no longer our very own. Tek dah…stupes