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How Much Is The Barbados Government Paying To Moor Cruise Ships In Other Countries?

The Cricket World Cup Cruise Ship Plot Thickens…

According to an article published in the Indian Business Standard (21st January 2007) and written by Ravi Teja Sharma, the Carnival Destiny will offer ‘the option of taking a 12 day cruise from 10-12 April to watch three of India’s Super Eight matches with England, Pakistan and West Indies’. (link here)

‘On the same cruise liner, SOTC (the tour operator) is offering a 20 night cruise with match tickets for three Super 8 games at Barbados, the semi-final 2 at St. Lucia and the final again at Barbados’.

So the question again is WHY is our Government through the BTA borrowing this money in the first place and what portion of the loan are the other islands, where this ship will be moored for part of the charter duration paying?

The above observation by (apparently) Adrian Loveridge appears in original form in the comments section of the Barbados Free Press article Why Is Barbados Loaning Money To Rent Cruise Ships – If The Ships’ Rooms Are Already 80% Sold?


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Source: Barbados Family Planning Association Provided Abortion To 12-Year-Old Girl – Parents Not Told

If either the Minister Of Health or the Minister Of Youth Affairs were doing their jobs, the Barbados Family Planning Association would not be an active conspirator to hush up the abuse of young women by the older men who prey upon them.


Barbados Family Planning Association Director Would Not Take Our Call To Comment On This Story

Earlier this month, Barbados Free Press received information from a source who indicated that the Barbados Family Planning Association had been involved in a 2006 incident where a 12-year-old girl had received an abortion without the knowledge of either of her parents.

“We Have Nothin To Say To You”

Last week, BFP’s Shona called the Barbados Family Planning Association and asked to speak with BFPA Director George Griffith (pictured above), who was in the facility at the time. When asked by the woman who answered the phone as to the nature of her enquiry with Mr. Griffith, Shona explained that she was aware that a 12-year-old relative* of hers had obtained an abortion through BFPA and that the child’s parents had not been told – and that she wished to speak to Mr. Griffith about this. (* Note: In reality, the girl in question is not a relative of Shona – nor does Shona or anyone else at BFP know the true name of the girl or details that could be used to determine her identity.)

After some time on hold, the woman came back on the telephone and told Shona “The Director is not available at this time” and then hung up without a further word.

Shona immediately phoned back and the same woman answered the phone. When Shona began to talk and the woman realized that it was the previous caller, she told Shona “We have nothin to say to you.” and again hung up the phone without allowing a reply and without making any inquiries as to the identity of the child or the caller.

We Are Convinced About The Truth Of This Incident

No one listening to the conversation between Shona and the Barbados Family Planning Association call taker has any doubts that the call taker was already fully aware of the specific case that Shona was referring to – the general story of which has been talked about for some months now in one parish.

We are convinced that this incident happened – and the natural question then becomes “How often does this happen at BFPA? How often are children given abortions without the knowledge and consent of their parents – and under what circumstances?”

We don’t expect any answers from BFPA nor from the Queen Elizabeth Hospital as Mr. Griffith is Director of the BFPA and a Deputy Director at the hospital. As to obtaining an answer from the Minister of Health – we’ll leave that to the Opposition if they ever wake up.

Abortions Upon Young Girls Are A Tool For Covering Up Sexual Abuse Of Children

On a daily basis around the world, and also here in Barbados, older men exploit young girls and use secret abortions to cover up their crimes. As the recent sex-at-school cellphone video incident has shown, Barbados is not much different than anywhere else. Even before the cellphone video incident the number of unmarried women and girls becoming pregnant tells us that, like everywhere, things have changed in Barbados – and not for the better.

So we shouldn’t smugly say, “Can’t happen here” when we look at this study in California…

A study of over 46,000 pregnancies of school-age girls in California found that 71 percent were impregnated by adult post high-school men whose mean age was 22.6 years.

Men aged 25 or older father more births among California school-age girls than do boys under age 18 (link here)

Barbados Family Planning Association Should Come Clean About Minors Having Abortions

The cat has been out of the bag for some time… the Barbados Family Planning Association provides abortions to young girls and keeps quiet if the girl was impregnated by an adult. Parents are not always informed or asked for consent.

“Most minors lack the maturity to make difficult life decisions. And in tough times, they need their parents, even if they don’t know it” (LA Times commenting upon the number of young girls forced to have an abortion by an older man – and the fact that abortion providers assist child abusers when they do not notify parents of minors.)

If either the Minister Of Health or the Minister Of Youth Affairs were doing their jobs, the Barbados Family Planning Association would not be an active conspirator to hush up the abuse of young women by the older men who prey upon them.

Dr. Walcott, The Nation News, Barbados Advocate, CBC…. Whatcha gonna do with dis story?

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Vancouver Sun Newspaper Links To Photos Of Greenland Landfill Site


The Canadian Press / Vancouver Sun article Cybertrips: Fun in the sun on the tropical island of Barbados was supposed to be an upbeat travel piece… and it is. Lots of links to photographs of beaches, blue water and smiling folks on vacation.

And something else, too…

One of the websites the article connects with shows photos of the Greenland Dump Site.

Have a look at the Barbados Photo Gallery.Com (link here)

A tipple of rum to Stephen Mendes for the photo of Greenland Dump.


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