Barbados Queen Elizabeth Hospital Deputy Director Blames Anybody But Management Or Government

Hospital Deputy Director Says Staff “Turned A Blind Eye” To “Large Scale Pilfering”

The Nation News is carrying an account of a recent Brass Tacks call-in radio show where QEH Deputy Director George Griffith apparently did everything he could to blame ABMOG (That’s “Anybody But Management Or Government”) for the continuing train wreck that is the Queen Elizabeth Hospital. I didn’t listen to the show, so please, Mr. Griffith – if anything we write is incorrect, please let us know and we’ll publish your side of it right away.

Meanwhile, here’s what The Nation News says about Mr. Griffith’s comments…

“There is large-scale pilfering at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital. We know that and we’re seeking to put systems in place to stop that… and for the minority that engage in that nasty practice it is a big issue.”

Responding to charges that there were severe shortages at the hospital in numerous areas, Griffith said: “Some of that is happening. We know that they are (pilfering), and some of us would turn a blind eye to it, but some of it is happening.” … QEH DD George Griffith in The Nation News

Some Questions For Mr. Griffith…

There must have been a heck of a lot of pilfering going on for a long time for the Queen Elizabeth Hospital to get into the state it is in now. One would have to steal whole truckloads of toilet paper, drugs and lightbulbs every day for years to destroy the budget.

How long has the pilfering been going on? Ten years? Fifteen? Two?

Is there any large expenditure equipment missing? Any drugs missing?

When did the hospital board first become aware of the “large scale” pilfering?

What was done to stop it? Were police called? Were there any audits?

Besides “turning a blind eye” just what has management been doing for the last few years? Who in management “turned a blind eye” ? For how long? Are they still employed by the hospital? Why?

I could go on and on, but why bother…

Claims Political Forces “Orchestrated Attempts To Nullify Positive Publicity”

This one is good – if Mr. Griffith is correct, “political forces in the country” apparently control the media so that “positive publicity” about the hospital was “nullified”.

Wow – that’s a pretty heavy allegation by Mr. Griffith and it deserves some attention… and some questions. So here are a few questions for Mr. Griffith…

– What “positive publicity” for the Barbados Queen Elizabeth Hospital was “nullified”?

– Who “nullified” this “positive publicity” – when and how?

Such trash, Mr. Griffith. Why not tell the truth? Something like…

“For years, government has not provided anywhere near enough funding for QEH to even provide basic standards of patient care…. and, the system has broken down over the years. Management and staff are simply unable to cope anymore… and the management team isn’t that good anyways. If they were, they would have been off to someplace else a long time ago.”


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10 responses to “Barbados Queen Elizabeth Hospital Deputy Director Blames Anybody But Management Or Government

  1. Jerome Hinds

    Mr. George Griffith, I understand it would be difficult for you and other BLP pimps to speak the truth !!!!

    But the other thousands of right -thinking Barbadians know the truth about the QEH and other declining social services in this country over the past 12 years!!!!

    What PILFERING you talking about ???

    Did someone on staff PILFER,

    1. The equipment to fix the broken down machinery that have been malfunctioning for so long at the QEH ??

    2. Tell us who pilfer the lack of autoclaves ??

    3. What about the inadequate number of nurses and beds – who pilfer those ???


    By GEORGE, if that to you means PILFERING then I agree with you, THE BLP HAS PILFERED THE SOUL OF THE QEH !!!

    I am sure you can recall the national televised debate between Mia Mottley and Tyrone Estwick during the 1994 Election campaign. Mia Mottley said on TV then, that the QEH under the DEMS was so terrible that patients going there have to walk with their own pampers, food etc !!!

    What was the BLP promise ??? – to fix the problems at the QEH if elected !!!

    You have access to the tapes at CBC go and check it back!!!!


    Here is how they fixed THE PROBLEMS AT THE QEH……

    1. Removed the 3 most influential people in administration at the time…..????

    2. Refuse to train local nurses, but opted to bring in foreign ones – with language and cultural differences….???

    3. Transfer the problem to a Board – that even still continues to frustrate the lives of its own members – Communication Officer of the Board RESIGNED !!

    4. Waiting time in A&E STILL taking HOURS…HOURS to process ……???

    5. Time after time this BLP administration go to parliament to seek approval for suplementary funds to pay off old debts and share the rest with their cohorts – AS RECENT AS A FEW DAYS AGO…???



    And yet you and other BLP hoodlums can try to convince Barbadians in 2007 that some 13 years after your promise to sort out the problems at the QEH, that PILFERING is to be blamed ????

    In case you did not notice……there were two general elections since 1994 – where the BLP enjoyed 2/3 majorities – AMPLE OPPORTUNITY TO FIX THE QEH PROBLEMS!!!

    But then again, the QEH problems are unlike those at Apes Hill, Sandy Lane AND other
    ” heaven & earth” developments like CWC 2007 etc…….!!!!

  2. Hants

    Is there a reason why Hospital Administrators would not call in the Police to investigate this level of Stealing, pilfering tiefing or whatever you want to call it?

    It is a good thing the BLP is in power and it is happening under their watch.


    Poor George!!! As my mother would say; “he want noticing”…
    If a transfer officer is brought in to administer a hospital, what do you expect???
    The “girlie,girlie” fellow Collymore has never been a hospital administrator in his life!!
    200 nurses replaced by 30 plus still leaves a severe shortage.
    Capping the subvention to the QEH… does not help
    Refusing to open the Lions Eye Care Centre because the DLP negotiated the deal, and then sending patients to Cuba is just as bad.
    Need I say more!!!
    Go home George and Cobham et al!!!

  4. Abc

    Indian nurses in dey, and can’t speak English well, if at all,
    and patients getting wrong medication or too much, and all kinda language-related problems!

    Pilfering..? IN DE KITCHENS is where de pilfering taking place,
    in de kitchens.
    And no-one knows how to get a handle on de problem, like how restaurants do.
    Equally amazing!

    All the food patients suppose to be gettin, gyne home at the cooks!
    And de food dat makes it up to the wards, is like prison food, fer real.
    Watery Ovaltine, WHITE bread (in this day and age of nutritional information??) and other piffpaff.

    We sooo badly need a change of Government.

  5. Jupiter

    We need this government like rat need poison.

    There should be a sign at the house of parliament saying:’Thieves,whores,and pimps not wanted here’.

  6. Mile and a Quarter

    Maybe I was asleep and missed it but has Albert Brandford become the official public relations man for Clyde Betrayer Mascoll? I know he is Mascolls media cheerleader but his column today was off the charts. Thats not journalism thats outright press release and propaganda. I kept reading to see at least one counter view. Nada. Bim journalists are the pits. There is one journalist actually paid by a minister to plant good stories. The minister only gives stories to that person. Obviously there is no media watchdog in Barbados.

  7. K

    Mr Griffith is also head of the largest abortion supplier on Barbados. Isn’t that some kind of conflict of interest for him to be a Director on the Board at the Hospital too?

  8. Get In The Action

    A recent article in The Economist on corruption highlighted a study that found that corruption had boosted the price of hospital supplies in Buenos Aires by 15%.

    The Ministry of Health has one of the bigger budgets of all Gov. Departments. Do you really think some petty larceny is creating this shortfall?

    Published on: 1/23/07. by ERIC SMITH

    QUEEN ELIZABETH HOSPITAL (QEH) has made what is
    being described as a major breakthrough in an
    “internal problem”.

    It involved the purchase of supplies through a brokerage firm reportedly operated by an employee at the hospital.

    As a result, at least one person from the hospital has been sent on leave.

    Police have been called in and have already launched full-scale investigations into the matter which is said to involve large sums of money.

    It has been pointed out that supplies of a variety of goods for the hospital were being ordered through the brokerage firm, a situation known
    to other employees, including some senior personnel.

    The situation is said to have “come out into the open” recently when the brokerage firm billed for something for which another company had also submitted a bill.

    The hospital’s management, while confirming the development yesterday, said it did not want to go into too many details since the police investigations had started and the matter could end up before the law courts.

    However, chief executive officer Winston Collymore said: “This matter has been going on since early 2005,
    but as a result of improved management systems it has been discovered. We have gotten to the bottom of it and have handed it over to the police.” | Source:

  10. Jerome Hinds

    George Griffith and his nannies are doing such a fine job at the QEH that patients are being forced to become imposters. Take a read…….

    Subject: Life At The QEH

    A woman, calling the QEH, said, “Hello, I’d like

    to talk with the person who gives the information regarding your patients.

    I’d like to find out if the patient is ” getting better,

    doing as expected, or is getting worse”.

    The voice on the other end of the line said, “What is the patient’s name and room number?”

    She said, “Isylma Wharton, in ward A 6.”

    “I will connect you with the nursing station.” “A 6

    Nursing Station.

    How can I help You?”

    “I would like to know the condition of Mrs. Isylma Wharton in Ward A 6”

    “Just a moment. Let me look at her records. Oh, yes..

    Mrs. Wharton is doing very well. In fact, she’s had

    two full meals, her blood pressure is fine, her

    blood work just came back as normal, she’s going

    to be taken off the heart monitor in a couple of

    hours and if she continues this improvement, Dr.

    Cohen is going to send her home Tuesday at

    twelve o’ clock.”

    The woman said, “Thank God! That’s wonderful! Oh!

    that’s fantastic…that’s wonderful news!”

    The nurse said, “From your enthusiasm, I take it you

    must be a close family member or a very close friend!”

    “No, I’m Isylma Wharton in Ward A 6!

    Nuhbody here don’t tell me one rassoul .