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Aide To Prime Minister Of “Antigua And Barbados” (! ?) Found With Unauthorized Pistol

Do You Think That Indian Journalists Will Be Able To Find Barbados On A Map After Cricket World Cup?

Despite Cricket World Cup, it is apparent that some professional journalists in India do not know the difference between “Barbados” and “Antigua & Barbuda”.

From our “If professional journalists wrote it, then it must be true” department…

Arms Seized From Barbados PM’s Aides

New Delhi: After GoAir and Bombay Dyeing Chairman Nusli Wadia was detained at the Dubai airport on January 13 for carrying an undeclared pistol which had escaped security screening at Mumbai airport, it was the turn of Antigua and Barbados Prime Minister Baldwin Spencer who faced humiliation on Wednesday

Spencer who arrived on a private visit to India from London on Wednesday night at Mumbai airport had to undergo questioning by the Customs officials when a pistol and 21 cartridges were seized from his bodyguard by the officials.

During Customs check, Customs officials found a .9mm Pistol and 21 cartridges from the bodyguard for which government’s prior permission was not obtained.

There was prior information regarding Spencer’s visit, but officials said they had no information about arm and ammunition being brought…

… continue reading this well-researched article at MoneyControl India (link here)

Let’s see how long it takes for the story to be corrected online. Hmmmm…. no comments at the MoneyControl India website yet. Perhaps some of our readers could let them know that (to our knowledge) Barbados is a different country with a different Prime Minister?


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Remembering Ormond Haydon-Baillie – As Good A Pilot As There Ever Was


Thirty Years Since The Death Of The Black Knight

Ormond Haydon-Baillie (“Oh-Bee” to his pals) visited my father a few times in Barbados, and although I have photos of a very small me sitting between the two of them, I don’t really remember the man. Mostly I remember the stories my father told in later years as we looked through the photo albums together.

“Fast and Low”

According to Dad, those were the two words that described OHB the best. Dad also called Haydon-Baillie a“stick and rudder man” – which was about the highest praise Dad ever bestowed upon any pilot. It meant that a pilot was a natural. I only heard him say it about one other man.

Haydon-Baillie died in Germany in a P-51 Mustang on July 3, 1977. I have never been able to discover the real cause of the crash. Some say torque roll got him, but from what Dad said I have a hard time believing that OHB would have put himself in that position. Especially considering that the Sea Fury was a far worse beast for torque roll than the Mustang and OHB had oodles of Sea Fury time. Dad always said that it had to have been “a mechanical” (fault).

Whatever happened on that day, there are many who remember the man and his airplanes. For those who remember the man, and those who appreciate it, here from Dad’s collection is a never-before-seen photo of OHB’s Sea Fury pulling up after a low and over at Duxford around 1975 or so. Dad did NOT have a long lense for this photo and it has not been cropped … (!)



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Barbados Airport Death – Olga Stewart’s Family Calls For Answers, Threatens Legal Action


Back in December we told you about Olga Stewart, a British tourist who had been stricken at Barbados Grantley Adams International Airport and died in a taxi on the way to the hospital.

As we said at the time in our article British Tourist Dies As Taxi Rushes Her From Airport Terminal – No Ambulance, No Medical Assistance At Barbados Grantley Adams Airport

“That’s three recent deaths at the airport that highlight the fact that Grantley Adams Airport does not have medical personnel available either on site, or situated close enough to render emergency assistance at a facility that sees thousands upon thousands of tourist movements every day…”

Now the family of Olga Stewart has hired a Barbados lawyer to get some answers from the government.

Our message to the Stewart family: We are sorry for your loss, but you will drive yourself crazy trying to get the truth from a government that deliberately has no Freedom of Information laws – because the lack of such laws allows the avoidance of responsibility or accountability.

We will help the Stewart family in any way we can – by keeping her name alive before the public – but we know that those who seek the truth in Barbados have only a slim chance of success.

Excerpts from Online News Shopper…

Holiday death family in search for answers

THE family of a grandmother who died after failing to receive medical attention at a Caribbean airport are in talks with solicitors. Olga Stewart, 69, died after suffering a heart attack while being taken to hospital by taxi after falling ill at Grantley Adams International Airport in Barbados.

Last week News Shopper reported how the family were calling for an investigation into their mother’s death. She was the third tourist to die in the past year after falling ill at the airport.

Now her 44-year-old daughter Sharon Stewart, of Felixstowe Road, Abbey Wood, is in talks with solicitors in Barbados to understand the process of getting answers from the authorities.

She said: “I have written to the Barbados High Commission asking them to tell me exactly what medical facilities are in place at the airport and what the procedures are for people who need emergency treatment.

“It’s disgraceful my mother had to get a taxi to hospital.

“If an ambulance had been on hand, she could have got treatment straight away…”

… Mrs Stewart, known to friends as Gloria, died on December 19 – the day she was to return home after a two-week Caribbean cruise. When the diabetes and asthma sufferer experienced breathing difficulties at the airport, her friend Gladys Peart, 67, and daughter Barbara, 41, frantically searched the airport for help. The nurse station was empty and a holiday rep advised them to get a taxi to the Queen Elizabeth Hospital, an hour away in the capital city of Bridgetown.

But halfway into the journey, the grandmother-of-two died.

Her daughter Sharon is also due to talk with Bromley Coroner’s Court about the possibilities of holding an inquest. The Barbados High Commission declined to comment.

… read the entire article at News Shopper (link here)


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Michael Winner Says He Still Has Two Legs After Bad Barbados Hospital Stay

Earlier, BFP covered the story of film director Michael Winner’s negative comments about Bayview Hospital in Barbados. Then there were news reports that he was about to have his leg amputated as a result of bad medicine in Barbados.

Ian Bourne has been following the story over at Bajan Reporter Blog. Slip over there for the latest on Mr. Winner’s condition…

Bayview comes under More Fire after UK film director faces possibility of latest Bajan amputee

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