Graeme Hall National Park: Will The Nation News Follow-up With Government & Politicians?

Today’s issue of The Nation News finally mentions the media briefing given by the Friends of Graeme Hall fully one week ago – where it was announced that Canadian philanthropist Peter Allard had agreed to donate 25 acres of sanctuary land towards a National Park at Graeme Hall.

Park In State’s Hands is the title of the Nation News piece and it hits the nail right on the head.

It is all up to the Government of Barbados, and therefore – as the Prime Minister confirmed on the Brass Tacks waterpark show – it is all up to Prime Minister Owen Arthur.

We can only hope that the journalists at The Nation News are set free to do follow-up research and articles about the Graeme Hall National Park initiative – including interviewing politicians and making their positions known. We need some real public debate about what citizens want for the Graeme Hall area – and we say that the Barbados media has a public duty to facilitate this debate.

We also say that the Nation News, CBC and Barbados Advocate have neglected their public duty for too long. The proposal for a National Park at Graeme Hall would be a good place to start if the Barbados media want to redeem themselves.

And let’s not forget this, folks…

As we join thousands of other Bajans who are fighting for a National Park, we also pray for our Prime Minister and all our elected and appointed government officials – that God will give them the wisdom and the strength to resist the very powerful money cartels that have their eyes on short-term profits instead of what is best for our country and our children.

Read about the proposal to establish a National Park at Graeme Hall and Mr. Alard’s agreeing to donate land to the people of Barbados in the following BFP article…

Why Don’t We Just Pave Over The Whole Damn Island And Be Don With It?


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4 responses to “Graeme Hall National Park: Will The Nation News Follow-up With Government & Politicians?

  1. There is a belief that God watches over Barbados and is kind to us when hurricanes are passing.

    I think the same must be true regarding this golden opportunity to have a National Park at Graeme Hall.

    It is a miracle that all the building of the last thirty years has left such a large oasis of green in our midst. Because nearly all of it was occupied by Min of Agriculture no commercial or residential development could take place.

    It was only with the bombshell of Caribbean Watersplash’s proposal for a horrendous amusement park on ABC highway, that we woke up to the fact that this unique area might be lost forever. Our Prime Minister was prepared to consider it for tourism or other development. Matthew Kerins did us a favour he never intended!

    It seems inconceivable that any government can be so misguided as to decline Mr Allard’s generous offer of most of his Nature Sanctuary provided the rest of the vital catchment area is included in the proposed National Park. It will be a simple matter to relocate the Ministry of Agriculture out in the countryside. They never needed to be in Graeme Hall in the first place, but thank the Lord they were!

  2. Friendly Friend

    One opinion, for what it’s worth, is that the Ministry of Agriculture complex might not need to move.

    In fact, the Friends of Graeme Hall would like to work with Government to help raise funds to improve the facilities, if that’s what Government wants to do. The Ministry of Agriculture is still reviewing the National Park suggestions, but it seems like improving what is already there could be an economical solution to enhance agricultural education programmes within the context of a multi-use national park.

  3. Tudor

    There is no need for the Ministry of Agriculture to be moved. A Caribbean centre researching organic farming could be established at that site. Yields from organic farming are many times that of traditional farming, and as I understand it our tourism industry needs to have a strong agricultural base, if not we send back out millions of dollars each year to pay for the food to feed our visitors.

  4. Kathy

    Ecotourism is really catching on worldwide, and I think the National Park would be great for tourism, plus give tourists a better view of Barbados as a country that respects nature. With all the bad publicity from baby stem cells to pollutants, even the perception of a healthy environment would be a welcome change.