Barbados Music Awards: Bajan Reporter Blog Questions Integrity Of Judging Process


Maybe It Is About Who You Know Or Maybe Not…

If the Barbados Music Awards are to really mean something, the judging process has to have integrity.

Ian Bourne at the Bajan Reporter blog is asking some “difficult” questions about the Barbados Music Awards judging process. He also makes some connections between the venue, the contest organization and the Barbados Advocate newspaper.

Ian asked some of the same questions in 2006 when he had a column at the Barbados Advocate. You can read about it in Ian’s weekly column in the Barbados Advocate …. OH….. wait a minute…

Oh yes… I forgot that the Barbados Advocate fired Ian for asking those types of “difficult” questions.

“Difficult questions” on Barbados are defined as “anything that draws attention to the lack of integrity, transparency or accountability of any process. ”

Read Ian’s article: BDS Music Awards: Great Concept But Poor Execution

Photo courtesy of Bajan Reporter. See their article for more.


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6 responses to “Barbados Music Awards: Bajan Reporter Blog Questions Integrity Of Judging Process

  1. Red Lake Lassie

    Nice photos at Bajan Reporter but who are the people in the photos. I don’t know anyone anymore. I want to go home.

  2. Good gosh, me blushes, thanx! The fella used in this one is from Cafe Jungles – he is dressed okay, but the lady’s outfit is …. red, I’ll leave it at that.

    I got the photos in an e-mail, among them and used in the item was Betty West, but I did borrow from BFP and put wisecrack alt-text if you look carefully! ;oD

    I appreciate your looking at the item, I see I made a spelling boo-boo, I am going to correct that now.

  3. De Orginal

    @ Ian Bourne I know this is not relevant to the tread but the folks at Hilaby St Andrew could use your assistance Ian with garbage collection woes. i know you will look into it thanks in advance.

  4. Please call Mr Shepherd or Mr Browne at 417-2608, if that does not work, call me at 430-5055

  5. De Orginal

    thank you for your assistance

  6. 195.4

    i love bajan very much