Barbados Free Press Is One Year Old Today

Hello Friends,

We are still here – one year, 829 articles and 8,589 reader comments later. On January 17, 2006, Barbados Free Press published it’s first article: Prime Minister Owen Arthur Opens A New Can Of Paint – To Cover Old Corruption. As I recall, we had seven readers stumble onto BFP on that first day.

Things have changed a bit.

After announcing the winner of the 2006 Barbados Piggies At The Trough Award two weeks ago, Barbados Free Press had a touch over 10,000 visitors from all over the world during one 48 hour period. Although we don’t publish our statistics on a daily basis, our readers can always have a look at the daily rankings where we have achieved as high as the #17 most popular blog – out of over 600,000 hosted blogs.

Internet Search Engines Consistently Return Barbados Free Press Articles

Google or Yahoo search anything on the internet involving Barbados – and Barbados Free Press is likely to pop up somewhere in the results.

For instance, as of January 17, 2007, a Google search for “Prime Minister Owen Arthur” from anywhere in the world brings up that first BFP article Prime Minister Owen Arthur Opens A New Can Of Paint – To Cover Old Corruption as hit number 4 out of over half a million returns. Another BFP article is hit number 3: Prime Minister Owen Arthur Declares He Will Send Barbados Citizens’ Tax Money To Less-Developed CARICOM Nations.

A search of “Barbados Owen Arthur” shows a BFP article Barbados Prime Minister Owen Arthur: His Secret Bank Accounts, Stock Portfolios as return number 4.

Similarly, a Google Search of “Mia Mottley” shows BFP articles as returns numbers 3 and 4 out of 23,700 hits. Searching “Barbados politics” results in a BFP article as number 8 out of 1.3 million returns. Type “Liz Thompson Barbados” and Google returns BFP articles as hit numbers 4 and 5 out of 290,000.

Don’t care for politics? Then Google search “biotech barbados” (#1 & #2 of 1.1 million returns), “cricket barbados”“cricket world cup barbados” (#9 of 1.3 million returns), (#12 & #13 of 1 million returns), “barbados africa” (#6 of 94 million returns), “castro barbados” (#1 & #2 of 819,000 returns), “caricom barbados” (#6 of 532,000 returns), “barbados news media” (#’s 3, 4, 7 & 8 of 1.5 million returns), “barbados culture” (#10 & #11 of 1.57 million returns)…

… and finally, Google search “Barbados Offshore Investments” and you’ll see that Barbados Free Press articles are #1, #2 and #3 out of 794,000 returns. ( ! )

Whether the Barbados media and government want to acknowledge it or not, Barbados Free Press is the world’s most widely read blog about Barbados. BFP has become a signifcant source for anyone who uses the internet to research the political, social and economic landscape of Barbados.

Where Do We Go From Here?

To bed! I had a hard day at work and I’m dead tired – so perhaps our readers can give us some ideas for the year ahead.

Let’s hear it, folks… where do all of us want to take this little piece of the internet known as Barbados Free Press?




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18 responses to “Barbados Free Press Is One Year Old Today

  1. Hants

    BFP Hope you are around for many years to come and thanks to the BFP “staff” for giving us a forum to speak freely about our much loved country Barbados.

  2. Justice

    Congratulations on your first anniversary. Long may you continue to publish in the name of freedom.

  3. Jerome Hinds

    Keep up the good work BFP.

  4. John

    Happy Birthday

    I stumbled on to BFP in late January or early Februaury last year and have enjoyed it ever since.

    It took me a couple of weeks to figure out how to read and make comments. OK, so I am slow.

    But I have enjoyed every single comment I have made and read since then.

    Keep it up.

  5. Cana

    I think you should continue on the same path. It is good to have an objective and subjective insight into Barbadian politics.

  6. reality check

    Happy Anniversary BFP!!!

    sometimes I can’t help but think that the little Bajan that runs his fruit and vegetable,
    hamburger or fish stand in Oistins, Bridgetown or Speightstown has better business sense and honesty than the people who have been elected to take in and spend our nations money.

    Soon there will be an election in this land and I wonder if BFP can focus on the competency of the people running for office?

    How have these people been a success in their own lives to justify them in running or administering our lives? Success isn’t measured in just making money honestly but how they have diligently and effectively worked for their fellow man whether it be community service, environmental issues etc

    Then BFP can start focusing on the bureaucrats who run the politicians lives and do their bidding.

    lets hear about the good ones as well as the bad ones

    come on readers lets have your opinions!!!

  7. Inefficiency

    You’ll notice that a longer and longer section of the ABC Hiway is being crippled,
    as the widening efforts continue.

    From Warrens EAST roundabout to Bussa now crippled.

    You’ll notice that, although now widened these many months now,
    that there is no paving going on, “bringing up the rear” as it were.
    (starting fromW.East, and coming East)

    Were paving to begin from Warrens East to Hothersal roundabout, it would make matters a lot lot better and quickly.
    Then..across the Belle straight.

    Let’s not wait for the thing to become a total mess, with crippling turning to paralysis!

  8. akabozik

    Thanks to BFP and the entire group whoever you are.

    Marcus said “where do all of us want to take this little piece of the internet known as Barbados Free Press?”

    For Marcus to ask that question shows the attitude of BFP. Marcus is really saying “this blog belongs to the people of Barbados” That attitude alone is a big reason for the blog success.

    I would like to see more indepth posts on the people who are powerful in Barbados. Not only politicians but also the government senior workers and administration. I know one man who has a big house and new car that is too much for him to have saved this working for the government. Everybody knows around him that he has too much money to live where he do.

    Everybody knows how he do it too!

    We need stories like that with pictures to clean this place up.

  9. Happy Anniversary and Congratulations!

    It is remarkable to think you have only been around for a year. You have established yourselves as a vital safety valve for popular frustration. It is hard to think of doing without you.

    I “found” BFP at the time of the Caribbean Splash town meeting run-around, and have depended on you since then. There is a lot of rubbish-talk and racialism from commenters, but once you get used to that, it is refreshing to get an diverse impression of public opinion. Long may you flourish!

  10. Tudor

    Happy Birthday BFP, you have come along way baby! keep the good work up.

  11. Lady Anon

    Happy Birthday and congrats! Having stumbled upon BFP about four months ago, I cannot do without my daily dose. I log on first thing in the morning (and sometimes stupse if there is no new posting at that time) and the last thing at night.

    Keep up the good work…

  12. Paddy O'Furniture

    Happy Anniversary BFP. Thanks to all the folks at BFP for all your work.

    In the future keep on with your open and honest approach.

    Political issues. In the future perhaps invite input from all candidates running for office (not party spokepersons) on governance issues in public administration such as transparency, disclosure, conflicts of interest and codes of ethics and enforcement of these codes. Eg. How would they personally address and improve the situation.

    Environment. Your work on environmental issues is very important please bring us more of the same. If the environment is ruined through misuse or neglect it will have a devastating impact on Barbados and Barbadians.

    Economy and business issues. Barbadians cannot achieve upliftment without a strong economy. We cannot have a strong self sustaining (not debt based) economy without investor confidence. We cannot have investor confidence without strong governance. As a business professional I think governance issues in Barbadian business need much improvement.

  13. Pat

    Happy birthday and congratulations. May you have a long free run.

  14. Jane

    Congratulations BFP! I wish you many more years of being fair and just.

    Thank you for giving us hope and encouragement.

    We can all work together to make Barbados a better place.

  15. Kathy

    Happy Birthday, BFP! I am a newcomer, but I am hooked, because your site is the only worthwhile source of news about Barbados. Keep up the good work – what you have been doing is exactly what we need.

    I particularly identify with the postings on government corruption and the systematic poisoning of the land and people. Investigative reporting on the safety of the air and water would make everyone feel more empowered. I do not think the BLP would care if Barbadians suffer from the effects of pollution, as long as they can make a dollar out of it.

  16. Mile and a Quarter

    kudos BFP. Your site only place you can read honest diverse views on our beautiful homeland. The newpapers just print what the BLP says. Its pathetic. Dont hold you breath for a birthday card from Mia Keep up the good work. You are appreciated by every non included Bajan.

  17. samizdat

    Thanks to you guys, a fresh wind of truth has started to blow through the filthy closed rooms of Bajan politricks.

    Many of us rely on you now. What you’re doing is vital: a scourge and a corrective to our pathetic print media as well as to our now by and large spineless calypsonians.

    All honest Bajans salute you whole-heartedly.

    Just keep on keeping on…

  18. BFP

    Thanks to everyone for your good wishes.

    You own this blog as much as we do, and we won’t forget that.