Hackers Again Try To Discover Origin Of Barbados Free Press

They Are Getting Very Creative…

We don’t send out emails from Barbados Free Press – and we don’t open attachments or visit websites by invitation where our IP number can be logged and traced. We are never online without proxies, firewalls and java-stumps – but we don’t really trust all of that technology either.

So far, our discipline and technology has kept the writers of this blog anonymous for almost a year, but as a result, “they” grow ever more creative in their attempts to discover our identities. I suppose they’ll find us someday… but then what?

This latest attempt is a cute trick that took a bit of thought and planning.

We often receive invitations to visit “brand new” websites about Barbados, but we don’t surf on over from our own computers because if we are the only ones who have been told about the website – they might be able to identify our IP and/or give us a little gift.

So what better way to get us to surf on over than to have WordPress send us – and only us – a message to visit a certain website? Here is what they did…

They set up a blog with WordPress and called it “berbados free prees” at the URL of http://www.berbadosfreeprees.wordpress.com

They set up the blog, but later provided our email address – barbadosfreepress (at) yahoo.com – as the contact email. Then they changed the password of their blog’s administration section – knowing that WordPress would send an alert to the registered email address – which happens to be ours.

The alert came to us from WordPress, and it would have been such a natural thing to click on the link or to head on over to the “berbados free prees” blog just to see what’s happening.

We would have been the only ones to know about the existence of this blog – and that would have given them an opportunity to have a look at us in a controlled environment.

Cute trick… but no cigar this time!

Maybe a few of our readers can surf over to http://www.berbadosfreeprees.wordpress.com and have a look at what’s there. Let us know what you find by sending us an email or just tell us in the comments section of this post.

After a few days, we’ll drop by and take a look. By that time, they won’t know who is us and who are BFP readers.



Here is the email we received from WordPress.com …

to: [little black boy]

Someone has asked to reset the password for the following site and username.


Username: barbadosfreepress

To reset your password visit the following address, otherwise just ignore this email and nothing will happen.



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28 responses to “Hackers Again Try To Discover Origin Of Barbados Free Press

  1. Anonymous

    um. wordpress doesn’t show the IP of people who visit your blog though.

  2. Pogo


    Imitation is the best form of flattery.

    You are now the greatest news force in all of Barbados. If you don’t think so then why are the powers that be so desperate to knock you out?

    Keep up the good work. Barbados needs the fresh air that you are letting in to some murky places.

  3. BFP

    Hi Anonyomous

    No…. WordPress does not show the IP of people who visit your blog. For that… well… you have to do something else.

    Nice try though!

  4. reality check

    diverting the peoples money to control and shut down information is a form of state sponsored terrorism against its own people—all too prevalent in dictatorships.

    If you don’t like the message, particularly when most of it is true, you try and destroy the messenger

    Wake up fellow Barbadians!!!

  5. amazed

    There’s nothing worth looking at, at berbadosfreepress.wordpress.com. It’s titled – little black boy – but there are no entries, not even an introduction as to why it was created.

  6. Jerome Hinds

    Why are they (hackers) so concerned about the ventilation of issues in Barbados ???

    CBC , Nation and Advocate – failed !!

    VOB tries/trying !!

    BFP doing a remarkable job – KEEP it up!!!

    BLP pimps are becoming more desperate – just read in the Nation paper 2007-01-15 – that Joey Harper stated that the BLP ‘conversation with the Nation ‘ would resume in February after being well attended last year !!!

    I guess Harper would not speak the truth if you pay him !!!

    A damn BLIGHT he is !!!

  7. Yam P][e

    those immitators didn’t do half the job to fool anyone that they are BFP- the site is POOR; and the content is poorER.

    you’re causing a stir BFP !! keep it up.

  8. Andrew

    “Berbadosfreepress.com.wordpress.com” is as vacuous as the brains of those who came up with the idea.

    So is the letter in today’s nation by one Henderson Bovell….stupid,…stupid…stupid.

    As Pogo said ‘ imitation is the best form of flattery.

  9. My understanding is that as long as you put up a website that is of any interest hackers will try to hack into it.

    This is what hackers do – why do you assume that it is anything more sinister than that?

    As always my best regards to all of you.


  10. Disposable Arts

    Seriously, this really shouldent be posted as an attempt, its quite stupid in all areas. Any person who wanted BFP info would just crack the e-mail account (which really isn’t hard with the help of GOOGLE) instead of trying to mirror/phish an entire blog.


  11. Hans G. Machel

    Keep up your terrific work. You are the best thing that has happened to Barbados’ media scene since Independence.

    As for those readers interested in the Greenland fiasco, stay tuned for Part 3 of my Trilogy. I just completed and submitted it to BFP.

  12. Anon

    what is mirror/phishing as discussed by disposable above? Is it trying to duplicate a website?

    Be patient,I’m learning here.

    Also I suddenly found this programme that popped up over the weekend telling me it was a micosoft programme phishing – and that the information gained would not be disclosed.

    I guess with all this cloak and dagger stuff,and persons being hacked,I was just curious.

    Intrestingly,with all those persons who tell us how easy it is to find out who you are,nobody can say for sure,all are speculating,while some are outright lying.

  13. Disposable Arts


    Normally the attacker would have hosted an exact duplicate of this site on another server (mirrored it) as to better and more convincingly duplicate the original hoping to get one of the authors of BFP of guard as they log in.

    Anon, that sounds like a rather bad nasty you’ve picked up, after you’ve read the above wiki link i provided you’ll understand why. You can also drop me an email with more info about that “pop up”, if it’s indeed what i think it is, it’s going to need fixing.


  14. Anon


    Thanks a million.

    I now have a better grip on what was happening.

    I’m going to take some steps on this,but if all else fails I’ll let you know.

    Thanks again.

  15. Anon


    It’s a phishing filter that’s checking out websites and filtering them I believe.

  16. RRRicky

    In this case, I think that the idea of the unsophisticated hackers was to have someone at bfp visit their site when it was new so they would have the IP of the bfp people.

    somebody is getting so desperate!

  17. Carson C. Cadogan

    BFP should expect this. A General election is coming up and BFP must be neutralised!

  18. Anonymous

    well the reason that i made the first comment was, are u sure this was a hack attempt? any idiot must know that they can’t find out who u are like that…i would hate to think the government is paying for this!

  19. ross

    Anonymous You mean taxpayers paying? not Government

  20. amazed again

    Anyone check that blog again? – it doesn’t exist anymore….

  21. amazed again

    My mistake..it’s still up. And still no content.

  22. Well, I’m not one of your hackers, I’m legit. And I could care less about your IP address. But still don’t get my emails answered. 😦

  23. reality check

    Keith R

    I am sure BFP gets all our e mails but they don’t answer them directly for obvious reasons

  24. Reality Check, directly or indirectly, makes no difference to me. There are many, many safe indirect ways for them to respond without revealing their IP address — including proxies, leaving comments on my own blog, sending emails through a web-based email service, etc. I think that they know I am not the hacker, that I don’t care about their IP address, and I want to help. So why not respond, at least to explain the (month-)long delay? Too busy? Probably. No longer interested? Maybe. With long silences, no way for me to tell. Oh, well…

  25. The way i see it, BFP shouldent be refusing to email people back over such nonsense like not wanting to real an ip address…the logic is simple.

    1. I can safely say the average person has no clue what to do with an ip address or how to find it in an email for malicious use.

    2. Now lets say, we arent speaking about your average person but some one extremely knowledgeable in security or your “hacker”. You guys use a yahoo email client, those are the incredibly easy to password hijack/crack plus word press has been having some exploit attacks on users of certain themes.

    Since i’m on the subject of hacking, concerning this post made by BFP (down below) and using the same logic as above tells me that your average user would have no idea how send/script/use a virus/trojan. While your hacker would prolly know how to use them and most likely useing them without being caught, for instance, there a certain business in Bridgetown with a significantly strong and unsecured wireless router in their offices which a friend of mines who works in the adjacent building leaches their internet signal to surf the net. Thats like the first step a hacker would use to mask their tracks.

    Some advice, BFP until you guys received a real attack on your blog/email accounts, you guys should stop bringing so much attention in that area.

  26. BFP

    Hi Keith

    Just busy friend, and one of us has been away. Sorry for your frustration.


    Robert… how about it?