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Barbados QEH – Queen Elizabeth Hospital: Citizens Step In Where Government Fails

Something had to be done.

A series of widely-reported incidents last year exposed the public shame of our QEH facilities. The international media picked up on some of the worst stories – that included such outrageous circumstances as the hospital being without even basic sterilization equipment for several weeks.

A group of citizens are now taking the lead in raising private funds to assist the QEH…

From The Nation News…

A GROUP OF PROMINENT BARBADIANS, including the former head of the Caribbean Development Bank, Sir Neville Nicholls, has come together in a bid to raise as much as $50 million to help the Queen Elizabeth Hospital (QEH) tackle some of its challenges.

The group has a long list of projects it wants action on – 42 in fact – but is starting with a short list of ten, including installation of new X-ray and other medical imaging equipment.

“We have some 42 projects that we have identified,” chairman of the QEH board, Horace Cobham, told the SATURDAY SUN. “They have been prioritised and we are working on about ten of those projects.”

One result, he said, was that “by the end of March we will have a totally new state-of-the-art imaging department at the QEH”.

The new QEH Board Trust is yet to be officially launched. Sir Neville chairs the group, whose trustees include Sue Springer, Amor Mottley and Dr Basil Springer. Cobham and his deputy, George Griffith, are also members…
… read the entire article at The Nation News (link here)


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New Barbados Tourism Commercial – Nice, But Slightly Confusing

Some comments came in about the latest Barbados Tourism commercial now airing in America.

The comments boil down to “Nice – but I don’t like skyscrapers on the beach…”

The skyscrapers in the commercial are supposed to illustrate what Barbados is NOT.

It appears that some folks are confused about this.

What do you think? (YouTube link here)


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