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A Friendly Warning To Those Folks Trying To Hack Barbados Free Press


Time to time Aunty Moses likes to tell us stories ‘bout the good ole days. Back in those days she had to walk a piece and fetch water at the well. Those days granma’d be tellin’ her. “Doan’ you go using that old leaky pail. Water missin’ a person never know where it went. Never do get it back.”

Scarce resource in this country, water is. Can’t afford any to go missin’. Just like our tax money. Like that old pail, we’ve got leaky laws. Money goes missin’, can’t find it. Can’t get it back. Must have spilled out somewhere. No laws to stop it.

That’s not all.

We gots no laws that protect our privacy. Government types can spy on us, tap our phones, read our emails. Nothin’ we can do about it… IN BARBADOS

But, as Aunty Moses will tell you, what goes ‘round comes ‘round. Now these same types have gone and shot themselves in the foot. Gettin’ themselves in a heap of trouble. They been frantic ‘bout trying to find out who is Barbados Free Press – an they be sendin’ out worms, bots, viruses and other crazy things willy nilly to track us down electronically.

We’re guessin’ they figure since there are no laws against these dirty tricks in Barbados they have no worries. Can’t be caught. No laws to stop ‘em.

Seems these hackers don’t understand the internet, how blogs work. Silly people.

The thing is, these nasty things they are sending after us end up goin’ to our sites everywhere in the world. Born and launched in Barbados, their poison pills are internetting to places like Miami, Vancouver, and Manchester. Minute they land, they can be traced right back to the senders, senders who’ll find themselves guilty of serious criminal offences in countries outside of Barbados.

What, you say? You didn’t know that the internet has no borders? You thinkin’ that getting’ away with nasties in Barbados means you were scot free? Well, like our friend at the U.S. Department of Justice says, think again.

Americans have long ago ‘had it up to here’ with electronic criminals, spam invasions etc. etc. and they are crackin’ down, he tells us. They’ve already issued lots of indictments against Caribbeans who broke U.S. internet gambling laws, copyright laws, sent out invasive software. Next time those guys land in the U.S. it’s goin’ to be metal bracelets. Some are already in jail. Story told about a Cayman type, stupid man, now doin’ 8 years hard time in Tampa. They’re goin’ after internet criminals with “all due vigour”.

With all that we wonder whether we should turn in our countrymen, those we have in our sights…

No, maybe not this time. ‘Cause after all we still up and running and some 98% of our readers want to keep it that way. Only a handful want us foldin’ up and we already know who some of them are. We stand for those who want a voice that helps makes Barbados better. If you don’t agree, we like it when you let us know, but enough with the nonsense.

One of these days we may change our minds and turn the Barbados internet criminals over to the off-island authorities.

Those metal bracelets might just be waiting next time you fly there.


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