Paternity Frauds By Loose Women – 31% Of Children Tested Not Fathered By “Dad”

An article in The Nation News is deceptively titled Third of ‘Dads’ Not Real Fathers. We only learn by reading the article that one third of paternity tests show that the child was not fathered by ‘dad’. As these tests are done during divorce proceedings or when ‘dad’ becomes suspicious, they can hardly be said to represent a true cross-section of all society.


A word of advice to all young men out there – from our newest BFP staff member, George…

“Loose women have forever been able to deceive men, and the situation will not improve until young men come to realize how much of a target they are. Birth control is up to you, gentlemen. To leave it to the fairer sex is to put your entire life, career and everything you will ever earn into the hands of a woman who may have deceived you – or who planned to become pregnant as a way of keeping “her” man.”

… New BFP staffer, George

George is our newest BFP staffer and as of three days ago he began assisting with comment moderation and spam control. He says he may try to write a post or two once in a while, but mostly he will be in charge of spam and fatherly advice.

Thanks for coming aboard George!


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14 responses to “Paternity Frauds By Loose Women – 31% Of Children Tested Not Fathered By “Dad”

  1. Jupiter

    Welcome Aboard George.Glad you got rid of those cold feet.

    We the contributors and readers have an onoing love relationship with members of the BFP crew and we are delighted to include you in that Love – Fest.

    Trust and confidentiality are critical ingredients on this blog site having regard for where we are, and we are confident that the BFP crew would have reinforced those points

  2. John

    Welcome George.

    This post reminds me of an old folk song/calypso which had a line like this.

    “ya daddy ain’t ya daddy but ya daddy don’t know”

  3. Bajan George

    A song about a new family model can be found at:

  4. Carson C. Cadogan

    So what’s new?

  5. Pat

    It is not funny. I know a woman who has two children and neither know its rightful father. She even took a man to court, for child support, who is not the father but paying maintenance by court order.
    Allegations are that one was fathered by her father, the other by her cousin. So there.

  6. Comment Maker

    Funny how you always hear about fathers who won’t pay child support. Rarely if ever do you hear about the men being scammed.

  7. Kathy

    Even funnier, the courts in the USA sometimes punish scammed men further for being willing to support their non-children, see

    The above was a Guyanese man who was scammed into supporting another man’s child, then forced to continue supporting her after he found out she was not his child.

  8. Lynette

    And no one stops to think that if it is a third of the fathers who are not real dad, then two thirds of those tested are the real dads and many of them don’t claim ownership.

    In addition, you terribly unbalanced people talk about loose women, but think nothing of the men who father children and don’t take responsibility. Also knowing full well that there are men who actively fool women; who are often older than the young women with whom they form relationships; and many of whom prey on the vulnerabilities that some women have, including socioeconomic vulnerabilities.

    Yes, there are persons, women included, who should know better but who make bad decisions. But for you all to continue with analyses (especially George who is supposedly, some sort of journalist) that are so blatantly one sided, is just to reinforce the societal inbalance that exists, where men continue to be relieved of all responsibility for their actions (as if they are children); while women continue to bear the burden of all actions (as if they are the only adults). Shame on you all.

  9. Being realistic

    Oh please Lynette…one third is a large percentage. This tells me that a lot of women are not innocent participants. So they need to take some of the blame. Don’t come with the same ‘poor fooled women’.

  10. What I find disappointing about this piece is the tired sexist spin George puts on it — “loose, deceiving women”, men as victims — which discredits both sexes.

    Certainly there are women who entrap men with false claims of fatherhood, but doesn’t this also point least partially to a widespread failure on the part of some men to take responsibility for the potential consequences of sex with women (a conclusion which George also draws)? Why should an adult who has the power (and, presumably, knowledge) to influence the outcome of situation be described as having been “deceived”, when it was he who failed to exercise that power?

    In other words, there’s a more balanced reading of this issue than the one presented here, especially given that you have statistics in hand. I would have hoped that would have been the route taken by BFP.

  11. Lady Anon

    This whole discussion draws something else to light…

    1. These women were obviously having unprotected sex with multiple partners, if the father of the child is not the father.

    2. These men were dipping in someone else’s soup…also without protection if they could be named as the father.

    No wonder the HIV/Aids rate in Bim cannot be accurately calculated!

  12. B.Opportunity!

    I smell a business opportunity for a paternity testing lab! – anyone ‘want in’ with me?

    We cud be rich in a decade!

  13. some women make mistakes but some know from the start that the fathers they are giving their child/children to are not their fathers but do it anyway and that is cruel.what can be said about those women who spitefully decieve these men.some men are really stupid though they know the reputation of these women and give them the opportunity to use them, fools.