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Hell Freezes Over – The Nation News Calls For Freedom Of Information Law! (Sort of…)

Please don’t misunderstand our continuing criticism of The Nation News, folks. We are very pleased that Political Correspondent Albert Brandford has finally been able to slide the words “Freedom Of Information Law” past his censors /editors, but it is only a start and won’t go anyplace unless Barbadians keep up the pressure on both the news media and the government.

The Nation News article Time We Had Freedom Of Info Law uses a recent Commonwealth Parliamentary Association call for Freedom of Information (FOI) laws to raise the subject and point out that Barbados lacks laws that allow the public to access information necessary to hold government accountable. Freedom of Information laws are a necessary and important check and balance in any free society (which is the big reason why Prime Minister Owen Arthur says that Barbados doesn’t need FOI or Integrity legislation).

BLP – Barbados Labour Party – Promised Freedom Of Information Laws In 1986

After two decades and 12 years in power, the BLP has deliberately chosen NOT to introduce Freedom of Information and Integrity Legislation – despite promising in 1986 to introduce Freedom Of Information.

Does Thompson’s Silence Mean DLP Is Waiting For Turn At The Piggies Trough?

Although DLP Opposition Leader David Thompson mouthed some nice words about Integrity Legislation a couple of months ago, (BFP article here) we haven’t heard anything further from the DLP on the issue. The governing BLP has been exposed for a long time over any number of integrity scandals, yet Thompson and the DLP have failed to hammer home at these weaknesses. Talk at the standpipe is that Thompson either fears to talk about integrity because of his own past or that the DLP smell a chance at the trough themselves and they don’t want to ruin the big feed.

Cowardly Barbados Media Needs To Find Courage – And To Remember Their Public Duty

Barbadians know that their country is ill-served by a cowardly news media that long ago surrendered to the ruling Barbados Labour Party and the government. If the Barbados media is to have any hope of regaining the respect of the public, it must find the courage to once again become the voice of the people. The Barbados media sold out yesterday, but it doesn’t mean that it has to sell out tomorrow.

The Nation News Apologizes For Mentioning Freedom Of Information Laws

While the mere mentioning of Freedom Of Information laws is a big step for the Nation News, they almost apologize for doing so. The article ends with a weak crawl-on-the-knees, oatmeal-in-the-mouth finale of…

“Maybe the way forward could be a sensitive approach towards balancing the proscriptions of the Official Secrets Act with meeting the fundamental human right of access to information.”

Barbados Media Needs To Find Some Cojones and Get Specific

We’ve got news for the Barbados media – maybe “the way forward” is for supposedly professional journalists to start asking some real questions of the government and then refuse to take the drivel that they usually find acceptable as an answer.

The media has let the government ignore a GEMS accounting for years. They say nothing about the overnight wealth creation of some government Ministers. They say nothing when government issues purchase orders worth tens of millions of dollars without a tender. When BFP revealed that Minister of Public Works Gline Clarke was living in a house built on expropriated land, Barbados media ignored it. British or American journalists would have been camping on his doorstep asking for disclosure, but not one word was heard from the cowardly Barbados media.

Here’s A Story Of Government Corruption All Laid Out For The Barbados Media

The current milque-toast Freedom of Information article in The Nation News is only a start. Now let’s see if the editors and owners have the courage to demand that the government provide specific answers to specific questions. Let’s see if any journalists appear at the Land Registry and demand to see certain documents. The government party has foolishly posted selected confidential government documents online at it’s BLP Blog. Let’s see The Nation News launch a lawsuit to gain access to the the entire file OR AT LEAST COVER THE STORY THAT THE GOVERNMENT POSTED CONFIDENTIAL FINANCE MINISTRY DOCUMENTS ON IT’S OWN BLOG!

Cover that story, Barbados Advocate and Nation News – or remain before the public in 2007 as the pathetic bunch of sold-out losers that you were all last year.

(And if our professional journalists need some help in discovering that the Government Of Barbados posted confidential government documents on it’s own BLP Blog – here is a screen capture and the link …)



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Paternity Frauds By Loose Women – 31% Of Children Tested Not Fathered By “Dad”

An article in The Nation News is deceptively titled Third of ‘Dads’ Not Real Fathers. We only learn by reading the article that one third of paternity tests show that the child was not fathered by ‘dad’. As these tests are done during divorce proceedings or when ‘dad’ becomes suspicious, they can hardly be said to represent a true cross-section of all society.


A word of advice to all young men out there – from our newest BFP staff member, George…

“Loose women have forever been able to deceive men, and the situation will not improve until young men come to realize how much of a target they are. Birth control is up to you, gentlemen. To leave it to the fairer sex is to put your entire life, career and everything you will ever earn into the hands of a woman who may have deceived you – or who planned to become pregnant as a way of keeping “her” man.”

… New BFP staffer, George

George is our newest BFP staffer and as of three days ago he began assisting with comment moderation and spam control. He says he may try to write a post or two once in a while, but mostly he will be in charge of spam and fatherly advice.

Thanks for coming aboard George!


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Peter Laurie’s Plea For Human Dignity, Compassion – We Say Start By Firing Barbados’ United Nations Diplomats

In this morning’s The Nation News, we read Peter Laurie’s On The Other Hand – Year For Human Dignity. Along with a New Year’s plea for peace and human dignity around the world, he points out that Barbados does not effectively regulate the practice of medicine, and that all it is going to take is one disaster for our good name to be harmed around the world…

On The Other Hand – Year For Human Dignity

LET’S HOPE that 2007 brings a greater respect for the dignity of the human person.

2006 was disastrous. The culture of death was widespread. Genocide in Darfur; the violence in American-occupied Iraq; killing and despair in Palestine, Israel and Lebanon; the senseless terrorist bombings all over the world in the name of God; the abuse and forced labour of children; violence against women; disease and poverty; and the relentless killing of unborn children whose only crime is to be inconvenient or, worse still, whose only reason for being is to be experimental fodder.

(In view of the recent controversy over the Institute for Regenerative Medicine in Barbados, ought not the Government to regulate and supervise all offshore health services operating in Barbados to ensure they comply with international standards of medical ethics and science, just as the Central Bank supervises and regulates offshore banks? Or are we going to wait until disaster strikes?)

Everyone is all for the dignity of the human person; but we tend to be selective. This cannot be.

… continue reading this article at The Nation News (link here).

Barbados Should Begin Supporting Human Dignity At The United Nations

Bajans of all political stripes were stunned a few weeks ago when Barbados’ diplomats at the United Nations voted to support Iran’s use of torture, amputations as punishment, execution of children and legal discrimination and violence against women.

Perhaps we could begin the year by firing our United Nations diplomats and appointing someone who better represents our national character.

See Gutless Barbados “Abstains” From UN Vote Citing Iran For Human Rights Abuses, Torture, Discrimination and Violence Against Women – AND THEN VOTES TO PROTECT IRAN!


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Barbados Free Press Photoshop Contest Begins!

When we posted Fashion Barbados – King Arthur’s New Clothes, a Photoshop creation showing Prime Minister Owen Arthur wearing a suit made from money, we never dreamed that it would start a trend. Within a day, we received two other politically-themed Photoshop creations and a few enquiries from folks who wanted BFP to sponsor a contest.

OK… so a contest it is!

We don’t know what we will give away as a prize, but we’re thinking that maybe we can get someone to donate a dinner at the Prime Minister’s favourite restaurant. (That’s Champers – downstairs for us ordinary mortals!)

We can’t show you the second entry we received because … we’re not that kind of blog. Let’s just put it this way and leave the rest to your imagination…

“Mia Mottley as Lady Godiva”

We’ll get back to everyone in a day or two with the contest rules, but for now, here’s our third entry.

Golly… what do you think it means? 😉

(We forgot to tell you that the name of the cartoon is “The Puppeteer”)


“The Puppeteer” 


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