Cricket Visa Chaos: Mottley Worried About Legal Liability For Wrong Information and Visa Failures – Implementation Now Delayed Until February 1st – She Thinks, Maybe, IF…


Photo: Deputy PM Mia Mottley “I Don’t Know What The Hell Is Going On. Does Anyone?”

IF YOU WANT TO KNOW how confused the Australians are about CARICOM Cricket Visas, just read the comments sections of our previous cricket visa articles (listed at the end of this post).

There is so much contradicatory information floating around – most of it officially produced by government and cricket authorities – that even experienced Australian travel agents can’t figure it out. The CARICOM website is ambiguous at best, and like a broken tool, one is better not to rely upon it or you could get hurt.

Mottley Worried About Legal Liability For All The Chaos And Wrong Visa Information Provided By Official Sources

Now in the middle of all the confusion over Cricket Visas for Australians, Kiwis and others, Mamma Mia Mottley has had to start talking about “AVOIDING LEGAL LIABILITY in regards to representations from the public…” (Barbados Advocate article here)

In true Mamma Mia mis-speak, she really meant “avoiding legal liability in regards to representations TO the public”

In other words, God forbid that the public should rely upon anything they read or hear from government and organizers regarding cricket visas! The visa mess has become so bad that Mottley is now worrying about legal liability to tourists who were given wrong information by official sources and/or tourists who will not receive their cricket visas in time.

Never mind the tourists – just wait until all those hotels, tour operators and cricket businesses start filing their lawsuits because of Mottley’s incompetence. (She is IN CHARGE of cricket security & visas ya know!)

Visa Date Pushed Back To February 1st – Or So Mottley Says Today…

Again from the same Barbados Advocate article…

“FOLLOWING consultations between tourism ministers and the Cricket World Cup security planners, a decision has been reached to delay the implementation of the special CARICOM visa by two weeks, with a new start-up date of February 1.

This came from Deputy Prime Minister and Chair of the CARICOM Sub-Committee on Cricket World Cup Security, Mia Mottley. She was speaking following a special meeting of regional tourism ministers at the Sherbourne Conference Centre yesterday.”

We’ve Got News From Australia For Cricket World Cup Governments & Authorities…

Mottley and her “security committee” changed the rules at the very last moment. Many of the Australian fans were already on their way prior to the Christmas announcement that they would need Visas. These folks cannot now give up their passports for three or four weeks to wait for CARICOM visas. They have real lives, travel plans and jobs that require them to show a passport in the next few weeks.

Given the level of incompetence shown to date by Caricom visa officials, many folks are reluctant to send their passports into the black hole of government processing and pray that they see them again. I can’t say as I blame them!

If reasonable notice had been given these visitors could have arranged their lives and sent in their passports months in advance to obtain a Cricket Visa. Many made their travel arrangements a year ago! Have a look at the comments – folks are already on cruise ships, traveling in America, Europe or on business somewhere and they will arrive without visas.

What is Barbados going to do with the hundreds or thousands of tourists who will arrive without visas? What then, Mia? Jail? Send them home?

You’d better start thinking about it because it has already started.

Visas For Aussies & Kiwis Are A Farce Of A Cash Grab That Turned Into A Public Relations Disaster

What Nonsense! Mottley Says That Australians Are A Security Threat, But South Africans & Spanish Are Not

Mottley is quoted in the Barbados Advocate article as saying that 95% of the visitors coming to the Cricket World Cup will not need visas. So who did she choose to require visas who never required them before CWC? Australians and New Zealanders!

As for South Africans – nope, no visas needed.

Just take a moment and Google the term “terror attacks in South Africa” and tell me what you see. Maybe throw in the words “Soweto Bombing” or “necklacing”. Now do the same for New Zealand and Australia.

No Visas Needed For Spain! None For Ireland!

Google “muslim train bombings Spain” and see what you find. Next try “Ireland terrorism bombs” and you’ll get the picture.

Australian & New Zealand Visas are just a last-minute cash grab. Nothing else.

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19 responses to “Cricket Visa Chaos: Mottley Worried About Legal Liability For Wrong Information and Visa Failures – Implementation Now Delayed Until February 1st – She Thinks, Maybe, IF…

  1. West Side Davie

    None of this makes any sense. Why wouldn’t visas have been decided upon and announced a year ago? Why announce them for Australia and NZ at Christmas? What can’t I figure out with this? What am I missing?

    So much confusion and none of it necessary. All could have been avoided

  2. Jerome Hinds

    West Side Davie, cuddear, what did you expect???

    With Mia Mottley in charge, how could you be surprise about the ‘ so much confusion ‘ bit !!!

    Was not this the same Mia Mottley in charge of

    1. Edutech ?????

    2. NCF ????

    3. CBC ???

    AND I almost forget to mention – homosexuality and lesbianism – debate ???

    Come on Davie, I am assuming you were not living in Barbados at the time of these earth shattering Mottleyism ” events “

  3. West Side Davie

    I live here. I still can’t believe it!

  4. Our Deputy Prime Minister stands up at a time of crisis and tells the world-
    ” We will OPERATIONALISE that as a matter of urgency…”

    Who can take seriously a public figure who uses words as oversized, windy and absurd as she is?

    She clearly has no idea how ridiculous she sounds trying to impress her audience. Normal people would use “implement” quite happily. “Operationalise” is a pitiful attempt to impress over a matter which should have been routine. We have been bamboozled too long.

  5. American

    Who are persons in photo? I can identify Mottley. You really cant miss her can you. Right Kerrie? The red man look pissed. Hes got that ‘I doan want to hear nothing from you’ appearance. The black guy got a field slave appearance. Much like really old photos my ole granma show me of her slave great granpa down here in Missisippi Delta..

  6. Get In The Action

    This is an absolute disaster! Just accept that a huge mistake has been made and scrap the whole programme. It’s bureaucratic incompetence operationalised – sounds like someone we know?

  7. Adrian Loveridge

    Anyone reading in full, the comments by tourism industry veteran, General Manager of Sandals Montego Bay and President of the Jamaica Hotel and Tourism Association, Horace Peterkin, can be left in no doubt his grave concerns over the delayed announcement and impletation for the requirement of certain citizens to have a Caricom visa from the new date of 1st February.
    Nearly six weeks before any cricket comences.

    What I find quite shocking is that according to Mr Peterkin, Caricom agreed and started putting this visa regime in place without fully consulting the national tourism marketing agencies and associations prior to implementation.

    In another article issued by Hospitality Jamaica
    comments are quoted from various tour operators including the managing Director of Caribbean in Austria Sunny Islands, Sylvia Marek who described the decision as ‘suicidal’ and ‘we know already for sure, that almost all of the existing reservations will be cancelled by our customers’.
    Adding ‘these islands will disappear from the Austrian market’.

    So after spending years developing new markets, almost overnight they can be destroyed.

    Holiday Services, a ground tour operator specialising in the European market, MD’s Jennifer Hilton, said ‘she had forward bookings from Eastern Europe until July 2007 and fears she will lose that business’.
    Ms Hilton went on to say ‘my Easern European clients currently pay US$20 on arrival and that is why we get them to come to Jamaica. If visa laws are put in, they will cancel’ and ‘my belief is that we cannot stop our year round regular business that we have invested in, just to accommodate those who are travelling the Caribbean for World Cup’.

  8. American

    BFP the field slave comparison was not a negative more coincidence. Some of those slaves were hunks down in the Delta and white women went after them with gusto. The guy in photo though look like a field slave in my granma photo who went on to own a plantation or two.

  9. Justasking

    Adreian, you say “What I find quite shocking is that according to Mr Peterkin, Caricom agreed and started putting this visa regime in place without fully consulting the national tourism marketing agencies and associations prior to implementation.”

    You are quite right about lack of consultations. What right thinking perosn in the hotel and tourism business could agree to a policy that starts requiring Visas from as early as Jan 15 for people visiting who have absolutely nothing to do with World Cup Cricket. This is quite apart form the abominable management and publicity surrounding the whole process.

    I would think there was close to zero consultation. I do not think that those involved thought through the implications. But I have a sneaky suspicion the the idea probably came from “over and away”.

    Anyone know who the company is that is supplying the Visa issuing technology?

  10. Adrian Loveridge

    Here are some extracts from a letter that appeared in the Antigua Sun on 5th January 2007.

    ‘I must admit that we are appalled by the stringent visa requirement surrounding ine ICC Cricket World Cup having been informed today by a hotel about these visa requirements’.

    ‘To date, no Caribbean tourist office has informed us about this visa requirement’.

    ‘I feel that clients who have already booked will travel under a feeling of duress, while others will simply chose other islands where a visa is not required like the Dominican Republic, Aruba or Curacao’.

    Letter writer?

    Andrew Nehaul
    currently Head of a Swedish Tour operator

    Some may recognise the name in relation to two generations and the Barbados Tourism Authority.

    Jamaica certainly feels strongly about this ‘public relations’ disaster. I wonder just how long it will take our policymakers to figure out this is going to effect the overall annual arrival numbers and foreign currency earnings?

  11. Adrian Loveridge

    Just a footnote:

    David Ellis will be airing a special live ‘Down to Brass Tacks Sunday’ with Deputy Prime Minister, Mia Motley, TODAY at 11am on StarCom Network.

  12. Rumplestilskin

    Good points by Mr.Loveridge. As with any business, swift appreciation for changing circumstances and swift and reasonable decision-making is imperative in assuring viability.

    In my opinion, the obvious action now is to either eliminate the Visa requirement or provide for this at the ports of entry, with immediate and well publicised disclosure.

    The first action would deal with the overall principle and effects of the Visa cost Tourism-wide.

    The second would deal with the short timeframe involved and confusion in getting the Visas issued.

    One or the other.

  13. John

    This is getting similar to the hue and cry when America decided all its citizens needed passports when travelling.

    How come it was obvious to the powers that be that the American decision would cause trouble for tourism in the region and still they turnaround and call for a visa?

    I really don’t travel much and am at a loss to understand the rationale and maybe I am out on a limb making this comment.

    Who actually made the visa decision and why on the eve of World Cup?

    Maybe I’ll listen to Ms. Mottley today ….. but the first big word I hear, I gone.

  14. Rumplestilskin


    If I were you, I would designate the time necessary to be attentive to the good lady, whether it be a concise preamble or an extrapolated and extensive analysis of the circumstances evidencing currently.

    Surely a selective reasoning is worth your ear to facilitate your considered reasoning in order for you to make a considered approach to your own interpretation?

  15. John


    … precisely, … and stated with some exactitude, I might add.

  16. Justasking

    Any Aussies listening can tune in on the web to

  17. Adrian Loveridge

    At the end of the day, no-one can reasonably argue against a case of national security, but wouldn’t things have been so much better if they had explained things a little earlier?

    Two points I would liked to comment on, which time prohibited.

    1) Can you imagine, the third largest sporting event in the world. The largest (ever) ‘investment’ in taxpayers monies to host such an event, the over-riding concern for safety (Senator Chastenet)
    and yet only two out of ten, Minister’s of Tourism can turn-up for a meeting?
    Should we take these people seriously?

    Secondly, will the passengers on the quoted 14-18 cruise ships moored in Bridgetown harbour have to apply and pay for a Caricom visa?

  18. Moff'n me

    Yay! Opened the mail today and our passports are back from the CARICOM Visa office in Sydney – complete with visa!
    Maybe now we can forget the problems of this Visarequirement being foisted on Aussies at the very last minute; the Sydney CARICOM office going AWOL and only opening 1 mth before we leave; paying for flights to Sydney to drop passports off at CARICOM (post passports – I think not); being without passport for 3 weeks – sorry boss, can’t travel for work, CARICOM want my passport for 3 weeks minimum; and now look forward to our fabulous trip to the West Indies to watch the Aussies win the World Cup!

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