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Barbados The Nation News – Jamaica Gleaner: Two Ways Of Reporting A Knifing Death…

From Jamaica Gleaner…

Killed Over Ganja – Feuding Sons Of High-Society Officials

AN ARGUMENT over ganja has left the son of Supreme Court judge Lennox Campbell dead and the son of principal of the University of the West Indies, Cave Hill campus, facing a charge of murder.

Rodney Beckles, 21, whose father, Professor Hilary Beckles, was en route to Jamaica from Barbados yesterday, is now in police custody after stabbing to death Khalil Campbell, 28, of Daisy Avenue, St. Andrew.

The accused Beckles, a student at the University of the West Indies, Mona campus, allegedly stabbed Campbell 21 times after an argument over the illegal substance.

Police sources say Beckles is alleged to have denied Campbell the opportunity to smoke his chillum pipe, claiming Campbell was not mentally capable of ‘handling the weed’. An altercation developed during which Beckles allegedly stabbed Campbell several times despite attempts by two other persons to restrain him.

… finish reading this article at Jamaica Gleaner (link here)

Now The Same Story From The Nation News…

Bajan facing murder charge
Published on: 1/5/07.

AN ARGUMENT between two young men in Jamaica has left one dead and the other, a Barbadian, facing a charge of murder.

Dead is Khalil Campbell, 28, of Daisy Avenue, St Andrew, Jamaica, and facing a murder charge is Rodney Beckles, of Bagatelle, St Thomas.

Papine police said Beckles, a social sciences student of University of the West Indies, Mona Campus, is expected to be charged today.

Campbell died while undergoing treatment at the University Hospital of the West Indies, after an argument in which he was allegedly stabbed. (The Nation News story link here


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Breaking – Is Jamaica Pulling Out Of CARICOM Cricket Visa Requirement?

We Can’t Find Anything In Print – Readers Tell Us Of Radio Reports…

“Esteemed BFP Gang

I have just seen a comment by Pandora that Jamaica has pulled out of this Common Caribbean Visa arrangement. I checked on radio and confirmed this. Apparently Jamaica feels they were not properly consulted etc.and fear many will cancel.

Breaking ranks with the rest of us is going to cause a bigger mess. Miss Mottley may have a conniption, if not a heart attack. Perhaps you will wish to open a new Post on this as there are several out there right now which need tying together.” … report from BFP Reader M just a minute ago.

What can anyone else add, please!

Could our readers have made a mistake and merely heard the Jamaican Tourism representative putting it forward as a suggestion? (see our previous article Jamaica Hotel and Tourist Association Calls For CARICOM To Abandon Cricket Visa


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Michael Winner Says Of Barbados Bayview Hospital “It’s Horrible Here” and “Food Is Disgusting”


Famous Film Director Hospitalized In Barbados

**** CORRECTION ****

Mr. Winner was not in the QEH – he was in Bayview. Our bad! However, the point of the article remains the same…

How unfortunate that an international personage like Mr. Winner is broadcasting in the world media what we all know to be true.

“It’s horrible here,” he said from his hospital bed. “They’re doing their best but the food is disgusting.”

Film Director Michael Winner talks about Barbados’ Queen Elizabeth Bayview Hospital (Guardian Unlimited link here)

But Mr. Winner will be out of here on a private jet just as soon as he is able. We, on the other hand, are stuck with the result of over a decade of the government’s neglect and wrong priorities.

Highways – We have lots of those and new ones on the way, complete with flyovers.

Health Care – Don’t ask.


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Fashion Barbados – King Arthur’s New Clothes


“King Arthur’s New Clothes”

Barbados Prime Minister Owen Arthur’s New Suit Fits Perfectly!

Owen $ Arthur is the winner of the 2006 Barbados Piggies At The Trough Award (details here).

Our thanks to BFP reader “Don’t You Dare Use My Name” for this editorial Photoshop creation. Hmmmm…. I wonder if we could get some sort of PhotoShop contest going?



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Jamaica Hotel and Tourist Association Calls For CARICOM To Abandon Cricket Visa

Will Barbados’ Tourism Industry Follow?

Under bold headlines ‘JHTA says no to Caricom visa’, Horace Peterkin, president of the Jamaica Hotel and Tourist Association stated in a Jamaica Observer article ‘the industry would prefer if Caricom abandons the visa requirement, but if it did not, Jamaica should put its national interest first and go it alone’.

‘We know that security is a main concern of the ICC and our governments, but projecting a few months of cricket versus losing years of sweat, equity, reputation, and confidence of these markets along with the immediate income of the stakeholders (some of whom could go out of business) is a very hard bill to swallow…” Peterkin wrote in a letter to Jamaica’s tourism minister, Aloun Assamba.

Peterkin predicted ‘massive and immediate cancellation of all forward bookings’ from countries which are now required to get Caricom visas.

‘This matter is a grave one which needs to be explained to Jamaica. Caricom has done it again… this time in the name of 58 days of World Cup Cricket…How this could happen is beyond all of us in the industry’

Said Peterkin, who is also general manager of the sandals Montego Bay Resort!

Adrian Loveridge
5 January 2006

Source: Jamaica Observer Friday 5th January 2007

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Cricket Visa Chaos: Mottley Worried About Legal Liability For Wrong Information and Visa Failures – Implementation Now Delayed Until February 1st – She Thinks, Maybe, IF…


Photo: Deputy PM Mia Mottley “I Don’t Know What The Hell Is Going On. Does Anyone?”

IF YOU WANT TO KNOW how confused the Australians are about CARICOM Cricket Visas, just read the comments sections of our previous cricket visa articles (listed at the end of this post).

There is so much contradicatory information floating around – most of it officially produced by government and cricket authorities – that even experienced Australian travel agents can’t figure it out. The CARICOM website is ambiguous at best, and like a broken tool, one is better not to rely upon it or you could get hurt.

Mottley Worried About Legal Liability For All The Chaos And Wrong Visa Information Provided By Official Sources

Now in the middle of all the confusion over Cricket Visas for Australians, Kiwis and others, Mamma Mia Mottley has had to start talking about “AVOIDING LEGAL LIABILITY in regards to representations from the public…” (Barbados Advocate article here)

In true Mamma Mia mis-speak, she really meant “avoiding legal liability in regards to representations TO the public”

In other words, God forbid that the public should rely upon anything they read or hear from government and organizers regarding cricket visas! The visa mess has become so bad that Mottley is now worrying about legal liability to tourists who were given wrong information by official sources and/or tourists who will not receive their cricket visas in time.

Never mind the tourists – just wait until all those hotels, tour operators and cricket businesses start filing their lawsuits because of Mottley’s incompetence. (She is IN CHARGE of cricket security & visas ya know!)

Visa Date Pushed Back To February 1st – Or So Mottley Says Today…

Again from the same Barbados Advocate article…

“FOLLOWING consultations between tourism ministers and the Cricket World Cup security planners, a decision has been reached to delay the implementation of the special CARICOM visa by two weeks, with a new start-up date of February 1.

This came from Deputy Prime Minister and Chair of the CARICOM Sub-Committee on Cricket World Cup Security, Mia Mottley. She was speaking following a special meeting of regional tourism ministers at the Sherbourne Conference Centre yesterday.”

We’ve Got News From Australia For Cricket World Cup Governments & Authorities…

Mottley and her “security committee” changed the rules at the very last moment. Many of the Australian fans were already on their way prior to the Christmas announcement that they would need Visas. These folks cannot now give up their passports for three or four weeks to wait for CARICOM visas. They have real lives, travel plans and jobs that require them to show a passport in the next few weeks.

Given the level of incompetence shown to date by Caricom visa officials, many folks are reluctant to send their passports into the black hole of government processing and pray that they see them again. I can’t say as I blame them!

If reasonable notice had been given these visitors could have arranged their lives and sent in their passports months in advance to obtain a Cricket Visa. Many made their travel arrangements a year ago! Have a look at the comments – folks are already on cruise ships, traveling in America, Europe or on business somewhere and they will arrive without visas.

What is Barbados going to do with the hundreds or thousands of tourists who will arrive without visas? What then, Mia? Jail? Send them home?

You’d better start thinking about it because it has already started.

Visas For Aussies & Kiwis Are A Farce Of A Cash Grab That Turned Into A Public Relations Disaster

What Nonsense! Mottley Says That Australians Are A Security Threat, But South Africans & Spanish Are Not

Mottley is quoted in the Barbados Advocate article as saying that 95% of the visitors coming to the Cricket World Cup will not need visas. So who did she choose to require visas who never required them before CWC? Australians and New Zealanders!

As for South Africans – nope, no visas needed.

Just take a moment and Google the term “terror attacks in South Africa” and tell me what you see. Maybe throw in the words “Soweto Bombing” or “necklacing”. Now do the same for New Zealand and Australia.

No Visas Needed For Spain! None For Ireland!

Google “muslim train bombings Spain” and see what you find. Next try “Ireland terrorism bombs” and you’ll get the picture.

Australian & New Zealand Visas are just a last-minute cash grab. Nothing else.

Previous BFP Cricket Visa Articles…

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Cricket World Cup – Visa Chaos About To Explode – Sydney Visa Office Not Even Rented Yet!

Letter From New Zealand Family – Might Have To Cancel Barbados Wedding Trip Because Of Cricket World Cup Visa Chaos

Aussie Visa Furor Grows – Tour Operators Threatening To Cancel Cricket World Cup Trips

Australians Angry Over Cricket Visa Cost – First Time Aussies Have Needed Visa For Barbados


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Barbados Music Awards Concert – YES!

Robert & Shona Will Be There! (Too Bad Marcus Has To Work)

We will see you tonight (January 5th) for the big Barbados Music Awards show at the Sir Garfield Sobers Gymnasium, at 8PM. And a big thank you to Auntie Moses for coming down to look after the little one.


Magnet Man is up for Best Music Video (male) and Reggae Artiste Of The Year

Yes, if the girls were in charge, you know who’d win in both categories!


Rihanna is, of course, a top contender in more than a few categories but some folks are of the opinion that “she has had her share” of fame and fortune. The girl has done just fabulous, but in our opinion – who is best should win. No other criteria should come into it. Rihanna has had lots of polishing, pushing and money behind her, but no one can deny her raw talent. Jealous people should stay home and let her stay on top of the pile so long as she keeps producing quality.

Barbados Music Awards Website

Magnet Man Online

The Nation News: Who Will Be Entertainer Of Them All At BMA’s?


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