UPDATED: Now Has Phone, But Is The Office Open Yet? – CARICOM Cricket Visa Office Australia – Day 1 With No Phone


UPDATED – Caricom Website Publishes Australian Office Phone Number… But Is The Office Open Yet?

CARICOM Special Visa Issuing Office
Level 57
MLC Center
19-29 Martin Place
Sydney NSW 2000 Australia

Tel: 011 612 9238 2031 / 2032

Is Caricom’s Australia Visa Office Open Yet?

We tried to call Caricom’s Sydney, Australia Cricket Visa office this morning, but the long distance operator couldn’t find a phone number.

As seen above, even the CARICOM visa website doesn’t list any phone numbers for the Australia office. Here’s what is listed…

CARICOM Special Visa Issuing Office
Level 57
MLC Center
19-29 Martin Place
Sydney NSW 2000 Australia

Tel: Further information will be posted here shortly
Fax: Further information will be posted here shortly
E-mail: Further information will be posted here shortly

Can Anyone Advise Whether The Australia CARICOM Visa Office Is Open Yet?

The last we heard was on December 26th when the previous Trinidad and Tobago Consul announced that the lease on the office was not yet signed, processing personnel had disappeared and the visa computers were still in storage at FedEx.

Let’s Just Fix The Problem: Repeal The Visa Requirements For Aussies & Kiwis

Barbados Deputy Prime Minister Mia Mottley is in charge of security and visa arrangements for the Cricket World Cup, so perhaps she had better give Australia a call and see what’s happening. Considering that visa processing is supposed to take four weeks, but the Aussies and Kiwis will need a visa starting in 13 days, Mia might want to consider repealing the visa requirements for our friends from Down Under.

It’s no shame for the government to admit that the Aussie Visa office just didn’t come together in time due to some personnel problems on the other side of the world. These things happen. Let’s just fix the problem and get those cricket fans on their way to Barbados!

See previous BFP Caricom Australia Visa article (link here)


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37 responses to “UPDATED: Now Has Phone, But Is The Office Open Yet? – CARICOM Cricket Visa Office Australia – Day 1 With No Phone

  1. Hants

    The fact that they now have to rush to set up these VISA offices is in itself a “security issue”.
    but he only threat coming from Australia or New Zealand are the Cricket Teams who are trying to win the World Cup.

    The beer drinkers may also be a threat to our supply of Banks beer.

    Enough of this Visa nonsense and welcome the visitors from “down under” with open arms.

  2. Phoenix

    Lets just fix the problem? Oh how we wish it were that easy for our leaders to admit a mistake and simply fix it. However as with the landfill issue, a little something I call “pride” may slow things down a bit.

  3. Mark Arena

    I sent an email around about my situation with regards to the cruise ship which I assume is what is turning up in news articles. Here is the email I sent to the Jamaican Consul in Canada so hopefully its true and accurate and I can get my visa on arrival.

    On 12/22/06, Jamaican Consul General Toronto wrote:
    > Mark,
    > I’m sorry for the delay in responding. In your case, I recommend that you
    > apply for the visa at your first port of call in the Caribbean. The
    > requirements will be the same and you would get the visa immediately.
    > Have a good trip.
    > Regards,
    > Consul General
    > —–Original Message—–
    > From: Mark Arena
    > Sent: Thursday, December 21, 2006 2:27 PM
    > To: Jamaican Consul General Toronto
    > Subject: Re: Turnaround time for an Australian to get a CARICOM SPECIAL VISA
    > Thanks for your reply.
    > My travel plans currently involve first heading to Whistler (will fly
    > through Los Angeles and Vancouver with a few hourly stopovers) for 8
    > days or so then heading to San Juan, Puerto Rico (stopovers through
    > Vancouver and Chicago) from where I will be starting a cruise that
    > goes around the Carribean islands. The stays in the countries
    > concerned are less than 24 hours at all times and only barely goes
    > over the 15th of January startup of CARICOM visas. To be honest I can
    > see no way people in my situation can obtain proper authorisation to
    > visit the required countries without being able to obtain a visa at
    > entry, to apply without sending in their passport (I may need it to
    > prove I’m legally in one of the countries concerned) or to have the
    > date changed to a later day when all the offices are up and running
    > implementing CARICOM visas properly. Please be advised that I am very
    > concerned by this problem and dont see any way around this and I feel
    > it is a problem that is affecting many peoples travel plans. With a 3
    > week guaranteed turn around and the CARICOM visas coming into affect
    > January 15th, with Christmas and the holidays around it and the
    > problems currently occuring I cannot see how anyone get a CARICOM visa
    > in the required timeframe required. This whole fiasco has definately
    > left me with a bad taste in my mouth with regards to the Carribean
    > region as I believe this is a badly organised system and I would doubt
    > that without some flexibility in it’s implementation that I would ever
    > attempt to travel to the region again for any reason as I do not
    > believe it’s worth the effort, stress and risk with cruise liner
    > policies dictating whether they will even like you on the vessel if
    > you do not hold the proper authorisation to visit the coutries it ends
    > up visiting and I would definately be communication this to others
    > regarding the Carribean as a holiday destination.
    > Thank you for your time and I look forward to your speedy reply and a
    > rapid solution to my problems.
    > Regards
    > Mark Arena
    > On 12/22/06, Jamaican Consul General Toronto
    > wrote:
    > > Good morning Mark.
    > >
    > > The standard turnaround time is approximately 3(three) weeks for the
    > > visas. Much like the office in Australia we are experiencing a few minor
    > > setbacks in the setup of the CARICOM visas. However the issuing office
    > here
    > > at the Jamaican Consulate in Toronto has informed that while on your
    > > vacation in Whistler to contact us and inquire whether or not the system
    > is
    > > up and running. The visa officers advise to send the passport via fastest
    > > courier possible with a return, though the return is not guaranteed during
    > > your short stay.
    > >
    > > I am unaware of your other travel plans. The other issuing offices are
    > > located in London, England at the Consulate General of Barbados, India,
    > New
    > > York, United States at the Jamaican Consulate and Miami at the Jamaican
    > > Consulate. If you require any more information feel free to contact any
    > of
    > > the Consulates.
    > >
    > > Jamaican Consulate General Toronto
    > > Tel 416-598-3008
    > > Fax416-598-4928
    > >
    > > —–Original Message—–
    > > From: Mark Arena
    > > Sent: Wednesday, December 20, 2006 7:05 PM
    > > To:
    > > Subject: Turnaround time for an Australian to get a CARICOM SPECIAL VISA
    > >
    > > Hello,
    > >
    > > Due to the Sydney office in Australia not yet issuing CARICOM visas
    > > and the fact that I’m leaving on the 2nd of January to fly to the
    > > US/Canada, I’m wondering what the turnaround time is for the CARICOM
    > > SPECIAL VISA. The longest time I will be in one place is 7-8 days and
    > > is Whistler in Canada. I’m wondering if I send it the fastest mail
    > > possible from Whistler that you are able to issue the visa in time for
    > > both myself and my girlfriend. We arrive in Whistler on the 3rd of
    > > January and leave on the morning of the 11th of January.
    > >
    > > I feel that the CARICOM visa is very difficult to get in my
    > > circumstances due to the fact that you need to send your passport to
    > > get the visa and if late we could be stuck somewhere without a
    > > passport.
    > >
    > > Regards
    > > Mark Arena
    > >

  4. Mark Arena

    I found something interesting on the following website: http://landofsixpeoples.com/news604/nc611165.html

    I quote:
    “For normal cruise ship passengers not staying more than 24 hours at any of the Caribbean territories, they would be issued with a CARICOM day pass.”

    OK for me I guess but where’s the “official” information on this? So poorly organised.

    Oh well I’m off to the airport to fly to the US now. I will read my email and this site while I’m away so hopefully I will read “Australians and New Zealanders given visa reprieve untill March due to visa difficulties there”.

    Mark Arena

  5. reality check

    many countries around the world issue their visas on entry. Considering Barbados can’t even open its office in Australia 13 days from the commencement of events, does anyone think they would really be able to do a proper security search?

    If we have to charge a fee because we can’t even begin to pay for our costs and/or some people need to have their hands greased along the way, then so be it.

    Lets not, however, inconvenience any more “down under” cricket fans.

    We are looking like a complete bunch of incompetents.

  6. Eager Reader

    Has anyone ever tried to get a visa for Australia? Do you think that the Australian Embassy in Trinidad can help?

  7. Justasking

    I placed this comment in an older post but will place it here again.

    I took a look at the ICC website and apart from a press release dated December 20, 2006 apologising for the mess up with issuing Visas for Australians and a promise that all will be resolved I see nothing about which countries require Caricom Special Visas. It just mentions Autralia and New Zealand as part of the release.

    You would think that this important and vital information would be prominently posted. Maybe it is there in plain sight and I just cannot see it.

    If you check http://www.caricom.org/jsp/cwc_2007/caricom_special_visa.jsp?menu=cwc It says all countries EXCEPT the following need this special Visa.

    Canada, France, Germany ,Japan ,Ireland, All CARICOM Nationals except Haiti,
    Italy, South Africa,
    Spain, The Netherlands,
    United Kingdom, United States

    However it continues after the list and says “and any other nationals who already enjoy before 15th January 2007, a form of status conferred by any of the immigration authorities of the 10 countries which form the single domestic space and which is valid until at least 15th May 2007.

    Is this not saying that if the national of a country did not require a Visa prior ot 15th January to visit any of the 10 countries then they would not need the Visa now?

    So if Australians or Newzealanders did not need a Visa before then they do not need one now. If they get the special visa it will as the Caricom website says that “This is to ensure ease of travel within the region for all travellers.”

    Someone give the Caricom link a read and post your opinion.

  8. John

    The Caricom website has been updated with a phone number now, but as at this morning was not working and the office is apparently opening 15 January.

    Australians currently need a visa to enter Trinidad, hence why the Caricom visa was required.

    It seems a pity that Barbados and the whole of the Caribbean is getting a bad name for the actions or lack of actions on the visas.

  9. Justasking

    John, you say Australians currently need a Visa to enter Trinidad. Since when? If they needed one within the last year, Australians would have known and been able to plan ahead and get it. Same goes for any other territory that required it.
    The claim by Australians is that when they made their arrangements for Worls Cup 2007 they checked and at that stage would have made arrangements for any Visas required.

    If they needed a Visa for Trinidad it does not follow that this is the reason for the Caricom Visa.
    The impression being given by the media and CWC website is that Australians and Newzealanders must have the Caricom Visa to enter the various Caricom countries. In my opinion the Caricom website and link is saying that they do not need the Caricom Visa.

    The Visa is just for ease of travel according to the website. If an Australian had one then they would not need a Visa for Trinidad if one is required and the one document would suffice.

    Mark Arena, when you made your arrangements you must have checked to see if a Visa was required for any of the countries. What were the results of this check. Where did you need a Visa for?

  10. yatinkiteasy

    Because of this “Visa Surprise” that has been sprung with so little time to go, would it not be wonderful if Australia, India, Pakistan,New Zealand and others not on the Caricom favoured list, just said “stuff it West Indies and Caricom” we aren`t coming…we will pick up our stumps and go home. This is a true demonstration of ignorance, stupidity, and lack of professionalism that once more demonstrates to the world that we are indeed “Third World”..and really not yet ready to host an event of this magnitude….Shame on all those involved.

  11. John


    Australians have needed visas to enter Trinidad for some time -I checked in August and discovered I needed one, I got one issued 01 December.

    The Trinidad Consulate has closed down here in Australia over the Caricom issue.

    Many Australians going to the World Cup were not going to Trinidad, so there was no need to tell them about that visa.

    I have directly spoken to the Caricom authorities in London and Canada as well as Barbados and Trinidad and they all confirm that Australians do need the Caricom visa.

    I certainly would not recommend anyone to ignore the requirement.

  12. Mark Arena

    I am currenly in transit on the blackberry. All locations I am going to on the cruise are normally visa free for Australians. It has just changed because of this world cup visa fiasco.

  13. Justasking

    John, ok the fact is established that Trinidad requires a Visa for Trinidadians. No problem there as it was a pre-existing requirement that anyone travelling there would have known. If you are travelling there for World Cup you will need the Trinidad Viso OR Caricom Visa. However if Trinidad is not in your itinerary and the other countries did not have a pre-existing Visa requirement then it is my opinion, based on the info. on the Caricom site, that you do not need the Caricom Visa. How do you intrepret this from The Caricom website:

    “all countries EXCEPT the following need this special Visa.

    Canada, France, Germany ,Japan ,Ireland, All CARICOM Nationals except Haiti,
    Italy, South Africa,
    Spain, The Netherlands,
    United Kingdom, United States

    However it continues after the list and says “and any other nationals who already enjoy before 15th January 2007, a form of status conferred by any of the immigration authorities of the 10 countries which form the single domestic space and which is valid until at least 15th May 2007. ”

    Am I missing something or is this not saying that th Caricom Visa is not required in the circumstances outlined?

    John, you say you spoke to “Caricom” authorities in London and Canada as well as Barbados and Trinidad. Did you speak to Barbados Immigration?
    Are they saying that as an Australian you need this Caricom Visa if you enter the country between Jan 15 and May 15?

  14. John


    Simple answer – Yes.

    When this first came out in December I sent off e mails to everyone I could think of as I am due to leave Australia today.

    Unfortuntely most did not get any reply, however Caricom did confirm that as Australians we would need the visa, unless we already had the Trinidad visa which had to be current during the time we were to be in the Caribbean OR if we were on a cruise ship that only stayed in port during the day (excludes some ships that are chartered for the cricket and are staying in port for several days)

    Mark Arena,

    Prior to the Caricom e mail I received, I did manage to get a copy from another Australian who received it from Caricom and it confirms as follows:

    This was dated 22 December although I did not get it until later.

    Dear ————,

    Accept our apologies for not getting back to you before now. The internet system was down for two days because of technical difficulties experienced by our service provider.

    As you are aware, the CARICOM Special visa issuing site in Australia has been experiencing difficulties. We are attempting to make alternative temporary arrangements for a collection point until the site is established by our team that has been in Sydney for the last two weeks.

    In the meantime, the most convenient site would be London. If there are individuals who are traveling on cruise ships, they will not need visas as long as the ship is in port for less than 24 hours.

    Any national of a country for which visa requirements are necessary and is visiting the region during the period January 15th to May 15th, 2007 for whatever purposes, will require a visa.

    So you are in the clear as long as you are only staying in each port for 1 day.
    Have a great time.

  15. Justasking

    Ok John so to be clear.

    1) Australians have needed a Trinidad Visa for a while to visit Trinidad so no surprise there.

    2) Australians not visiting Trinidad will not need a Caricom Visa to visit any other Caricom countries. I am assuming that none of the other countries required a Visa for Australians.

    3) Mark Arena said he was not visiting Trinidad so my opinion is that whether he is on a cruise ship or otherwise he does not need a Caricom Visa.

    4) For Aussies that did not have a Trinidad Visa getting a Caricom Visa was an alternative. However I suspect that they would have known (as you did and Mark Arena)long ago that they needed the Trinidad Visa and made arrangements to get it in good time.

    5) Bottom line is that the Caricom Visa is really for:
    a) People from those countries that require Visas to visit the various Caricom states and instead of having to get several Visas they could get one single Visa from one source. That makes sense.
    b)Australians (Newzealanders?) who did not have a Trinidad Visa could opt to get the Caricom Visa instead.
    6) In my opinion the following information from the CWC 2007 website is what is misleading “Cricket fans from Australia and New Zealand planning on being in the Caribbean for Cricket World Cup (CWC) 2007 can rest assured that they will be able to apply for the CARICOM Special Visa which is required for them and citizens of several other nations coming to the Caribbean for the period 15 January-15 May 2007.” It is badly written and there was no reason to specifically mention Australia and New Zealand.

    If you agree that I am correct in all of the above then hopefully it will help some Australians and Newzealanders who are confused. Hopefully I have not confused the issue!

  16. John



    Sorry but do not agree totally – based on what I have been told – but who knows, I may well have been given incorrect information.

    1 Yes agree
    2 Disagree – Australians will need a Caricom visa
    3 MarkArena does not need a visa if he is on a cruiseship otherwise he will require one.
    4 Cannot agree entirely as there is still no open office in Australia for Caricom and indeed the Trinidad Consulate has closed down. It was also suggested by the Trinidad consulate in Toronto that any Trinidad visas issued would become null and void.
    5 a Agree
    b Disagree as any Trinidad visas would probably expire before they got to the Caribbean – mine was issued in December and expires 01 March, leaving the Caricom visa as the only option.
    c I think that wording was used because of the fiasco in (not) opening the Caricom visa office.

    Please remember these observations are based on my experiences and who knows it could change. I will not be able to answer any more queries now as I am about to go to the airport. Will let everyone know at the end of February how I got on.

  17. We all saw Mia on the news tonight blustering around the CWC visa fiasco. I felt sorry for her, glancing nervously offstage as if looking for help, the bags under sunken eyes black with exhaustion.

    She could not be expected to come out with the truth as we know it from BFP, but it was interesting to hear her say Barbados now HAS a visa office in Sydney operating which Kiwis can also use. So maybe those computers were collected and set up after all?

    And the 21 days to process, can, she claims, be reduced to 3 0r 4 or even less, given the urgency.

    It certainly seems as if the cricket arrangements may have been handled far more efficiently than the immigration formalities for all those visitors we are expecting. This lack of planning and coordination makes my skin crawl. And she is the heiress-apparent?

  18. Jerome Hinds

    Get it right Pandora, she ( Mia ) WAS the heiress-apparent. That position now gone to Lady Jerome Walcott ?????

  19. Back in December “naive” commented;
    “Estimates of people coming for the World Golf Championship fell far short, so it is not an exact science. Is there any sure way of ascertaining in advance how many people will come to the Caribbean (for CWC) not just Barbados? Have we been counting the cricket fans who would like to come rather those who will actually make it?”

    With the new visa requirements we should know exactly how many to expect, except those from countries not needing visas. Only England and South Africa are cricketing countries among that list. This should give hoteliers and Goverment advance knowledge whether the hotels will be fully booked and the standby cruise ships needed.

    Have travel agents indicated whether flights are fully booked? It would be a foolhardy cricket fan who bought a ticket not knowing if a visa was required or could be obtained in time.

  20. Jerome H- I only hope you are right. But why the ????? If you are sure they should be !!!!!!

  21. Rumplestilskin

    The Nation News site (you all can go the Nationnews to see this) noted the Minister as saying that Visas will not be required for children under 12, to ease families.

    Mia did mention security etc re the Visa fee, thus noted that Caricaom Governments dismissed the idea that there should be no requirement.

    No problem, but the problem IS that this should have been done earlier, as we all agree.

    I do not blame Mia for this fiasco (why should we blame them)etc, this is obviously an oversight of the organising committees, in their overall planning and liaison with the Governments.

    Ultimately the Governments are responsible, but the ICC ‘subcontracted’ committees should have negotiated this efficiently in the first place.

    The only thing the Government could do, if it believed that the time had passed for effective implementation and thus was a threat to the whole programme, is to waive the Visas or provide for issuance at entry (the obvious solution).

    Providing for issuance at entry would ensure the following:

    – fans will not have to search and struggle to get Visas

    – there will be adequate manpower at immigration here to get the job done, or should be, dont mind the airport is not efficient yet

    – unless someone is a serious threat (I would HOPE that the immigration has computers connected to Interpol etc) they will not be turned back

  22. Justasking

    As I have posted before the Caricom website is quite clear and listed the countries that do not need Visas and goes on to say after the list that “and any other nationals who already enjoy before 15th January 2007, a form of status conferred by any of the immigration authorities of the 10 countries which form the single domestic space and which is valid until at least 15th May 2007. ”


    Let us just deal with Barbados. Australians and Newzealanders never needed a Barbadian Visa to visit Barbados and the Caricom website is confirming this for them and any other nationals who did not need a Visa to visit Barbados prior to January 15. I am also assuming that none of the othr countries (ecept Trinidad) had any Visa requirement so the same situation should apply to them.

    Trinidad has had a Trinidad Visa requirement for some time for nationals of Australia and Newzealand so they either need that Visa or the Caricom Visa.

    At least that is my understanding after reading the Caricom website rather than going on information reported in the press and CWC website.

    Can anyone check the Caricom website and see if they are in agreement?

  23. Mark Arena

    Justasking, you are incorrect. The status thing refers to permanent residents, citizens etc. The whole visa free thing is essentially suspended with everyone requiring a visa for stays in those places longer than 24 hours (I am saved because of this). I can’t remember the exact link but it talks of legislation in place allowing the Caricom states to suspend visa free agreements for temporary events etc.

    Mark Arena

  24. Andy

    Now the rules have changed again… under 12s free… not needed until 1st Feb…

    Still yet to get a solution to my issues from anyone involved. I think I will cancel my trip… don’t feel I have any other choice, the balance of my tour is due tomorrow and I can not get a satisfactory response as to what to do. I will string out the cancelation for as long as possible.

    I am really disappointed and angry about this, and I will be signifactly out of pocket (AUD$4,000). But to throw more money (AUD$3000) in when it does look like getting resolved is just stupid. i just hope I can get some back from the airlines.

    My original post: https://barbadosfreepress.wordpress.com/2006/12/19/australians-angry-over-cricket-visa-cost-first-time-aussies-have-needed-visa-for-barbados/#comment-19761

  25. g-man

    Andy – I am in exactly the same boat. I have organised flights, accomodation and tickets and absolutely no one can give me a definitive answer about anything.
    Ringing the office in Australia is useless, I rang Wednesday, Thursday and Friday and every day I was told that they are holding meetings in Trinidad and Tobago and waiting for further info.
    I am leaving Australia in three weeks however I will not be on a cruise ship and will be spending more than 24 hours on shore, so I am basically stuffed.
    An absolute debacle – and it is dumbfounding that there is nothing on the ICC or Cricket Australia site (lady answering the phones at Cricket Australia had no idea about the problem and told me “it has nothing to do with us”). What the hell are the ICC and CA doing about this situation? It appears like they don’t give a sh*t about cricket fans now that they’ve taken our money.

  26. Moff'n me

    The visa debacle gets worse. We were encouraged to pay for the Caricom Visa using the credit card facilities and then send the e-mail confirmation number along with the Caricom visa application. Problem is, our credit cards were promptly debited with the amount ($126 Aust.) but 7 days later, still no confirmation e-mail from IMPACS. I rang the Sydney Caricom Visa office and they said too bad, they cannot isssue a Visa without the confirmation e-mail – will not accept a copy of my credit card statement. I am now faced with paying twice (this time by bank cheque and then having to let go of my passport for more than 21 days – we leave in exactly 30 days time! I organised tickets, accommodation and flights 8 months ago – and one month before we were due to leave this debacle is forced on us. Poor organisation on behalf of the Government of Trinidad and Tobaogo and CARICOM!

  27. Anon for now

    I’ve actually been into the Caricom office (twice now) at Martin Pl, Sydney over the last 10 days. Its actually the Consulate General for Trin&Tobago, but they keep that pretty quiet. They didn’t have any real idea of what to do, lots of “Just follow the instructions on the website”. Basically they advised a 21 day turnaround for the passports. They don’t take money there, you have to pay on-line at the ridiculous faulty IMPACS website, which never works and debits your money but then states your order is “pending”. I just submitted the visa app with a printout from the website saying “pending” anyway, its such a shambles, they didn’t seem to really care.
    You must include a self addressed (express post) envelope, as they won’t let you come and pick it up, even if you work across the road as my friend did.

    Besides if you wan’t to see one of the best views in Sydney (57th floor), from easily one of the highest priced commercial tenancy’s in Australia, you can’t go past a trip down to your local Caricom office. It does feel good to see your hard earned security visa dollars at work.

  28. Finn

    Another stupidness from CARICOM.

    This whole thing is far beyond the joke; unorganized, lack of information and without good reason. If you need money, collect it on the border without middlemen and hassle.

    On the plea of security risk for example Scandinavian countries and Belgium (sources of terrorists??) are out of exempt but UK and Nederlands not!! CARICOM logigs.

    I advice Scandinavian people to boycott (now and in future) these island and I recommend them to visit St Maarten, Curacao, Dominican Republic, Belize and other Central American countries, Florida, Pueto Rico, French Caribbean etc., there is lot options to spend your holidays.

    Anyhow the service in British Caribbean is poor and overpriced compareing almost anywhere.

  29. Justasking

    Finn, you have every right to be upset and we citiziens of the 10 Caricom countries requiring the Visa apologise on behalf of our governments. It was a poorly conceptualised and implemented. Officials talk about the small % of visitors that come form the areas thet will require the Visa. However I am willing to lay a bet that even if only 10% (figure quoted) is correct that the people from these areas usually spend more money and a longer period in the isalnds so their financial benefit is way greater than 10%. Also the percantage visiting may vary from Island to Island so the impact may vary wildly form one economy to another. Another factor is that for some hotels this is their spcial niche (Scandanavian and Europeans other than British and Dutch) and the effect is devastating to them. There is supposed to be a 24 hour hotline. Is it up and running.

  30. Hants

    BFP are you going to let the Barbados labour party Blog die?

    Fellow bloggers in this case we should support the “politics of inclusion” and help them out with some comments.
    Prehaps this would wake up Sylvan, William and Lynette.

    Go visit.

  31. Apollo

    With just about two weeks to spare, Jamaica is taking care of its business and letting Tour Operators know they can ignore all that Cow Poo about sending Visas to London, just e-mail them some basic info and get your Visa on arrival in Jamaica. I give the other 10 Countries 1 week to jump on the band wagon and show Mia that years of building up Markets cannot be scattered for a few weeks of Cricket.

  32. ia m apply for 2007 worldcup how i am apply plz tell me 0092 345 9050060

  33. Chris

    Do Carribean nationals need to pay for a visa to go to Australia? What about the Olympic Games in Sydney? If the answer is Yes, let Australians then pay for their visas. You can’t have it your way all the time, or you can always go and watch in on the tele.

  34. Denny

    That’s the spirit Chris! With an attitude like that you must be working for CARICOM.
    To answer your half witted question, yes you do need a visa to enter Australia.. has been the case for as long as my Japanese wife has been going there (over 10 years now) and it is always advertised by Travel agents around the world. You can get the visa online for $20 or better still you just turn up at the airport and the airline does it all for you.

    I live in Hong Kong and I’m booked for St Marteen for a week before the Aussies play in St Kitts. I won’t be sending my passport to Sydney or Beijing or anywhere else to risk my passport not being returned in time and missing my holiday. If they don’t let us in to St Kitts when we turn up then they can shove it. We’ll go somewhere else and won’t return.

  35. john

    Hi All,

    Well I promised I would reply when I returned to Australia – just arrived last night.

    At no port on my itinerary was I asked for evidence of passport, visa or any documentation. I realise that the shipping company would have advised them directly, but nowhere did I need to have the Caricom visa or any other visas. Trinidad did not know we had a visa or at least they certainly did not look at our passports.

    Well what can I say- you have a beautiful island and we were made welcome, with only a small amount of banter regarding the cricket.

    Would I recommend Barbados? Yes but only once this fiasco over the cricket is finished.

    Good luck to the Windies in the cricket.

  36. Andy

    Have been trying to get this sorted still…. been travelling. I got an email from CARICOM asking if everything was OK… I responded only to get a message in response that the email could not been sent as the CARICOM email account was full!!! Looks like there are still a number of issues, no wonder the poor crowds… Still seats at the game today… How said for cricket.

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