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Barbados Culture and Laws Confusing To Some

Bajans Spend New Year’s Eve In Church, But Have No Laws Against Selling Alcohol To Children or Driving While Drunk

One of our readers sent us references to two newspaper articles – one about how many (very many!) Bajans choose to spend New Year’s Eve in church, and the other article about how children can purchase alcohol because there is no law against it.

The reader asked, “How can you reconcile these two articles? On one hand thousands of your people spend New Years praying in church, and on the other hand you have no law against sellng liquor to children…”

All we can say is “Welcome to Barbados, friend.” Some things are difficult to explain – like the fact that we don’t have proper laws against drinking and driving or selling alcohol to children.

It doesn’t mean that we have children walking around drunk or that most people drive while drunk. But yes, we probably should pass some civilized laws around here.


The Nation News: Church A Hot Spot For New Year’s Eve

Barbados Advocate: Amendment Needed


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“Disastrous” Year Ahead For Small Barbados Hotels, Bed & Breakfasts

Where Is The Deluge Of Tourists That Was Supposed To Happen From Cricket World Cup?



‘This year could be a disastrous one for the small hotel and accommodation sector in Barbados if bookings do not increase for the period before and after the Cricket World Cup finals’.

Not my words, but part of an interview with the chairman of the Barbados based Intimate Hotel group, chairman, Denis Tull, who is also a board director of the Barbados Hotel and Tourism Association and Barbados Tourism Authority.

As a small hotelier, it’s a stunning and deeply concerning admission.

Of the 160 plus registered hotels, apartment complexes and guest houses on Barbados, over 110 are classified as small.

The Intimate Hotel group state they have around 40 member properties.

It must be incredibly difficult for tourism industry watchers, when one day they hear that a ‘sluggish summer’ has been transformed into ‘a relatively good year, cushioned by the winter’.

And these quotes are taken from the same publication separated by just 24 hours.

Months ago, I suggested that a national accommodation computer bank be established, where any currently available accommodation could be offered.

Cricket fans still seeking lodging could access these rooms and the cost of operating such a service would be funded by a booking fee.

Our small hotel (Peach & Quiet -ed.) is already fully booked, with the exception of a few overnights from now until May 2nd, so the statement ‘that bookings for the small-hotel sector were traditionally last minute’ certainly does not apply to us.

So why is this, can someone logically explain it?

Adrian Loveridge
1st January 2007

Article Sources:

‘HOTELS UPBEAT’ Sunday 31st December 2006 Sunday Sun
‘HOTEL BOOKINGS TOO SLOW FOR FINALS’ 1st January 2007 Daily Nation

Editor’s Comment by Robert:

Anyone who has seen Adrian Loveridge’s beautiful Peach and Quiet Resort knows why people want to stay there and why the place is always quite booked up well ahead. That said, there are lots of beautiful places on the island, so Adrian and his folks must also be making people feel very welcome

I have no need to stay at a hotel, but if I did, Peach and Quiet would be one of the first places I would call for a reservation. The above photo is from the Peach and Quiet website (link here).


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Question For Snippet

Hi Snippet

Please email us your preference – A, B or C




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UPDATED: Now Has Phone, But Is The Office Open Yet? – CARICOM Cricket Visa Office Australia – Day 1 With No Phone


UPDATED – Caricom Website Publishes Australian Office Phone Number… But Is The Office Open Yet?

CARICOM Special Visa Issuing Office
Level 57
MLC Center
19-29 Martin Place
Sydney NSW 2000 Australia

Tel: 011 612 9238 2031 / 2032

Is Caricom’s Australia Visa Office Open Yet?

We tried to call Caricom’s Sydney, Australia Cricket Visa office this morning, but the long distance operator couldn’t find a phone number.

As seen above, even the CARICOM visa website doesn’t list any phone numbers for the Australia office. Here’s what is listed…

CARICOM Special Visa Issuing Office
Level 57
MLC Center
19-29 Martin Place
Sydney NSW 2000 Australia

Tel: Further information will be posted here shortly
Fax: Further information will be posted here shortly
E-mail: Further information will be posted here shortly

Can Anyone Advise Whether The Australia CARICOM Visa Office Is Open Yet?

The last we heard was on December 26th when the previous Trinidad and Tobago Consul announced that the lease on the office was not yet signed, processing personnel had disappeared and the visa computers were still in storage at FedEx.

Let’s Just Fix The Problem: Repeal The Visa Requirements For Aussies & Kiwis

Barbados Deputy Prime Minister Mia Mottley is in charge of security and visa arrangements for the Cricket World Cup, so perhaps she had better give Australia a call and see what’s happening. Considering that visa processing is supposed to take four weeks, but the Aussies and Kiwis will need a visa starting in 13 days, Mia might want to consider repealing the visa requirements for our friends from Down Under.

It’s no shame for the government to admit that the Aussie Visa office just didn’t come together in time due to some personnel problems on the other side of the world. These things happen. Let’s just fix the problem and get those cricket fans on their way to Barbados!

See previous BFP Caricom Australia Visa article (link here)


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