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BFP Reader ‘M’ Does The Stats…

Esteemed BFP folks- HAPPY NEW YEAR !

December must have been your busiest month by far. Out of interest I checked and there was a total of 116 postings, and nearly 1500 comments so far (1466 to be exact).

Of these the Top Ten were:

1. Porters’ Gate Removal (2 postings) 149 comments
2. Stem cell clinic etc. (6 postings) 145
3. Sir Allan Fields NY limousine 68
4. Is BLP blog dead? 53
5. Greenland landfill (2) 50
6. Best wishes to Eastmond 45
7. BLP endorses Mia blog censorship 38
8. Bim’s UN vote on Iran 37
9. UK Muslim integration 35
10. CBC Chaos 34

It is becoming difficult to keep so many “threads” untangled. Have you considered numbering postings/topics for ease of reference?

It is interesting to compare BFP with BLP’s blogsite. They indicate they have had 21,616 “hits” presumably since the blog started. Do you have comparable stats? (I recall you mentioning up to 1,000 hits A DAY. Their comment activity is pathetic with only 2 or 3 comments on their “propaganda” releases being the norm. Small wonder.

You have become very adept at pushing our buttons for an active (sometimes hysterical) response. This serves an invaluable purpose for those interested in getting a feel of public opinion, even allowing for the “repeat offenders” who account for over 80% of activity.

Best wishes for the coming year and congratulations on a job well done.

Respectfully yours-


Thanks, M!

That’s an interesting suggestion about the topics. We’ll see if we can work on something. (Cliverton Call Home!)

Regarding our daily visitors, we don’t publish our figures on a day to day basis, but we will say that BFP has been doing 2,000 minimum on a bad day for several months now. When he have an article generating some interest, we do significantly better… sometimes way better.

We are as amazed as anyone.

Once again, thanks for your suggestions and your best wishes.

Robert for the gang.


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