Caribbean Communications War Heats Up – Cariaccess Files Second Lawsuit

We Wonder Who Is Funding This Series Of Lawsuits

Cariaccess Communications (website here) has filed a second lawsuit against Cable & Wireless and the Telecom Regulators; this time in St. Lucia. BFP’s previous article on this subject can be found here. Following is the latest press release from Cariaccess…

December 29th 2006:

Cariaccess Communications (St. Lucia) Ltd. would like to announce that we have filed a second lawsuit against Cable & Wireless (West Indies) Ltd. (C&W) and now the National Telecommunications Regulatory Commission (NTRC) of St. Lucia, asking for interconnection and claiming damages and losses amounting to over EC$68 million and counting (US$25 million).

Almost 4 years after being awarded its St. Lucian telecom license, Cariaccess remains unable to interconnect to the (PSTN) public-switched telephone, Internet and other networks, in St. Lucia or anywhere else in the OECS.

As in the case announced recently in St. Vincent & the Grenadines, Cariaccess looks forward to a speedy resolution to this ongoing problem and to being able to soon offer a comprehensive suite of high-quality, cost-effective telecom services to our fellow Caribbean consumer.

Cariaccess also reserves all legal rights and is exploring every legal option in each Caricom island market.


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8 responses to “Caribbean Communications War Heats Up – Cariaccess Files Second Lawsuit

  1. Independent – Trouble in paradise as internet rival sues Cable & Wireless

    Telecom Web: David Versus Goliath In The Islands

    Scotsman: ” — Cable & Wireless facing a major lawsuit in the Caribbean from Cariaccess, a start-up company that has been trying to offer broadband services in the region — ”

  2. God Bless David

    Cariaccess wants C&W to offer it pricing for services at levels that Cariaccess wants – and not what other operators are paying. Look at what happened with Cariaccess in Barbados to get a sense of how Anthony Gunn manages his businesses…sign up for services with C&W Barbados under legal contracts, and leave the jurisdiction owing C&W large amounts of money…why should C&W bend over backwards to give Mr Gunn a leg-up in other jurisdictions? That would just be bad business!

    Happy New Year to all…

  3. John

    I would have to put in a good word for Anthony Gunn.

    I have no knowledge of how his business worked in Barbados but I do know that since the 1980’s he has been a bit of a thorn in C&W’s backside.

    I think he and people like him did more than their fair share to promote the deregulation of telecomms in the Caribbean.

    Maybe he just didn’t know the people he needed to know in Barbados when the wall came tumbling down.

  4. Cariaccess is annoying. Being a formal suscriber to one of their unbearable services, I sincerely hope they lose.

  5. God Bless David

    John – can’t say that I know of one good thing that Anthony Gunn has done for the region. He left his creditors holding massive big rocks in Barbados and is providing illegal, unlicenced VoIP reseller services in the OECS. Telecoms deregulation would have happend quicker in the region if there were no scamps and scallywags like him for the licenced operators and the governments to ward against…

  6. phoenix

    Dear Blog Editor,
    Too cute how so many love to dive into gossip, commess, myths and lies, lies, lies, to satisfy who knows what evil temtation as is the case with “God Bless David”…
    What could the intention be? Hmmm…
    I happen to know Mr. Gunn and a fair amount of the true history of telecoms and this vain attempt to distract from the real problems for our people in the region is pathetic.
    I posted this last Sat [last year] so it may have been missed since they have regurgitated the same crap again…
    reposted from 31st:
    Libelous and defamatory assumptions and campaigns such as the crap posted by obvious C&W-loving stalwarts and brown-nosers will not cloud the fact that no one has bailed out of anywhere, nor left anyone holding rocks – ask C&W themselves why they “accidentally” overcharged all ISP’s and others so many times, year after year. C&W “accidentally” overcharged Cariaccess 9 times from 1999 to 2004, totalling over BDS$400,000, finally admitted their mistakes and credited Cariaccess back – plus their wholesale rates are WAAYYYYY above their retail rates and costs, in breach of the law in Barbados too – amazing how empty barrels [and airheads] make the most noises…


    good luck Mr. Gunn it time CW get what coming to them CW been ripping the Caribbean too long. it’s time.. They should be stopped! and it time some one teach them to respect people CW what you sow you will reap

  8. Friendly Freddie

    Well, Anthony has done his best and now he can rest in peace. Farewell good one may you continue to do well above….