Best Wishes To Barbados Minister Of Labour Rawle Eastmond


Barbados Minister of Labour Rawle Eastmond was acting a bit odd yesterday and he made some unusual statements on the Brass Tacks radio show and in a fax to the Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Housing. Whether due to a minor stroke, hypoglycaemia or some other cause, he’s now been admitted to the Queen Elizabeth Hospital for a couple of weeks.

Our message to Rawle Eastmond – don’t worry about a thing. Let your family, friends and the good people at the QEH look after you. Prayer is always good and there are many praying for your speedy recovery right now – including our own family at the breakfast table this morning.

Best wishes, Rawle, and we look forward to hearing from you just as soon as you are able.

Marcus, Shona, Robert, Cliverton & Auntie Moses

The Nation News: Eastmond In QEH


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  1. Red Lake Lassie

    Count me in too. Get well soon Minister EAstmond

  2. passin' thru

    My best wishes to Rawle Eastmond and his family.

    (Barbados Free Press you are a class deal for not jumping on this the way some people did. I have more respect for BFP every day)

  3. John

    Best wishes to Minister Eastmond.

  4. Jane

    You are in our thoughts and prayers, best wishes Minister Eastmond for a speedy recovery.

  5. Jerome Hinds

    I join with fellow bloggers on the BFP in wishing Minister Eastmand all the best as he recuperates from his illness. But while he does so it is imperative that we reflect on the frustration that would have led him to declare what he did yesterday on Brasstacks. It is within this context that I wish to reproduce an earlier comment I made on that scenario.

    My apologies for those who may have read it before.

    I feel compel to refer to it.

    As we read the Nationnews for 2006-12-30 on the Minister Eastmond situation we cannot/should not (as a show of respect for Eastmond’s courage) ignore the attempted spin that is being used to account for his comments on Brasstacks yesterday. The following quote from the newspaper under reference is used to demonstrate my point,
    ‘Medical sources noted that making statements which appeared to be irrational was one of the indicators of hypoglycaemia, a condition in which the sugar level in the bloodstream is lowered.’

    Pray tell me, what ‘irrational’ ! statements are being referred to here ? I am sure readers can recall Mr. Eastmond making similar comments during the launch of his book recently.

    How can the Minister be declared irrational when, during yesterday’s contribution, Mr. Eastmond was very lucid in his comments and deliberate in the substance of his contributions ? Even to the point of calling in twice!!!

    Furthermore, Eastmond’s comments essentially mirrored what thousands of Barbadians have been making against the broken promises by this BLP gov’t.

    Eastmond’s comments resonate with,

    1. The ‘’still born” land bank. Still to be delivered by this government !!!

    2. Liz Thompson’s promise to deliver less than $50,000.00 houses for Barbadians willing to own such!!!!

    3. The lack of adopting a clear land use policy and failure by this gov’t to ensure developers retain ‘windows to the sea’!!!

    UNFORTUNATELY, as soon as Barbadians raise concerns about the machinations of the Arthur led team then parliamentarians and private citizens are branded with a ‘medical’ condition!

    Here are some recent examples,

    1. Some years ago, Mr. Delisle Bradshaw, apparently not wanting to partake in a ‘no-confidence’ VOTE against the Sandiford Administration, left the island for Antigua – Owen Arthur as leader of the opposition hurried to the GAIA to ask Bradshaw to remain on the island, Bradshaw left !

    Medical condition : Mr. Bradshaw affected by a case of the piles, need medical attention in Antigua???

    2. Barbadians constantly complain about the indiscriminate ’selling off ‘ of Barbadian lands ! BLP Senior Ministers retort…..

    Medical condition : Barbadians being described as suffering from a ’severe’ case of Schizophrenia???

    3. The latest example – of which there are 100’s more – Minister Eastmond pleads – publicly- with Owen Arthur and his fellow Cabinet Ministers and party cohorts ( DIABOLICAL FORCES ????? ) to amend their ways and show sensitivity to Barbadians. Dr. Jerome walcott declares, ‘ Checks are being done on his ( Eastmond’s ) blood sugar level !!!!’

    Medical condition : Hypoglycaemia ???

    Minister Eastmond, please rest well assured that all Barbadians offer their prayers on your behalf.


    Allah is great!!!

  6. John


    Although Barbadian batsmen apparently can’t play spin bowlers, it doesn’t mean they can’t recognise it.

    On a good wicket they will murder it. Worry about the wicket, not the spin.

  7. Jerome Hinds

    Hi John, did you mean to say ‘Barbadian batsmen’ or ‘Barbadian electorate’ ? As the latter is often referred to as having ‘short memories’ !!!

  8. Mile and a Quarter

    John you like you is a cricket guru. Barbados clashing with Trinidad next week. As usual pace v spin. Who you think will win? According to you if the wicket good Barbados should murder Trinidad spinners. Is the wicket going to be good? I know this is off topic but I want to hear John predictions so that I can hold his feet to the fire.

  9. Anonymous

    Jerome….no one will convince me that Rawle Eastmond was irrational on Brasstacks. I listened to the entire program twice.

    There is no question in my mind that we heard a man who cares about his constituents and Barbados but is extremely frustrated with his colleagues and his government.

    However clever spin doctors jumped on this immediately and set out to divert attention away from the substance of what Rawle said.
    Let us show respect for Eastmond’s courage.

    We want access to our Beaches just like it was when we were little fellas growing up so our children and grandchildren will enjoy “wha belong to we”.

  10. Hants

    My apologies the above comments are mine.

  11. John


    Where are they playing?

    I used to follow cricket closely. Then I watched it decay as our country decayed. It really is a sport that is a very close reflection on life.

    The qualities that get you through life get you through cricket. We were good when we had a strong society. Our society is a sad reflection on the past ergo ……

    Now I don’t predict anything with cricket, Barbadian or West Indian.

    I am thankful for any small mercies we get at test level and I don’t even bother with Barbados cricket.

    Who is a guru on cricket these days? Did you see the letter recently in the paper showing up the four gurus on Best and Mason who had alot to say about Brian Lara’s performance in the second innings and got it completely wrong … I mean totally, completely wrong?

    They just didn’t do their homework. These guys are a source of amusement.

    Don’t get me wrong, Lara as far as I am concerned is technically great, but he has a blight on him!! West Indies Cricket isn’t going any where until he reaches 40 ….. even if we win the World Cup at Kensington. Maybe I will start back following cricket in 3 years or so.


    So I should have prefaced my comments above like this.

    It used to be when I followed cricket that …….


    There is something different about Barbadians that I have never seen before. I would not bank on any prediction based on past events, even polls, as scientific as they maybe, are out to sea.

    The headlines about the recent Courts sale are a sign!! You would never associate what was reported with Barbadians in the past.

    So M&Q, Jerome

    No predictions from me. I talk in riddles sometimes, …. even confuse myself!!

  12. John


    My dilemma with access to the beaches is what is the point of fighting for it if I am not going to go in the sea. I can’t honestly say I would get all hot and sweaty if accesses to a beach were blocked.

    I do not go in the sea as I have said previously, for two reasons. Firstly, I don’t swim too good and second my understanding of the water cycle prevents me bathing in what I think is sewage.

    However, I fully agree with a position that says no foreigner coming ’bout here and telling me where I can and can’t go.

    That is completely different and appeals to me ……. and if you throw in some tin pot politician who is going to support that position …… well “cry God for Harry…..” and all that sort of thing”.

  13. John

    M&Q, Jerome

    You understand my comment about recognising spin and murdering it?

  14. Pat

    I wish the Minister well. I notice the PM and his cronies were fast to visit him at QEH. I hope he does not need a food taster while in there. I do agree with his diabolical forces statements. Apparently he has sent letters to the relevant Ministers re this Porters gate and other land issues/beach access in his constituency with no action forthcoming. That alone, is enough frustration from within your own party. So, who is interested in, and looking out for, the interests of Bajans and not just rendering lip service?

  15. Hants

    John you say “My dilemma with access to the beaches is what is the point of fighting for it if I am not going to go in the sea. I can’t honestly say I would get all hot and sweaty if accesses to a beach were blocked.”

    That is OK for you but what about the hundreds of Bajans who make a living from the sea.

    There are fishermen, watersports operators and vendors.

    What about all the youngsters who like to fish from the beach,spearfish,swim,play beach cricket.

    The Beach is a natural part of Barbadian life and should be easily accessible to all.

    You too may need a sea bath when you get old John.

  16. Jupiter

    Like everyone above, I too wish Minister rawle eastmond best wishes,rest and sober reflection.

    Some M.Ps and party loyalists of the Blp might at the end of their political career find themselves saying:’If I had served my God with half the vigour and unswerving loyalty that I served owen seymour arthur,then my living would not have been in vain’.

    I suspect owen is trying to prevent a by -election at this time because he knows the result will go against him so he is trying to flatter,plead,do anything necessary to prevent that by-election.

    However minister eastmond,let your conscience be your guide:they didnot put you as a piority for 12 years,you don’t put them as one now.

    The haste with which jerome walcott and sen.erskine griffith sped down to rawle eastmond’s office yesterday (after he came off the phone from Brasstacks) to give a diagnosis,reminded me of an incident about 3 years ago when a russian submarine failed to resurface and all the crew members died.
    In the midst of one of the wives of the crew member wailing in grief, a female doctor approached her (live on t.v.) who we thought was there to comfort the woman,but instead out came a long injection pumped in the woman’s arm,and within seconds she was knocked out cold.

    Seems to me the party hacks quick visit to rawle yesterday was to shut him up,and to give the expression that he was going off his rockers,but having listened carefully to what he said,he was pellucidly clear.

  17. He taught me Geography for one term at Leonards Boys. Didn’t like them simply becuase he cut my tail unfairly i might add, but if he is sincere in what he says in his many “pronouncements” he is now added to the list of my kind of poltician. And yes Mr Eeastmond i forgive you for unfairly inflicting that cut ass on me many years ago. 😀 I have listen to his Brasstack (the peoople’s parliament) speech fourteen times and if at the time of it’s delivery he was suffering the effects of low blood sugar, he certainly was not suffering such effects at the time he “prepared” it’s outline. This was a prepared speech if i have ever heard one. using such words as “percuniary” and highligthing Dennis Johnson and vob listeners to the fact that his invitation to Barbadians to join him is his house cleaning exercise and to give their lives and will over to GOD was to all Barbadians regardless of religion has he did not mention Jesus nor Mohammed.

    I too do wish Minister Eastmond best wishes and a speedy recovery. I await the spin and the opportunity to counter it with the speech it self. 😀

  18. John


    I agree many Bajans enjoy the sea and many make a living from it.

    But I think the majority of Bajans don’t go near the sea.

    The point I am trying to make is that enlightened/not so enlightened self interest dictates action.

    I like many others cannot be motivated to fight for access to the beach because we don’t use it. However, if you tell us that a foreigner is preventing a Bajan gaining access to the beach, or to somewhere a Bajan is accustomed to going that is a completely different story. All hell will break loose. It has nothing to do with the beach.

    In this case, it is not clear exactly what is going on. If I had to look dispassionately at what has been presented it would appear that two men have a problem with each other, one called Eddie Fearless (or Fairless) and the other called Larry Tatem (Tatum).

    Perhaps the two are the PM’s buddies, well at least one is if the picture is anything to go by in today’ paper. Perhaps its all about turf and permissions. But then “fact finder” is saying that the road doesn’t belong to either one!!

    So for me to get passionate and be prepared to “fight” I need something else which is missing. I need some real facts. Even the charges brought against Mr. Fearless/Fairless had nothing to do with the erection of the gate, and then they got dropped …… and nobody prosecuted Mr. Tatem/Tatum for licking down the gate.

    So neither Mr. Fearless/Fairless or Mr. Tatem/Tatum seem to have any standing where ownership is concerned.

    Something is wrong down there and we are yet to hear what it is.

    I am not even sure The Nation got the spelling of the men’s names right, Fearless or Fairless, Tatem or Tatum.

    I suspect that we are seeing fowl cocks fighting over something that might belong to a cockroach … or two.


    Perhaps you are right. Rawle might have had a Bajan moment and some one was sent to cool him down quick. Heaven only knows.

    Hopefully Rawle will be ok.

    On a lighter note, the Ukrainian (Russian) ladies seem to have left the island according to the papers. I don’t think either one was a doctor. So we won’t be seeing anything like what you described!!

    Wonder what immigration will do when they return to give evidence and need to fill out the part about occupation?

    Is it discrimination if immigration lets them in, knowing what their occupations are? Will the WTO be called in, …..restraint to trade?

  19. Justasking

    John, I agree with your comment that “I suspect that we are seeing fowl cocks fighting over something that might belong to a cockroach … or two.”

    We really need some facts but from what I have read in the media and BFP it does not seem that this has anything to do with the average Bajan being denied access to the beach etc. However I may be wrong. This is a squabble between big maguffies.

    Adrian, you said you listened to the Brasstack’s speech 14 times to I assume you recorded it. Anyway those of us who did not hear the program can hear it. Can you post a link here for us to download. Not sure what the technical or other issues may be. Alternatively a transcript would be helpful.

  20. Rumplestilskin

    Wish the Minister well.

    Note that this seems to confirm our recent discussion re all ‘not being well in Rome’.

    Time reveals all things…..well most.

  21. Yes i record practicaly everything of political interest to me and that is of a Barbadian origin. Here is a 99% accurate speech to text conversion of the his first speech, which is about 90% of the full submission. I am yet to complete it.

    Good afternoon to you, am forgive me for the slant I am going to take during this am conversation, I will de-emphasize politics, I will promote spirituality. Yeh , I will de-emphasize politics, I will promote spirituality. IN the context of, my respect for people who seek after truth and justice right, I’m diminishing my role entirely as a politician. Hold hold a minute Dennis. Yeh alright? Now, yesterday, and not for the first time, I had reason to write a fellow minister right, on a problem that develop, somewhere in porters, prior to that, for more than a decade, and de de tears come tuh my eyes nuh. I have been writing, every colleague in Barbados, with no, results, at all, what have I done? I have search my heart for weaknesses, To see where I may have contributed, to this, even thou, on face value, it seems as thou I’m uh innocent man. Now on face value, if example, I could be asking for de compulsory acquisition of property at porters, in March! and uh ministerial colleague goes in march, and a permanent sec. goes in march this year!, and at December 28th there has been no action, and if you go back ten fifteen years, and uh 100 percent of what I’ve requested, not just from this ministry, but across the board, would have been denied, Dennis den de time, David, would have come for me to do some serious soul searching, and so I now commence.
    I came to the conclusion, that somehow diabolical forces where standing in my way. I now pronounce without fear or favor, I now pronounce, that those diabolical forces, must meet they necessary end. I pronounce that the presence of God is with me and in me and I should work, for the good, of god’s people, without reference to any political ambition, and in search of no short term narrow, personal, pecuniary gain. In the circumstances, I am left with no alternative, but to promote the work, and the worth, of persons in this country, who would have, been striving over the years, to promote justice and truth, stripped of partisanship and bias, In looking at my life and my shortcomings I hereby tender, for the entire country of Barbados to know, my deepest and most profound apologies to Prime minister Arthur, and any pain that I Rawle Cyprian Eastmond may have caused Mr. Arthur , between 1991 and now, but with particular reference, to the period 1991, to 2003, I wish Mr. Arthur well, I apologize to him without expectation that he is bound, to Reject. any apology to me, for anything he may have done me, and I encourage Mr. Arthur to proceed selflessly pun de course that has been set for him, in the company of the lady, who has been sent for him. And now Mr. Arthur I sense, is going to have to pursue the dual role of political leader, and under the influence of his wife and his god, combine for the first the first time in the history of this universe, the unique role of a political leader, being somehow being a spiritual, am, person as well, and in this regard whatever we in Barbados may have taught, remember that this is three or four, months without my knowledge or permission that Owen Seymour Arthur has been saying that he will pursue a moral line, But if Owen Seymour Arthur is going to pursue a moral line, if my good friend Rev Atherley is going to pursue, a moral line, who is Rawle Eastmond not to pursue a uh uh moral line, not withstanding the fact that, I would have felt persecuted at a certain level when my colleagues somehow fail to be able to deliver, I make no reference as to whether they were delivering for themselves for it does not matter. What matters now, is that we must, release all the diabolical forces not just in this office, or in your station, or in my constituency, indeed, we force the diabolical forces to flee from the entire cosmos, and I Rawle Cyprian pronounce that with my God, and his presence, being my being, and in my being, I do not fear the devil, or anybody. In the event that they are other persons in Barbados that I’ve harm, I Rawle Cyprian Eastmond, publicly apologize without expectation that they are bound to return it. And where they have been those, anywhere in Barbados, who have waited on me for service, and felt that they could not wait longer because I was not delivering, let them not hold it against me or against anybody, that I would have had to wait for a colleague, to deliver, and that in the absence of delivery by my colleague, I could not function, hold me responsible, and to you, whoever you are, I tender, the deepest, and most profound, apology. And in all this— I am cleaning house, and if I clean my house, and my house is in order, I could live in it better, and can serve better in that house, and if each of us in Barbados Dennis Johnson, you know, if each of us in Barbados, finds, a formula, by which individually, we go into a little corner and each clean yuh house, publicly asking forgiveness fuh any wrong, I’m publicly asking forgiveness for any wrong that I’ve,—- that I’ve done, blissfully unaware or blissfully aware that de entire public is hearing, I do not mind because we have to do it. Secondly, I hereby submit my life and my will, To God’s enduring care forever, in the expectation, that the forces of Satan, around here, are crush forever more, and that hence forth, a new era will break, and the people of Barbados could possibly benefit, if they each go into there little corner, probably wid two people and adviser, a threesome always matters if they have similar—uh tell why, go into the lil corner in the privacy, of their lil house, and say higher power, god almighty, take all my life and my will. Now take notice I have not mention Jesus, I have not mention Mohammed. END OF QUOTE

    Dennis Johnson enters here with a question

    I will at a later date finish the speech to text conversion, of both his (Eastmond) speeches

  22. i am not fooled by his glowing tributes to Owen Arthur, I am willing to believe that the diabolical forces can be within the BLP or in the least controling the leadership of that party (shadows) white or any other colour 😀 Eastmond display the kind of thinking in his speech that i am not prepared to associate with an irrational person under some medical duress. He exhibited the 5 steps of the scientific thinking process, in that he search and question himself, hypothsized on those searching questions then sought to test the answers to those hypotheses and to which he concluded, clearly a rational logical methodical process that cannot be attributed to someone suffering the effects of demished mental capacity.

    ….but like I have been saying, well all my life. what does is say about our system of government that the people of St.James North would suffer for ten years of negative political representation (100% of his request have been denied) thru no fault of themselves or their parliamentary representitive. That we do not have a government of the people? that we have a system that concentrates power for the use of a few? that a system that even when it is plain for all to see that it still says it’s leader can do no wrong.

    That when Owen Arthur and then Mia Mottley would speak about the threat to the relevance of parliament and to suggest that this threat is coming from person who cannot ever hope to gain membership to it or that the threat is coming from the calling programs and internet blogs, that the thruth is and has always been, that the threat has always been their own conduct , and behaviours. Mixed cabinet governmental systems are their own biggest enemy.

    This is why i will remain a one trick pony, for politics has at it’s disposal the overridding potential to effect my life and livehood in more ways than makes me so comfortable as to ignore it. Full engagement is the only way that we can ensure that innate human greed and lure of power will not overpower our few years on this earth.


    Break-in news……!!!!!
    Where was a BDS$100.00 a plate dinner held to raise funds for Rawle Eastmond’s election campaign???
    Who owns Emerald Palm restaurant???
    Larry Tatem.
    Follow your noses…if it looks like a cat runs like a cat and meows like a cat…it is a cat!!!
    Do we now understand the reason for the need to have Tatem’s access restored by acquiring the disputed road???
    Elections are around the corner and many a fund-raiser will be staged at Emerald Palm.
    Smell a rat??????????


    Clean politician eh???

  25. John


    So what is the story “fact finder” is giving about the closure of Emerald Palm Restaurant five years ago? Maybe I read it wrong.

    It is listed in the 2005-2006 directory so I assume it was open last year.

    If I remember tomorrow, I’ll call them and see if they are taking reservations.

    Is it open for business or not?

  26. John


    Do you know who owns the land?

    Is it a fowlcock or a cockroach?

  27. Eager Reader

    The way the Nation Newspaper treated the statements by Eastmond about “diabolical forces” had me wondering if he was taken to the right hospital.

    Like all fellow BFP bloggers I wish him well. He is one of the more personable and approachable Ministers. From my vantage point -over in away- it looks like he has remained humble unlike the majority of his Cabinet colleagues.

  28. Jerome Hinds

    Thanks Adrian for sharing with us the text of Mr. Eastmond’s forthright speech as given on Brasstacks yesterday. However, I am not sure as you state, ‘ i am not fooled by his glowing tributes to Owen Arthur ‘ that those remarks can be categorised as charitable to Owen. From my reading and listening to Eastmond’s comments about/ to Owen , they came across as rather sarcastic – spoken with no water in the mouth!

    Further comments in Eastmond’s speech such as,
    ‘ But if Owen Seymour Arthur is going to pursue a moral line, if my good friend Rev Atherley is going to pursue, a moral line, who is Rawle Eastmond not to pursue a uh uh moral line, not withstanding the fact that, I would have felt persecuted at a certain level when my colleagues somehow fail to be able to deliver, I make no reference as to whether they were delivering for themselves for it does not matter’, should tell us ‘ something is afoot’

  29. Hants

    Where are the BLP bloggers like William, Sylvan and Lynette?
    Gag orders in effect ????



    The land was/is owned by the Smiths who lived at Church Point, Holetown, St James.
    Keith Smith lives there and his brother Roy owns the apartments at the western/highway 1 side of the property.
    My informant tells me that Larry Tatem and his ex-wife ran a restaurant called Chateaux Creole (now Emerald Palm) there.
    After the separation their son ran the place. It was closed, but Larry is supposed to be building some condos there.
    Larry has used it to raise funds for his Barbados Labour Party colleagues.
    Remember that Larry also had the concession for the Barclays Park cafe, which a “Boy Blue” operated for him.
    “Boy Blue” has sued the government over the closure of the Barclays Park operation.
    …My contact will furnish me with more info tomorrow(documented of cource).

  31. John

    Thanks Littleboy.

    Bit by bit the picture will unfold.

  32. Rumplestilskin

    Hants asked:”Where are the BLP bloggers like William, Sylvan and Lynette?
    Gag orders in effect ????

    Well, I surmise, y’alls’ questions were getting a bit too close for comfort.

    And the ‘ I or any other Minister, even the PM, cannot comment for other Ministers’ line was running dry, especially after Erskine Griffith commented publicly about areas not his. Disproved that particular assertion, to be the ridiculous suggestion it was.

  33. Rumplestilskin

    Did you see the Nation editorial today, Sunday. Talk about kow-towing to both parties.

    Editorial makes it look as if parties have performed excellently over the past years, without massive mess-ups as there have been.

    Hedging their bets?

  34. Rumplestilskin says:
    December 31st, 2006 at 11:29 am
    Did you see the Nation editorial today, Sunday. Talk about kow-towing to both parties.

    Editorial makes it look as if parties have performed excellently over the past years, without massive mess-ups as there have been.

    Hedging their bets?
    Do you find fault with any comments in that editorial?

  35. Jerome Hinds says:
    December 31st, 2006 at 3:57 am
    Thanks Adrian for sharing with us the text of Mr. Eastmond’s forthright speech as given on Brasstacks yesterday. However, I am not sure as you state, ‘ i am not fooled by his glowing tributes to Owen Arthur ‘ that those remarks can be categorised as charitable to Owen. From my reading and listening to Eastmond’s comments about/ to Owen , they came across as rather sarcastic – spoken with no water in the mouth!
    Ok “Glowing tribute” is not appropiate.
    Below is what i was refering too. that it didn’t sufficiently masked the rest of his comments
    I encourage Mr. Arthur to proceed selflessly pun de course that has been set for him, in the company of the lady, who has been sent for him. And now Mr. Arthur I sense, is going to have to pursue the dual role of political leader, and under the influence of his wife and his god, combine for the first the first time in the history of this universe, the unique role of a political leader, being somehow being a spiritual.
    In keeping with the traditions of Westminister that where copied from the Traditions of the monarchy that has it in practice that a King/quuen can do no wrong, Eastmond seemed to attempt to spare Owen from culpability and cast the net on the heads of the various ministry. This is where i think he may have targeted Liz and whomever else held the ministry that most higlighted. Indeed Liz has been attacked by other ministers.
    I also read into this the level of fall out Mia and Liz have suffered. They are both washed up.

  36. Anonymous

    Thanks Adrian for further exposition of your view on the matter. Do you note that on the front page of the Sunday Sun 2006-12-31 it states, inter alia,
    ‘ That Minister Eastmond called Brasstacks twice and was INCOHERENT ‘. Good gosh, every Barbadian who had an opportunity to hear the diclosure noted that Eastmond outlined that for 15 years – and especially since March 2006 he has been trying to get Mr. Farley and by extension – the Minister of Town and Country – expedite some urgent land matters in St. James North.

    Bear in mind also Mr. Eastmond had sent a fax the day before to PS Carson Browne raising the same concerns – but yet we have the Nation news paper pursuing this silly line about being ‘ incoherent ‘.

    Eastmond’s central point was, that he HAS been ignored from top to bottom by his party colleagues !!!!

    The way he pointed it out to the public of Barbados demonstrated FORTHRIGHTNESS NOT INCOHERENCE.

    But I guess to pursue that line – or spin ?? – is an attempt to deflect from the real issues that Mr. Eastmond raised.

    When the populace of any nation are constantly fed such information in the hope ??? that they doubt themselves , I believe we can all look forward to the fashioning of a dictatorial state…….. Or is it a REPUBLIC – BLP style?????

  37. Dennis Johnson read the letter that Eastmond had fax to the permanent sec. I will at some point put that up as well. The convenient spin that Eastmond low blood sugar on the day that he was talking to Dennis Johnson should be discounted, his letter, his prepared outline on the first call and clear, concise contribution on the second call, is easily defeated. Now if i where the DLP i would once again and in all media formats tie Fruendel Stuart’s Time line speech to Eastmond’s diabolical forces one. There is so much that has been swept up under the carpet that truth will make it’s appearance no matter the attempts to silence it.

  38. Jerome Hinds

    That is the truth Adrian. Very pinpoint analysis !!!
    The Dems should employ you (smile).

  39. Hants


    That is what I heard after listening to Rawle’s speech the second time.

    There was nothing incoherent about it. It is just that the language he used was very strong and his references to a “spiritual context” caused us to analyse what he was saying.

    Plain and simple. It appears some of Mr. Eastmond’s constituents have more influence on some Government policy than he does and this probably upset him.

    The barrier at colony club/Heron Bay is still in place.This is the area where he grew up and must be infuriated by the inaction of his collegues.

  40. Hants

    It is good to see Rawle smiling and looking comfortable with his brother by his side.

    I hope he “resigns” from Politics so he can try and enjoy life as an educated middle class Barbadian.

    At least his education gives him decent options for the future.

  41. De Orginal

    I wish to add my voice to well wishes to Rawle
    Eastmond. I think Rawle Eastmond’s faxes and telephone calls to Brass Tacks are an indication of the type of stress and pressure politicians are placed under in this country to do what is right and i say it is sad. I wish to say to my fellow citizens and bloggers the time have come since Rawle Eastmond’s disclosure that we insist on Integrity, Transparency and Accountability in all sectors in this country. I suggest that we start with our public sector as they are the ones who spend our money and also facilitate the private sector development. What I also noted from Rawle Eastmond’s satements is that he sought also to lay the blame for his difficulties and i say by extension the difficulties experinced but countless other at the feet of senior civil servants. I sincerely hope his disclosure is used as a warning to all citizens and residents of Barbados that our beloved country is being mismanaged because of a lack of legislation which I think will insist on Transparency, Accountability and Integrity in public life. I am no Peter Wickham but I predict this is situation dispite the spin will definitely be another nail in the coffin of the Barbados Labour Party. The people of Barbados are wiser than politicians give us credit for.

  42. Lady Anon

    I wish MP Rawle Eastmond well and hope for a speedy “rec0very”.

    I put recovery in quotes because I do not believe that there is anything physically wrong with him, and agree with all comments who indicate that his call to Brasstacks reeks of frustration.

    Owen, stick your finger in the hole…de wall crumbling and de water flowing through.

  43. Andrew

    Where are Lynette, Duguid and the rest of Blp bloggers?
    De cat (Owen) got yuh tongue???

  44. Rum Exporter

    Lynette looking for another room to arrange a conference . As for Duguid he just looking.

  45. Jupiter

    For all of you who thought it was so wonderful that Lynette and dugid was coming on to this site and ‘making themselves available’,I hope you are not too disappointed to come face to face with reality: it was all about keeping a public profile and trying to convince you with their propoganda,N.B. not answer questions truthfully.

    It is really sad the way the Nation newspaper keeps putting out the BLP spin that rawle eastmond diabetes made him so sick that he was rambling on Brasstacks.

    This is so reminiscent of communist Russia.Party propaganda being blasted at you day in day out.

  46. Anonymous says, “When the populace…doubt themselves, we can look forward to the fashioning of a dictatorial state… or is it a

  47. Anonymous says, “When the populace…doubt themselves, we can all look forward to the fashioning of a dictatorial state… or is it a REPUBLIC- BLP STYLE???”

    I certainly don’t look forward to a BLP-style Republic for fear that it will, indeed, be dictatorial, particularly if autocratic Mia is in charge.

  48. Remote

    there is some talk around town about biting…can anyone shed any light?

  49. Out Dey In Bim


    Remember the calypso by Pompey:Bite me,Vampire Bite me – I wonder if that’s the song Mia is singing.

    Wait,yuh mean dey got stinging bees,and biting bees too?

    Bite me,vampire bite,they got fat vampire – and they biting
    Short vampire – and they biting …….

  50. John

    Pompey is an good name for the times in which we live.

  51. [b]Dennis Johnson:[/b] I want to ask you this Minister Eastmond, in in light of am, de, de house cleaning that you have done, in light of de, yuh know de, self soul searching and all the rest of it, what’s the path forward from here? what do you expect? am, when can your constituents expect what do you want to see done in, in, not only your constituency but indeed going forward from here on?

    [b]Minster Eastmond:[/b] Thank you for the most brilliant question ever put.

    You asked me now that I’ve done house cleaning where do I go? If I thoroughly submit my life and my will over to the care of loving almighty enduring higher power, then he will lead me into the path of righteousness, and wherever the path of righteousness lead me and shall gladly go, whether politics, whether lecturing at cavehill whether in de law courts, whether beside your side Dennis Johnson to walk thru this country telling people the importance of truth stripped of subjectivity and bias

    [b]Dennis Johnson:[/b] Ok, am, De

    [b]Minister Eastmond: [/b]Public apology to all the people of Barbados including my Ministerial friends and allies, who may now be wondering, what have
    we done to that man. And they are right but they are forgiven. Ok

    [b]Dennis Johnson:[/b] Are you going to continue then to seek to have this matter at porters dealt with are you waiting on a response or have you already receive one?

    I think that having listed myself before god and dispelled the diabolical forces attacking me and this country. As I stand in god’s presence, God’s presence being in me, it is just a question that when God asserts himself no minister or lowly civil servant has power to Block what God will do. So if for the first time in living history the National housing corporation and it’s ally the ministry of housing both of whom quite frankly just before now had a very bad name for not being able to deliver are brought fully under the control of God and not Satan then all institution are able to succeed. Because clearly if the national housing corporation can get its act to get NHC, if follow Logically that every other entity on on earth will succeed. Even America, Angry, arrogant America will find that where with God being presence with me, present in me, as I ask for help from Angry Angry America. I ask America to consider its ways and be wise, do not let two or three little children in a fictitious am script in a novel call Helen sound at the fair mock America and say to America yuh better watch china, china beating yuh, yuh better take stock of your foreign policy getting yuh in trouble, what Angry America needs to do is take stock of itself and ready itself for genuine service and not for power, and it will find that the terrorise of this world will retreat for they themselves will have no motive, …………………

  52. John


    You goin get lock up!!

  53. John

    … but I love the way you are applying the Chinese water torture…. drip, drip, drip …..

  54. Get lock up? nah, too many police friends and given the starvation wages they get, and my propensity to remain free, a bribe would be in my arsenal of defensive tools against incarceration of any kind.:D But de drip drip ting aint deliberate, I got pleny other activities from which i derive much benefit. 😀

  55. John

    … but I remember you saying you got arrested as a boy for politely asking a policeman his age!!!

    All the same, that is arrested, not locked up!!!!

  56. De Orginal

    @Adrian thanks for the information……..

  57. De Orginal

    @ Adrian please can you send the audio file to my email address Thanks

  58. John:
    That was then, and will not happen now. B.T.W i made a vow if i ever saw the policeman again he would have probable cause to fear his life. 😀

    De Original, I will make it available on the internet.

  59. opposition

    Rawle Eastmond should be in a mental hospital supporting gangsters trying to take over the road he was born in!

  60. Tell us more opposition? Is Mr Tatum Tatem trying to deny Fairless access while stealing out right from the Smith’s with lil parlimentary help? Is it that the devil isn’t denying poor people but attempting to deny rich people their customery spoils? wuh um is yuh got tuh say? we listening.

  61. Hants

    My natural instinct tells me that a reasonable solution to this conflict is for Government to acquire the disputed road and make it public and accessable to all properties butting and abounding the road.

    Then I started to think and I am at a loss to understand how Mr.Fearless could build on a piece of land without a plan approved by Town Planning. In the Island of Barbados (to the best of my knowledge)you cannot get a plan approved unless you show a site plan indicating where your access road is going to be.
    Therefore this contentious issue could be put to rest by Town planning and MTW.
    Let all the parties involved show what they got approved by Town Planning.

    I have personally submitted plans for more than a dozen houses and buildings in Barbados and every one of them had to show a driveway onto the property with road reserves as required by TownPlanning.

    That Department is staffed with competent people and if they are not doing their job it must be as a result of diabolical forces.

  62. opposition

    Diabolical forces! shame on you, the Emerald Palm development was granted planning permission without any legal access!.

    Mr Fairless is quite the easy way out literally with his position.

    There are other families living in Mango Drive who agreed to the gates

  63. John

    I wonder if Rawle has access to a phone.

    There are many people wanting to wish him well!!

  64. Anonymous

    Opposition says

    “the Emerald Palm development was granted planning permission without any legal access!.”

    Prove it opposition.

    “There are other families living in Mango Drive who agreed to the gates.”

    They could have agreed to the gates but
    Town planning permission is required to erect what I saw in the photos.

  65. John


    Every now and again Town Planning sends and licks down some structure that has been erected without its permission and contradicts what they would allow.

    Permission is not necessary to put up something. In time it will come out if permission was granted or not, particularly if it comes down.

    Larry Tatem/Tatum took it upon himself to lick down the gate. The papers haven’t told us if someone has hauled him before the courts for destruction of private propetrty.

    Do we assume he was acting on Town Plannings’ behalf?

    We don’t know anything for sure. We trust noone in authority. We know how it works. Anyone can say anything. That’s how it is in Barbados and that’s why we are in for serious times ahead.

    It’s alot to do with brought upsy and knowing how and when to do the right thing, a thing of the past. It just isn’t taught at school or university.

  66. No - Name

    Now that Minister Eastmond is back on the job we need to start asking him some questions. Questions such as ….1. Are you satisfied with the support received from your Ministerial Colleagues?
    2. Would you say that the actions of Arthur and the way he has been relating to you over the last 13 years could sometimes be classified as ‘diabolical?’
    3. Do you agree that you have failed the good people of St.James North in terms od adequate representation?
    4. Do you agree that your inactions and complacency have adequately earned you a reputation of nuff talk and no action?
    5. Do you think that the good people of St.James North should return you to power to do nothing for the next five years?
    6. Do you agree that you are nothing less than a hypocrite for praising the same short man you referred to as diabolical?
    7. Do you agree that nothing was wrong with you and that you willingly went along with Jerome to the hospital as part of a coverup after publicly expressing the truth about Owen and company?

    Finally were you aware that Owen had that much money in his bank account in FCB? Does he use his personal bank account as a holding bay of some kind for further distribution? Will that money be reflected as income in his income tax return?

  67. vortex

    The exposure by David Thompson of that cheque deposited to Owen Arthur’s personal account raises certain ethical questions. A Minister of Finance receiving a cheque from a banking institution licensed by him as Minister of Finance? I hope to God not! We need to hear more!Wow!!

    I hope BFP will follow the story without its usual anti-DLP idiocy on some technical point about how it was said or not said.

  68. No - Name

    Has Minister Eastmond been given the all clear as far as his health is concerned? How do we know when he speaks that his utterances are not at that point in time a result of him suffering from hypoglycaemia?