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Best Wishes To Barbados Minister Of Labour Rawle Eastmond


Barbados Minister of Labour Rawle Eastmond was acting a bit odd yesterday and he made some unusual statements on the Brass Tacks radio show and in a fax to the Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Housing. Whether due to a minor stroke, hypoglycaemia or some other cause, he’s now been admitted to the Queen Elizabeth Hospital for a couple of weeks.

Our message to Rawle Eastmond – don’t worry about a thing. Let your family, friends and the good people at the QEH look after you. Prayer is always good and there are many praying for your speedy recovery right now – including our own family at the breakfast table this morning.

Best wishes, Rawle, and we look forward to hearing from you just as soon as you are able.

Marcus, Shona, Robert, Cliverton & Auntie Moses

The Nation News: Eastmond In QEH


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