Celebrities Choose Barbados Because It Is Safe, Beautiful, Magical – Daily Mail


“Tell All” Article By Music Insider Jonathan Shalit Gushes Praise For Entire Island

Barbados can spend millions of dollars advertising tourism, but nothing is as effective as a foreigner praising our country and our people in the media like this just-published Daily Mail article I’m A Celebrity, Get Me To Barbados!

Johathan Shalit’s article is sprinkled with the names of the rich and famous who we all occasionally encounter in our daily lives on Barbados. Bajans really do meet people like Jemima Khan and Hugh Grant strolling on the beach (photo above) and others in the article like Simon Cowell, Philip Green, Michael Winner, the Beckhams, David Frost, Lulu, Andrew Lloyd Weber, Michael Bolton, and Joan Collins.

(And yes, Auntie Moses, we haven’t forgotten that Frank Sinatra gave you a kiss one time in the yacht club kitchen.)

While the hook of the article is that celebrities love Barbados, the central theme that comes through loud and clear is that Barbados is a great place to vacation because of the country and the people.

We knew that!


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16 responses to “Celebrities Choose Barbados Because It Is Safe, Beautiful, Magical – Daily Mail

  1. Very nice to read gushing praise for our island for once. On BFP we tend to harp on what is wrong, and its good to be reminded how much others value the things (climate, clean air, white coral beaches, relaxed life-style, etc) we take for granted.

    I am happy for them to frolic on St James coast, as the trickle=down effect of their lavish way of life contributes significantly to our general prosperity. Let’s make sure we keep Barbados attractive for them so they keep coming.

  2. Hants

    Bystander people tend to harp on what affects them directly. The QEH matters more to a bajan than a report about happy rich tourist.

    So does Wasting of water,Graeme Hall Swamp,Poor Ambulance service,high food prices and all the other problems that affect Bajan Residents.

    Hopefully enough money will trickle down to Bajans before it trickles over to the Corporate bank accounts of the Hotels and Villa managers.

  3. Rumplestilskin

    Personally I think that the issue we should be addressing urgently, aside from the obvious matters of prioritization and financial both personal and national such as cost of living and foreign exchange earnings, is crime.

    Jamaica has been infamous for high crime rates for some years. The authorities there have somewhat managed to limit tourism damage there by clever marketing i.e. marketing names such as Negril and Ocho Rios rather than Jamaica.

    Trinidad is currently under a virtual crime seige, with the DPP and Law association indicating a virtual state of breakdown of the criminal justice system, such being based on witness interference mainly.

    We in Barbados must guard against any developement in the island towards a similar state here, as it will affect every area of our foreign exchange earnings not to mention our enjoyment of a relatively ‘open’ lifestyle.

    Adequate investment in law enforcement both in education and practical approaches is one step.

    In addition, reinforcement of ‘acceptable’ lifestyles and exposure of ‘unacceptable’ lifestyles, such as the PM is now addressing, is an important step, though the results may be difficult to measure.

    However, despite various ‘categories’ of criminals i.e. professional and ‘soft’, we cannot ignore that lack of education, poverty and disenfranchisement have some measure of culpability in the development of anti-social behaviour and crime.

    We therefore do need to address these issues more effectively as part of our national plan.

    Only by ensuring that we put the necessary social and fiscal measures in place for the future, can we maintain the ‘safe’ and magical environment so kindly mentioned in the article.

  4. BFP

    Very well said Rump.

  5. Juking Board

    Yes, hear hear Rumple. One query why is the Prime Minister now addressing ‘unacceptable lifestyles.’ Hes been at the podium for twelve years.

  6. a star

    I;m not so sure after what I witnessed today?

    The owner of the lonestar assaulted and then arrested?

    The police have not heard the last of this.

  7. Hants

    a star…. is suggesting that the reports we are hearing are not true.
    This is what I read on CBC Barbados website.

    “A land dispute in Porters St. James turned violent yesterday with the assault of a Nation photographer and police detained an English investor who had been living here for less than eight years in connection with the incident.”

    Was the Nation reporter assaulted by the English Investor?

  8. Very very true Rump, very very true.

    Only thing to add is this they need us more than we need them, evry piece of land we sell we should be asking far above the market price because of the artifically high pound, that could me market on as the premium of endowment meaning the right to own will have to be renewed. Will will some day have to buy back and redistrubute land or all market fluctions to do it in the long term. But this is the problem with unplanned sell out, the devaluing of assets.

    Nuff a couple of good economist could solve this problem, but the imf will not allow us to plan our economy.

    This is the thing, this is a great website, but you are making the prime ministers conservatism look good, and playing into his hand.

    You have to dress, act talk more conservative, and out flank him on that but really focus on radical well thought out ides that if he sticks his head him will confuse him and push him off the conservative center, which you must occupy in Barbados.

    Barbados like England is a conservative society, i mean in the sense that the conservatives actually in aggrevate got more votes in labour in the last two british elections and it averages out that they have to have 12 more seats than labour to win the election over and above a numerical majority of votes. It just the cities have more constituencies than the countries.

    In 2012 believe you me the issue will be for David to get to the people of St Michael why they shouldn’t vote for mia, secure the city and hinterland st. James and St. Michael area, but unless he can compete with her populous brand, David is still not going to win in 2012. Unless, you never know, but he cant just worry about his constituency and hope to be prime minister. And time is runing out. i think ssomeone wil take over the running of the party but that would be disastrous for the DLP

  9. bajantash

    I am very proud of my country Barbados, and glad to see that the tourists feel safe and at home here. Unfortunately, I can’t say the same. As a yankee who often visits my country, I can’t help but to feel a sense of not being wanted and welcome.
    Upon a visit to the Accra beach Hotel, my family and myself decided to enjoy an afternoon brunch. I was abruptly stopped at the entrance and told that my attire of a swimsuit and shorts was not appropriate for seaside dining. I went to my rental car, placed a shirt on, and returned to dine. As I dined, I couldn’t help but notice the “european” diners that had entered wearing swimsuits, see through sarongs (cover-ups) and no shoes. They were seated and eating with no problems from the same person who had stopped me. Now as far as I know, having no shoes on in an eating establishment is against code. The fact that no one thought twice about approaching the “europeans” irked me , and I will never nor will anyone I know, step foot into the Accra Beach Hotel.
    This is not an uncommon occurance, as it has happened before. Between the drastic arrival of foreign money to the country buying every inch of the island, the illegals that reside in Barbados, I don’t know that I will ever feel my “home” is still mine.

  10. Hants

    @ bajantash

    Sorry you had a bad experience but Bajans still favour white people in Restuarants. They probably think they will get a better tip.

    You should have walked out and gone somewhere else.
    I will add that hotel to my list of “do not go there”.

    We should ask BFP for permission to publish the places where we bloggers have had good service.

    Barbados is still “your home” in spite of the concrete jungle it is becoming and the bad attitudes we suffer at the hands of our own.

    There are still enough good things about Barbados and a lot of great people to make it worth being there.

  11. Hants

    From Nationnews.

    “I spoke to Chief Town Planner Mark Cummins yesterday. He said that while he was not aware of the matter, it would be investigated since complaints were filed.

    However, he pointed out that if any breaches were found, the department would not be obligated to inform the complainers or the media what steps it would take to address the matter.

    Fuh real? ….Fuh true? Talk about power.

  12. Hants

    Bajantash says “I don’t know that I will ever feel my “home” is still mine.”

    You can feel more at “home” if you avoid hotels and do what I did for the last 2 weeks. Buy food from Supermarket delis and roadside vendors and carry it to the Beach.

    That is your best chance of avoiding bad service and overpriced food.

    My other post relating to this matter disappeared.
    Wha happen BFP?

  13. tony m

    here is a funny story. i always thought that they were no private beaches in barbados, but the security people at sandy lane seem to think so. a few months ago i walked up to the sandy lane from the beach to see a mate of mine from home in london who is a famous footballer in england.
    as i got past some tables and chairs on the beach this part-time renta cop came flying at me like batman telling me i should’nt here, even though i happen to be standing no the BEACH which to my knowledge is not private. so after about 10 minutes of me and this bloke shouting at one another he gets on his mobile phone and says ‘man if you tink you baad wait here’ . 3 minutes later 2 bajan policeman turn up and i just burst out laughing and the police sergeant starts to laugh too….who just happened to be my MUM’s uncle. i told him what happened and he told the security guard that the beach is not the property of sandy lane and told the guard if it happened again he would be paying a visit to CENTRAL booking (police station).

  14. Kristal L. Rosebrook

    That is kind of a funny story Tony.

  15. gulab khan

    I feel shame for jimima.she enjyed very good respect in Pakistan and now wondring with new man

  16. Gulab Khan Gujjar

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    we salute ur activities when u demonstrated fo restoration of democracy im Musharraf regime.
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