Interesting Find: Blink Bits Barbados

For some reason we’ve been receiving a fair number of visits from the website’s Barbados section. I’d never heard of them before, but from the traffic we are receiving, I guess a few of our readers are regulars at the BlinkBits portal.

Here’s where you find’s Barbados section … (link here)


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8 responses to “Interesting Find: Blink Bits Barbados

  1. The West Coast of Barbados is host to a Stalker. This tall thin white sixty five year old European, has antagonised the lives of several women. He is probably Austrian.

    It is assumed that he is victim to some psychopathic disorder and this is a WARNING to the female population to beware of him.

    He will invade the privacy of his prey and try to dishonour them with lies. If you see this individual he skulks in the corner of bars staring from cold ice blue eyes looking disturbingly unnatural and aggressive. However, some have been wooed by his initial charm which may turn to a pattern of extremely negative characteristics. The police are aware of his presence in Barbados.

  2. yes he has sent out emails pretending to be a woman who is jealous, trying to destroy the reputation of two women and three men on the island. He rang one of them constantly till she told him to go forth and multiply.



  4. He a sick sick man an he should be sent home to Canada or germany where he belong and leave de locals an tourists in peace. He sendin out internet mail bout good folks tryin to say they is bad. Watch ya backs guys an girls……

  5. harry

    He is definitely psychotic and dangerous

  6. harry

    Now this nasty German individual is giving trouble to Miss Linda Fields, former Miss Barbados, and entered her shop in Speightstown closing the doors behind him trying to intimidate her. Bajans don’t take kindly to foreigners behaving in this way an she made this point very clear to him………………………………………………!!!! she is my cousin……………….!!

  7. linda

    That idiot detlef fehrman everyone knows he is trouble

  8. Anonymous

    This guy is really bad news. RUN!!