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Interesting Find: Blink Bits Barbados

For some reason we’ve been receiving a fair number of visits from the BlinkBits.com website’s Barbados section. I’d never heard of them before, but from the traffic we are receiving, I guess a few of our readers are regulars at the BlinkBits portal.

Here’s where you find BlinkBits.com’s Barbados section … (link here)


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Barbados 4-inch Watermain Bursts, Flows For Five Days With No Repair, No Shut-Off

kellman-water-waste-barbados-3.jpg kellman-water-waste-barbados-4.jpg

UPDATED: BFP Roving Reader Posts Photos Within 40 Minutes Of Breaking Story

Ok, ok… so one of our BFP roving readers had a day off and could scoot over to site of this story, take some photos and have them posted within 40 minutes. It wouldn’t have been possible normally – but its still not bad when Barbados Free Press can post photos to accompany a story that broke only 40 minutes ago.

BFP’s underground network of sources, writers and roving readers continues to grow.

Original story…

Will Somebody Please Wake Up Public Works Minister Gline Clarke And Ask Him “What The H@#$ Is Going On?”

One of our readers reports that a 4-inch watermain burst and has been flowing water for five days with no repair and no shut-off. The “authorities” came around and put a barrel in the hole and erected a “Caution Open Manhole” sign. Then they left and haven’t been seen since. Kellman Road is washing out, and the hole gets bigger by the hour – now about five feet deep. We’ve lost thousands and thousands of gallons of our precious water and nobody in government gives a damn.

gline-clarke-barbados.jpg gline-clark-barbados-house-175.jpg

Maybe somebody on Public Works Minister Gline Clarke’s street can walk over, bang on his door and ask him what the H@#$ is going on?

And if the woman who answers the door at his house (shown above) says he’s not there – then check behind her skirt ’cause that’s where Mr. Clarke always hides. (For an explanation of Mr. Clarke’s skirt-hiding ways, see previous BFP article Barbados Government Minister Gline Clare – House and Mercedes On Expropriated Land)

Welcome To Barbados – Where No One Is Accountable For Anything

BFP reader Peter comments…

It has been said that Barbados has been withdrawing water faster than we can replenish it. (BFP article here)

There has been a 4 inch burst main gushing thousands of gallons of water underneath Kellman road, just outside Six Men’s for 5 days now. It has eroded a hole in the road about 5 feet deep and probably about 30 cubic feet and growing. The only thing that has been done about it was that MTW placed a barrel in the hole and a ‘Caution open manhole’ sign.

It is as if the Government just does not give a damn and no one is accountable for anything. Does the Barbados Water Authority not have an emergency repair crew? And if not, why not? If I were the PM, I would be firing people over at BWA. St.Peter, I believe, is the PM’s constituency. But then again, The road and water main damage damage is on Kellman road, the main thoroughfare to Dennis Kellman’s business at Half Moon Fort and his constituency office at Pie Corner. So why hurry, right? Disgusting.


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Goodbye James Brown – YouTube


James Brown’s days in the sun ended way before I was born, but the Motown sound was part of the eclectic music mix that I grew up with. You can watch the master at work on YouTube by clicking on the photo.

Goodbye, James.


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Blogging Around Barbados – New Links, Movie Prices, Bajan Underground Music, Caribbean Aviation, Wikipedia & Water Woes


Top ‘o The Morning From Auntie Moses’ Garden

A few of us slept over at Auntie Moses’ place last night and stayed up until the wee hours watching a movie on DVD and then playing some cards. There was little drinking as the men are all off to work today. With our family, even if it is a slow week and a time to rest up from all the Christmas running about, somebody has to at least stop by the shop and make sure everything is “tight and tight.”

We say “Top ‘o the morning to you” because last night Auntie Moses forced invited everyone to watch an old Bing Crosby DVD movie where he plays an Irish priest. (Please don’t tell Auntie that I forgot the title. – Yes, Auntie. We all love Mr. Crosby. Yes, he’s the best singer ever except for Frankie!)

So let’s try and forget the torture last night by having a look around the web this morning…

New Links At Barbados Free Press

We’ve added a smattering of new links, and we’re going to try and organize them a little better when we get some time. Here’s a few of the new ones either already added or later today…


In case you haven’t heard, Wikipedia is an online encyclopedia that can be edited by anyone. As strange as that sounds, and even with concerns about the accuracy of unattributed articles and information, Wikipedia is a tremendously valuable resource. Like a blog, the fact that everyone can contribute and everyone can vet for accuracy seems to be working in most instances.

Some people devote hours per day into editing Wikipedia entries and occasionally “Wiki Wars” start as various sides of some topic seek to sway the information one way or another. When this happens, an editor steps in and tries to arbitrate. Like we said, mostly it works and it is a valuable first resource for researching anything.

Check it out by going to Wikipedia and searching for “Barbados” and especially the “Media of Barbados” page – which obviously needs some editing and some truth. We’ve stayed out of making entries to Wikipedia as we just don’t have the time, so we’ll leave it to Barbados Free Press readers to correct the Media of Barbados page. The page currently reads that there are few restraints on the news media in Barbados. There should be some information added concerning Barbados’ heavy-handed libel laws that the government uses to keep critics in their place. Nothing like the threat of losing one’s home to ensure citizen silence and compliance!


Caribbean Aviation News

An excellent compendium of aviation news in the region – with an interesting photo section (click here or on the Concorde photo). Also has all the weather, satellite overheads and storm information you’ll ever need.

Caribbean Airline Pilots Association Discussion Forum

Don’t let the name fool you. If you are into aviation at all, this is an excellent meeting place to discuss a wide range of aviation-related topics. The general public is most welcome and you certainly don’t have to be an aviation professional to enjoy this website.

Flight Simulator addicts (been there, done that) will find all they need to feed their habit.


Bajan Reporter

Prolific blogging friend Ian Bourne has started something he calls Bajan Reporter – covering a little bit of this and that and drawing upon Ian’s media and entertainment industry connections . We expect that Bajan Reporter will eventually gather a good clutch of daily readers so we are listing it on our permanent links sidebar.

Check out BR’s recent articles on Bootleg DVDs vs Rising Movie Prices and the Bajan underground music scene at Mojo and Opa with Fitzroy Jeffers and Garvey of Garlex.

Barbados Water Woes

I see an article in The Nation News this morning that once again draws attention to the fact that Barbados has to shuffle priorities if we are to survive and prosper into the future.

Translation: Spend Money On Clean Water, Not Flyovers

From The Nation News…

BARBADOS is now using fresh water at a faster rate than its underground aquifers are replenishing.

Already listed by the United Nations as a water-scarce country, it is among 15 nations in different parts of the world, most of them in the Middle East, that are withdrawing water faster than they are replenishing it.

Barbados is the only CARICOM country and the only one in the Western Hemisphere in this precarious position…

… continue reading this article at The Nation News (link here).


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