Help Barbados Free Press Find A New Title Photo


Hello Folks

We’ve long been unhappy with our original title photo, but life just kept getting in the way of making some changes. Everyone knows that the best way to force yourself forward is to get rid of the old even if you don’t yet have a replacement or a plan and that’s what BFP has done here. (You know, the same election voting strategy that most Bajans are starting to think about.)

You’ll see us cycle through a few new title photos in the next few weeks and then we will see what we all like.

As magnificent as the photo above is when viewed uncropped and in its original size, it turned out to be a little muddy when enlarged so we won’t be keeping it. We stole borrowed it from an article by Jovan Reid at The Bajan Dream Project. Where Jovan stole borrowed it from, we don’t know. Maybe it is his work.

If you own the above photo and have a larger & higher resolution copy that BFP could use for a header, we’d certainly like to hear from you!

A Second Idea

Shona is going to dig through her collection in the next week and see what she can come up with (You promised, girl!) – but she also had an idea that the title bar might be a good place to cycle through a series of photos while giving credit to the contributing photographers.

The title bar size is 770 x 200, but the WordPress programme will automatically crop and either enlarge or reduce as needed. Photos that are 770 x 200 will render exactly as they appear in the original without cropping or loss of resolution.

Shona also said… “I wonder if Barbados In Focus would allow us to use a photo or two?”

Ok, so we’ll ask! Barbados In Focus, how about it?




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7 responses to “Help Barbados Free Press Find A New Title Photo

  1. John

    That’s one of my favourite views …… Pico at dawn. It’s a bit muddy …. but ….

    Another one is from the top of Grenade Hall Signal Station looking down on the Scotland District and East Coast on a crystal clear day.

  2. Juking Board

    Get a daylight shot from plane approaching GAIA from about Hilton going south. One of most beautiful approach views on earth for a pilot. You can even go as far back as Bridgetown Port. Its pure Barbadiana.

  3. Hants

    Find a shot of Cove Bay so we can enjoy it before it is developed.

  4. Why not offer a cash prize for this like the one on finding the corruption, I think most folk will be braver for this?

  5. Rumplestilskin

    Although the physical beauty of Barbados would be rendered well here, can you also obtain a decent photo of some Barbadian life shots.

    Say a good rumshop, domino session. With some good old craggy faces etc.

    Or a mother walking in the country lane with her child, children.

    After all, BFP seems to be about how decisions impact our lives, thus lifestyle and the human experience would be appropriate for a title photo.


  6. Lady Anon

    I agree with Rumplestilskin. Let us have some pics of Barbadiana and not just the landscapes.

  7. God Bless David

    This will be an interesting and revealing challenge. Being Barbadian, and what constitutes “Barbadiana” will mean many different things to different people. In the end It might have to be a montage of different photos…I can’t think of a single scene that would really say “ahh…Barbados!” to me…