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Barbados Says Goodbye To Sailing Vessel Nadezhda


Pete and Fliss Loved Barbados As Much As Barbados Loved Them!

Sailing vessel Nadezhda only stayed a few days in Barbados after making good time across the Atlantic from the Cape Verde Islands, but Pete and Fliss have promised that they will stop in again. They are now in Grenada, and after that they’re not really sure.

You can follow their most excellent adventures on their blog Nadezhda.

(And Pete… the next time you try to drink someone under the table, just remember that anyone around here probably has more practice than you! Hope your head wasn’t hurt too badly to put you off visiting Barbados again. ๐Ÿ™‚ )


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FedEx Calling Mia Mottley – Please Pickup Your Cricket Visa Computers In Australia!


Barbados Deputy Prime Minister Assured Everyone That Cricket World Cup Visas Would Be “Hassle Free”

โ€œYes we have hit a snag with the issuing of the CARICOM Special Visa in Australia but we are seeking to resolve the issue as soon as possible. I wish to assure our friends in Australia that this will be ironed out. We took the decision to establish a temporary physical consular presence in Australia to reduce the inconvenience to Australians and New Zealanders…” (CARICOM Blog link here)

That’s what Barbados Deputy Prime Minister Mia Mottley said about the Australian visa office.

T&T Consul Reports – As Of December 25th, Office Not Yet Leased, Computers Waiting At FedEX, Visa Processing Personnel “Missing, Disappeared”

Too bad that the office hasn’t yet been rented, that the computers are waiting for pickup at FedEx and that the visa processing team is missing in action.

What Is The Truth, Mia?

Barbados Free Press article: Cricket World Cup – Visa Chaos About To Explode…


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Cricket World Cup – Visa Chaos About To Explode – Sydney Visa Office Not Even Rented Yet! Processing Computers Not Picked Up From FedEx! Personnel Disappeared, Missing!

mike-agostini-trinidad-consul-australia-cricket-world-cup-visa-chaos.jpg“Simple logistics suggest that if each visa requires only 30 minutes of handling (but more like one or even two hours if security checks are to be made, as the site states), that would mean some 5,000 total, which obviously translates to 208 days total. And even if they put 50 people on to doing them that would still mean about 41 days or more, if all worked full-time, 24 hours daily! My God! Who did their homework on this?”… Mike Agostini, Trinidad & Tobago’s Consul In Australia Since 1981, commenting on Austalian Cricket World Cup visa situation. Agostini resigned on principle over “visa shambles”.

* Visa Processing Computers Still In Storage At FedEx Australia!

* Sydney Visa Processing Team “Missing, Has Disappeared… Stopped Communicating”

* Australian Visa Office Not Even Rented As Of December 25, 2006

* Non-Cricket Aussie & Kiwi Tourists Already Cancelling Caribbean Cruises

“Since the visas become mandatory from January 15 onwards things can only get worse, as more and more Aussies and Kiwis discover that they cannot travel to the Caribbean, even if only for a cruise and not the cricket, without having such a stamp inserted into their passports…”

Read The Story For Yourself

Martin Williamson, CricInfo.com World Cup Visa Chaos A Real Possiblity


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Help Barbados Free Press Find A New Title Photo


Hello Folks

We’ve long been unhappy with our original title photo, but life just kept getting in the way of making some changes. Everyone knows that the best way to force yourself forward is to get rid of the old even if you don’t yet have a replacement or a plan and that’s what BFP has done here. (You know, the same election voting strategy that most Bajans are starting to think about.)

You’ll see us cycle through a few new title photos in the next few weeks and then we will see what we all like.

As magnificent as the photo above is when viewed uncropped and in its original size, it turned out to be a little muddy when enlarged so we won’t be keeping it. We stole borrowed it from an article by Jovan Reid at The Bajan Dream Project. Where Jovan stole borrowed it from, we don’t know. Maybe it is his work.

If you own the above photo and have a larger & higher resolution copy that BFP could use for a header, we’d certainly like to hear from you!

A Second Idea

Shona is going to dig through her collection in the next week and see what she can come up with (You promised, girl!) – but she also had an idea that the title bar might be a good place to cycle through a series of photos while giving credit to the contributing photographers.

The title bar size is 770 x 200, but the WordPress programme will automatically crop and either enlarge or reduce as needed. Photos that are 770 x 200 will render exactly as they appear in the original without cropping or loss of resolution.

Shona also said… “I wonder if Barbados In Focus would allow us to use a photo or two?”

Ok, so we’ll ask! Barbados In Focus, how about it?




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Caribbean Star Airlines Not Telling Passengers That Luggage Will Follow In Several Days


Photo: Caribbean Star Crew Waves Goodbye To Your Suitcases At The Terminal. Unfortunately, You Are On The Aircraft About To Take-off…

Let’s get one thing straight here: all airlines lose a bag or two and sometimes more. That’s just life. What is happening with Caribbean Star is something much different…

From what we’ve heard around Barbados’ Grantley Adams International Airport and now read in The Nation News, Caribbean Star Airlines has – with knowledge beforehand – failed to inform passengers that they will not be loading up to 50% or more of passengers’ luggage on certain flights from Barbados. Passengers innocently board Caribbean Star flights, not realizing that the airline knew hours ago that their bags would be following days later.

Is it incompetence?

A computer problem?

A scheduling problem?

Nope… our source says that in an attempt to generate immediate revenues and to not lose certain lucrative contracts that carried over from BWIA, Caribbean Star management made a decision that they would rather upset random low-mileage passengers than fail to deliver their high-value daily contract cargo.

Further, from the media reports, it appears that Caribbean Star is not looking after the passengers whom they stranded without luggage. And that, ladies and gentlemen, also looks like part of a business decision to sacrifice a few low-value passengers to keep the Profit/Loss per flight at nominal values.

In other countries, such premeditated actions would be called fraud. In Barbados, hey… that’s life.

Good luck with your Caribbean Star flights, folks. You’re going to need it!

From The Nation News…

Passengers Put Out By Lost Luggage

IT WAS NOT A HAPPY, jolly Christmas for some passengers who travelled recently on Caribbean Star from Barbados.

Several travellers were stuck at their destinations within the last two weeks without their luggage for days, some longer, and as one passenger stated: “We are angry and frustrated.”

“This morning [last Friday] we had a 7 o’clock flight to St Vincent and when we arrived and checked for our bags, neither we, nor any of the other passengers, got our luggage.

“There were people at the [Arnos Vale] airport who came in from the United States, Canada and England [via Barbados] since the 19th [of December] who came to see if their luggage had come in and they still hadn’t received their luggage,” said the woman, who requested anonymity.

She said twhile they were trying to get information about their bags, other Caribbean flights operated by LIAT arrived with their passengers’ luggage.

“This is the worst I have ever felt but this will be the second and last time we fly with Caribbean Star. We could find no manager or supervisor to talk to and the people were hostile,” she added.

The middle-aged woman who was waiting for luggage at the airport in the St Vincent capital said someone there had informed them that a chartered plane would bring in the luggage from Barbados.

“My daughter called Caribbean Star [in Barbados] and they told her that they couldn’t manage the passengers and luggage. They didn’t inform us about the luggage.”

… continue reading this article at The Nation News (link here)


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