Nation News Characterizes Muslim Prophet Muhammad As “Humble” – Compares To Mother Teresa, Martin Luther King Jr., Mahatma Ghandi

Christmas Eve Article Visible Proof That Newspaper Staff Must Be High On Drugs

A list of humble leaders according to The Nation News… Muhammad, Mother Teresa, Martin Luther King Jr., Mahatma Ghandi… and newspaper employees Harold Hoyte and Vivian-Anne Gittens. The “writer” of the article, Melissa Wickham, has her head inserted so far up somewhere that she is obviously having trouble breathing.

Folks, welcome to the new owners and editor-in-chief of the largest daily circulation newspaper in Barbados. Trainwrecks are never pretty, and this one is going to be a doozie!

For your amusement and disgust, here’s the article link: Stop The Press!

We’ve saved a copy, so if The Nation News pulls it down after they hear the howls of laughter, let us know and we’ll post the entire article here. Writing of such quality should be preserved for all humanity!


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18 responses to “Nation News Characterizes Muslim Prophet Muhammad As “Humble” – Compares To Mother Teresa, Martin Luther King Jr., Mahatma Ghandi

  1. Jason

    How I hate whoever is wrecking The Nation News! I hate that I can’t trust my newspaper anymore. Or maybe I never could and I didn’t realize it.

  2. Judas Iscariot

    Vivian-Anne Gittens’ malaprop in the use of the word ‘squash’ when the appropriate word should clearly be ‘quash’, is definitive of the kind of sloppy rubbish that emanates from Fontabelle. Most of the reporters, and now even its brand new Editor-in-Chief, have a poor command of the English language. I have a mind to call her and ‘axe’ her two or ‘tree’ questions about her journalistic training. Also, I would like to ask her why she would use Muhammad as an example of humility when as a practicing Christian, Jesus Christ is a perfect example. Is she pandering to her neighbours across the street? Oh well, more of the same from The Nation.

  3. Jupiter

    Lord have mercy on this lil country.

    Instead of more of the same poor standards from the Nation Newspaper,it will be worser dan dat under the rule of Vivian Gittens.

  4. Red Lake Lassie

    Murdering, woman hating, slave owning, had a nine-year-old wife Muhammed is the same as Mother Theresa?

    Please! Give me a break!

  5. John

    Bajans don’t even know their own history which spans less than 400 years … over a thousand years is an ambitious undertaking for a modern day Bajan reporter.

    Of the names called three, Mahatma Ghandhi, Martin Luther King Jr. and Mother Theresa were within living memory. Why an attempt would be made to include someone from more than a thousand years ago in this list is anyone’s guess.

    Maybe she was being egalitarian, and realised someone would ask how come she didn’t choose a leader from all the religions ….. but wuh loss, Ikael going swear blind there is a conspiracy against he and the brethren.

  6. Jason

    On Christmas Eve, the Nation News publishes an article equating Muhammed with Mother Teresa.

    Nothing accidental about that.

  7. De Orginal

    What are you saying Jason this is a plan the new way of life in Barbados. If so please explain your comment. “Nothing accidental about that.”

  8. Noora Ahmad

    Greetings to all the folks at Barbados Free Press.

    For some time now, this blog has been on my favorite reading list. The information is informative, insightful and often has me laughing to the point of tears. However, today I regret that the comments I find regarding “Muslim Prophet Muhammad as ‘Humble’…” have boasted less research than usual. I invite the publishers to read accounts of the life of the Holy Last Messenger Muhammad, peace be upon him, and see for themselves his true character. Scholars and statesmen throughout history, whether Muslim or non-Muslim, have attested unanimously to the wealth of his character.
    In the spirit of understanding during this season especially, I invite the publishers and readers to peruse the following on the aforementioned topic. The information on that page which they quote is well-known and widely disseminated, hence I was able to locate it easily to share. However, I am not at all familiar with that site, nor can I vouch for the other information it contains.
    In any case, I am sure we will both agree that the adherents to any religion often spoil its original intent and mar its purity. There are Muslims who, unfortunately, have done an excellent job at the same. Be that as it may, you will not find a single Muslim who speaks ill of the most pious man whom we (Muslims) refer to as the Second Last Messenger of God, Jesus son of Mary, may peace and blessings be upon them both. This is because Muslims have a tremendous amount of love and respect for his Holy Personage, and also acknowledge his great miracles, virgin birth, and second coming. If you find such a person deriding Jesus son of Mary, he has forfeited his Islam, as we do not degrade any of those whom God has sent. Please do not be alarmed, but the majority of Muslims view Christians as their cousins-in-faith because we believe in Jesus, peace be upon him, while the whole world seeks to tear down who he is/was and heaps slander upon his blessed mother.
    With all this said (and thank you if you have read this far!), I would like to congratulate you on your work again and, more than that, to congratulate you for being Christian in this day and age when it is difficult for most to hold on to any religion at all besides that of materialism. When I first read the comments, I initially thought that they were said from misunderstanding and out of love and respect for the Christian leaders mentioned. In any case, I hope that this message has touched your hearts in some way.
    I do hope that your holiday is a happy one. As a Muslim, I always feel a sense of serenity on Christmas day because people are striving so to remember and to emulate the ways of Jesus, peace be upon him.


    Noora Ahmad

  9. Phoenix

    Wow, now thats what i like to see, a calm and respectful reaction from a muslim. No flag burning, or picture burning or street marching, i like that. I, as a Christian, thank you for your comment on the topic. Merry Christmas.

  10. Pat

    Noora Ahmad:

    Thanks a million. I am glad that you have responded. I have been castigated for standing up for the Moslem faith and have been called a jihadist supporter.

    I would suggest that they read the Chapter in the Koran on Mary (Maryam as she is called). Apart from Catholics, Moslems are the only relligious people to hold her in high esteem and praise her. Jesus is considered as a prophet and teacher by all Moslems.

    I am not a Moslem, but I have read about the life and times of Mohammed. I became interested as I had Moslem friends at university. I had a Jewish boyfriend, who taught me much about that religion, in addition to what I learnt as a child from Jewish friends and now our Rabbi Bulka. I also have Bhuddist friends who dont believe in killing any living thing not even ‘santapedes’ (centipedes), and oppose all wars.

    I was born a christian. But now I am secular for the last 25 years and practice no religion. I have no faith. If I were to follow a reglion I would become a Bahai. They teach things that I could live by.

    I am glad that you responded as you did without resentment and acrimony. There is too much of that around. Good luck and God Bless.

  11. Jason

    I read the article that rates Muhammed as the #1 most influential person in history.

    Whether #1 or whatever, no one could argue against a position that Muhammed was and is a most important historical figure, and his influence is still strong today.

    His influence was felt very strongly on September 11, 2001 and later in the London tube, the south of Thailand, Bali, Spain and in nearby Trinidad.

    Yup, very influencial person in contemporary society.

  12. Environmentalist

    Noorah – I share the sentiments of Phoenix and Pat regarding the content of your post. Wish we had a few more like yours.

    However, although The Prophet Muhammad was a great secular and religous leader he was a warrior. Now he may have had humble origins and I do not know if he was full of humility but to place him in the same company as Mother Teresa, Martin Luther King Jr., and Mahatma Ghandhi is incongruous and sloppy on the part of the Nation journalist. All three of these figures were pacifists.

    It alwas amazes me that Abraham is the father of all three great monotheistic religions (Judaism, Islam, Christianity) yet fanatics on all sides are at each others throats.

    Your contribution was a timely reminder for all of us to be more rtespectful of one another no matter what our personal religous beliefs are. Thask you again for your comments.

  13. Environmentalist- Well said!

    We should not impose our beliefs on others any more than we would wish them to impose theirs on us. Do unto others…, the Golden Rule.

    It seems Melissa Wickham was only trying to give Harold Hoyte a glowing send-off and went a little overboard. She says “History is replete with leaders…” perhaps not realising that “replete” means “filled to overflowing”, “over-abundant.”

    Humility is not that common among great men, and I suspect she meant that humility is a RARE virtue. The fact that she chose to include the Prophet Muhammet may have come from trying to include someone for everybody, as John suggests.

    It is therefore rather silly to attack her article as being a defense of the extremism of certain Muslim practices. I am sure she meant nothing of the kind. With Christian charity, let’s cut her some slack.

  14. akabozik

    bystander, I see where you are coming from but I ceased to believe in coincidences from the time I was about seven years old.

    Christmas Eve, and The Nation runs an article stating that Mother Teresa and Muhammed were two peas in a pod.

    When was the last time The Nation held up Muhammed as an example for all to follow? Go to the Nation search bar and search “muhammed”…

    … The last time that Muhammed was held up as an example by The Nation was never. Only on Christmas eve.

    It must have been a coincidence!

  15. Get in The Action

    Noorah – thank you for bringing a balance to this issue. It reinforces that we need to show tolerance and respect for others. It’s refreshing to read how you perceive Christians celebrate Christmas and the original holy message of love, purity and giving, within a pious context. Sadly there are many Christians who have forgotten the true meaning of this season. I’m as guilty as anyone.

    As for the article, I think we are giving the Nation journalist too much credit for some grand design. She was assigned to write about her employer’s farewell and just went overboard with the comparisons, trying to impress.

  16. akabozik

    Can’t hardly wait to read the Nation News this Christmas Eve!

  17. kaka

    Dear All
    The Life of the Holy Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him easily the most influential man to step foot on this earth by far, look at the influence he has on the world today and he is not present physically, again Jesus peace be upon him, followed and prayed as the Muslims do, he had a beard and so on,

    top 10 most influncing people of history

    1 Muhammad Islam Prophet of Islam; conqueror of Arabia; Hart recognized that ranking Muhammad first might be controversial, but felt that, from a secular historian’s perspective, this was the correct choice because Muhammad is the only man to have been both a founder of a major world religion and a major military/political leader. More

    2 Isaac Newton Anglican (rejected Trinitarianism, i.e.,
    Athanasianism; believed in the Arianism
    of the Primitive Church) physicist; theory of universal gravitation; laws of motion

    3 Jesus Christ * Judaism; Christianity founder of Christianity

    4 Buddha Hinduism; Buddhism founder of Buddhism

    5 Confucius Confucianism founder of Confucianism
    6 St. Paul Judaism; Christianity proselytizer of Christianity
    7 Ts’ai Lun Chinese traditional religion inventor of paper
    8 Johann Gutenberg Catholic developed movable type; printed Bibles
    9 Christopher Columbus Catholic explorer; led Europe to Americas

  18. pt

    Does “kaka” know what his name stands for in Western culture?

    If we’re talking people of influence, you left off Hitler, Stalin and Mao. Arguably they had incredible “influence” on the course of history.

    And like Muhammad, they were ruthless dictators and fascists, although it must be admitted that Muhammad’s fascism has had a much greater spread.

    Not to forget that Mao was also a sexual pervert and pedophile. Like Muhammad, he liked nine year old girls in bed.

    Statement of fact, old boy. Statement of fact.