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Foreign Land Developer Blocks Public Road, Nation Newspaper Prints Excellent Story – Now What Will The Barbados Government Do?


UPDATED: December 24, 2006

Strange times folks! Today this post hit #62 out of the millions of posts online at WordPress.com (link here). It looks like the issue of land ownership and useage is a big topic in Barbados – big enough to boost this post to #62 worldwide.

Original Article as Posted…

How Quickly Will The Government Act To Open A Public Road … Or Will They?

Once again friends, the first question on everyone’s lips should be, “How much money did the land developer contribute to the ruling government’s political party?”

This question should not be necessary for two reasons. Firstly, Bajans should have confidence that any government of the day will act to enforce the rule of law no matter how much money they have received as campaign contributions from any person or corporate entity. Unfortunately, and for many reasons, Bajans are not confident that the current government always acts impartially to uphold the laws of Barbados.

Secondly, Bajans should not have to ask about campaign contributions to political parties as they worry about hanky-panky with the government. Information about campaign contributions should be public so people can be aware of potential conflicts of interest by elected and appointed government representatives.

But on Barbados, we have neither transparency, nor confidence that our government officials will act to uphold the rule of law in the public interest.

So we mention it again as we wait for the government to IMMEDIATELY OPEN THIS PUBLIC ROAD…

“How much money did the land developer contribute to the ruling government’s political party?”

From The Nation News…

THE QUESTION OF BARBADIAN CITIZENS being deprived of legitimate access to roads and land has again raised its ugly head.

This time the unauthorised blockade of a road at Porters, St James by an English investor, living in Barbados for fewer than eight years, has residents and property owners in that area fuming.

Not only has Englishman Eddie Fearless built pillars and erected a large gate that blocks the road, but he has also apparently named the road “Mango Drive” and put up a sign indicating it is a “No Through Road”.

… continue reading this article at The Nation News (link here)


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Nation News Characterizes Muslim Prophet Muhammad As “Humble” – Compares To Mother Teresa, Martin Luther King Jr., Mahatma Ghandi

Christmas Eve Article Visible Proof That Newspaper Staff Must Be High On Drugs

A list of humble leaders according to The Nation News… Muhammad, Mother Teresa, Martin Luther King Jr., Mahatma Ghandi… and newspaper employees Harold Hoyte and Vivian-Anne Gittens. The “writer” of the article, Melissa Wickham, has her head inserted so far up somewhere that she is obviously having trouble breathing.

Folks, welcome to the new owners and editor-in-chief of the largest daily circulation newspaper in Barbados. Trainwrecks are never pretty, and this one is going to be a doozie!

For your amusement and disgust, here’s the article link: Stop The Press!

We’ve saved a copy, so if The Nation News pulls it down after they hear the howls of laughter, let us know and we’ll post the entire article here. Writing of such quality should be preserved for all humanity!


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