Nice To See The Nation News Following BFP’s Lead!

Barbados Free Press received a message from a little Nation News mouse this morning, that went something like this…

“Back in November your blog put up a piece on murdered slaves being an insurance claim for lost cargo. The boss saw it and a week later had permission to publish the article you originally sourced. Thanks for the story idea…”

Hey mouse, we missed that entirely. Thanks for the heads-up!

We have no problem with The Nation News using some of our material or story ideas. After all, we draw upon their stories all the time – practically every day.

… But we always give them credit and a link for our readers.

This is the sixth or seventh time we are aware that the Nation News has directly followed our lead (ie: wasn’t a coincidence according to mouse), but I guess we shouldn’t expect the Nation News to let their readers know that their editors and staff faithfully read Barbados Free Press every day. (Hi guys!)

Now if we could only get The Nation News to pick up on some of our corruption stories and investigate them professionally like a real newspaper would in Britain or the USA. Dream on…

Story Links

November 26, 2006 – Barbados Free Press: When Murder Wasn’t A Crime – Only An Insurance Claim For Lost Cargo

December 3, 2006 – The Nation News: Guest Column, Road To Britain’s Sorrow


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4 responses to “Nice To See The Nation News Following BFP’s Lead!

  1. passin thru

    Them sly fellows at the Nation know where to get the best stories fu sur!

  2. Out Dey In Bim


    Seems like the right people logging on to your site and getting in on the know.What they doing about the constructive criticisms here is what concerns me more.

    The Nation,Advocate nor VOB ain’t change their cheque book journalism yet even though they can see people are asking for a better quality of what goes out as news.

    The P.M. still wasting money,allowing the influx of Guyanese and is not accounting for decisions taken nor money wasted.

    I hope they like the backlash that may come.

  3. jose marti

    The Nation is a joke.

  4. Get In The Action

    The Advocate and CBC are Government PR rags and The Nation and Starcom are too timid to ask the hard questions and keep the government honest. I am sick and tired of empty, pandering lead stories of Ministers shouting from high about what good jobs they are doing. Enough! Where is the investigative journalism? It seems our media is being beaten into submission and that is a dangerous thing.