New York Times Helps Out Muslim Terrorists – Again

New York Times Receives Secret Report & Blabs About NY PATH Tunnel Vulnerabilities

“A draft summary of the most recent analysis was given to The New York Times by a government official who was troubled by what the official felt was a lack of action in response to the analysis, which the official said the Port Authority got about three weeks ago. The official said the latest analysis indicates that it would take only six minutes for one of the PATH tubes to flood if a significant but not necessarily very large bomb were detonated…

…. The worst case included in the analysis suggests that a bomb that could be easily carried aboard a train could punch a 50-square-foot hole in one side of a tube, possibly breaching both sides of the tunnel. Under that situation, 1.2 million gallons of water a minute could pour into the tunnel, flooding parts of the system in a matter of hours.

That is a much more dire view than an earlier draft of the analysis — completed last May — contemplated…”

… from a New York Times article – PATH Tunnels Seen As Fragile In Bomb Attack

Al-Qaeda and Muslim terrorists everywhere say “Thanks for information, New York Times!”


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12 responses to “New York Times Helps Out Muslim Terrorists – Again

  1. Dan Steele

    And you think terrorists don’t know this already? Seriously?

  2. West Side Davie

    Don’t give the terrorists too much credit. Many of them, including their leadership, are tremendously naive about the west and are incompetent with the tools of terrorism. (Think John Reid trying to set off his shoe bombs to murder everyone on an airliner.)

    This NYT article published official confirmation of what had previously been speculation. It highlights vulnerabilities and even provides specific areas for bombs to be set off to cause the most damage.

    No, the terrorists did not have this specific knowledge before and neither did the public.

    NY Times editors should be spat upon by fellow New Yorkers.

  3. God Bless David

    Maybe the NYT is…uhhh…how did Marcus BFP put it in his rant…”fulfill(ing) its duty in a free and democratic country”?


  4. Don’t be silly WSD. First you gotta stop thinking every terrorist is some stupid, chip on shoulder, turban wearing guy. Some of these guys are very smart, and very knowledgeable about the west….even westerners themselves. People need to stop stereotyping all terrorists with Osama bin Laden looking people. Weren’t the alleged 9/11 “terrorists” skilled pilots?…..How many soldiers are killed in Iraq daily from IED’s build from terrorists/insurgents whatever you want to call them. In my opinion, it takes a skilled individual to safely construct any bomb.

  5. passin thru

    Disposable Arts… so your argument is that it is ok to publish secrect government studies on vulnerabilities in the transportation system because the terrorists know it all in advance of any secret government security study?

    Silly boy.

  6. Tudor

    shades of Billl O’reilly! I have never understood the American need or custom of giving out information like this.

  7. passin thru, what the hell are you talking about? did you even read anything i said? My argument which i thought was clear enough is that terrorists aren’t stupid turban wearing people who still think westerners are devils like everyone stereotypes them as.
    And, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know if you put a freaking bomb in an underwater tube the end result is that it will flood.

    Incompetent reader

  8. passin thru

    Disposable Arts,

    The detonation of bomb in an underwater tunnel would not necessarily result in flooding. Because of the release of secret reports like the one spoken of above, the public has been made aware that blast pressure relief doors and vents were designed into most of the newer sections of PATH long before 9/11.

    Some of the underwater sections are also fairly deep where earth and silt serve to strengthen the blast-reserve limits of the tunnel and would also limit ingress of water after a breach. This as opposed to other sections of the tunnel that are not as well bermed.

    The danger of the release of the latest report is that it highlights the exact locations where smaller bombs could do the most damage – a terribly useful bit of knowledge to Jihadist crazies.

    You are correct that it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to make and effectively plant a bomb, especially when the New York Times has provided the terrorists with the results of an engineering study prepared by some of the finest minds available.

  9. Honestly, what did you guys, and the person who gave the NY Times this information thought was going to happen? That the NY Times keep it a secret or something? It’s a news agency, of all the places he could have handed it to, he chose a news agency, and they did what any news agency would have done for the sake of sales, they publicized it.

    NO. This guy knew what exactly he was doing when he gave the NY TImes this information. The same reason people walk into the Nation or Advocate, even drop BFP an email (pure assumption) about wrong doings in hopes it will be corrected as soon as the public is aware of it.

    The problem here is, this guy didn’t think about the dangers and implications about releasing such sensitive information into the public. The Times only did what any news agency would have done with that information, they publicized it.

    BFP! Whats up with your title? “….Muslim Terrorist”. Like i said, people need to stop giving terrorist/terrorism a face (stereotyping them). If I walk into Queens Park on xmas day strapped with 10lps of C4 and ripped the place to oblivion, wouldn’t that make me a terrorist? or because i’m not Muslim i wouldn’t be called one?

  10. akabozik

    Not all muslims are terrorists.

    But virtually all terrorists in this century are muslims.

    To my knowledge, no terrorists other than muslim terrorists have attacked New York City in this century, so I think that the “muslim terrorist” title is very accurate.

    Unless Disposable Arts is aware of some other terrorists who are a current threat to the New York PATH system?

  11. akabozik

    Disposable Arts says “BFP! Whats up with your title? “….Muslim Terrorist”. Like i said, people need to stop giving terrorist/terrorism a face (stereotyping them). If I walk into Queens Park on xmas day strapped with 10lps of C4 and ripped the place to oblivion, wouldn’t that make me a terrorist? or because i’m not Muslim i wouldn’t be called one?”

    DA – if you walked into Queens Park on Christmas strapped with a bomb that would almost surely make you a muslim.