Merry Christmas Folks!

Time get in the mood if you’re not there already, and while this theme isn’t really an “island” Christmas, it will have to do!

AND AS A SPECIAL TREAT, Christ Church West MP Dr. Duguid has volunteered to help us all get that Christmas Spirit..


Merry Christmas to you too, Doc!

(Click on the photo to visit Doc’s website)


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8 responses to “Merry Christmas Folks!

  1. akabozik

    Merry Christmas to Shona Marcus and Clive and all BFPers

  2. God Bless David

    A very Merry Xmas, Peace on Earth, and Goodwill to all contributors to this blog….from GDB, a Bajan in sunny Bermuda…

  3. william duguid

    Merry Christmas to everyone at Barbados Free Press and indeed to all of my fellow bloggers.

    This has a tremendous and enlightening year for me. I am particularly looking forward to the results of the piggy at the trough award as I am sure that we must be one of the finalists with our nomination and the obvious proof provided.

    I will continue to try to provide a forum where people can come and express their views freely and comment when I can on your many posts. i am still looking forward to meetting with you guys some day and thanks for all the assistance and encouragement that you gave to a new blog and yes formed in response to your post.

    I am told that the PM also visits both blogs regularly so you have a direct line of sorts to him. Keep up the good work and all the best for the new year.

  4. william duguid

    What a handsome picture. Can you imagine that Adrian thought he was more handsome. The independent judge, my wife, said I am way more handsome than Adrian.

  5. Hants

    Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year to all Bajans and especially to BFP.

    Well done William.

  6. Jerome Hinds

    Merry Christmas and a happy 2007 to all fellow bloggers.

  7. De Orginal

    Merry Christmas to all my fellow bloggers on Barbados Free Press.

  8. Pat

    Merry Christmas to all Bajans at home and abroad. I also wish you a Happy and Prosperous New Year.

    I pray that CWC will go off well and have long lasting $ benefits for Bim.

    Now I would like you Bajans to pray like you do when there is a hurricane approaching – and the hurricane changes course! The Great White North is now the Great Green North. Not a snowflake in sight. This will be my first green Christmas in 39 years. I need some snow, please. Let it snow, let it snow….